Joseph Reti, from Hungary

Joseph Reti and two of his friends "Imre Kovacs and Karol May" has made a diorama in the 1/35 scale about a destroyed French FCM 2C

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Theme: The explosion of the No.98 tank "BERRY"

In Summer 2010 I begun to work on this french tank in 1/35 together with my 2 friends Imre Kovacs and Karol May. I'm very happy that Henk gave me a chance to show the build on his homepage.

As I have written, this model is in 1/35 scale. With exception of 2 tracks from Trumpeter is all hand-made, used materials are Styrene and resin. My friend Janos Bicskei turned the barrel for me. First I've made the base for the model, for this I spent some time. There are no preserved exact documents of the FCM, therefore I studied well some details on photographs and my friend Karol May casted them later. The biggest problems were with the production of the railway undercarriages, because they were also made only by photos, with big appreciation the help of Karol May.

The nature-like appearance of the diorama was made with help of Imre Kovacs, which mixed the right colors for me, he will also make the final paint.

3 friends, 3 masterpieces, one work = FCM 2C.

Regards, Jozsef Reti

French FCM 2C

jreti/fcm2c/01.jpg jreti/fcm2c/02.jpg jreti/fcm2c/03.jpg jreti/fcm2c/04.jpg jreti/fcm2c/05.jpg jreti/fcm2c/06.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/07.jpg jreti/fcm2c/08.jpg jreti/fcm2c/09.jpg jreti/fcm2c/10.jpg jreti/fcm2c/11.jpg jreti/fcm2c/13.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/14.jpg jreti/fcm2c/15.jpg jreti/fcm2c/16.jpg jreti/fcm2c/17.jpg jreti/fcm2c/18.jpg jreti/fcm2c/19.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/20.jpg jreti/fcm2c/21.jpg jreti/fcm2c/22.jpg jreti/fcm2c/23.jpg jreti/fcm2c/24.jpg jreti/fcm2c/25.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/26.jpg jreti/fcm2c/27.jpg jreti/fcm2c/28.jpg jreti/fcm2c/29.jpg jreti/fcm2c/30.jpg jreti/fcm2c/31.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/32.jpg jreti/fcm2c/33.jpg jreti/fcm2c/34.jpg jreti/fcm2c/35.jpg jreti/fcm2c/36.jpg jreti/fcm2c/37.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/38.jpg jreti/fcm2c/39.jpg jreti/fcm2c/40.jpg jreti/fcm2c/41.jpg jreti/fcm2c/42.jpg jreti/fcm2c/43.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/44.jpg jreti/fcm2c/45.jpg jreti/fcm2c/46.jpg jreti/fcm2c/47.jpg jreti/fcm2c/48.jpg jreti/fcm2c/49.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/50.jpg jreti/fcm2c/51.jpg jreti/fcm2c/52.jpg jreti/fcm2c/53.jpg jreti/fcm2c/54.jpg jreti/fcm2c/55.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/56.jpg jreti/fcm2c/57.jpg jreti/fcm2c/58.jpg jreti/fcm2c/59.jpg jreti/fcm2c/60.jpg jreti/fcm2c/61.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/62.jpg jreti/fcm2c/63.jpg jreti/fcm2c/64.jpg jreti/fcm2c/65.jpg jreti/fcm2c/66.jpg jreti/fcm2c/67.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/68.jpg jreti/fcm2c/69.jpg jreti/fcm2c/70.jpg jreti/fcm2c/71.jpg jreti/fcm2c/72.jpg jreti/fcm2c/73.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/74.jpg jreti/fcm2c/75.jpg jreti/fcm2c/76.jpg jreti/fcm2c/77.jpg jreti/fcm2c/78.jpg jreti/fcm2c/79.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/80.jpg jreti/fcm2c/81.jpg jreti/fcm2c/82.jpg jreti/fcm2c/83.jpg jreti/fcm2c/84.jpg jreti/fcm2c/85.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/86.jpg jreti/fcm2c/87.jpg jreti/fcm2c/88.jpg jreti/fcm2c/89.jpg jreti/fcm2c/90.jpg jreti/fcm2c/91.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/92.jpg jreti/fcm2c/93.jpg jreti/fcm2c/94.jpg

Model and diorama ready

Webmaster: Very Great Work, my compliments!!!

jreti/fcm2c/86.jpg jreti/fcm2c/87.jpg jreti/fcm2c/88.jpg jreti/fcm2c/89.jpg jreti/fcm2c/90.jpg jreti/fcm2c/91.jpg

jreti/fcm2c/100.jpg jreti/fcm2c/101.jpg jreti/fcm2c/102.jpg jreti/fcm2c/103.jpg jreti/fcm2c/104.jpg jreti/fcm2c/105.jpg

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