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3D Printed Kits

Info Jiri Bednar: The printing layers of the GPM kits are not visible, or only a little, and can be removed.

Kit 3D-72-01 - STAL 258

GPM/3D7201/01.jpg GPM/3D7201/02.jpg GPM/3D7201/03.jpg GPM/3D7201/04.jpg GPM/3D7201/05.jpg

Kit 3D-72-10 - ZUK A18B

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3d7210/01.jpg GPM/3d7210/02.jpg GPM/3d7210/03.jpg GPM/3d7210/04.jpg GPM/3d7210/05.jpg GPM/3d7210/06.jpg GPM/3d7210/07.jpg

Kit 3D-72-15 - NYSA 522 MIKROBUS

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3D7215/01.jpg GPM/3D7215/02.jpg GPM/3D7215/03.jpg GPM/3D7215/04.jpg GPM/3D7215/05.jpg GPM/3D7215/06.jpg GPM/3D7215/07.jpg GPM/3D7215/08.jpg GPM/3D7215/09.jpg GPM/3D7215/10.jpg GPM/3D7215/11.jpg GPM/3D7215/12.jpg

Kit 3D-72-29 - URSUS C 325 CIAPEK

GPM/3D7229/01.jpg GPM/3D7229/02.jpg GPM/3D7229/03.jpg GPM/3D7229/04.jpg GPM/3D7229/05.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3D7229/1/01.jpg GPM/3D7229/1/02.jpg GPM/3D7229/1/03.jpg GPM/3D7229/1/04.jpg

Kit 3D-72-52 - Jelcz 325 Holownik

GPM/3D7252/01.jpg GPM/3D7252/02.jpg GPM/3D7252/03.jpg

Kit 3D-72-65 - JELCZ 325

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3D7265/00.jpg GPM/3D7265/01.jpg GPM/3D7265/02.jpg GPM/3D7265/03.jpg GPM/3D7265/04.jpg GPM/3D7265/05.jpg GPM/3D7265/06.jpg GPM/3D7265/07.jpg GPM/3D7265/08.jpg

Kit 3D-72-93 - KRAZ 255B

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3D7293/00.jpg GPM/3D7293/01.jpg GPM/3D7293/02.jpg GPM/3D7293/03.jpg GPM/3D7293/04.jpg GPM/3D7293/05.jpg GPM/3D7293/06.jpg GPM/3D7293/07.jpg GPM/3D7293/08.jpg GPM/3D7293/09.jpg

For "modelarstwo.koszalin.pl" preview Kit 3D-72-93 - KRAZ 255B visit:

logo "modelarstwo.koszalin.pl" Website

Kit 3D-72-125 - WZT-2 - (Conversion parts for the Revell T-55 model)

GPM/3D72125/01.jpg GPM/3D72125/02.jpg GPM/3D72125/03.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

GPM/3D72125/1/01.jpg GPM/3D72125/1/02.jpg GPM/3D72125/1/03.jpg GPM/3D72125/1/04.jpg GPM/3D72125/1/05.jpg

Kit GPM-114-72 - P32 Transporter

GPM/gpm11472/01.jpg GPM/gpm11472/02.jpg GPM/gpm11472/03.jpg GPM/gpm11472/04.jpg GPM/gpm11472/05.jpg GPM/gpm11472/06.jpg

Built models 3D-72-93 with 3D-72-125 and GPM-114-72, by George (or Jiri Bednar)


For more information and ordering visit:

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