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A resin manufacturer from Romania. Fankit-Models produced resin kits in the scales 1/35, 1/50, 1/72 and 1/87. The kits produced in the 1/72 scale are exclusive and mostly not produced in plastic or resin by other manufacturers.

S.C. FANKIT MODELS S.R.L., Address: Marasesti Street, N.243, Bl.5D, Ap.13, Cod:100276, Ploiesti - Romania, Tel: 0040723140119, E-mail: fankitmodels@yahoo.com

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Kit 72001 - Mercedes-Benz LOD 3750 K.S. 25

fankit/72001/01.jpg fankit/72001/02.jpg fankit/72001/03.jpg fankit/72001/04.jpg

Kit 72002 - GMC AFKWX-353, 2,5 ton,6x6,Cargo,COE

fankit/72002/01.jpg fankit/72002/02.jpg

Kit 72003 - M-43 8-inch Howitzer Motor Carriage

fankit/72003/01.jpg fankit/72003/02.jpg fankit/72003/03.jpg

Kit 72004 - Ward LaFrance M1A1 Series-5 6x6 Heavy Wrecker

fankit/72004/01.jpg fankit/72004/02.jpg fankit/72004/03.jpg fankit/72004/04.jpg fankit/72004/05.jpg

Kit 72005 - Faun L912 / 45A ZKw12t glw (6x6)

fankit/72005/01.jpg fankit/72005/02.jpg fankit/72005/03.jpg fankit/72005/04.jpg

Kit 72006 - Faun L912 / 5050A 12t glw Gleitkipper


Kit 72007 - Deutz 60 PS Planierraupe

fankit/72007/01.jpg fankit/72007/02.jpg fankit/72007/03.jpg fankit/72007/04.jpg fankit/72007/05.jpg

Kit 72008 - Crossley 4x4 RAF Fire Tender


Kit 72009 - Willeme C.G. 8x4

fankit/72009/01.jpg fankit/72009/02.jpg fankit/72009/03.jpg

Kit 72010 - M19 Twin 40mm Gun


Kit 72011 - Tractor 13ton High Speed M5A1

fankit/72011/01.jpg fankit/72011/02.jpg fankit/72011/03.jpg fankit/72011/04.jpg

Kit 72012 - Mercedes-Benz L4500A TLF 25

fankit/72012/01.jpg fankit/72012/02.jpg fankit/72012/03.jpg fankit/72012/04.jpg fankit/72012/05.jpg

Kit 72013 - Vomag 6x4 / 88 mm FLAK

fankit/72013/01.jpg fankit/72013/02.jpg fankit/72013/03.jpg fankit/72013/04.jpg fankit/72013/05.jpg

Kit 72014 - Chevrolet CMP C60S 4x4 Wrecker

fankit/72014/01.jpg fankit/72014/02.jpg fankit/72014/03.jpg fankit/72014/04.jpg fankit/72014/05.jpg

Kit 72015 - SU-14 BR-2 Heavy Tank

fankit/72015/00.jpg fankit/72015/01.jpg fankit/72015/02.jpg fankit/72015/03.jpg fankit/72015/04.jpg fankit/72015/05.jpg fankit/72015/06.jpg fankit/72015/07.jpg fankit/72015/08.jpg

fankit/72015/2/01.jpg fankit/72015/2/02.jpg fankit/72015/2/03.jpg fankit/72015/2/04.jpg fankit/72015/2/05.jpg fankit/72015/2/06.jpg

In 1936 the new experimental SP gun SU-14-1 was built and tested. It was the improved version of SU-14 with transmission from T-35 heavy tank (not from T-28 medium tank as in the case of SU-14), more powerful engine, modernized spades and without of ineffective suspension, disconnected during the firing.
Specifications: weight 48,1 ton, crew 7 men, armament 203 mm howitzer B-4 model 1931, 4 x 7,62 mm MG's, ammunition 8 shells and 2196 MG shells, armor 6-20mm, engine M-17F 700 with (850?)HP, speed 30-35 km/h, range 120-150km.
Additional artillery tractor "Komintern" was used as ammunition carrier (50 - 60 shells) for SU-14-1. In 1936 203mm howitzer was also replaced by 152,4 mm gun BR-2 model 1935 with a better range and rate of fire, The SU-14-1 was equipped with radio station and additional armor in 1940 for using during the Winter War against Finnish fortifications (Mannerheim line) from a short distance.
That SP gun was renamed as SU-14-Br2 (weight 65 ton, speed 22 km/h, ammunition 16-32 shells and 2835mg shells, armor 20-50mm, additional fuel tanks increased range up to 130-150 km, dimensions vehicle 10 x 3,37 x 3,56 meter)
The vehicle was used quitte succesfully during the battle of Moscow in 1941 and was the predecessor of heavy SP guns of WWII period

SU-14 with 203mm howitzer B-4 - (vehicle based on T-28 parts)
SU-14-1 with 203 mm howitzer B-4 or 152mm howitzer BR-2 - (vehicle based on T-35 parts)
SU-14-Br2 with 152 mm howitzer BR-2

fankit/72015/1/01.jpg fankit/72015/1/02.jpg fankit/72015/1/03.jpg

Drawings hopefully in courtesy from M. Kolomiets

Kit 72016 - FAUN L908 ATW - 12000Ltr

fankit/72016/01.jpg fankit/72016/02.jpg fankit/72016/03.jpg fankit/72016/04.jpg fankit/72016/05.jpg

Kit 72017 - Coanda 1910 - World's First Jet Aircraft

fankit/72017/01.jpg fankit/72017/02.jpg fankit/72017/03.jpg fankit/72017/04.jpg fankit/72017/05.jpg

Kit 72018 - Renault AHS 2-ton 4x2 Cargo

fankit/72018/01.jpg fankit/72018/02.jpg fankit/72018/03.jpg fankit/72018/04.jpg fankit/72018/05.jpg

Model built by Ricardo Ruiz

fankit/72018/1/01.jpg fankit/72018/1/02.jpg fankit/72018/1/03.jpg fankit/72018/1/04.jpg

Kit 72019 - GAZ-55 Ambulance 1942

fankit/72019/01.jpg fankit/72019/02.jpg fankit/72019/03.jpg fankit/72019/04.jpg fankit/72019/05.jpg

Kit 72021 - Albion CX22S - Heavy Artillery Tractor 6x4

fankit/72021/01.jpg fankit/72021/02.jpg fankit/72021/03.jpg fankit/72021/04.jpg fankit/72021/05.jpg fankit/72021/06.jpg

Kit 72022 - Breda 41, Tractor, Heavy, 4x4 Recovery

fankit/72022/01.jpg fankit/72022/02.jpg fankit/72022/03.jpg fankit/72022/04.jpg fankit/72022/05.jpg fankit/72022/06.jpg

Kit 72023 - Chevrolet CMP C60L Truck

fankit/72023/01.jpg fankit/72023/02.jpg

Kit 72024 - Brockway B666 6x6 Bridge Erector Truc

fankit/72024/01.jpg fankit/72024/02.jpg fankit/72024/03.jpg fankit/72024/04.jpg fankit/72024/05.jpg fankit/72024/06.jpg

Kit 72026 - Mercedes Benz L 1500 S

fankit/72026/01.jpg fankit/72026/02.jpg fankit/72026/03.jpg fankit/72026/04.jpg fankit/72026/05.jpg fankit/72026/06.jpg

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