Review of 1/72 Italian Kits Armor, from Italy

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The kits are from a very high grade and nice detailled.

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Kit 72001 - Fiat 626 NLM - (master by Alexandru Giersch)

italkit/72001.jpg italkit/72001-1.jpg italkit/72001-2.jpg

Kit built by Aymeric Lopez, webmaster of website "Italie 1935-45".
italkit/72001-12.jpg italkit/72001-13.jpg logo"Italie 1935-45" Website

Masterparts kit 72001

italkit/72001-3.jpg italkit/72001-4.jpg italkit/72001-5.jpg italkit/72001-6.jpg italkit/72001-10.jpg

italkit/72001-7.jpg italkit/72001-8.jpg italkit/72001-9.jpg italkit/72001-11.jpg

Reworked Fiat 626 Cab, Master by Alexandru Giersch

detail72/set13/01.jpg detail72/set13/02.jpg detail72/set13/03.jpg detail72/set13/04.jpg detail72/set13/05.jpg detail72/set13/06.jpg detail72/set13/07.jpg detail72/set13/08.jpg detail72/set13/09.jpg detail72/set13/10.jpg detail72/set13/11.jpg detail72/set13/12.jpg detail72/set13/13.jpg detail72/set13/14.jpg detail72/set13/15.jpg detail72/set13/16.jpg detail72/set13/17.jpg detail72/set13/18.jpg

Kit 72002 - Alfa Romeo 2500 Coloniale - (master by Alexandru Giersch)


Kit 72003 - Alfa 2500 Coloniale ex Armir 1942-43, captured by Russian Army - (master by Alexandru Giersch)

italkit/72003.jpg italkit/72003-1.jpg italkit/72003-2.jpg

Masterparts kit 72002 and 72003

italkit/72002-0.jpg italkit/72002-1.jpg italkit/72002-2.jpg italkit/72002-3.jpg italkit/72002-4.jpg italkit/72002-5.jpg italkit/72002-6.jpg italkit/72002-7.jpg

Kit 72004 - Spa38 - (Master by Stan Szarkowski from MarS) - The last picture is taken from Kits Review.com

italkit/spa38/spa01.jpg italkit/spa38/spa02.jpg italkit/spa38/spa03.jpg italkit/spa38/spa04.jpg italkit/spa38/spa05.jpg italkit/spa38/spa06.jpg italkit/spa38/spa07.jpg italkit/spa38/spa08.jpg italkit/spa38/spa38.jpg

Comments Stan Szarkowski:
The construction of this kit took a lot of time, inspite of its "simple" image. The kits consists of more then 100 pieces. But they fit very well without body-putty. A lot of parts could be omitted without losses of kit's outside view ( bonus for not enough skilled modellers). Italian Kits is only distributor of the model.

For an "Stephen Brezinski" comparison about kit Mars 7202 with Italian Kits # 72004 Fiat Spa 38 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72005 - Fiat 666 NM - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set8/1.jpg detail72/set8/2.jpg detail72/set8/3.jpg detail72/set8/4.jpg detail72/set8/5.jpg detail72/set8/6.jpg detail72/set8/7.jpg detail72/set8/8.jpg detail72/set8/9.jpg detail72/set8/10.jpg detail72/set8/11.jpg detail72/set8/12.jpg detail72/set8/13.jpg detail72/set8/14.jpg detail72/set8/15.jpg detail72/set8/16.jpg detail72/set8/17.jpg detail72/set8/18.jpg detail72/set8/19.jpg detail72/set8/20.jpg detail72/set8/21.jpg detail72/set8/22.jpg

March 2007 - There the windows in the screen are wrong the cab will be reworked soon.

Kit IKA72006 - Fiat 626 Ambulance (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set11/23.jpg detail72/set11/26.jpg detail72/set11/27.jpg detail72/set11/28.jpg detail72/set11/29.jpg detail72/set11/30.jpg

Kit IKA72007 - Fiat 628N - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set9/01.jpg detail72/set9/02.jpg detail72/set9/03.jpg detail72/set9/04.jpg detail72/set9/05.jpg detail72/set9/06.jpg detail72/set9/07.jpg detail72/set9/08.jpg detail72/set9/09.jpg detail72/set9/10.jpg detail72/set9/11.jpg detail72/set9/12.jpg detail72/set9/13.jpg detail72/set9/14.jpg detail72/set9/15.jpg detail72/set9/16.jpg detail72/set9/17.jpg detail72/set9/18.jpg detail72/set9/19.jpg detail72/set9/20.jpg detail72/set9/21.jpg detail72/set9/22.jpg detail72/set9/23.jpg detail72/set9/24.jpg

Kit IKA72008 - German Trailer 2,5 ton GS - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)


Kit IKA72009 - Telefunken E 393N - Radiogoniometro mobile per uso campale - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set15/01.jpg detail72/set15/02.jpg detail72/set15/03.jpg detail72/set15/04.jpg detail72/set15/05.jpg detail72/set15/06.jpg detail72/set15/07.jpg detail72/set15/08.jpg detail72/set15/09.jpg detail72/set15/10.jpg detail72/set15/11.jpg detail72/set15/12.jpg

Kit IKA72010 - Fiat 1100 Ambulance (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set10/27.jpg detail72/set10/28.jpg detail72/set10/29.jpg detail72/set10/33.jpg detail72/set10/34.jpg detail72/set10/35.jpg

Kit IKA 72011 - Fiat 1100 Ambulanza Viberti wooden body - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set16/01.jpg detail72/set16/02.jpg detail72/set16/03.jpg detail72/set16/04.jpg detail72/set16/05.jpg detail72/set16/06.jpg detail72/set16/07.jpg detail72/set16/08.jpg detail72/set16/09.jpg detail72/set16/10.jpg detail72/set16/11.jpg detail72/set16/12.jpg detail72/set16/13.jpg detail72/set16/14.jpg detail72/set16/15.jpg

Kit 72012 - Spa 38 w/ Scotti I.F. 20mm a/a gun - (master and casting by MarS, model by S.Filippone)

italkit/72012/01.jpg italkit/72012/02.jpg italkit/72012/03.jpg italkit/72012/04.jpg

Kit IKA 72014 - Fiat 1100 APS "Auto Pompa con Serbatoio" Fire Engine - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set17/01.jpg detail72/set17/02.jpg detail72/set17/03.jpg detail72/set17/04.jpg detail72/set17/05.jpg detail72/set17/06.jpg detail72/set17/07.jpg detail72/set17/08.jpg detail72/set17/09.jpg detail72/set17/10.jpg detail72/set17/11.jpg detail72/set17/12.jpg

Kit IKA-72015 - Fiat 1100 SPA 38R Autofrigo - (Master by Alexandru Giersch)

detail72/set17/16.jpg detail72/set17/21.jpg detail72/set17/23.jpg

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