Panzer V - "Panther" and their VARIANTS

The models below are based on the 1/72 scale Revell, Italeri and Dragon Panthers
Drawing sources - Tankpower/Trojca books and books from W.J. Spielberger & H.L. Doyle

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Vk3002db - DaimlerBenz proposal - initial version

panther/vk3002db/00.jpg For sofar I know there are no other pictures of the original vehicle. So I hope it is "look at like".

panther/vk3002db/01.jpg panther/vk3002db/02.jpg panther/vk3002db/03.jpg panther/vk3002db/04.jpg panther/vk3002db/05.jpg panther/vk3002db/06.jpg panther/vk3002db/07.jpg panther/vk3002db/08.jpg

Vk3002db - DaimlerBenz proposal (2)


panther/vk3002db/1.jpg panther/vk3002db/2.jpg panther/vk3002db/3.jpg panther/vk3002db/4.jpg panther/vk3002db/5.jpg panther/vk3002db/6.jpg

Pictures of original vehicle

- Regarding the VK3002DB versions who can help me with other pictures from original verhicles

panther/vk3002db/VK3002DB-schroot1.jpg panther/vk3002db/VK3002DB-schroot3.jpg

VK3002MAN - Accepted Panther D1 version

panther/vk3002man/d1.jpg panther/vk3002man/d1-1.jpg panther/vk3002man/d1-2.jpg

Built model by Sandor Nagy - Versuchs-Serie Fgst.Nr. V1)

panther/vk3002man/1/01.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/02.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/03.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/04.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/05.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/06.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/08.jpg panther/vk3002man/1/09.jpg

Built model by unknown - Versuchs-Serie Fgst.Nr. V2)

panther/vk3002man/2/01.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/02.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/03.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/04.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/05.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/06.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/08.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/09.jpg panther/vk3002man/2/10.jpg

Panther - D (D2) - production version

panther/pantherD/d2.jpg panther/pantherD/d2-1.jpg panther/pantherD/d2-2.jpg

panther/pantherD/1.jpg panther/pantherD/2.jpg panther/pantherD/3.jpg panther/pantherD/4.jpg panther/pantherD/5.jpg
replaced commander turret
circular fan covers on enginedeck
pistolports and loaderhatch on turret
wheels with 16 bolts
front mg in slit mounting

Panther - A (early)

panther/pantherA/early/e1-1.jpg panther/pantherA/early/e1-2.jpg panther/pantherA/early/e1.jpg

panther/pantherA/early/1.jpg panther/pantherA/early/2.jpg panther/pantherA/early/3.jpg panther/pantherA/early/4.jpg panther/pantherA/early/5.jpg panther/pantherA/early/6.jpg panther/pantherA/early/7.jpg
new commander turret
deleted pistolports and loaderhatch on turret
wheels with 16 or 24 bolts

Panther - A (late)

panther/pantherA/late/l1-2.jpg panther/pantherA/late/l1.jpg panther/pantherA/late/l1-1.jpg

panther/pantherA/late/1.jpg panther/pantherA/late/2.jpg panther/pantherA/late/3.jpg panther/pantherA/late/4.jpg panther/pantherA/late/5.jpg
new fan covers on enginedeck
front mg in ballmounting
wheels with 24 bolts

Panther - G (early)

panther/pantherG/e1.jpg panther/pantherG/e1-2.jpg panther/pantherG/e1-1.jpg

panther/pantherG/1.jpg panther/pantherG/2.jpg panther/pantherG/3.jpg panther/pantherG/4.jpg panther/pantherG/5.jpg

Panther - G (Late)

panther/pantherG/l1.jpg panther/pantherG/l1-1.jpg

panther/pantherG/6.jpg panther/pantherG/7.jpg panther/pantherG/8.jpg panther/pantherG/9.jpg

Panther Ausf. F (with Steel Wheels)

diecast/60043/01.jpg diecast/60043/03.jpg diecast/60043/04.jpg diecast/60043/05.jpg

Model built by webmaster - 1/72

panther/pantherF/01.jpg panther/pantherF/02.jpg panther/pantherF/03.jpg panther/pantherF/04.jpg panther/pantherF/05.jpg panther/pantherF/06.jpg panther/pantherF/07.jpg panther/pantherF/08.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

panther/pantherF/1/01.jpg panther/pantherF/1/02.jpg panther/pantherF/1/03.jpg panther/pantherF/1/04.jpg


Jagd-Panther - (early version)

diecast/60006-01.jpg diecast/60006-02.jpg diecast/60006-03.jpg diecast/60006-04.jpg

Jagd-Panther - (late version)

diecast/60007-01.jpg diecast/60007-02.jpg diecast/60007-03.jpg diecast/60007-04.jpg diecast/60007-05.jpg diecast/60007-07.jpg

Jagd-Panther - Movie replica based on a Russian T55 chassis


Other Panther Versions

Beobachtungs Panther - based on Ausf. A (early version)

panther/beob/1.jpg panther/beob/2.jpg panther/beob/3.jpg panther/beob/4.jpg panther/beob/5.jpg

Beobachtungs Panther - based on Ausf. G (late version)

Scale and owner unknown

panther/g/03.jpg panther/g/04.jpg panther/g/05.jpg panther/g/06.jpg panther/g/07.jpg panther/g/08.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

panther/beob/tony/01.jpg panther/beob/tony/02.jpg panther/beob/tony/03.jpg panther/beob/tony/04.jpg

Panther - Coelian (type 1) Flakzwilling 44 - based on Ausf. A (prototype)


This pictures are temporary used from website www.panther1944.de

panther/coelian/early/1.jpg panther/coelian/early/2.jpg panther/coelian/early/3.jpg panther/coelian/early/4.jpg panther/coelian/early/5.jpg

Panther - Coelian (type 2) flakzwilling 44 - based on Ausf. G (prototype)

panther/coelian/late/1.jpg panther/coelian/late/2.jpg panther/coelian/late/3.jpg panther/coelian/late/4.jpg panther/coelian/late/5.jpg panther/coelian/late/6.jpg panther/coelian/late/7.jpg

So it will looks in the 1/32 scale - Great work!!!
panther/coelian/late/8.jpg panther/coelian/late/9.jpg panther/coelian/late/10.jpg panther/coelian/late/11.jpg panther/coelian/late/12.jpg

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 4 x 20mm MG151/20 in turret - (prototype)

panther/AA/01.jpg panther/AA/02.jpg panther/AA/03.jpg panther/AA/04.jpg panther/AA/05.jpg panther/AA/06.jpg

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 2 x 55mm gerat 58 in open turret (2 different concepts from Rheinmetal-Borsig) - (prototype) - Both versions were based on the Pz.IV concepts Ostwind & Ostwind-2

Interiors of the turret was unknown there the 55mm flakzwilling "Gerat 58" was not ready. So the turrets on the models are closed with a tilt.

panther/AA/1.jpg panther/AA/2.jpg panther/AA/3.jpg

Model built by webmaster - 1/72 - Turret Concept 1

panther/AA/aa55/2/01.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/02.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/03.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/04.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/05.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/06.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/07.jpg panther/AA/aa55/2/08.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72 - Turret concept 2

panther/AA/4.jpg panther/AA/5.jpg panther/AA/6.jpg panther/AA/7.jpg

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 2 x 55mm "Super Coelian" closed turret - redesigned Rheinmetall-Borsig concept- (prototype)

panther/AA/aa55/01.jpg panther/AA/aa55/01-1.jpg panther/AA/aa55/01-2.jpg

Model built by webmastyer - 1/72

panther/AA/aa55/1/01.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/02.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/03.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/04.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/05.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/06.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/07.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/08.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/09.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/10.jpg panther/AA/aa55/1/11.jpg

Model built by Bill Power (USA) - 1/72

panther/AA/aa55/3/01.jpg panther/AA/aa55/3/02.jpg panther/AA/aa55/3/03.jpg panther/AA/aa55/3/04.jpg

This model is based on the Revell kit. The compete turret, hatches, gunsight, everything plus the guns are scratch built and the guns are turned from aluminum tubing

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 2 x 55mm "Super Coelian" closed turret "Krupp Version" - (prototype)


Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 88mm Flak 41 Rheinmetall concept - (drawingtable)

panther/AA/aa88/01.jpg panther/AA/aa88/02.jpg

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - Rocket System - Skoda Proposal - (prototype)


Model built by Duncan Howarth

panther/AA/skoda/01.jpg panther/AA/skoda/02.jpg panther/AA/skoda/03.jpg panther/AA/skoda/04.jpg panther/AA/skoda/05.jpg

Panther with shovel


Built model by Jens Scholler - 1/35 scale - www.sturmtiger.com

panther/shov/01.jpg panther/shov/02.jpg panther/shov/03.jpg panther/shov/04.jpg panther/shov/05.jpg panther/shov/06.jpg panther/shov/07.jpg

Converting Esci Panther into dozer variant, by Steve Puccio

Comments Steve Puccio: Panther Raumschaufel converted Panther with barrel removed and scratch built plow and framework used in Nuremberg Germany for clearing bombing debris

Esci/8363/2/00.jpg Esci/8363/2/01.jpg Esci/8363/2/02.jpg Esci/8363/2/03.jpg Esci/8363/2/04.jpg Esci/8363/2/05.jpg

Panther M10 - Skorzeny's Panther

panther/m10/1/01.jpg panther/m10/1/02.jpg panther/m10/1/03.jpg panther/m10/1/04.jpg panther/m10/1/05.jpg panther/m10/1/06.jpg panther/m10/1/07.jpg panther/m10/1/08.jpg

Model built by Jeff Hamblen - 1/72 - MR Modellbau conversion - smallscaleafv.com

panther/m10/01.jpg panther/m10/02.jpg panther/m10/03.jpg panther/m10/04.jpg panther/m10/05.jpg panther/m10/06.jpg panther/m10/07.jpg panther/m10/08.jpg

Panther II - Model built by Kenneth Overby

cploverby/mp028/mp028.jpg cploverby/mp028/mp028-2.jpg cploverby/mp028/mp028-3.jpg cploverby/mp028/mp028-4.jpg cploverby/mp028/mp028-5.jpg

Panther II - (CPLOverby kit with extra armour)

Model built by Zhenmin Han

panther/pan2/01.jpg panther/pan2/02.jpg panther/pan2/03.jpg panther/pan2/04.jpg panther/pan2/05.jpg

Panther II - (Panther II, as it is was restored in the Patton Museum)

Model built by Sandor Nagy

panther/pan2/1/01.jpg panther/pan2/1/02.jpg panther/pan2/1/03.jpg panther/pan2/1/04.jpg panther/pan2/1/05.jpg panther/pan2/1/06.jpg

The model was built from Dragon 7231 and Dragon 7339 with numerous scratch-build parts. It is reasonable weathered.

12.8cm L/55 auf PzKpfw. V "Zerstorer" on Panther chassis - Model built by Kenneth Overby

cploverby/mp057/mp057-1.jpg cploverby/mp057/mp057-2.jpg cploverby/mp057/mp057-3.jpg cploverby/mp057/mp057-4.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - Kit MP057 CPL-Overby

panther/mp057/01.jpg panther/mp057/02.jpg panther/mp057/03.jpg panther/mp057/04.jpg panther/mp057/05.jpg

Panther D with Gasgenerator used as instruction panzer in "German Fahrschule"

panther/gas/1.jpg panther/gas/2.jpg panther/gas/3.jpg

Panther APC (munitionschlepper-Waffentrager) Versions

Panther APC - Photo's by Zhenmin Han

panther/pantherapc/pantherapc-1.jpg panther/pantherapc/pantherapc-2.jpg panther/pantherapc/pantherapc-3.jpg panther/pantherapc/pantherapc-4.jpg panther/pantherapc/pantherapc-5.jpg


Who can inform me, of this vehicle is based on a original concept, drawingtable plan or that it is only a nice built (fake?) model. My thanks in advance - webmaster.

VK501 - Munition Schlepper "Weserhutte" - (on shortened (possible??) Panther/Kaetzchen concept) - pictures wooden mockup and built vehicle

panther/vk501/01.jpg panther/vk501/02.jpg panther/vk501/03.jpg panther/vk501/04.jpg panther/vk501/05.jpg panther/vk501/06.jpg

Munition Schlepper VK501 "Weserhutte" - early - (Giesbers Models kit 47)

Gies/47/01.jpg Gies/47/02.jpg

Munition Schlepper VK501 "Weserhutte" - Late - (Giesbers Models kit 48)

Gies/48/01.jpg Gies/48/02.jpg


APC, Waffentrager or munitionschlepper, similair vehicles based on Skoda 38T, Panther, BMM, SWS and Auto-Union concept.

"Kaetzchen" APC with elements of the Panther chassis and fully enclosed armour.

panther/pantherapc/1/01.jpg panther/pantherapc/1/02.jpg

Vollkettenaufklarer - APC "Kaetzchen" - Prototype on 38D chassis

It was eventually decided to just order a prototype from CKD in Prague, maker of the Hetzer 38(T) Panzerjager. The CKD prototype was actually built in 1944. It was wider than the Auto Union model and heavier, being much better armored. Its front plate was 50mm, sides 30mm and rear 20mm. It retained the general layout with the open top and the engine in the rear, but disposed with the kugelblende for the front MG, wich was instead mounted behind an armored shield as carried by the SdKfz.250 and 251 halftracks. A rear mount for another MG was also provided.

38t/kat/01a.jpg 38t/kat/02a.jpg 38t/kat/03a.jpg 38t/kat/04a.jpg 38t/kat/05a.jpg


Vollkettenaufklarer - APC "Kaetzchen" - Prototype with SWS suspension

38t/kat/3/01a.jpg 38t/kat/3/02a.jpg 38t/kat/3/03a.jpg 38t/kat/3/04a.jpg 38t/kat/3/05a.jpg 38t/kat/3/06a.jpg

Pictures taken from nast-sonderfahrzeuge.de - is this a original concept or nice built "fake" vehicle?

Vollkettenaufklarer - APC "Kaetzchen" - (Prototype Auto-Union or second version of the VK501) - built 2 prototypes - used Panther parts?


Lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de :

"Ein verbesserter MTW (Mannschaftstransportwagen) wurde noch bei der Fa. Auto-Union begonnen. Dieses 6.200 mm lange Vollkettenfahrzeug wurde von dem Sechszylinder- Maybach-Motor "HL5O P" angetrieben, der bei 5 l Hubraum 180 PS entwickelte. Eine 2-cm-KwK in einem halbkugligen Turm sollte auch als Flakabwehr Verwendung finden. Als Zusatzbewaffnung waren zwei MG 42 geplant. Das "Kaetzchen", einen Namen hatte das Fahrzeug bereits, sollte eine Gruppe von 8 Mann tragen. Durch die Umstande bedingt, sind aber nur noch zwei, mit 330 mm breiten Ketten ausgerustete Fahrgestelle fertig geworden."

panther/autounion/1/02a.jpg panther/autounion/1/03a.jpg panther/autounion/1/04a.jpg panther/autounion/1/05a.jpg

British Ordnance Article 1945 - APO 887

panther/autounion/1/06a.jpg panther/autounion/1/07a.jpg

Panther Versions in Panzer Abteilung 653

Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 4 x 20mm - based on Ausf. A (end of war - one example)

panther/AA/07.jpg panther/AA/08.jpg panther/AA/09.jpg panther/AA/10.jpg panther/AA/11.jpg

The list below is from the book mentioned not once here, "Combat History of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653" by Karlheinz Munch, it is on page 214 in the chapter "Operations in the Soviet Union, 2. and 3./schwere Panzerjager-Abteilung 653(April to October 1944)"


Panther - Anti-Aircraft - 37mm Flak 43

panther/AA/37mm/01.jpg panther/AA/37mm/02.jpg panther/AA/37mm/03.jpg

The Flakpanther with 37mm Flak 43, was built on a Bergepanther Ausf.D

panther/AA/37mm/04.jpg panther/AA/37mm/05.jpg panther/AA/37mm/06.jpg panther/AA/37mm/07.jpg panther/AA/37mm/08.jpg panther/AA/37mm/09.jpg panther/AA/37mm/10.jpg panther/AA/37mm/11.jpg panther/AA/37mm/12.jpg panther/AA/37mm/13.jpg panther/AA/37mm/14.jpg panther/AA/37mm/15.jpg panther/AA/37mm/16.jpg panther/AA/37mm/17.jpg

Panther - with Panzer IV Turret (end of war - one example)

panther/pz4/1.jpg panther/pz4/2.jpg panther/pz4/3.jpg panther/pz4/4.jpg panther/pz4/5.jpg panther/pz4/6.jpg

The list below is from the book mentioned not once here, "Combat History of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 653" by Karlheinz Munch, it is on page 214 in the chapter "Operations in the Soviet Union, 2. and 3./schwere Panzerjager-Abteilung 653(April to October 1944)"


Bergepanther - Recovery Panther

There are several different recovery Panthers made. A few variants are showed below.

BergePanther - Recovery Panther - built by webmaster - 1/72

panther/berge/1/01.jpg panther/berge/1/02.jpg panther/berge/1/03.jpg panther/berge/1/04.jpg panther/berge/1/05.jpg panther/berge/1/06.jpg panther/berge/1/07.jpg

Recovery Panther with Earthspade - built by webmaster - 1/72

panther/berge/2/01.jpg panther/berge/2/02.jpg panther/berge/2/03.jpg panther/berge/2/04.jpg panther/berge/2/05.jpg panther/berge/2/06.jpg panther/berge/2/07.jpg panther/berge/2/08.jpg panther/berge/2/09.jpg panther/berge/2/10.jpg

Models below are built by Zhenmin Han - the models are based on the BergePanther from the China manufacturer "Lee"

BergePanther - Recovery Panthers - built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

panther/berge/z1.jpg panther/berge/z1-1.jpg panther/berge/z1-2.jpg

BergePanther - Recovery Panthers - built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

panther/berge/z2.jpg panther/berge/z2-1.jpg panther/berge/z2-2.jpg panther/berge/z2-3.jpg

BergePanther - Recovery Panthers - built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

panther/berge/z3.jpg panther/berge/z3-1.jpg panther/berge/z3-2.jpg panther/berge/z3-3.jpg panther/berge/z3-4.jpg

BergePanther - Recovery Panthers - built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

panther/berge/tony/01.jpg panther/berge/tony/02.jpg panther/berge/tony/03.jpg panther/berge/tony/04.jpg panther/berge/tony/05.jpg panther/berge/tony/06.jpg panther/berge/tony/07.jpg panther/berge/tony/08.jpg

Pillbox with Panther Turret

panther/pillbox/1/01.jpg panther/pillbox/1/02.jpg panther/pillbox/1/03.jpg panther/pillbox/1/04.jpg panther/pillbox/1/05.jpg panther/pillbox/1/06.jpg

Model built by Francisco Almeida - 1/72

panther/pillbox/01.jpg panther/pillbox/02.jpg panther/pillbox/03.jpg panther/pillbox/04.jpg panther/pillbox/05.jpg

Panther projects from the Drawingtable

Aufklarungs Panzer wth 50mm kwk 39L/60


Built model by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

panther/aufkl/1/01.jpg panther/aufkl/1/02.jpg panther/aufkl/1/03.jpg panther/aufkl/1/04.jpg panther/aufkl/1/05.jpg panther/aufkl/1/06.jpg panther/aufkl/1/07.jpg

Built model by Jens Scholler - 1/35 scale - www.sturmtiger.com

panther/aufkl/01.jpg panther/aufkl/02.jpg panther/aufkl/03.jpg panther/aufkl/04.jpg panther/aufkl/05.jpg panther/aufkl/06.jpg panther/aufkl/07.jpg

Built model by Tony Ivey - 1/72

panther/aufkl/tony/01.jpg panther/aufkl/tony/02.jpg panther/aufkl/tony/03.jpg panther/aufkl/tony/04.jpg

Self Propelled (SP) projects based on Panther chassis from the Drawingtable

Sturmmorser 150mm Assault gun
FlakPanther 55mm twin - Krupp
Panther with 105 mm LFH43

panther/draw/10.jpg panther/draw/12.jpg panther/draw/01.jpg

128mm K43
128mm Skorpion
128mm K44

panther/draw/03.jpg panther/draw/04.jpg panther/draw/05.jpg

128m m panzerkanone 2
128mm Panzerkanone
150mm Feldhouwitzer

panther/draw/06.jpg panther/draw/07.jpg panther/draw/08.jpg

150mm Panzerhaubitze
Grille 12 with 128mm K43
Mittler Waffentrager with sFH18

panther/draw/09.jpg panther/draw/13.jpg panther/draw/14.jpg

sFh18 on lengtened Panther parts
Heavy Fieldgun 18 - removable from chassis
Heavy Field Howitzer 43 on Panther Parts

panther/draw/15.jpg panther/draw/16.jpg panther/draw/17.jpg

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