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Forces of Valor / Unimax (China) was taken over by Waltersons UK some years ago. Forces of Valor Waltersons have made a completely new factory and are developing big improvements and completely new products.

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WW-II and Post War

Kit 87009 / FOV-873002A - Kingtiger

forceofvalor/87009/01.jpg forceofvalor/87009/02.jpg forceofvalor/87009/03.jpg forceofvalor/87009/04.jpg forceofvalor/87009/05.jpg forceofvalor/87009/06.jpg forceofvalor/87009/07.jpg forceofvalor/87009/08.jpg forceofvalor/87009/09.jpg forceofvalor/87009/10.jpg forceofvalor/87009/11.jpg forceofvalor/87009/12.jpg

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Short review by Robinee Yuang
Regarding the kits in my opinion, regardless of the shape and size, (cause I have not measured whether the length, width or height is correct).
-First, the price - I bought it at a reasonable price from the website "TAOBAO" in China, (which is quite the same like ebay), the lowest price I found here on the website is around 1/3 or 1/4 cheaper than Italeri's KT, Dragon's KT or Trumpeter's KT, which are all cheaper than Revell's KT in China.
-Second, the material of the kit seems a bit like the C.C. LEE's panther, well, a bit thicker.
-Third, the details, all the hatch except the commander's are all set closed, no metal PE like Dragon's do. The barrel is OK, but the muzzle brake seems a bit poor. Contracting with Dragon's, all tools' position are almost the same, while thinner than Dragon's.
On the other hand, some details are not given, such as there grips on the top of turret, the FOV just use three bars instead, however. I think those problems could be solved using some surplus parts in Dragon's Kingtiger, RB's metal barrel, or Voyage's PE for engine hatch etc. There are still some vantages, in my opinion, all 4 manufacturers of Revell, Dragon, Italeri and Trumpeter's wheels are all seperated, as you may see from the picture, the FOV's are designed as related, which could be found quite the same patent as Zvezda's inital Tiger or in Dragon's 251 kit. To people like me, it saves time, that I don't need to cut the wheels one by one. And it took me only a few minutes completing the assemble of turret, on this point, It is about the same level as Zvezda's Kit, and is better that they give us a commander, though the material is something like rubber. -At last, I think, this kits, comparing with Dragon's or Revells, it is a bit like fast-assemble, and to the fast-assemble kits, it has more details. Considering the price, the details are all in between, I would like to say that FOV (Unimax) gives us an acceptable detailed, a bit fast assemble Kingtiger kit.

Kit 87010 / FOV-873001A - Tiger I

forceofvalor/87010/01.jpg forceofvalor/87010/02.jpg forceofvalor/87010/03.jpg forceofvalor/87010/04.jpg forceofvalor/87010/05.jpg forceofvalor/87010/06.jpg forceofvalor/87010/07.jpg forceofvalor/87010/08.jpg forceofvalor/87010/09.jpg forceofvalor/87010/10.jpg forceofvalor/87010/11.jpg forceofvalor/87010/12.jpg

forceofvalor/87010/1/01.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/02.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/03.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/04.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/05.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/06.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/07.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/08.jpg forceofvalor/87010/1/09.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's / OTW" preview about kit 87010 - Tiger I visit:

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Kit 87011 / FOV-873008A - Pz. III Ausf. N

forceofvalor/87011/01.jpg forceofvalor/87011/02.jpg

Kit 87012 / FOV-873007A - M3A1 US Halftrack - pictures sprue parts taken from Hobby Search

forceofvalor/87012/01.jpg forceofvalor/87012/02.jpg forceofvalor/87012/03.jpg

Kit 87013 / FOV-873004A - Sherman M4A1

forceofvalor/87013/01.jpg forceofvalor/87013/02.jpg forceofvalor/87013/03.jpg forceofvalor/87013/04.jpg forceofvalor/87013/05.jpg forceofvalor/87013/06.jpg forceofvalor/87013/07.jpg forceofvalor/87013/08.jpg forceofvalor/87013/09.jpg forceofvalor/87013/10.jpg forceofvalor/87013/11.jpg forceofvalor/87013/12.jpg

forceofvalor/87013/1/01.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/02.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/03.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/04.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/05.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/06.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/07.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/08.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/09.jpg forceofvalor/87013/1/10.jpg

For "Danilo Carly's / OTW" review about kit 87013 - Sherman M4A1 visit:

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Kit 87014 / FOV-873006A - GMC 2.5 ton Truck - pictures sprue parts taken from Hobby Search

forceofvalor/87014/01.jpg forceofvalor/87014/02.jpg forceofvalor/87014/03.jpg

Kit 87015 / FOV-873005A - Abrahams M1A2 - pictures sprue parts taken from Hobby Search

forceofvalor/87015/01.jpg forceofvalor/87015/02.jpg forceofvalor/87015/03.jpg

For an "Kevin Liang's / OTW" preview about kit 87015 - Abrahams M1A2 visit:

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Kit 87016 / FOV-873003A - Russian KV-2 - pictures sprue parts taken from Hobby Search

forceofvalor/87016/01.jpg forceofvalor/87016/02.jpg forceofvalor/87016/03.jpg

Kit 873013A - JGSDF Type 10 Tank

forceofvalor/873013A/01.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/02.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/03.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/04.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/05.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/06.jpg forceofvalor/873013A/07.jpg

Kit 873014A - M 24 Chaffee Light Tank

forceofvalor/873014A/01.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/02.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/03.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/04.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/05.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/06.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/07.jpg forceofvalor/873014A/08.jpg

Kit 873015A - KV-1 Model 1941 (reinforced welded turret

forceofvalor/873015A/01.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/02.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/03.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/04.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/05.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/06.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/07.jpg forceofvalor/873015A/08.jpg

Kit 873016A - Sherman M4A1 (76)

forceofvalor/873016A/01.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/02.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/03.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/04.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/05.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/06.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/07.jpg forceofvalor/873016A/08.jpg

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