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Militair - Historical Tankmuseum, Kubinka, Russia


Kubinka is an very big emplacement with a lot of military vehicles from WWI, WWII and Postwar from nations over the hole world. Maybe it is the biggest museum of the world. The entree of Kubinka is not free, for people from other countries as Russia and the (old) former states is an permission needed, also the price of entree is different (much higher). This pages gives you an impression from what is in Kubinka, it is impossible to show on this pages all the vehicles from Kubinka.

Information for an visit:

Foreign people (not citizen of Russia or Former States) needed an "access" permission from the General Staff.
For more information about the way to become an access permission, prices etc. visit the web-site from the museum.

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Entree of the "Kubinka" Museum place.

kubinka/jvn008.jpg kubinka/jvn010.jpg kubinka/jvn009.jpg

With thanks to our very kindly guide!!!!
Impression "What is in.... how many.... and how close against each other"

kubinka/jvn057.jpg kubinka/jvn011.jpg kubinka/jvn043.jpg kubinka/jvn044.jpg


Heavy Railway mortar "Adam"
Heavy Tank "Maus"
NSU "Springer" demolition vehicle
Remote control demolition vehicle "Goliath" on trailer

kubinka/kub-001.jpg kubinka/kub-002.jpg kubinka/kub-004.jpg kubinka/kub-003.jpg kubinka/kub-005.jpg

Germany "Kugelpanzer"

kubinka/kub-006.jpg kubinka/kub-008.jpg

- Question:..What is the intention of this vehicle???

For more information about the "Kugelpanzer" and other strange vehicles visit:

logoWebsite "Strangevehicles.greyfalcon.us"

Light Tank "Lynx" VK1301
38cm Sturmtiger

kubinka/kub-007.jpg kubinka/kub-009.jpg kubinka/kub-010.jpg

Tiger II - type Henschell
Jagdtiger - type Henschell
88mm Ardelt Waffentrager
VK3701 "Sturer Emil"

kubinka/kub-011.jpg kubinka/kub-012.jpg kubinka/kub-013.jpg kubinka/kub-014.jpg kubinka/kub-015.jpg

VK3701 "Sturer Emil"
Ferdinand 88mm
SdKfz. 250/1 Ausf. C
SdKfz. 250/9 Ausf. D
SdKfz. 251/9 "Stummel" Ausf. D

kubinka/kub-016.jpg kubinka/kub-017.jpg kubinka/kub-018.jpg kubinka/kub-019.jpg kubinka/kub-020.jpg

SdKfz. 251/9 "Stummel" Ausf. D
SdKfz. 4/1 Opel Maultier with 15cm Panzerwerfer 42
NSU Minenraumer

kubinka/kub-022.jpg kubinka/kub-021.jpg kubinka/kub-023.jpg kubinka/kub-024.jpg kubinka/kub-025.jpg

Dutch (Netherlands-Indie)

The Vickers Amphibian, was in service in Dutch East-Indie but also China and some other nations

kubinka/kub-026.jpg kubinka/kub-027.jpg kubinka/kub-028.jpg kubinka/kub-029.jpg kubinka/kub-030.jpg kubinka/kub-031.jpg kubinka/kub-032.jpg


Light tank "Tetrarch"
Bridgelayer on Valentine chassis
Heavy Tank "Conqueror"

kubinka/kub-033.jpg kubinka/kub-034.jpg kubinka/kub-035.jpg kubinka/kub-036.jpg kubinka/kub-037.jpg


Different "Snowmobile" vehicles with normal air-filled tires and simply rubber tracks

Thoses 2 machines was make by Bombardier in Valcourt Quebec Canada. The first one is a Mark 1, and the second is a B-1. They was made for the army and all the production was send over sea

kubinka/bombardier/01.jpg kubinka/bombardier/02.jpg kubinka/bombardier/03.jpg kubinka/bombardier/04.jpg kubinka/bombardier/05.jpg

AA7 Cargo Carrier - made by Bombardier, Canada - (pictures from Robert Bryden/Toronto) - posted by Detlef Billig

kubinka/bombardier/1/01.jpg kubinka/bombardier/1/02.jpg kubinka/bombardier/1/03.jpg kubinka/bombardier/1/04.jpg kubinka/bombardier/1/05.jpg kubinka/bombardier/1/06.jpg


Samoa S35
Hotchkiss and or Renault Light tanks - 35/39
Renault UE Carrier

kubinka/kub-043.jpg kubinka/kub-044.jpg kubinka/kub-045.jpg kubinka/kub-046.jpg

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