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At LM Decals we have a passion for markings. We believe markings are very important for a finished model's appearance and that an interesting and original set of markings can make a relatively commonplace model stand out.

The face behind LM Decals is Triantafyllos (Fyll) Metsovitis, who has for many years had an interest in the colours and markings of the vehicles in service with the armed forces of Greece and Cyprus. He has published a number of relevant articles in the IPMS-Hellas magazine "NEA", the MAFVA magazine "Tankette" and the publication "Military vehicle" by the Hellenic Military Vehicles Preservation Association (H.M.V.P.A.)

The inspiration for the LM Decals logo was the Insignia with the head of the goddess Athena that was the used by the Free Greek Forces fighting alongside the allies during WWII. It was used with a diamond shaped background by the 3rd Independent Greek Brigade which distinguished itself in the battles for Rimini in Italy. Post war it was the insignia of the Hellenic Army's 2nd Division.

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1/72 Decals - (also usable for the 1/76 scale)

original decals are without watermark

Decal 72001 - The M113 APC and M106 mortar carrier in Hellenic service and Cypriot service (- 30 x 105 mm)

lmdecals/72001/01.jpg lmdecals/72001/02.jpg

logo Instruction leaflet kit 72001 - (with downloadable .pdf file - scroll down to the bottom - 6 pages)

Decal 72002 - The M24 Light Tank in Hellenic service (- 17 x 105 mm)

lmdecals/72002/01.jpg lmdecals/72002/02.jpg

logo Instruction leaflet kit 72002 - (with downloadable .pdf file - scroll down to the bottom - 4 pages)

Decal 72003 - The Willys MB 1/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 51/52 3/4 ton truck, Dodge WC 54 ambulance, Dodge WC 62 6x6 truck in Hellenic service (- 27 x 105 mm)

lmdecals/72003/01.jpg lmdecals/72003/02.jpg

logo Instruction leaflet kit 72003 - (with downloadable .pdf file - scroll down to the bottom - 5 pages)

Decal 72004 - The M35 2.5 ton truck and M49 Fuel truck, GMC CCKW 353 2.5 ton truck, CCW 353 2.5 - 5 ton truck, GMC CCKW 353 750 gal. fuel tanker, in Hellenic service (- 76 x 87 mm)

lmdecals/72004/01.jpg lmdecals/72004/02.jpg

logo Instruction leaflet kit 72004 - (with downloadable .pdf file - scroll down to the bottom - 7 pages)

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Decal 72005 - Hellenic Army 19th Mot. Div. vehicle Greece 1941

lmdecals/72005/01.jpg lmdecals/72005/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72005 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72006 - Hellenic Army Generic markings & registration numbers 1950 - 1967


Instruction leaflet kit 72006 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72007 - RAF & RN special vehicle markings


Instruction leaflet kit 72007 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72008 - Hellenic Army Tactical Signs


Instruction leaflet kit 72008 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72008-2 - Hellenic Army Tactical Signs - with signal holders

lmdecals/72008-2/01.jpg lmdecals/72008-2/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72008-2 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72009 - M48, M48A3, M48A5 & M48A5 MOLF tanks and M88A1 ARV in Hellenic and Cypriot service, M60A1 & M60A3 tanks in Hellenic service

lmdecals/72009/01.jpg lmdecals/72009/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72009 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72010 - Leopard 1 & 2 tanks in Hellenic Army service


Instruction leaflet kit 72010 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72011 - Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1H/AB205 helicopters

lmdecals/72011/01.jpg lmdecals/72011/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72011 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72012 - Hellenic Air Force CL-215 Water Bombers

lmdecals/72012/01.jpg lmdecals/72012/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72012 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72013 - Hellenic Air Force CL-415 Water Bombers


Instruction leaflet kit 72013 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72014 - Hellenic Navy Alouette III Helicopters


Instruction leaflet kit 72014 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72015 - Hellenic Air Force AB205 SAR Helicopters

lmdecals/72015/01.jpg lmdecals/72015/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72015 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72016 - Cypriot National Guard vehicles 1960 - 1975

lmdecals/72016/01.jpg lmdecals/72016/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72016 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

Decal 72017 - Royal Hellenic Air Force Spitfire MkV

lmdecals/72017/01.jpg lmdecals/72017/02.jpg

Instruction leaflet kit 72010 - (with downloadable .pdf file)

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