Fantassin Military Figures scale 1/72, from Spain.

The figures are made from White Metal.

It seems that this manufacturer is "Out of Buisiness"

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Kit WW01 - "Kursk" Red Army - Summer Dress (20 figures)

fantas/box01A.jpg fantas/fig23.jpg fantas/fig24.jpg fantas/fig25.jpg fantas/fig26.jpg fantas/fig27.jpg fantas/fig28.jpg

Kit WW02 - "Stalingrad" Red Army - Winter Dress (20 figures)

fantas/box03A.jpg fantas/fig05.jpg fantas/fig06.jpg fantas/fig07.jpg fantas/fig08.jpg fantas/fig09.jpg fantas/fig10.jpg

Kit WW03 - "Berlin" Red Army Assault Groups (20 figures)

fantas/box02B.jpg fantas/fig11.jpg fantas/fig12.jpg fantas/fig13.jpg fantas/fig14.jpg fantas/fig15.jpg fantas/fig16.jpg

Kit WW04 - Red Army - Support Weapons (17 figures)

fantas/box01B.jpg fantas/fig17.jpg fantas/fig18.jpg fantas/fig19.jpg fantas/fig20.jpg fantas/fig21.jpg fantas/fig22.jpg

Kit WW05 - Red Army, Tank Crew, Drivers and Staff (20 figures)

fantas/box02A.jpg fantas/fig01.jpg fantas/fig02.jpg fantas/fig03.jpg fantas/fig04.jpg

Kit WW06 - Polish Infantry (19 figures)


Kit WW07 - "Blitzkrieg" German Infantry - period 1939-42 (20 figures)

fantas/box04B.jpg fantas/fig29.jpg fantas/fig30.jpg fantas/fig31.jpg fantas/fig32.jpg fantas/fig33.jpg fantas/fig34.jpg

Kit WW08 - "Moscow" German Infantry - Winter Dress (20 figures)

fantas/box04A.jpg fantas/fig41.jpg fantas/fig42.jpg fantas/fig43.jpg fantas/fig44.jpg fantas/fig45.jpg fantas/fig46.jpg fantas/fig47.jpg <

Kit WW09 - German Support Weapons (19 figures)

fantas/box05B.jpg fantas/fig35.jpg fantas/fig36.jpg fantas/fig37.jpg fantas/fig38.jpg fantas/fig39.jpg fantas/fig40.jpg

Kit WW10 - German Tankcrew, Drivers and Staff (19 figures)

fantas/box05A.jpg fantas/fig48.jpg fantas/fig49.jpg fantas/fig50.jpg fantas/fig51.jpg

Kit WW11 - Finnish Infantry - Winter Dress
Kit WW12 - Finnish Staff and Support Weapons - Winter Dress
Kit WW13 - SS Infantry (NORMANDY)
Kit WW14 - German Assault Engineers (KURSK)
Kit WW15 - German Infantry 1943-45 (ANRHEM
Kit WW16 - U.S. Infantry (E.T.O.)
Kit WW17 - U.S. Marines (IWO JIMA)
Kit WW18 - Japanese Infantry (GUADALCANAL
Kit WW19 - French Infantry (May-June 1940)
Kit WW20 - British Infantry (CAEN)
Kit WW21 - Australian Infantry (TOBRUK)
Kit WW22 - German Fallschirmjägers (CRETE)
Kit WW23 - US Paratroopers (OVERLORD)
Kit WW24 - British Paratroopers (ARNHEM)

fantas/WW11.jpg fantas/WW12A.jpg fantas/WW13A.jpg fantas/WW14A.jpg fantas/WW15A.jpg fantas/WW16A.jpg fantas/WW17A.jpg fantas/WW18A.jpg fantas/WW19A.jpg fantas/WW20A.jpg fantas/WW21A.jpg fantas/WW22A.jpg fantas/WW23A.jpg fantas/WW14A.jpg

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