Pio-Models and Eureka XXL - "Out of Production!"

Pio Models 1/72 AFV conversions, ul.Mysliwska 23/6, 81-572 Gdynia, Poland
Consists the Revell or Hasegawa kits with resin and photo etched conversion parts.

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Kit 72001 - Bergepanther "0 serie" production M.A.N.
Kit 72002 - Bergepanther "mittel" production M.A.N. - w/field modification
Kit 72003 - Bergepanther Ausf.A with driver's cabin
Kit 72004 - BefehlPanther /FlivoPanther / BefehlsJagdphanterAusf. D/A
Kit 72005 - PzBfWg V Panther Ausf G (FlivoPanther)

pio/Pm72001.jpg pio/pio-001.jpg.... pio/Pm72002.jpg pio/pio-002.jpg.... pio/Pm72003.jpg pio/pio-003.jpg.... pio/pio-004.jpg.... pio/pio-005.jpg

Kit 72006 - PzKpfw V Panther with Panzer IV turm


Kit 72007 - Flivopanzer III

pio/Pm72007.jpg pio/pio-007.jpg

For an "Jose Maria TEJO / OTW" preview about kit 72007 - Flivopanzer III visit:

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Kit 72008 - Pionierpanzerwagen III
Kit 72009h - Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV Ausf.H
Kit 72009j - Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV Ausf.J

pio/Pm72008.jpg pio/pio-008.jpg.... pio/Pm72009h.jpg.... pio/pio-009j.jpg

Kit 72010 - SdKfz 251/7 Ausf.D Pionierwagen
Kit 72011 - Sturmpanzer III
Kit 72012 - Flammpanzer III
Kit 72013 - Panther prototype M.A.N.
Kit 72014 - VK 4501 (P) Tiger Prototype I (full resin kit)

pio/Pm72010.jpg pio/pio-010.jpg.... pio/Pm72011.jpg pio/pio-011.jpg.... pio/Pm72012.jpg pio/pio-012.jpg.... pio/Pm72013.jpg pio/pio-013.jpg.... pio/Pm72014.jpg

Kit 72015 - VK 4501 (P) Prototype II (full resin kit)
Kit 72016 - VK 4501 (p) Prototype with Krupp Turret (full resin kit)
Kit 72017 - Panther Ausf. G. (M.A.N. Serie) and armor of inflows of air to engine
Kit 72018 - PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 with concrete "turret"
Kit 72019 - PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 from sPzAbt. 502 (tank no. 100)

pio/Pm72015.jpg pio/Pm72016.jpg pio/Pm72017.jpg pio/Pm72018.jpg pio/Pm72019.jpg

Kit 72020 - PanzerBefehlswagen VI Ausf. H/E Tiger
Kit 72021 - PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 with gas instalation
Kit 72024 - Versuchserie Tiger No.1 with armour plate and aerial
Kit 72026 - PzKpfw VI Ausf. H1 from sPzAbt. 502 (tank no 121)
Kit 72030 - PanzerBefehlswagen III Ausf. M

pio/Pm72020.jpg pio/Pm72021.jpg pio/Pm72024.jpg pio/Pm72026.jpg pio/Pm72030.jpg

Kit 72032 - PzKpfw. V Ausf. D Panther with gas installation
Kit 72035 - PzKpfw. V Ausf. D Panther (Kursk 1943)
Kit 72036 - PzKpfw. IV Ausf. F with 5cm KwK 39 L/60 (Prototype)
Kit 72037 - StuH 42 Ausf. G
Kit 72038 - StuG 40 Ausf. G (early and midden version)

pio/Pm72032.jpg pio/Pm72035.jpg pio/Pm72036.jpg pio/Pm72037.jpg pio/Pm72038.jpg

Kit 72039 - Munitionspanzer auf Fgst Stug 40
Kit 72040 - Stug 40 Ausf. G (Finland Army)
Kit 72041 - Stug 40 Ausf. G (Ardennen 1944, 150e Panzer Brigade)

pio/Pm72039.jpg pio/Pm72040.jpg pio/Pm72041.jpg

Eureka XXL - 1/72 Towing Cables - (set is 2 pieces)

Kit ER7201 - Set for Panzer IV
Kit ER7202 - Set for Leopard type 1 and 2
Kit ER7203 - Set for Panzer V Panther
Kit ER7204 - Set for Panzer VI Tiger
Kit ER7205 - Set for Panzer II Ausf. A/F, K, M, N
Kit ER7206 - Set for Panzer III Ausf. G/L

pio/ER7201.jpg pio/ER7202.jpg pio/ER7203.jpg pio/ER7204.jpg pio/ER7205.jpg pio/ER7206.jpg

Kit ER7207 - Set for StuG III Ausf. A/E
Kit ER7208 - Set for StuG III Ausf. F/G, StuH 42 & Storm III
Kit ER7209 - Set for SdKfz. 183 Ferdinand
Kit ER7210 - Set for SdKfz. 183 Elephant
Kit ER7211 - Set for T34/76 and SU85, SU100, SU122
Kit ER7212 - Set for T34/85 M1945 and post war

pio/ER7207.jpg pio/ER7208.jpg pio/ER7209.jpg pio/ER7210.jpg pio/ER7211.jpg pio/ER7212.jpg

Kit ER7213 - Set for JS-1, JS-2, JS-3
Kit ER7214 - Set for KV-1, KV-2
Kit ER7215 - Set for T54 -> T72

pio/ER7213.jpg pio/ER7214.jpg pio/ER7215.jpg

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