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U.S. M26 / T26 Variants - based on Trumpeter Kit 7264 - M26 (T26E3) Pershing

M26 with Canadian Iroguois Flame Thrower

louqian/M26/01.jpg louqian/M26/02.jpg louqian/M26/03.jpg louqian/M26/04.jpg louqian/M26/05.jpg

T26E1 - "First Vision of Pershing" - (90 mm Gun)

louqian/T26E1/01.jpg louqian/T26E1/02.jpg louqian/T26E1/03.jpg louqian/T26E1/04.jpg louqian/T26E1/05.jpg

T26E2 M45 - Pershing (105mm Howitzer)

louqian/T26E2 M45/01.jpg louqian/T26E2 M45/02.jpg louqian/T26E2 M45/03.jpg louqian/T26E2 M45/04.jpg louqian/T26E2 M45/05.jpg

T26E4 - "Super Pershing" - (90 mm Gun) - (with upgraded protection in the form of spaced armor scrapped off Panther tanks)

louqian/T26E4/01.jpg louqian/T26E4/02.jpg louqian/T26E4/03.jpg louqian/T26E4/04.jpg louqian/T26E4/05.jpg louqian/T26E4/06.jpg louqian/T26E4/07.jpg louqian/T26E4/08.jpg louqian/T26E4/09.jpg

T26 / T35 - Flame Thrower and long 90mm gun

The M26 Pershing was first tested for conversion in October 1945 as the T35. This went through a few designs, including mounting the flame equipment in the turret, replacement of turret with a casemate structure, and finally a trailer configuration similar to that of the British Churchill Crocodile. None of these designs were accepted for production or service, and the T35 project was canceled in 1948.

louqian/T35/01.jpg louqian/T35/02.jpg louqian/T35/03.jpg louqian/T35/04.jpg louqian/T35/05.jpg

U.S. Sherman M4A3 - based on Trumpeter kit 7224 - Sherman M4A3

Sherman M4A3 75mm with experimental composite anti-cumulative armour blocks installed. (September 1944)

louqian/M4A3/00.jpg louqian/M4A3/01.jpg louqian/M4A3/02.jpg louqian/M4A3/03.jpg louqian/M4A3/04.jpg louqian/M4A3/05.jpg louqian/M4A3/06.jpg louqian/M4A3/07.jpg louqian/M4A3/08.jpg louqian/M4A3/09.jpg louqian/M4A3/10.jpg louqian/M4A3/11.jpg

French Somua S35 variants in German Service based on sModel Kit 720135 - Somua S35 Cavalry Tank

S-35 Early - short gun

louqian/S35-EarlyShort/01.jpg louqian/S35-EarlyShort/02.jpg louqian/S35-EarlyShort/03.jpg louqian/S35-EarlyShort/04.jpg louqian/S35-EarlyShort/05.jpg

S-35 Early

louqian/S35-Early/01.jpg louqian/S35-Early/02.jpg louqian/S35-Early/03.jpg louqian/S35-Early/04.jpg louqian/S35-Early/05.jpg

S-35 Late

louqian/S35-Late/01.jpg louqian/S35-Late/02.jpg louqian/S35-Late/03.jpg louqian/S35-Late/04.jpg louqian/S35-Late/05.jpg

S-35 Command

louqian/S35-Command/01.jpg louqian/S35-Command/02.jpg louqian/S35-Command/03.jpg louqian/S35-Command/04.jpg louqian/S35-Command/05.jpg louqian/S35-Command/06.jpg

S-35 with 57mm gun

louqian/S35-57/01.jpg louqian/S35-57/02.jpg louqian/S35-57/03.jpg louqian/S35-57/04.jpg louqian/S35-57/05.jpg louqian/S35-57/06.jpg

S-35 with Flame Thrower

louqian/S35-flame/01.jpg louqian/S35-flame/02.jpg louqian/S35-flame/03.jpg louqian/S35-flame/04.jpg louqian/S35-flame/05.jpg

S-35 Tractor

louqian/S35-Mortar/01.jpg louqian/S35-Mortar/02.jpg louqian/S35-Mortar/03.jpg louqian/S35-Mortar/04.jpg louqian/S35-Mortar/05.jpg louqian/S35-Mortar/06.jpg

S-35 with Pz.II Commander Cuppola

louqian/S35-PzII/01.jpg louqian/S35-PzII/02.jpg louqian/S35-PzII/03.jpg louqian/S35-PzII/04.jpg louqian/S35-PzII/05.jpg

S-35 without Turret

louqian/S35-Turmlos/01.jpg louqian/S35-Turmlos/02.jpg louqian/S35-Turmlos/03.jpg louqian/S35-Turmlos/04.jpg louqian/S35-Turmlos/05.jpg louqian/S35-Turmlos/06.jpg

S-35 with Russian T-26 Turret - (This S35 with T26 turret is fake tank, I took reference from the R35 with T-26 turret - Lou QianYin)

louqian/S35-T26/01.jpg louqian/S35-T26/02.jpg louqian/S35-T26/03.jpg louqian/S35-T26/04.jpg louqian/S35-T26/05.jpg

S-35 Fahrschule

louqian/S35-Fahrschule/01.jpg louqian/S35-Fahrschule/02.jpg louqian/S35-Fahrschule/03.jpg louqian/S35-Fahrschule/04.jpg louqian/S35-Fahrschule/05.jpg louqian/S35-Fahrschule/06.jpg

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