1/72 HAULER Models from CZ.

HAULER-Models, JAN SOBOTKA, Krizkovského 25, 603 00 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC, tel./fax.: +420-5-48221072

Hauler made some interesting kits in different scale. ( 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, 1/87 & 1/120 ) Showed are here the 1/72 scale kits. These models are resin casted with large photoetched sheet.

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Kit 72001 - M35 Prime Mover with 20tons Rogers Trailer

hauler/72001/01.jpg hauler/72001/02.jpg hauler/72001/03.jpg

Kit 72002 - 20tons Rogers Trailer

hauler/72002/01.jpg hauler/72002/02.jpg

Kit 72003 - M35 Prime Mover with M18"gun

hauler/72003/01.jpg hauler/72003/02.jpg hauler/72003/03.jpg

Kit 72004 - M1 240mm howitzer

hauler/72004/01.jpg hauler/72004/02.jpg

Kit 72005 - M35 Prime Mover

hauler/72005/01.jpg hauler/72005/02.jpg hauler/72005/03.jpg

Kit 72006 - M1 240mm howitzer in firing position

hauler/72006/01.jpg hauler/72006/02.jpg hauler/72006/03.jpg

Kit 72007 - M18"gun in firing position

hauler/72007/01.jpg hauler/72007/02.jpg hauler/72007/03.jpg

Kit 72008 - Culemeyer 80 tons Trailer

hauler/72008/01.jpg hauler/72008/02.jpg hauler/72008/03.jpg hauler/72008/04.jpg hauler/72008/05.jpg hauler/72008/06.jpg

Kit 72009 - Culemeyer 4 axles Trailer

hauler/72009/01.jpg hauler/72009/02.jpg hauler/72009/03.jpg hauler/72009/04.jpg hauler/72009/05.jpg hauler/72009/06.jpg

Kit 72010 - M29C Water Weasel

hauler/72010/01.jpg hauler/72010/02.jpg hauler/72010/03.jpg hauler/72010/04.jpg hauler/72010/05.jpg hauler/72010/06.jpg hauler/72010/07.jpg hauler/72010/08.jpg hauler/72010/09.jpg

hauler/72010/1/01.jpg hauler/72010/1/02.jpg hauler/72010/1/03.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview of kit 72010 - M29C Water Weasel visit:

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Kit 72011 - Culemeyer 80ton with armored cupola

hauler/72011/01.jpg hauler/72011/02.jpg hauler/72011/03.jpg

Kit 72012 - M29 WEASEL gunship/ambulance

hauler/72012/01.jpg hauler/72012/02.jpg hauler/72012/03.jpg

Kit 72013 - Pantherturm I (stahluntersatz)

hauler/72013/01.jpg hauler/72013/02.jpg hauler/72013/03.jpg

Kit 72014 - Russian Armoured BK-2 river boat

hauler/72014/01.jpg hauler/72014/02.jpg hauler/72014/03.jpg

Kit 72015 - Pantherturm - firing position

hauler/72015/01.jpg hauler/72015/02.jpg hauler/72015/03.jpg

Kit 72016 - M1 8GUN transp.wagon

hauler/72016/01.jpg hauler/72016/02.jpg hauler/72016/03.jpg

Kit 72017 - Japanese steel pillbox

hauler/72017/01.jpg hauler/72017/02.jpg hauler/72017/03.jpg

Kit 72018 - Lanz Bulldog 30HP

hauler/72018/01.jpg hauler/72018/02.jpg hauler/72018/03.jpg

Model built by Czegle Zsolt - The 200L barrels are from Balaton Modell (BM7234 ) and MIG Production (MP 72-358) The wild wine (SD7201 ) and Fern (SD7202) are the PE set of Balaton Modell

hauler/72018/1/01.jpg hauler/72018/1/02.jpg hauler/72018/1/03.jpg hauler/72018/1/04.jpg hauler/72018/1/05.jpg hauler/72018/1/06.jpg hauler/72018/1/07.jpg hauler/72018/1/08.jpg

Kit 72019 - German Howitzer sFH-18 / 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze sFH 18

hauler/72019/01.jpg hauler/72019/02.jpg hauler/72019/03.jpg hauler/72019/04.jpg hauler/72019/05.jpg hauler/72019/06.jpg hauler/72019/07.jpg hauler/72019/08.jpg hauler/72019/09.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72019 - German Howitzer sFH-18 visit:

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Kit 72020 - FuSE 62D Würzburg radar

hauler/72020/01.jpg hauler/72020/02.jpg hauler/72020/03.jpg

Kit 72021 - Skoda RSO wheeled tractor

hauler/72021/01.jpg hauler/72021/02.jpg hauler/72021/03.jpg hauler/72021/04.jpg hauler/72021/05.jpg hauler/72021/06.jpg hauler/72021/07.jpg hauler/72021/08.jpg hauler/72021/09.jpg hauler/72021/10.jpg

Pictures built model

hauler/72021/1/01.jpg hauler/72021/1/02.jpg hauler/72021/1/03.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72021 - Skoda RSO wheeled tractor visit:

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Kit 72022 - Fries 16t german crane

hauler/72022/01.jpg hauler/72022/02.jpg hauler/72022/03.jpg

Kit 72023 - AEC Mk.III armored vehicle

hauler/72023/01.jpg hauler/72023/02.jpg hauler/72023/03.jpg

Kit 72024 - FuSE-65 WÜRZBURG-RIESE

hauler/72024/01.jpg hauler/72024/02.jpg hauler/72024/03.jpg

Kit 72025 - F-55 FEUERLILIE with launching ramp

hauler/72025/01.jpg hauler/72025/02.jpg hauler/72025/03.jpg

Kit 72026 - A30 Challenger

hauler/72026/01.jpg hauler/72026/02.jpg hauler/72026/03.jpg

Kit 72027 - AEC Dorchester

hauler/72027/01.jpg hauler/72027/02.jpg hauler/72027/03.jpg

Kit 72028 - 42cm Haubitze M.17(t)

hauler/72028/01.jpg hauler/72028/02.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72028 - 42cm Haubitze M.17(t) visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72029 - Standard Beaverette / Standard Car 4x2

hauler/72029/01.jpg hauler/72029/02.jpg hauler/72029/03.jpg hauler/72029/04.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72029 - Standard Beaverette / Standard Car 4x2 visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72030 - FREYA-LZ A (FuMG-401) German radar

hauler/72030/01.jpg hauler/72030/02.jpg hauler/72030/03.jpg

Kit 72031 - Morris Mk.II

hauler/72031/01.jpg hauler/72031/02.jpg hauler/72031/03.jpg

Kit 72032 - Tetrarch Mk.VII

hauler/72032/01.jpg hauler/72032/02.jpg hauler/72032/03.jpg hauler/72032/04.jpg hauler/72032/05.jpg hauler/72032/06.jpg hauler/72032/07.jpg hauler/72032/08.jpg hauler/72032/09.jpg

Built model by Hauler

hauler/72032/1/01.jpg hauler/72032/1/02.jpg hauler/72032/1/03.jpg

Model under contruction by Udo Bauer

Here are a few photos of the Tetrach Mk.II by Hauler. The model is cast accurately, there are no defects. But as usual, I added a few more details. While researching the internet, I came across interesting technical details. For example the adapter "Little John" at the end of the 40 mm cannon of the tank.
The device was screwed onto the pipe in order to increase the penetration rate of the tank grenades. In the adapter "Little John", which reduces conically on the inside, the caliber is reduced from 40mm to 30mm, the speed of the grenade is increased by the higher gas pressure and the penetration rate is increased - Udo Bauer

hauler/72032/2/01.jpg hauler/72032/2/02.jpg hauler/72032/2/03.jpg hauler/72032/2/04.jpg hauler/72032/2/05.jpg hauler/72032/2/06.jpg hauler/72032/2/07.jpg hauler/72032/2/08.jpg hauler/72032/2/09.jpg hauler/72032/2/10.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72032 - Tetrarch Mk.VII visit:

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Kit 72033 - Kaelble Z6R

hauler/72033/01.jpg hauler/72033/02.jpg hauler/72033/03.jpg

For "Volker Helm's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 72033 - Kaelble Z6R visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

Kit 72034 - Russo Balt Type C

hauler/72034/01.jpg hauler/72034/02.jpg hauler/72034/03.jpg

Kit 72035 - Skoda 30,5cm Siege Howitzer

hauler/72035/01.jpg hauler/72035/02.jpg hauler/72035/03.jpg

Photo-etched sets - 1/72 scale

hauler/pe/72001.jpg hauler/pe/72002.jpg hauler/pe/72003.jpg hauler/pe/72004.jpg hauler/pe/72005.jpg

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