Fairy Planning - Fairy Kikaku

A small resin manufacturer from Japan, that also made military vehicles in 1/72 scale
(and 1/144 and warships in 1/700 scale - not showed on the page)

Asking for help:

I think that the manufacturer "Fairy Planning" is almost unknown outside Japan. However, it appears to me that they have released a large range of more then 40 kits. You will find some of the kits listed below. To get more information on this manufacturer I am asking for assistance from other modellers. Any information and pictures of the kits of this manufacturer are welcome !!

More Information:

The Manufacturer "Fairy Planning" is a small group of Japanese modellers, without a shop, onlineshop, website and/or e-mail addresses. May be you can speak in this about a "Kitchentable Company". They made the kits in very "Limited" runs and selling the kits not in modellingshops but only inside Japan on modelingshows etc. However time by time you will found Fairy Planning kits on E-Bay. Some modelllers has informed me that they have contacts with Japanese modellers to become the Fairey Planning kits

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Boxtops - (from Fairy Planning Kits)

fairey/box/adgz.jpg fairey/box/chi-ha.jpg fairey/box/dukw.jpg fairey/box/hoha.jpg fairey/box/renault.jpg fairey/box/sherman.jpg fairey/box/sta-1.jpg fairey/box/yuki-bus.jpg

Fairy Planning Kits - all in the 1/72 Scale

Kit 72001 - Komatsu Ltd. Type 87 Reconnaissance Patrol Car (post War)

fairey/type87/01.jpg fairey/type87/02.jpg fairey/type87/03.jpg

Kit 72010 - Japanese Tank Type 95 "Multi-turret" Heavy Tank

fairey/72010/01.jpg fairey/72010/02.jpg fairey/72010/03.jpg fairey/72010/04.jpg fairey/72010/05.jpg fairey/72010/06.jpg fairey/72010/07.jpg fairey/72010/08.jpg fairey/72010/09.jpg

For an "HenkofHolland" review about kit 72010 - Japanese Tank Type 95 "Multi-turret" Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 72014 - Russian T-28B


Kit 72016 - Manchukuo Type 93 Armored Car

fairey/72016/01.jpg fairey/type93.jpg fairey/type93-1.jpg fairey/type93-2.jpg

Information: These 6 wheeled trucks were converted to armored cars by Daidou Automobiles Corp. (Manchu Automobiles Corp.) factory in Manchukuo.
Weapons: 37mm direct fire gun, Type 3 6.5mm machinegun, Type 11 6.5mm machinegun (not affixed to vehicle.)

Kit 72018 - Nahuel DL43 - (Jaguar)

fairey/dl43.jpg fairey/dl43-1.jpg

Kit 72019 - Type 89B medium tank (standard type)

fairey/type89b/01.jpg fairey/type89b/02.jpg fairey/type89b/03.jpg

Kit 72020 - Japanese Tank Chi-Nu Type 3

fairey/72020/01.jpg fairey/72020/02.jpg fairey/72020/03.jpg fairey/72020/04.jpg fairey/72020/05.jpg fairey/72020/06.jpg

For an "HenkofHolland" review about kit 72020 - Japanese Tank Chi-Nu Type 3 visit:

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Kit 72030 - Japanese Light Tank - KE-95

fairey/72030/01.jpg fairey/72030/02.jpg fairey/72030/03.jpg

Kit 72031 - Japanese Armoured truck - Manchukuo army Austin armoured car


IJA did import three types of Austin armoured car model 1918 from the British. Perhaps some of them were given to the puppet government of Manchuria afterwards.

Kit 72034 - Special type guard car F3 (used by Asama mountain villa incident)


Kit 72035 - Special type guard car F (used by Asama mountain villa incident)


For the reference of Asama mountain villa incident, please see below :

Kit 72036 - Ho-Ki Type 1 Tracked APC

fairey/036-1.jpg fairey/036-2.jpg fairey/036-3.jpg

Kit 72037 - Wolseley CP Armoured Car

fairey/037-0.jpg fairey/037-1.jpg fairey/037-2.jpg fairey/037-3.jpg fairey/037-4.jpg

Kit 720?? - Japanese APC Halftrack "Ho-Ha" with Toyota AK-10 Prototype Jeep

fairey/hoha/01.jpg fairey/hoha/02.jpg fairey/hoha/03.jpg fairey/hoha/04.jpg fairey/hoha/05.jpg fairey/hoha/06.jpg fairey/hoha/07.jpg fairey/hoha/08.jpg fairey/hoha/09.jpg

For an "HenkofHolland" review about kit 720?? - Japanese APC Halftrack "Ho-Ha" with Toyota AK-10 Prototype Jeep visit:

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Kit 720?? - Japanese Amphibian Tank IJA type 1937 and M31 Stafcar

fairey/ija1937/01.jpg fairey/ija1937/02.jpg fairey/ija1937/03.jpg fairey/ija1937/04.jpg fairey/ija1937/05.jpg fairey/ija1937/06.jpg fairey/ija1937/07.jpg fairey/ija1937/08.jpg fairey/ija1937/09.jpg

For an "HenkofHolland" review about kit 720?? - Japanese Amphibian Tank IJA type 1937 and M31 Stafcar visit:

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Kit 720?? - Ka-Mi

fairey/kami/kami1.jpg fairey/kami/kami2.jpg fairey/kami/kami3.jpg fairey/kami/kami4.jpg

Kit 720?? - Ho-Ro

fairey/horo/horo1.jpg fairey/horo/horo2.jpg fairey/horo/horo3.jpg fairey/horo/horo4.jpg

Kit 720?? - Shi-Ri Heavy Tank

fairey/shiri/1.jpg fairey/shiri/2.jpg fairey/shiri/3.jpg fairey/shiri/4.jpg fairey/shiri/5.jpg fairey/shiri/6.jpg fairey/shiri/7.jpg

Kit 720?? - Type 92 heavy armored car (late type)

fairey/type92/01.jpg fairey/type92/02.jpg fairey/type92/03.jpg

Kit 720?? - AMP amphibious combat car (IJA)

fairey/amp/00.jpg fairey/amp/01.jpg fairey/amp/02.jpg fairey/amp/03.jpg fairey/amp/04.jpg

Armoured Cars and other vehicles

Following World War 1 the Japanese Army obtained a few tanks from Britian, France and other nations which were studied and used to test the theory of armour.

Foreign types used for experimention were:
Britian: the Heavy Tank MK-IV, the Whippet, some Vickers variants,Carden Loyd MK-VI Armoured Cars from Austin, Crossley, Wolseley.
French: the Renault variants as NC27 and FT-17, St-Chamond Gun Tractor, St.Chamond M21 Tank, Renault Armoured Car
USA: the tractors Holt 30, Fordson Gun Tractor, Clarton Gun Tractor

and ...... maybe some others.

Kit 720?? - Crossley M29 Armoured Car - type 1930

fairey/M29.jpg fairey/M29-1.jpg fairey/M29-2.jpg fairey/M29-3.jpg

Kit 720?? - This set contains 2 vehicles - vehicle 1 Experimental Light Armoured car - vehicle 2 Renault 6 Wheel Armoured Car - (translating by John O'Reilly)

fairey/onb/1/01.jpg fairey/onb/1/02.jpg fairey/onb/1/03.jpg

Experimental Light Armoured Car
Produced at the Osaka Arsenal in 1918 (Taisho 7). Armour plate was of soft steel. Used for reconnaissance in Siberia, after returning to Japan was used for training. While in Japan for training, it carried a white band on the turret.

fairey/onb/1/04.jpg fairey/onb/1/05.jpg fairey/onb/1/06.jpg fairey/onb/1/07.jpg

Renault 6 Wheel Armoured Car.
Converted from the Renault MN. It had a crew of 6 and one MG. During the early Showa period it was used for training in Morioka, northern Japan. It also was fitted with double front wheels.

The used Camo-colours are Woodbrown, Yellow, Darkgreen, Khaki.

fairey/onb/1/08.jpg fairey/onb/1/09.jpg fairey/onb/1/10.jpg

Kit 720?? - Czech Armoured Car Skoda PA-III OAvz.27 in German service

fairey/pa3/00.jpg fairey/pa3/01.jpg fairey/pa3/02.jpg

The OA vz. 27 (ObrnÚnÚ automobil vzor 27) was a Czechoslovak-designed armored car used by Nazi Germany, Slovakia, and Romania during World War II. Fifteen were built, of which the Germans seized nine when they occupied Bohemia-Moravia in March 1939 and the Slovaks captured three when they declared independence from Czechoslovakia at the same time. Romania acquired three when Czech troops sought refuge in Romania after the Hungarian invasion of Carpatho-Ukraine that same month. All were used for training or internal security duties during the war.

Kit 720?? - Landesa ad hoc Tank - (Spanish Civil War)

fairey/landesa/01.jpg fairey/landesa/02.jpg

Kit 720?? - Armored Uzurei


Kit 720?? - Material handling car Self-Defense Forces


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