Lancer Model

1/72 resin, vehicles, figures and PE accessoiries
Owner: Leonid Kotenko, Moscow, Russia

(In collaboration with Format72 and Gazoiler)

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The kits were delivered in plastic boxes

lancer/boxes/01.jpg lancer/boxes/02.jpg

Resin Figures and accessoires

Kit LM72001 - Soviet Horses Drawn Field Kitchen KP-42

lancer/lm72001/01.jpg lancer/lm72001/02.jpg

Kit LM72002 - Soviet Field Kitchen KP-42

lancer/lm72002/01.jpg lancer/lm72002/02.jpg

Kit LM72003 - Soviet heavy artillery crew (1943-1945) - (6 figures)

lancer/lm72003/01.jpg lancer/lm72003/02.jpg lancer/lm72003/03.jpg lancer/lm72003/04.jpg lancer/lm72003/05.jpg

Kit LM72004 - Soviet soldiers at rest (Berlin 1945) - (4 figures)

lancer/lm72004/01.jpg lancer/lm72004/02.jpg lancer/lm72004/03.jpg

Kit LM72005 - Soviet/Russian 120mm mortar team (modern) - (mortar + 3 figures)

lancer/lm72005/01.jpg lancer/lm72005/02.jpg lancer/lm72005/03.jpg lancer/lm72005/04.jpg

Kit LM72006 - Soviet Sapper Engineers (Afghanistan) - (3 figures + dog)

lancer/lm72006/01.jpg lancer/lm72006/02.jpg lancer/lm72006/03.jpg lancer/lm72006/04.jpg

Kit LM72007 - Soviet/Russian AGS-17 team (modern) - (2 figures)

lancer/lm72007/01.jpg lancer/lm72007/02.jpg lancer/lm72007/03.jpg lancer/lm72007/04.jpg

Kit LM72008 - Soviet/Russian artillery crew (modern) - (5 figures)

lancer/lm72008/01.jpg lancer/lm72008/02.jpg

Kit LM72009 - Russian troops fighting in Chechnya - (3 figures)

lancer/lm72009/01.jpg lancer/lm72009/02.jpg

Kit LM72010 - Soviet VDV riders on BTR (Afghanistan 1985) - (7 figures) - (NYA)

lancer/lm72010/01.jpg lancer/lm72010/02.jpg lancer/lm72010/03.jpg lancer/lm72010/04.jpg lancer/lm72010/05.jpg lancer/lm72010/06.jpg lancer/lm72010/07.jpg lancer/lm72010/08.jpg lancer/lm72010/09.jpg lancer/lm72010/10.jpg

Kit LM72011 - GAZ-AA/AAA wheels (UM/MW) - (12 wheels)

lancer/lm72011/01.jpg lancer/lm72011/02.jpg lancer/lm72011/03.jpg lancer/lm72011/04.jpg

Kit LM72012 - Modern russian field kitchen KP-125


Kit LM72013 - Trailer ACTP-0, 9 (barrel "Beer" / "Kwas") - (2 figures)


Kit LM72014 - "Polite people" Russian special forces (Crimea-2014) - (4 figures)

lancer/lm72014/01.jpg lancer/lm72014/02.jpg lancer/lm72014/03.jpg

Kit LM72015 - Modern russian tank grew in action (Winter uniform - 3 figures)


Kit LM72016 - Modern russian tank grew in action (Summer uniform - 3 figures)


Kit LM72017 - Soviet/Russian driver - (2 figures)

lancer/lm72017/01.jpg lancer/lm72017/02.jpg

Kit LM72018 - Russian federal troops at BMP (Chechnya 1995-2000) - (5 figures)


Kit LM72019 - Russian tankmen in a "cowboy" uniform" - (3 figures)

lancer/lm72019/01.jpg lancer/lm72019/02.jpg lancer/lm72019/03.jpg lancer/lm72019/04.jpg

Kit LM72020 - IS-1/IS-2 case


Kit LM72021 - Boxes for RSZO BM-21 - Grad - (set of 3 pieces)

lancer/lm72021/01.jpg lancer/lm72021/02.jpg lancer/lm72021/03.jpg

Kit LM72022 - Boxes for 122mm D-30/Gvozdika - (set of 4 pieces)


Kit LM72023 - Boxes for 76mm BMP-1 - (set of 4 pieces)

lancer/lm72023/01.jpg lancer/lm72023/02.jpg lancer/lm72023/03.jpg

Kit LM72024 - Boxes for AK-47/AK-74 - (set of 5 pieces)

lancer/lm72024/01.jpg lancer/lm72024/02.jpg

Kit LM72025 - Americans in Vietnam - (set of 3 pieces)


Lancer Model / Format72

Kit LM72035 - Ambulance Gaz-55

lancer/lm72035/01.jpg lancer/lm72035/02.jpg lancer/lm72035/03.jpg lancer/lm72035/04.jpg lancer/lm72035/05.jpg lancer/lm72035/06.jpg lancer/lm72035/07.jpg lancer/lm72035/08.jpg

Kit LM72037 - 82mm automatic gun-mortar 2B9 "Vasilek"

lancer/lm72037/01.jpg lancer/lm72037/02.jpg lancer/lm72037/03.jpg lancer/lm72037/04.jpg lancer/lm72037/05.jpg lancer/lm72037/06.jpg lancer/lm72037/07.jpg

Kit LM72043 - Gaz-05-193

lancer/lm72043/00.jpg lancer/lm72043/01.jpg lancer/lm72043/02.jpg lancer/lm72043/03.jpg lancer/lm72043/04.jpg lancer/lm72043/05.jpg lancer/lm72043/06.jpg lancer/lm72043/07.jpg lancer/lm72043/08.jpg

Kit LM72044 - BA-27M

lancer/lm72044/00.jpg lancer/lm72044/01.jpg lancer/lm72044/02.jpg lancer/lm72044/03.jpg lancer/lm72044/04.jpg lancer/lm72044/05.jpg lancer/lm72044/06.jpg lancer/lm72044/07.jpg lancer/lm72044/08.jpg

Kit LM72062 - Soviet Car Gaz M1 "Emka"

lancer/lm72062/01.jpg lancer/lm72062/02.jpg lancer/lm72062/03.jpg lancer/lm72062/04.jpg

Kit LM72063 - First Soviet Pickup Gaz-4

lancer/lm72063/01.jpg lancer/lm72063/02.jpg

Kit LM72064 - Gaz 03-30

lancer/lm72064/01.jpg lancer/lm72064/02.jpg lancer/lm72064/03.jpg lancer/lm72064/04.jpg

Lancer Model / Format72 / Gazoiler

Kit LM72063 / GZ72-001 - Gaz-4 pickup - (Lancer Model / Gazoiler)

lancer/GZ72-001/01.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/02.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/03.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/04.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/05.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/06.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/07.jpg lancer/GZ72-001/08.jpg

Kit LM7204? / GZ72-003 - Bantam BRC-40 US Jeep - (Lancer Model / Gazoiler)

lancer/GZ72-003/01.jpg lancer/GZ72-003/02.jpg lancer/GZ72-003/03.jpg lancer/GZ72-003/04.jpg lancer/GZ72-003/05.jpg lancer/GZ72-003/06.jpg

Kit LM72051 / GZ72-006 - Tractor CXT3 15/30 - (Lancer Model / Gazoiler)

lancer/GZ72-006/00.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/01.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/02.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/03.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/04.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/05.jpg lancer/GZ72-006/06.jpg

Kit LM720?? / GZ72-010 - T-27 - (Lancer Model / Gazoiler)

lancer/GZ72-010/01.jpg lancer/GZ72-010/02.jpg lancer/GZ72-010/03.jpg

Kit LM7204? / GZ72-011 - Gaz-60 Halftrack - (Lancer Model / Gazoiler)

lancer/GZ72-011/00.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/01.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/02.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/03.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/04.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/05.jpg lancer/GZ72-011/06.jpg

PE & Accessories

Kit LMP72002 - Zil-131 (ICM)


Kit LMP72004 - BMP-1/2 set 2 (ACE)


Kit LMP72007 - Ural-375/4320 (ICM)


Kit LMP72008 - T-62 details (ACE)


Kit LMP72009 - T-55 details (ACE/TRUMP)


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