MIDORI, AHM, Riko, Doyusha(Choro-Tan), Bandai
Scale 1/76 - (HO)

Midori, AHM, Riko, Doyusha(Choro-Tan), Bandai are old Japanese Manufacturers

The kits were from the "Snap together System with friction motor"

All kits are "Out of Production"

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The kits were released under Midori, AHM, Riko and Doyusha(Choro-Tan) label

The Midori etc. clockwork 1/76 range are from the late sixties and was also produced by AHM (Associated Hobby Manufacturors), RIKO (Richard Kohnstamm), and Doyusha(Choro-Tan), each with little difference in boxart and different numbers.
With the pictures it is tried to show each series in its right sequence. The last pic shows all 12 different kits from the manufacturers.
A RIKO catalogue from 1968/69 lists them numbered T1 - T8. An AHM catalogue from 1974 lists them numbered K1 -K10 but in different order. Also the box tops and backsides pics of the Jagdpanther and the Mobelwagen (misspelling in stereotype japanese as "WILVELWIND" !!!)----------- Alfred van Netburg , august 2010

Midori box side - (early and late)

midori/midori/01.jpg midori/midori/02.jpg

Riko box side

midori/riko/01.jpg midori/riko/02.jpg midori/riko/03.jpg

AHM box side


Catalogue History



Midori and RiKo

Kit numbers of Midori, AHM, RiKo and Doyusha(Choro-Tan) label is as follow: - (info Otsuka Katsumi)

In 1968/69 Riko catalog, Midori military models were listed with T-numbers (T1 - T8). But actual Riko kits have K-number instead of T-number on box side. The order of known Riko K-number is different from any of Midori number, AHM K-number or Riko T-number.

Kit/Vehicle Midori RIKO K-number AHM RIKO 1968/69 Doyusha (Choro-Tan)
Stalin 302K9K9T310
Tiger II03K1K1T804
Sherman M404K3K3T705
M48 Patton05K4K4T101
Pz.IV Mobelwagen07K6K6T506
Stug III08K7K7T607
Japan Type 409-K5-03
Japan Type 6110-K2-09
AMX 3012K5--11


Midori 01 - Panther - early box

midori/01/1/01.jpg midori/01/1/02.jpg midori/01/1/03.jpg

Midori 01 - Panther - late box

midori/01/01.jpg midori/01/02.jpg midori/01/03.jpg midori/01/04.jpg midori/01/05.jpg midori/01/06.jpg

Riko K8 - Panther

midori/riko/k8/01.jpg midori/riko/k8/02.jpg midori/riko/k8/03.jpg

Midori 02 / Riko K9 - Stalin 3

midori/02/01.jpg midori/02/02.jpg midori/02/03.jpg

midori/02/riko/01.jpg midori/02/riko/02.jpg midori/02/riko/03.jpg

Midori 03 - King Tiger II

midori/03/01.jpg midori/03/02.jpg midori/03/03.jpg midori/03/04.jpg midori/03/05.jpg midori/03/06.jpg

Riko K1 - King Tiger II

midori/riko/k1/01.jpg midori/riko/k1/02.jpg midori/riko/k1/03.jpg

Midori 04 - Sherman A4 (Riko K3)

midori/04/01.jpg midori/04/02.jpg midori/04/03.jpg midori/04/04.jpg

Midori 05 - M48 Patton

midori/05/00.jpg midori/05/01.jpg midori/05/03.jpg midori/05/04.jpg midori/05/05.jpg

Riko K4 - M48 Patton

midori/riko/k4/01.jpg midori/riko/k4/02.jpg midori/riko/k4/03.jpg

Midori 06 - T-54

midori/06/01.jpg midori/06/02.jpg midori/06/03.jpg midori/06/04.jpg

Midori 07 - Pz. IV Flakvierling

midori/07/01.jpg midori/07/02.jpg midori/07/03.jpg midori/07/04.jpg midori/07/05.jpg

Riko K6 - Pz. IV Flakvierling

midori/riko/k6/01.jpg midori/riko/k6/02.jpg midori/riko/k6/03.jpg

Midori 08 - Stug III

midori/08/early/01.jpg midori/08/early/02.jpg

midori/08/01.jpg midori/08/03.jpg midori/08/04.jpg midori/08/05.jpg midori/08/06.jpg

Riko K7 - Stug III

midori/riko/k7/01.jpg midori/riko/k7/02.jpg midori/riko/k7/03.jpg

Midori 09 - Type 4

midori/09/01.jpg midori/09/02.jpg midori/09/07.jpg midori/09/08.jpg midori/09/03.jpg midori/09/04.jpg midori/09/05.jpg midori/09/06.jpg

Midori 10 - Type 61

midori/10/01.jpg midori/10/02.jpg midori/10/03.jpg midori/10/04.jpg

Midori 11 - Jagdpanther

midori/11/01.jpg midori/11/02.jpg midori/11/03.jpg midori/11/04.jpg

Midori 12 - AMX-30

midori/12/02.jpg midori/12/03.jpg midori/12/04.jpg midori/12/05.jpg

Riko K5 - AMX-30

midori/riko/k5/01.jpg midori/riko/k5/02.jpg midori/riko/k5/03.jpg

In 1968 Midori released two combination kits which included 5 models each. - (info Otsuka Katsumi)

No.1 (Yellow box) : Panther, Stalin, Tiger II, Sherman and M48 Patton
No.2 (White box) : T-54, Mobelwagen, StuG III, Type 4 and Type 61

midori/combisets/01.jpg midori/combisets/02.jpg midori/combisets/03.jpg midori/combisets/04.jpg midori/combisets/05.jpg midori/combisets/06.jpg midori/combisets/07.jpg midori/combisets/08.jpg midori/combisets/09.jpg

Midori kits released under "AHM" label

Kit K1 - Tiger Tank

midori/ahm/k1/00.jpg midori/ahm/k1/01.jpg midori/ahm/k1/02.jpg midori/ahm/k1/03.jpg midori/ahm/k1/04.jpg

Kit K2 - Japanese Type 61

midori/ahm/k2/01.jpg midori/ahm/k2/02.jpg midori/ahm/k2/03.jpg midori/ahm/k2/04.jpg

Kit K3 - Sherman

midori/ahm/k3/01.jpg midori/ahm/k3/02.jpg midori/ahm/k3/03.jpg midori/ahm/k3/04.jpg

Kit K4 - M48 Patton

midori/ahm/k4/01.jpg midori/ahm/k4/02.jpg midori/ahm/k4/03.jpg midori/ahm/k4/04.jpg

Kit K5 - Japanese Type 4

midori/ahm/k5/01.jpg midori/ahm/k5/02.jpg midori/ahm/k5/03.jpg midori/ahm/k5/04.jpg

Kit K6 - Pz. IV Wirbelwind

midori/ahm/k6/01.jpg midori/ahm/k6/02.jpg midori/ahm/k6/03.jpg midori/ahm/k6/04.jpg

Kit K7 - Stug III

midori/ahm/k7/01.jpg midori/ahm/k7/02.jpg midori/ahm/k7/03.jpg midori/ahm/k7/04.jpg

midori/ahm/k7/1/01.jpg midori/ahm/k7/1/02.jpg midori/ahm/k7/1/03.jpg midori/ahm/k7/1/04.jpg

Kit K8 - Pz.V Panther

midori/ahm/k8/01.jpg midori/ahm/k8/02.jpg midori/ahm/k8/03.jpg midori/ahm/k8/04.jpg

Kit K9 - JS-3

midori/ahm/k9/01.jpg midori/ahm/k9/02.jpg midori/ahm/k9/03.jpg midori/ahm/k9/04.jpg

Kit K10 - T-54

midori/ahm/k10/01.jpg midori/ahm/k10/02.jpg midori/ahm/k10/03.jpg midori/ahm/k10/04.jpg

Midori kits released under "Doyusha(Choro-Tan)" label

Doyusha is an old Japanese model manufacturer. It started to produce plastic models in 1962. Its current main products are Japanese castle models and 1/100 scale pre-painted Aircraft models. It also has many metal molds made by other manufacturers such as Marusan, Nitto and Midori. In 1983, Doyusha re-released all of twelve 1/76 scale military models of Midori with pullback motor. This series was called "Choro-Tan". ..........Otsuka Katsumi

midori/choro/01.jpg midori/choro/02.jpg midori/choro/03.jpg

Kit 01 - M48

midori/choro/01/01.jpg midori/choro/01/02.jpg midori/choro/01/03.jpg midori/choro/01/04.jpg

Kit 02 - Panther

midori/choro/02/01.jpg midori/choro/02/02.jpg midori/choro/02/03.jpg midori/choro/02/04.jpg

Kit 03 - Japanese Type 4

midori/choro/03/01.jpg midori/choro/03/02.jpg midori/choro/03/03.jpg midori/choro/03/04.jpg midori/choro/03/05.jpg midori/choro/03/06.jpg

Kit 05 - Sherman

midori/choro/05/01.jpg midori/choro/05/02.jpg midori/choro/05/03.jpg midori/choro/05/04.jpg midori/choro/05/05.jpg

Kit 06 - Pz. IV Mobelwagen with 20mm flak-vierling

midori/choro/06/01.jpg midori/choro/06/02.jpg midori/choro/06/03.jpg midori/choro/06/04.jpg midori/choro/06/05.jpg

Kit 07 - Stug III

midori/choro/07/01.jpg midori/choro/07/02.jpg midori/choro/07/03.jpg midori/choro/07/04.jpg

Kit 08 - Russian T54

midori/choro/08/01.jpg midori/choro/08/02.jpg midori/choro/08/03.jpg midori/choro/08/04.jpg midori/choro/08/05.jpg

Kit 09 - Japanese type 61

midori/choro/09/01.jpg midori/choro/09/02.jpg midori/choro/09/03.jpg midori/choro/09/04.jpg

Kit 10 - Josef Stalin 3

midori/choro/10/01.jpg midori/choro/10/02.jpg midori/choro/10/03.jpg midori/choro/10/04.jpg midori/choro/10/05.jpg

Kit 11 - AMX-30

midori/choro/11/01.jpg midori/choro/11/02.jpg midori/choro/11/03.jpg midori/choro/11/04.jpg

Kit 12 - Jagdpanther

midori/choro/12/01.jpg midori/choro/12/02.jpg midori/choro/12/03.jpg midori/choro/12/04.jpg midori/choro/12/05.jpg

"Doyusha(Choro-Tan)" pre-painted and assembled

From 2002, Doyusha released some of these military models in pre-painted and assembled style like CAN.DO.
These models were called "Hashiru!! Sensha Gundan" (Run!! Tank Corps) series............Otsuka Katsumi

Series 1
* Tiger II
* Jagdpanther (2 color patterns)
* Type 61
* Type 4 (2 color patterns + special version)
Series 2
* Panther (2 color patterns + special version)
* StuG III (2 color patterns)
* M48 Patton
* AMX 30
These series were not successful, so planned series 3 was not released.

series 1:

midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/01.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/02.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/03.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/04.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/05.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/06.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/07.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/08.jpg

midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/03.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/04.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/05.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/06.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/07.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/08.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie1/1/09.jpg

series 2:

midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/01.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/02.jpg

midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/03.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/04.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/05.jpg midori/choro/prepainted/serie2/06.jpg


Bandai is Japanese large toy and model manufacturer. In early 1970s, Bandai released six small tank models within USA. These models are described as 1/72 scale on the packages, but they are not accurate. Each kit contains four 1/35 scale extra figures. These models were released by Arii within Japan.

The list of models is as follows.

Kit 6401 Panther
Kit 6402 Jagdpanther
Kit 6403 Chieftain
Kit 6404 SU-100
Kit 6405 M-41 Walker Bulldog
Kit 6406 Tiger I

Kit 6401 Panther

midori/bandai/6401/01.jpg midori/bandai/6401/02.jpg

Kit 6402 Jagdpanther

midori/bandai/6402/01.jpg midori/bandai/6402/02.jpg midori/bandai/6402/03.jpg midori/bandai/6402/04.jpg midori/bandai/6402/05.jpg midori/bandai/6402/06.jpg

Kit 6404 SU-100

midori/bandai/6404/01.jpg midori/bandai/6404/02.jpg

Manufacturer unknow


midori/unknow/t34/01.jpg midori/unknow/t34/02.jpg


midori/unknow/crusader/01.jpg midori/unknow/crusader/02.jpg


midori/unknow/sherman/01.jpg midori/unknow/sherman/02.jpg

Stug III

midori/unknow/stug/01.jpg midori/unknow/stug/02.jpg



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