Giesbers Models 1/76
Den Bels 1/72

Dutch Manufacturer in Resin / Casted in Holland

The models are from a high quality, clean cast in resin.

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Giesbers Models 1/76

Kit 001 - Marmon-Herrington MK3 - master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/01/01.jpg Gies/01/02.jpg Gies/01/03.jpg Gies/01/04.jpg

Kit 002 - Marmon-Herrington MK3A - master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/02/01.jpg Gies/02/02.jpg Gies/02/03.jpg Gies/02/04.jpg Gies/02/05.jpg

Marmon Herrington MK3 - Mk3A
The Mk3A has a different radiator and rear end compared with the Mk3 version. These Armoured cars were made in South Africa during WWII and were used in large numbers not only in the desert war but also in the Far East. Captured vehicles were used by the Germans as well as the Japanese.With these two models as a basis a large number of conversions can be made. For example the Germans used a turretless captured vehicle and the allies one with the turret removed and replaced by a 2pdr AT gun.

Kit 003 - Morris-Commercial C9/B S.P. with 40mm Bofors - master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/03/01.jpg Gies/03/02.jpg Gies/03/03.jpg Gies/03/04.jpg Gies/03/05.jpg

Carrier S.P. 4x4 40mm A.A.(Bofors)
This is a model of the 40 mm Bofors on the Morris-Commercial C9/B. The kit consist of a large number of cleanly cast parts.
The vehicle can be made in travelling or in firing position with the stabilising jacks out.

Kit 004 - C.M.P. Ford Canada with 40mm Bofors - Photo by Hans van Oerle and master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/04/01.jpg Gies/04/02.jpg Gies/04/03.jpg Gies/04/04.jpg Gies/04/05.jpg

C.M.P. Ford Canada 40mm Bofors S.P.
This model shows the 40mm Bofors gun fitted on the Ford F60B chassis. The kit follows the same lines as the model above. All parts were cleanly cast. Be careful when removing the excess resin, some parts are easily damaged.

Kit 005 - CMP/Ford with triple Oerlikon - master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/05/01.jpg Gies/05/02.jpg Gies/05/03.jpg Gies/05/04.jpg Gies/05/05.jpg Gies/05/06.jpg

CMP Ford with triple Oerlikon
The triple Oerlikon on CMP/Ford chassis. - *TIP* - As a simple conversion you can fit the triple gun mount on the chassis of the British Crusader tank, only a few of these were made.

Kit 006 - AEC 10 Ton, 6x6, Heavy Artillery Tractor - master by Mike Bell

Gies/06/01.jpg Gies/06/02.jpg Gies/06/03.jpg Gies/06/04.jpg Gies/06/05.jpg

Kit 007 - Weasel M29 Cargo Carrier - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/07/01.jpg Gies/07/02.jpg Gies/07/03.jpg Gies/07/04.jpg

Kit 008 - Weasel M29C - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/08/01.jpg Gies/08/02.jpg Gies/08/03.jpg Gies/08/04.jpg

M29 Cargo Carrier
The carrier was originally designed as a vehicle for use in arctic terrain, this with the idea of a future invasion of Norway in mind. The vehicle could float but had only a very limited freeboard and a low speed in water.

M29C version
The M29C had floatation tanks fitted to the front and rear, because of this there was a bigger freeboard and less resistance in the water so the speed in the water increased. Also two rudders were fitted on the rear to improve the steering while in the water

Kit 009 - Daf 139 Amphibious car - The correct model - Photo and master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/09/01.jpg Gies/09/02.jpg Gies/09/03.jpg Gies/09/04.jpg

DAF amphibious car.
The DAF 139 amphibious car was under development for the Dutch army in 1939/40. Only one prototype was made and tested, it seems it disappeared without a trace during the fighting in may 1940. Perhaps it is still hidden somewhere in a barn?

Kit 010/011 - Marmon Herrington T14 and T16 - Photo by Hans van Oerle and master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/10/01.jpg Gies/10/02.jpg Gies/10/03.jpg Gies/10/04.jpg Gies/11/01.jpg

Marmon-Herrington T14 and T16
The masters for these two models were made by Andrew Crutchley, the only difference between the two versions is the location of the turret. These tanks were originally ordered by the Netherlands Purchasing Commission but after Pearl Harbour the contracts were taken over by the US army. Although called the worst tank made in the USA they used it for a long time for training and security duties.

Kit 012 - US M37 HMC - Photo by Hans van Oerle and master by Andrew Crutchley

Gies/12/01.jpg Gies/12/02.jpg Gies/12/03.jpg

Together with Milicast's M19 AA vehicle and M41 Gorilla and Hasegawa/Matchbox Chaffee tank this makes the light combat team based on the M24 Chaffee complete.

Kit 013 - Morris C9 FWD Truck

Gies/13/01.jpg Gies/13/02.jpg Gies/13/03.jpg Gies/13/04.jpg

Kit 014 - Marmon Herrington MK3 (late) with 25mm Hotchkiss

Gies/14/01.jpg Gies/14/02.jpg Gies/14/03.jpg Gies/14/04.jpg

Kit 015 - Marmon Herrington MK3 (late)

Gies/15/01.jpg Gies/15/02.jpg Gies/15/03.jpg Gies/15/04.jpg

Marmon-Herrington Mk.III late.
Two versions of this armoured car, the normal version and the turretless version armed with a french 25mm Hotchkiss A.T. gun. Both versions are based on the earlier Marmon-Herrington armoured cars, the fitting of wheels and hull is improved

Kit 016 - Vickers Amphibian used in the old former state "Netherlands Indie" - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/16/01.jpg Gies/16/02.jpg Gies/16/03.jpg Gies/16/04.jpg

Vickers Light amphibious tank.
The Vickers amphibious tank was a commercial design, it was used by the Chinese and also bought/copied by the USSR. This is the Dutch version as used in very small numbers by the KNIL- the Dutch East Indies Army.

Kit 017 - Assault Gun T14

Gies/17/01.jpg Gies/17/02.jpg Gies/17/03.jpg Gies/17/04.jpg

Kit 018 - 'Skink' 20mm AA Tank

Gies/18/01.jpg Gies/18/02.jpg

Sher/m4a1/3/01a.jpg Sher/m4a1/3/02a.jpg Sher/m4a1/3/03a.jpg Sher/m4a1/3/04a.jpg Sher/m4a1/3/05a.jpg Sher/m4a1/3/06a.jpg

Kit 019 - CMP Chevrolet 6x6 Gun Tractor

Gies/19/01.jpg Gies/19/02.jpg Gies/19/03.jpg Gies/19/04.jpg

Kit 020 - Dutch Ford -Trado gun carrier

Gies/20/01.jpg Gies/20/02.jpg Gies/20/03.jpg

Kit 021 - Light tank Mk VIII Harry Hopkins - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/21/01.jpg Gies/21/02.jpg Gies/21/03.jpg Gies/21/04.jpg

Built model

Gies/21/1/01.jpg Gies/21/1/02.jpg Gies/21/1/03.jpg Gies/21/1/04.jpg Gies/21/1/05.jpg

Kit 022 and 22a - Alecto 95mm howitzer or 6 pounder (2 versions - combination kit) - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/22/01.jpg Gies/22/02.jpg Gies/22/03.jpg Gies/22/04.jpg Gies/22/05.jpg

Built model

Gies/22/1/01.jpg Gies/22/1/02.jpg Gies/22/1/03.jpg Gies/22/1/04.jpg Gies/22/1/05.jpg Gies/22/1/06.jpg

Kit 023 and 23a - Alecto artillery tractor tracked or wheeled (2 versions - combination kit) - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/23/01.jpg Gies/23/02.jpg Gies/23/03.jpg Gies/23/04.jpg Gies/23/05.jpg

Kit 024 - Alecto Dozer (used in wartime) - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/24/01.jpg Gies/24/02.jpg Gies/24/03.jpg Gies/24/04.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Gies/24/1/01.jpg Gies/24/1/02.jpg Gies/24/1/03.jpg Gies/24/1/04.jpg Gies/24/1/05.jpg

Kit 025 - Alecto amphibian version - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/25/01.jpg Gies/25/02.jpg Gies/25/03.jpg Gies/25/04.jpg

Kit 026 - T 18E2 Boarhound Armored Car - (Master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/26/01.jpg Gies/26/08.jpg Gies/26/09.jpg Gies/26/02.jpg
Built model by Hans van Oerle

Gies/26/03.jpg Gies/26/04.jpg Gies/26/05.jpg Gies/26/06.jpg Gies/26/07.jpg

Kit 027 - Ford Truck 1936 with 2 pontoons - Dutch Army before WWII - (Master by Henk of Holland)

Gies/27/01.jpg Gies/27/02.jpg Gies/27/06.jpg Gies/27/05.jpg Gies/27/03.jpg Gies/27/04.jpg Gies/27/07.jpg

Model under construction - webmaster

Gies/27/1/01.jpg Gies/27/1/02.jpg Gies/27/1/03.jpg Gies/27/1/04.jpg Gies/27/1/05.jpg Gies/27/1/06.jpg

Kit 028 - Dutch Ford V8, Type 50/51 1936/39, with DAF-Trado - (Master by HenkofHolland)

Gies/28/01.jpg Gies/28/02.jpg Gies/28/03.jpg Gies/28/04.jpg Gies/28/05.jpg Gies/28/06.jpg Gies/28/07.jpg Gies/28/08.jpg Gies/28/09.jpg Gies/28/10.jpg Gies/28/11.jpg

Kit 029 - Morris Commercial CDF - 6-wheel truck

Gies/29/01.jpg Gies/29/02.jpg Gies/29/03.jpg Gies/29/04.jpg

Kit 030 - Deerhound Armoured Car - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/30/01.jpg Gies/30/01.jpg Gies/30/02.jpg Gies/30/03.jpg Gies/30/04.jpg Gies/30/05.jpg

Built model by Hans van Oerle

Gies/30/06.jpg Gies/30/07.jpg Gies/30/08.jpg Gies/30/09.jpg Gies/30/10.jpg

Kit 031 - Dutch Vickers 7.5 TL nr.1 AA Gun - (master by Hans van Oerle) - gun for kit 020

Gies/31/01.jpg Gies/31/02.jpg Gies/31/03.jpg Gies/31/04.jpg Gies/31/05.jpg Gies/31/06.jpg

Vickers 7.5 cm AA Gun
The British firm of Vickers designed this Anti-Aircraft gun in the early 1930's. It was employed by the Dutch Army under the designation 7.5 TL, TL is an abbreviation of "Tegen Luchtdoelen" meaning anti-arial targets. The Dutch guns were license built by the state owned firm of Artillery Inrichtingen and came into service from 1935 onwards. They were the mainstay of the Dutch anti-aircraft defences. Prior the outbreak of the war the Dutch Army also acquired 7,5 cm Skoda AA guns. Therefore the designation 7,5 TL was changed into 7,5 TL nr1.
The guns were towed by Trado equipped Chevrolet and Ford artillery tractors (Giesbers kit no.20). These tractors carried the entire the gun crew and ammonution.
In May 1940 the German air force lost about 300 aircraft to AA-guns during their operations over The Netherlands. Roughly a 110 losses are credited to the Dutch heavy anti-aircraft guns included, among other, the 7,5 TL. After the surrender of the Dutch army, the guns were taken over by the German army who employed them under the designation 7,5 Flak Vickers M35(H). Other users of this type gun were China, Finland and Denmark. Captured Denmark guns were also employed by the Germans but were designated 7,5cm flak(D).
In Dutch service the guns were painted dull olive green, exept for the barrel and the gun cradle, which received a dark brown anti-corrosive coating.

Kit 032 - Ford PAG Tractor 1938 - Dutch Service

Gies/32/01.jpg Gies/32/02.jpg Gies/32/03.jpg Gies/32/04.jpg

Kit 033 - Ford PAG Tractor 1939 - Dutch Service


Kit 034 - Vickers Idependent - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/34/01.jpg Gies/34/1/02.jpg Gies/34/1/03.jpg Gies/34/1/04.jpg Gies/34/02.jpg Gies/34/03.jpg Gies/34/04.jpg Gies/34/05.jpg Gies/34/06.jpg Gies/34/07.jpg Gies/34/08.jpg

Model built by Mauro Traverso

Gies/34/2/01.jpg Gies/34/2/02.jpg Gies/34/2/03.jpg Gies/34/2/04.jpg Gies/34/2/05.jpg Gies/34/2/06.jpg

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Kit 035 - Canadian Wheeled Carrier "Caplad"

Gies/35/01.jpg Gies/35/02.jpg Gies/35/03.jpg Gies/35/04.jpg

Kit 036 - Dodge WC59 telephone repair with K38 trailer


Kit 037 - Indian Pattern carrier Mk.IIA

Gies/37/01.jpg Gies/37/02.jpg Gies/37/03.jpg

Kit 038 - Marmon-Herrington MK VI - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/38/01.jpg Gies/38/02.jpg Gies/38/03.jpg Gies/38/04.jpg Gies/38/05.jpg Gies/38/06.jpg

Kit 039 - Dutch KNIL Vickers Carden Lloyd utility tractor 47mm ATG and crew - (master by Hans van Oerle / figures by Mario Wens)

Gies/39/00.jpg Gies/39/01.jpg Gies/39/02.jpg

Kit 040 - Vickers Medium MK-III - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/40/00.jpg Gies/40/08.jpg Gies/40/07.jpg Gies/40/03.jpg Gies/40/01.jpg Gies/40/02.jpg Gies/40/04.jpg Gies/40/05.jpg Gies/40/06.jpg

Model built by Dimitry Alexeev

Gies/40/1/01.jpg Gies/40/1/02.jpg Gies/40/1/03.jpg Gies/40/1/04.jpg Gies/40/1/05.jpg

Kit 041 - Ford V8 heavy transport Dutch army 1940


Kit 042 - N.L.E. Trenching Machine Mark 1 - master by Hans van Oerle - (figur by Mario Wens)

Gies/42/08.jpg Gies/42/09.jpg

Gies/42/00.jpg Gies/42/01.jpg Gies/42/05.jpg Gies/42/06.jpg Gies/42/07.jpg Gies/42/10.jpg Gies/42/11.jpg Gies/42/12.jpg Gies/42/13.jpg Gies/42/02.jpg Gies/42/03.jpg Gies/42/04.jpg

Built model by webmaster - (length model is 31cm)

Gies/42/14.jpg Gies/42/15.jpg Gies/42/16.jpg Gies/42/17.jpg Gies/42/18.jpg Gies/42/19.jpg Gies/42/20.jpg Gies/42/21.jpg Gies/42/22.jpg

Gies/42/23.jpg Gies/42/24.jpg Gies/42/25.jpg Gies/42/26.jpg Gies/42/27.jpg Gies/42/28.jpg

For "Mike's / Mikesresearch.com" Article & Pictures - N.L.E. Trenching Machine Mark 1 visit:

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Kit 044 - Carden-Loyd Mark I, Mark I* (Star) One Man Tankette - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/44/01.jpg Gies/44/03.jpg Gies/44/04.jpg Gies/44/05.jpg Gies/44/06.jpg

Gies/44/1/01.jpg Gies/44/1/02.jpg Gies/44/1/03.jpg

Kit 045 - Breda 32 - (master by Andrew Crutchley)

Gies/45/00.jpg Gies/45/01.jpg Gies/45/02.jpg Gies/45/03.jpg Gies/45/04.jpg

Kit 046 - Tog 2

Model built by mauro traverso

Gies/46/01.jpg Gies/46/02.jpg Gies/46/03.jpg Gies/46/04.jpg Gies/46/05.jpg Gies/46/06.jpg Gies/46/07.jpg

For "Andras' / Armorama" review Kit 046 - TOG-2 visit:

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Kit 047 - Munition Schlepper VK501 "Weserhutte" - early - (master by Andrew Crutchley)

Gies/47/00.jpg Gies/47/01.jpg Gies/47/02.jpg

Kit 048 - Munition Schlepper VK501 "Weserhutte" - Late - (master by Andrew Crutchley)

Gies/48/00.jpg Gies/48/01.jpg Gies/48/02.jpg

Kit 049 - Kaetzchen - (CKD Kätzchen - Auto Union) - (engine on leftside) - (master by Andrew Crutchley)

Gies/49/00.jpg Gies/49/01.jpg

Kit 050 - Dodge WC-60 Emergency Repair M2


Kit 051 - CMP Ford with Polsten Quad


Kit 052 - 20mm Polsten Quad


Kit 053 - Bedford MWG AA MKI/II with 20mm Polsten AA gun


Kit 054 - CMP 15cwt with 20mm Polsten AA gun


Kit 055 - 20mm Polsten AA gun (2pc)


Kit 056 - Mark II Birch Gun

Gies/56/01.jpg Gies/56/02.jpg Gies/56/03.jpg Gies/56/04.jpg

Kit 057 - Morris Mantel - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/57/00.jpg Gies/57/01.jpg Gies/57/02.jpg Gies/57/03.jpg Gies/57/04.jpg

Kit 058 - Bob Semple tank (New Sealand) - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/58/01.jpg Gies/58/02.jpg Gies/58/03.jpg

Kit 059 - T20
Kit 060 - T20E3
Kit 061 - T23 pilot no.1
Kit 062 - T23
Kit 063 - T23E3

Gies/59/01.jpg Gies/60/01.jpg Gies/61/01.jpg Gies/62/01.jpg Gies/63/01.jpg

Kit 064 - Vickers L1E3

Gies/64/00.jpg Gies/64/01.jpg Gies/64/02.jpg Gies/64/03.jpg

Kit 065 - Dutch Ford 1939 commandowagen

Gies/65/00.jpg Gies/65/01.jpg

Kit 066 - Burford Kegresse

Gies/66/00.jpg Gies/66/01.jpg Gies/66/02.jpg Gies/66/03.jpg

Kit 067 - Killen-strait

Gies/67/01.jpg Gies/67/02.jpg Gies/67/03.jpg

Kit 068 - M5 tractor - early
Kit 069 - Dutch Ford 1937 cargo

Gies/68/01.jpg Gies/60/01.jpg

Post War Vehicles 1/76

Kit 501 - M44 155mm Self-propelled Gun


Kit 502 - Oxford carrier command (2 options)


Kit 503 - Oxford carrier 6pdr tractor


Kit 504 - Oxford carrier 17pdr tractor


Kit 505 - Oxford carrier Bat tractor & 120mm rec.rifle


Kit 506 - Czech OT-810


Giesbers Models - Figuresets

Kit F01 - Dutch soldiers and farmer

Gies/F01/01.jpg Gies/F01/02.jpg Gies/F01/03.jpg Gies/F01/04.jpg Gies/F01/05.jpg Gies/F01/06.jpg

"Den Bels Models" Resin in 1/72

This kits are also released by Giesbers Models

Kit DBLS01 - Unic P107 Leichter Schutzenpanzer

Gies/denbels/01/01.jpg Gies/denbels/01/02.jpg

Kit DBLS02 - HKp 606 Demag Light Halftrack - Prototype (The four "HK" masters from Alfred van Netburg)

Gies/denbels/02/00.jpg Gies/denbels/02/01.jpg Gies/denbels/02/02.jpg Gies/denbels/02/03.jpg Gies/denbels/02/04.jpg

Kit DBLS03 - Unic P107 U304(F) Leichter Schutzenpanzer

Gies/denbels/03/00.jpg Gies/denbels/03/01.jpg Gies/denbels/03/02.jpg Gies/denbels/03/03.jpg Gies/denbels/03/04.jpg Gies/denbels/03/05.jpg

Kit DBLS04 - Steyr 640 Ambulance

Gies/denbels/04/00.jpg Gies/denbels/04/01.jpg Gies/denbels/04/02.jpg Gies/denbels/04/03.jpg Gies/denbels/04/04.jpg

Kit DBLS05 - Steyr 640 mannschafts wagen (2 options)

Gies/denbels/05/01.jpg Gies/denbels/05/02.jpg

Kit DBLS06 - Marmon-Herrington MK IV - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/06/01.jpg Gies/denbels/06/02.jpg Gies/denbels/06/03.jpg Gies/denbels/06/04.jpg

Kit DBLS07 - Austin MK.II Armoured car - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/07/01.jpg Gies/denbels/07/02.jpg

Kit DBLS08 - Dutch Ford keukenoplegger (kitchen trailer) 1940

Gies/denbels/08/01.jpg Gies/denbels/08/02.jpg

Kit DBLS09 - Poplavko-Jeffrey Armoured car - master by Michel Boer en Peter Przybylka

Gies/denbels/09/01.jpg Gies/denbels/09/02.jpg

Kit DBLS10 - Fiat Ansaldo - master by Hans van Oerle The 1925 Ansaldo armored car was produced in prototype version only, and was based on a Pavesi heavy tractor. It was armed with a 45mm cannon. Length 4600 mm, width 2600 mm, height 2900 mm, wheels 1500 mm diameter, weight 8250 kg, max speed 40 kmh, crew 3, motor Fiat model 634, 6 cylinder, 8310 cc, 75 HP. - (info mailer.fsu.edu)

Gies/denbels/10/2/01.jpg Gies/denbels/10/2/02.jpg Gies/denbels/10/2/03.jpg -/- Gies/denbels/10/01.jpg Gies/denbels/10/02.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey

Gies/denbels/10/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/04.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/05.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/06.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/07.jpg Gies/denbels/10/1/08.jpg

The kit is straight out of the box, except that I added a figure, detailed the hatch and replaced the steering control arms with plastic rod. Painting was done with a pre-shading coat, then the base coat, then a dry-brush coat for the camo. After that I highlighted the rivets and other details with a light gray pencil. The suspension was painted gunmetal first, and then a dry brush of aluminum. Dull-Cote between each painting layer and after all decals were applied to seal them in.
Cheers, Tony "Panzer 1946" Ivey

Kit DBLS11 - Fiat 2000 - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/11/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/11/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/11/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/11/1/04.jpg

Gies/denbels/11/01.jpg Gies/denbels/11/02.jpg Gies/denbels/11/03.jpg Gies/denbels/11/04.jpg Gies/denbels/11/05.jpg

Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

Gies/denbels/11/2/01.jpg Gies/denbels/11/2/02.jpg Gies/denbels/11/2/03.jpg Gies/denbels/11/2/04.jpg

Model built by Axel Wech

Gies/denbels/11/3/01.jpg Gies/denbels/11/3/02.jpg Gies/denbels/11/3/03.jpg Gies/denbels/11/3/04.jpg

Model built by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/11/4/01.jpg Gies/denbels/11/4/02.jpg Gies/denbels/11/4/03.jpg

Kit DBLS12 - Canadian AutoCar - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/12/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/12/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/12/1/03.jpg

Gies/denbels/12/01.jpg Gies/denbels/12/02.jpg Gies/denbels/12/03.jpg Gies/denbels/12/04.jpg Gies/denbels/12/05.jpg Gies/denbels/12/06.jpg Gies/denbels/12/07.jpg Gies/denbels/12/08.jpg Gies/denbels/12/09.jpg Gies/denbels/12/10.jpg

For an "Alvin Perkins" review about kit DBLS12 - Canadian AutoCar visit:

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Kit DBLS13 - Ford 3ton Tank M1918 - master by Hans van Oerle

Gies/denbels/13/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/13/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/13/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/13/1/04.jpg

Gies/denbels/13/01.jpg Gies/denbels/13/02.jpg

Kit DBLS14 - 12,8cm Pak 44 Waffentrager Krupp I

Gies/denbels/14/01.jpg Gies/denbels/14/02.jpg

Kit DBLS15 - Krupp / Ardelt Waffentrager 105mm LeFH-18

Gies/denbels/15/01.jpg Gies/denbels/15/02.jpg

Kit DBLS16 - Seabrook Gun Truck

Gies/denbels/16/01.jpg Gies/denbels/16/02.jpg Gies/denbels/16/03.jpg

For "Gamevender's / Britmodeller" pictures built model Kit DBLS16 - Seabrook Gun Truck visit:

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Kit DBLS17 - Braat Overvalwagen (NL KNIL) type Chevrolet - (master by Andrew Crutchley)


Kit DBLS18 - Braat Overvalwagen (NL KNIL) type Ford - (master by Andrew Crutchley)


Kit DBLS19 - Leight Traktor - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/19/01.jpg Gies/denbels/19/02.jpg

Kit DBLS20 - Leight Traktor Versorgungsfahrzeug - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/20/01.jpg Gies/denbels/20/02.jpg

Kit DBLS21 - Rheinmetall Gross Traktor II - (master by Hans van Oerle) This is the predecessor of Dragons Neubaufarzeug, only a few vehicles were built in secret they were tested in Russia during the 1930s

Gies/denbels/21/01.jpg Gies/denbels/21/02.jpg Gies/denbels/21/03.jpg

Kit DBLS22 - Camion Blindado 4x2 no,1 "Nerva"
Kit DBLS23 - Camion Blindado 4x2 no.2 "Blindado Talleres Mina de Riotinto"
Kit DBLS24 - Leichter SchutzenPanzerWagen (3,7cm Pak36) auf Unic P-107
Kit DBLS25 - Leichter SanitatsPanzerWagen auf Unic P-107 gepanzert
Kit DBLS26 - Leichter GranatwerferPanzerWagen auf Unic P-107 gepanzert

Kit DBLS27 - Magirus ARW

Gies/denbels/22/01.jpg Gies/denbels/23/01.jpg Gies/denbels/24/01.jpg Gies/denbels/25/01.jpg Gies/denbels/26/01.jpg

Kit DBLS27 - Magirus ARW

Gies/denbels/27/01.jpg Gies/denbels/27/02.jpg

Model built by Joe Turchick

Gies/denbels/27/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/27/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/27/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/27/1/04.jpg Gies/denbels/27/1/05.jpg Gies/denbels/27/1/06.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey

Den Bels Magirus ARW. Very nice kit, clean casting, nice details, unique subject - Tony Ivey

Gies/denbels/27/2/01.jpg Gies/denbels/27/2/02.jpg Gies/denbels/27/2/03.jpg Gies/denbels/27/2/04.jpg Gies/denbels/27/2/05.jpg Gies/denbels/27/2/06.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey - (Conversion Into "What If" cargo version)

I built this one as a what-if cargo version. I opened up the upper hull, added a bulkhead, seats, transmission etc. using spare bits to create the interior - Tony Ivey

Gies/denbels/27/3/01.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/02.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/03.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/04.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/05.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/06.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/07.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/08.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/09.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/10.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/11.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/12.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/13.jpg Gies/denbels/27/3/14.jpg

Kit DBLS28 - Fiat 2000 Mod.34

Gies/denbels/28/01.jpg Gies/denbels/28/02.jpg Gies/denbels/28/03.jpg

Kit DBLS29 - Soerabaja stadswacht overvalwagen
Kit DBLS30 - Unknown
Kit DBLS31 - Marmon Herrington Mk.I

Gies/denbels/29/01.jpg Gies/denbels/31/01.jpg

Kit DBLS32 - Adler Panzer-attrappe

Gies/denbels/32/01.jpg Gies/denbels/32/02.jpg Gies/denbels/32/03.jpg

Kit DBLS33 - Landsverk M38
Kit DBLS34 - Pansarbil M/41

Gies/denbels/33/01.jpg Gies/denbels/34/01.jpg

Kit DBLS35 - Landsverk L-180

Gies/denbels/35/00.jpg Gies/denbels/35/01.jpg

Kit DBLS36 - Landsverk L-180 modernized


Kit DBLS37 - Pansarbil M39/40 / Landsverk Lynx

Gies/denbels/37/01.jpg Gies/denbels/37/02.jpg Gies/denbels/37/03.jpg Gies/denbels/37/04.jpg

Kit DBLS38 - Holt one man tank 1918

Gies/denbels/38/01.jpg Gies/denbels/38/02.jpg Gies/denbels/38/03.jpg Gies/denbels/38/04.jpg Gies/denbels/38/05.jpg

Kit DBLS39 - Tank Mk.IX "Pig"


Built model by Axel Wech

Gies/denbels/39/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/04.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/05.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/06.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/07.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/08.jpg Gies/denbels/39/1/09.jpg

Kit DBLS40 - Tank Mk.IX "Duck"

Gies/denbels/40/01.jpg Gies/denbels/40/02.jpg Gies/denbels/40/03.jpg

Kit DBLS41 - H.M.L.S. centipede "Mother"

Gies/denbels/41/01.jpg Gies/denbels/41/02.jpg Gies/denbels/41/03.jpg

Kit DBLS42 - Mark B

Gies/denbels/42/01.jpg Gies/denbels/42/02.jpg Gies/denbels/42/03.jpg

Model built by Axel Wech

Gies/denbels/42/1/01.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/02.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/03.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/04.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/05.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/06.jpg Gies/denbels/42/1/07.jpg

Kit DBLS43 - Sturmpanzerwagen Oberschlesien

Gies/denbels/43/01.jpg Gies/denbels/43/02.jpg Gies/denbels/43/03.jpg

Kit DBLS44 - Dutch Ford 1939 munitie transport


Kit DBLS45 - Mark C

Gies/denbels/45/01.jpg Gies/denbels/45/02.jpg Gies/denbels/45/03.jpg

Kit DBLS46 - Mark C Male

Gies/denbels/46/01.jpg Gies/denbels/46/02.jpg Gies/denbels/46/03.jpg

Kit DBLS47 - Skeleton tank

Gies/denbels/47/01.jpg Gies/denbels/47/02.jpg Gies/denbels/47/03.jpg Gies/denbels/47/04.jpg

Kit DBLS48 - No.1 Lincoln Machine - "Little Willy"

Gies/denbels/48/01.jpg Gies/denbels/48/02.jpg Gies/denbels/48/03.jpg

Kit DBLS49 - C.L.B. Tracklayer 75

Gies/denbels/49/01.jpg Gies/denbels/49/02.jpg Gies/denbels/49/03.jpg

Kit DBLS50 - The Great Panjadrum

Gies/denbels/50/01.jpg Gies/denbels/50/02.jpg Gies/denbels/50/03.jpg

Kit DBLS51 - Schofield Mk.II

Gies/denbels/51/01.jpg Gies/denbels/51/02.jpg Gies/denbels/51/03.jpg

Kit DBLS52 - K-Wagen German WWI Heavy Tank

Gies/denbels/52/01.jpg Gies/denbels/52/02.jpg Gies/denbels/52/03.jpg Gies/denbels/52/04.jpg Gies/denbels/52/05.jpg Gies/denbels/52/06.jpg

Kit DBLS53 - Morris Pantserwage "Buffel"

Gies/denbels/53/01.jpg Gies/denbels/53/02.jpg

Kit DBLS54 - Morris pantserwagen "Bison & Wisent" - (no picture)

Kit DBLS55 - Triton Chaser (prototype Whippet)

Gies/denbels/55/01.jpg Gies/denbels/55/02.jpg Gies/denbels/55/03.jpg Gies/denbels/55/04.jpg

Kit DBLS56 - US Steam Tank Tracklaying

Gies/denbels/56/01.jpg Gies/denbels/56/02.jpg Gies/denbels/56/03.jpg Gies/denbels/56/04.jpg Gies/denbels/56/05.jpg

Kit DBLS57 - Medium Tank Mark-D modified

Gies/denbels/57/01.jpg Gies/denbels/57/02.jpg Gies/denbels/57/03.jpg Gies/denbels/57/04.jpg

Announced - Soon


Gies/denbels/amxpra/01.jpg Gies/denbels/amxpra/02.jpg


Gies/denbels/amxpri/01.jpg Gies/denbels/amxpri/02.jpg

Post War Vehicles

Kit DBLS200 - DAF YP-408 PW-I - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/200/01.jpg Gies/denbels/200/02.jpg Gies/denbels/200/03.jpg Gies/denbels/200/04.jpg

For "Barry van der Aart's / www.dafyp408.nl" review Kit DBLS200 - DAF YP-408 PW-I visit:

logo "www.dafyp408.nl" Website

Kit DBLS201 - DAF YP-408 GWT Ambulance - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/201/01.jpg Gies/denbels/201/02.jpg Gies/denbels/201/03.jpg Gies/denbels/201/04.jpg

Kit DBLS202 - DAF YP-408 PW-AT - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/202/01.jpg Gies/denbels/202/02.jpg

Kit DBLS203 - DAF YP-408 MT with 120mm mortar - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/203/01.jpg Gies/denbels/203/02.jpg

Kit DBLS204 - DAF YA-328 Artillery tractor - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/204/01.jpg Gies/denbels/204/02.jpg Gies/denbels/204/03.jpg Gies/denbels/204/04.jpg Gies/denbels/204/05.jpg

Kit DBLS205 - DAF YA-328 Cargo - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/205/01.jpg Gies/denbels/205/02.jpg Gies/denbels/205/03.jpg Gies/denbels/205/04.jpg

Kit DBLS206 - DAF YA-126 - (master by Hans van Oerle)


Kit DBLS207 - DAF YA-126 Ambulance - (master by Hans van Oerle)


Kit DBLS208 - Magirus 8-rad (Germany) - (master by Hans van Oerle)


Kit DBLS210 - DAF YA-616 Artillery Trekker - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/210/01.jpg Gies/denbels/210/02.jpg Gies/denbels/210/03.jpg

Kit DBLS211 - DAF YA-616 Takelwagen - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/211/01.jpg Gies/denbels/211/02.jpg Gies/denbels/211/03.jpg

Kit DBLS212 - DAF YA-314 Cargo - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/212/01.jpg Gies/denbels/212/02.jpg Gies/denbels/212/03.jpg Gies/denbels/212/04.jpg Gies/denbels/212/05.jpg

Kit DBLS214 - DAF YA-328 Toolset with trailer - (master by Hans van Oerle) - (no picture)
Kit DBLS215 - DAF YK-314 Kipper wagen - (master by Hans van Oerle)

Gies/denbels/215/01.jpg Gies/denbels/215/02.jpg Gies/denbels/215/03.jpg

Kit DBLS219 - Bauscher 15 KVA aggregraat trailer - (no picture)

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