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news October 2002:
Not "Industry Cleaning"!!! - The Omega-K brand is back! After producing kits under the ICM and ZV labels, the company has re-surfaced using it's own name. The difference between the Ural 375D and 4320 truck is in the shape of the cab...otherwise they are identical. Omega-K made the three Ural 375D kits for ZV so these kits are identical to the ZV Urals (even the same decals), except they have the different cabs.

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Kit 7204 - Ural 4320 cargo truck
Kit 7205 - Ural 4320 command vehicle
Kit 7206 - Ural 4320 fuel truck

omega/omega-04.jpg omega/omega-05.jpg omega/omega-06.jpg

Kit 72013 - Zil 131Soviet Army Truck
Kit 72014 - Zil 131 Fuel Truck
Kit 72015 - Zil 131 Command Post
Kit 72015 - Zil 131 BM-13-16 Katyusha

omega/omega-13.jpg omega/omega-14.jpg omega/omega-15.jpg omega/omega-16.jpg

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