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News September 2017 - "Back in Production"

New owner: Rebecca Hettmansperger of South Carolina

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Accessoires sets

Kit AC017 - US Pup Tents - (Set of 3)
Kit AC018 - German 2-man tents - (Set of 3)
Kit AC028 - Advertising Kiosk with Posters (2)
Kit R056 - Generic War Monument
Kit R063 - Italian Mile Marker
Kit R096 - Village Wall Sections (undamaged)
Kit R102 - Anti-Tank Wall System 4 pc set

hq72/ac017/01.jpg hq72/ac018/01.jpg hq72/ac028/01.jpg hq72/r056/01.jpg hq72/r063/01.jpg hq72/r096/01.jpg hq72/r102/01.jpg

Basis sets

Kit R023 - Urban Base
Kit R025 - Medium Urban Base
Kit R043 - Diorama & Vehicle Base
Kit R046 - AFV Base #1
Kit R048 - Rutted Country Road
Kit R049 - Country Road with Wall
Kit R050 - Street Scene with Church Ruin

hq72/r023/01.jpg hq72/r025/01.jpg hq72/r043/01.jpg hq72/r046/01.jpg hq72/r048/01.jpg hq72/r049/01.jpg hq72/r050/01.jpg

Kit R051 - Rutted Country Road #2
Kit R054 - AFV Base #2
Kit R062 - Rutted Road
Kit R064 - Cobblestone Street Section
Kit R065 - Street Scene with Destroyed Building
Kit R066 - Fan Cobblestone Base

hq72/r051/01.jpg hq72/r054/01.jpg hq72/r062/01.jpg hq72/r064/01.jpg hq72/r065/01.jpg hq72/r066/01.jpg

Kit R072 - Asphalt Road (Oval)
Kit R073 - Sunken Road Section
Kit R077 - The Rutted Road
Kit R078 - The Ancient Road
Kit R079 - The Corner
Kit R080 - The Road
Kit R081 - AFV Base #3

hq72/r072/01.jpg hq72/r073/01.jpg hq72/r077/01.jpg hq72/r078/01.jpg hq72/r079/01.jpg hq72/r080/01.jpg hq72/r081/01.jpg

Kit R082 - AFV Base #4
Kit R083 - AFV Base #5
Kit R084 - Town Cobblestone Road
Kit R085 - Rutted Road #3 with stone wall
Kit R086 - AFV Base #6
Kit R090 - Old Brick Street Section

hq72/r082/01.jpg hq72/r083/01.jpg hq72/r084/01.jpg hq72/r085/01.jpg hq72/r086/01.jpg hq72/r090/01.jpg

Bunker sets

Kit R022 - Flak Bunker
Kit R042 - Large Flak Bunker
Kit R057 - Pillbox/MG Bunker #1
Kit R058 - Pillbox/MG Bunker #2
Kit R060 - Atlantic Wall Bunker

hq72/r022/01.jpg hq72/r042/01.jpg hq72/r057/01.jpg hq72/r058/01.jpg hq72/r060/01.jpg

Kit R074 - Atlantic Wall Flak Bunker with Base
Kit R097 - Tobruk Bunker with FT 17 Turret
Kit R098 - MG/Pillbox, Observation Bunker
Kit R099 - 5cm Mortar Bunker with Interior
Kit R100 - Coastal Defence/Tobruk
Kit R101 - Tobruk Pits Set

hq72/r074/01.jpg hq72/r097/01.jpg hq72/r098/01.jpg hq72/r099/01.jpg hq72/r100/01.jpg hq72/r101/01.jpg

Kit R103 - Light Flak Bunker
Kit R110 - Tank/AFV Emplacement (large)
Kit R116 - Concrete Bunker/Guard Post
Kit R117 - Type 1 Bunker with Base
Kit R118 - Type II Bunker with Base

hq72/r103/01.jpg hq72/r110/01.jpg hq72/r116/01.jpg hq72/r117/01.jpg hq72/r118/01.jpg

Complete Kits

Kit R091 - Damaged Barn
Kit R092 - Village Farm House
Kit R093 - Damaged Village House
Kit R094 - Village Pharmacy
Kit R095 - Village Garage

hq72/r091/01.jpg hq72/r092/01.jpg hq72/r093/01.jpg hq72/r094/01.jpg hq72/r095/01.jpg

Structures and Buildings

Kit R002 - Farm Ruin
Kit R003 - Village Ruin w/Cobblestone Street Section
Kit R004 - Wooden Bridge
Kit R005 - Atlantic Wall Bunker
Kit R006 - Mid-East Ruin Part #2

hq72/r002/01.jpg hq72/r003/01.jpg hq72/r004/01.jpg hq72/r005/01.jpg hq72/r006/01.jpg

Kit R007 - Mid-East Corner Shop Ruin
Kit R008 - Mid-East Corner Garage Ruin
Kit R009 - Barracks Building
Kit R010 - Stone Bridge
Kit R011 - Destroyed French House

hq72/r007/01.jpg hq72/r008/01.jpg hq72/r009/01.jpg hq72/r010/01.jpg hq72/r011/01.jpg

Kit R012 - Destroyed Normandy House
Kit R013 - Damaged Russian House
Kit R014 - Damaged City Building
Kit R015 - Brick Building
Kit R016 - Wooden Beam House

hq72/r012/01.jpg hq72/r013/01.jpg hq72/r014/01.jpg hq72/r015/01.jpg hq72/r016/01.jpg

Kit R017 - Neoclassic Building
Kit R018 - Stone Farm w/No Roof
Kit R020 - House w/Shop, Roof, & Side Wall
Kit R021 - Damaged Factory
Kit R027 - Destroyed Cathedral #1

hq72/r017/01.jpg hq72/r018/01.jpg hq72/r020/01.jpg hq72/r021/01.jpg hq72/r027/01.jpg

Kit R028 - Destroyed Bank Building
Kit R029 - Middle Eastern Destroyed Building #1
Kit R030 - Pacific Style Hut
Kit R031 - Goverment Building Ruin #1
Kit R032 - Factory Ruin #1

hq72/r028/01.jpg hq72/r029/01.jpg hq72/r030/01.jpg hq72/r031/01.jpg hq72/r032/01.jpg

Kit R033 - Stone Building Ruin
Kit R034 - Two Story Brick Building Ruin
Kit R035 - Stone Church Ruin #1
Kit R036 - Stone Church #2
Kit R038 - Stone Bridge (Small)

hq72/r033/01.jpg hq72/r034/01.jpg hq72/r035/01.jpg hq72/r036/01.jpg hq72/r038/01.jpg

Kit R039 - Two Story Brick Building Ruin #1
Kit R040 - Destroyed Building Corner
Kit R045 - Ruined Ost Kommandantur
Kit R053 - Die Brucke (The Bridge)
Kit R055 - Ruined Mansion

hq72/r039/01.jpg hq72/r040/01.jpg hq72/r045/01.jpg hq72/r053/01.jpg hq72/r055/01.jpg

Kit R059 - Wooden Bridge Crossing (Small)
Kit R067 - Middle Eastern Ruin #3
Kit R068 - Defensive Emplacement #3
Kit R069 - Mid East Ruin #4
Kit R071 - Damaged Wood Frame Stucco House

hq72/r059/01.jpg hq72/r067/01.jpg hq72/r068/01.jpg hq72/r069/01.jpg hq72/r071/01.jpg

Kit R076 - Row House Front #1 Undamaged
Kit R087 - Small Village Row House (partial kit)
Kit R088 - Small Village Shop (partial kit)
Kit R089 - Village Corner Building (partial kit)
Kit R104 - M.A.S.H. Tent with Base
Kit R106 - U.S. Jungle Hut, Complete Set

hq72/r076/01.jpg hq72/r087/01.jpg hq72/r088/01.jpg hq72/r089/01.jpg hq72/r104/01.jpg hq72/r106/01.jpg

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