Gabriele Zenoni

Presentation of models built by Gabriele Zenoni from Italy

Gabriele Zenoni is the master-maker from the Da.Ga. Model kits.
The kits he shows on this page are not longer available by IL PRINCIPE NERO, ITALY.

The kits from Gabriele Zenoni are very high detailled and every kit is an really master work. My compliments to Gabriele Zenoni for his work!!!!

News September 2011

Gabriele Zenoni was stopped with mastermodelling in December 2006, but has informed me that he is started again with making mastermodels. His kits were for some years "Out of Production". Shortly are some of Gabriele kits re-released by Giorgio Briga from Italy. Visit link on the bottom of the page

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Fiat Terni - WWI - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/fiatterni/01.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/02.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/03.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/04.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/05.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/06.jpg gzenoni/fiatterni/07.jpg

AB-41 Armoured Car - Wheeled version

gzenoni/ab41w/01.jpg gzenoni/ab41w/02.jpg gzenoni/ab41w/03.jpg gzenoni/ab41w/04.jpg gzenoni/ab41w/05.jpg

AB-41 Armoured Car - Railway version

gzenoni/ab41r/01.jpg gzenoni/ab41r/02.jpg gzenoni/ab41r/02.jpg gzenoni/ab41r/02.jpg gzenoni/ab41r/02.jpg

L6 master (and some parts)

gzenoni/L6/01.jpg gzenoni/L6/02.jpg gzenoni/L6/03.jpg gzenoni/L6/04.jpg gzenoni/L6/05.jpg

L6/40 kit built and painted - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/L6-40/01.jpg gzenoni/L6-40/02.jpg gzenoni/L6-40/03.jpg gzenoni/L6-40/04.jpg gzenoni/L6-40/05.jpg gzenoni/L6-40/06.jpg

FIAT OCI Tractor - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/oci/01.jpg gzenoni/oci/02.jpg gzenoni/oci/03.jpg gzenoni/oci/04.jpg gzenoni/oci/05.jpg gzenoni/oci/06.jpg gzenoni/oci/07.jpg

BREDA 20/65 FLAK - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/breda20/01.jpg gzenoni/breda20/02.jpg gzenoni/breda20/03.jpg gzenoni/breda20/04.jpg

Fiat 611 Armored Car - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/611/01.jpg gzenoni/611/02.jpg gzenoni/611/03.jpg gzenoni/611/04.jpg gzenoni/611/05.jpg gzenoni/611/06.jpg gzenoni/611/07.jpg gzenoni/611/08.jpg

As-42 Sahariana

gzenoni/as42/01.jpg gzenoni/as42/02.jpg gzenoni/as42/03.jpg gzenoni/as42/04.jpg gzenoni/as42/05.jpg gzenoni/as42/06.jpg

British MK-1 (WWI) - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/mk1/01.jpg gzenoni/mk1/02.jpg gzenoni/mk1/03.jpg gzenoni/mk1/04.jpg gzenoni/mk1/05.jpg gzenoni/mk1/06.jpg gzenoni/mk1/07.jpg gzenoni/mk1/08.jpg gzenoni/mk1/09.jpg

CANNONE Skoda da 152/37 (AUSTRIAN - HUNGARIAN 15 Cm. M.15/16) - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/skoda152/01.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/02.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/03.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/04.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/05.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/06.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/07.jpg gzenoni/skoda152/08.jpg

German Halftrack SdKfz. 8 with Pak 8.8 (DB 9/88 Flak 18) - (re-released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/sdkfz8/01.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/02.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/03.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/04.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/05.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/06.jpg gzenoni/sdkfz8/07.jpg

Two different Paves Tolotti tractors towing the A305/17 Howitzer

gzenoni/tolotti/01.jpg gzenoni/tolotti/02.jpg gzenoni/tolotti/03.jpg gzenoni/tolotti/04.jpg

Cannone DA 47/32 - (released by Giorgio Briga)

gzenoni/da47/01.jpg gzenoni/da47/02.jpg gzenoni/da47/03.jpg gzenoni/da47/04.jpg gzenoni/da47/05.jpg gzenoni/da47/06.jpg

August 2011: limited re-edition from some kits made by Gabriele Zenoni (ex- Il Principe Nero) Interested? Visit the next site:

logo "limited re-edition" casted by Giorgio Briga, Italy

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