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Pobeda (Victory) is a company from Russia. In early time they re-boxed plastic kits from other manufactueres under his own label. The early boxes has the same box lay-out pictures as on boxes from plastic manufacturers. On this boxes is info that a plastic kit is included. The kits they released more recently are casted in resin or are (possible) resin copies from plastic kits. The resin vehicles are mosttimes casted in one piece. It seems that the quality of the kits are very different, the original plastic kits from wellknown labels are good, but the resin castings are very different and possible mostly poor!!

Pobeda/Victory is collaborated with the labels "B.U.M. and Metch Sword". All the 3 labels have the same less quality!!

Some of the pictures are with permission taken from "Plastic Soldier Review"

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The sets contains a plastic kit made by ICM and Esci Russian Paratroopers Spetsnaz figures.

Kit pob72-001 - BTR 152V-K and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-002 - BTR 152 S Command and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-003 - ZIL-157 Truck and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-004 - BM-24-12 Rocket and Soviet Army Figures

pobeda/001.jpg pobeda/002.jpg pobeda/003.jpg pobeda/004.jpg

Kit pob72-005 - ZIL-157 Fuel Truck and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-006 - BM 13-16 Katyuska and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-008 - BM-13-16 ZIL-131 and Soviet Army Figures
Kit pob72-009 - Ural 375D Truck and Soviet Army Figures

pobeda/005.jpg pobeda/006.jpg pobeda/008.jpg pobeda/009.jpg

Kit pob72-010 - Ural 375 A Command Egyptian-Soviet A


included with copy of Esci Russian Paratroopers Spetsnaz

pobeda/spetsnaz.jpg pobeda/spetsnaz-1.jpg pobeda/spetsnaz-2.jpg pobeda/spetsnaz-3.jpg

Kit pob72020 - Russo-Balt Armoured Car
This set contains a plastic kit made by LW, a gun, paper flags and a vacuform base


Built model by Ondrej Repka

pobeda/72020/2/01.jpg pobeda/72020/2/02.jpg

I finnished my Russo-Balt 1914 Armoured car kit. I have to say that it was very hard job as this kit is not from styrene but from some Vynil-cloride! That means gluing and putting only with Cyano-acrylate glue and very hard conture corrections! I assembled nicer kits than this... Ondrej

Same kit under label from "LW" and "Evolution"

pobeda/72020/1/01.jpg pobeda/72020/1/02.jpg pobeda/72020/1/03.jpg

Kit pob72-030 - BMP-1 and Soviet Army Figures
This set contains a plastic kit made by SDW and Esci Russian Paratroopers Spetsnaz figures


Kit pob72-040 - SU-76 Soviet Tank WW2
This set contains a plastic kit made by UM and 3 crew figures


Kit pob72-041 - Volkswagen Lazaret
This set contains a plastic kit made by Military Wheels or A-Model, resin casualty figures and paper posters


Kit pob72-042 - German Pak40 and Panther Tanks
This set contains three panther tank plastic kits and the gun and figures from Fujimi Field Accessories


Kit pob72-043 - RBT-5 Rocket Launcher
Kit pob72-044 - ZSU-37 Antiaircraft Tank
Kit pob72-045 - Soviet ZIS-3 Gun with Crew
Kit pob72-046 - T-26 Twin Turret with Crew
Kit pob72-047 - SPG BT-42 Finnish 1944 Vyborg Battle
Kit pob72-048 - XT-26 Russian Flamethrower
This sets contains a plastic kit made by UM, figures from LW and paper posters

pobeda/043.jpg pobeda/044.jpg pobeda/045.jpg pobeda/046.jpg pobeda/047.jpg pobeda/048.jpg

Kit pob72-101 - Die in Stalingrad
This set contains resin figures (mostly MIR), vacuform base and paper posters


Kit pob72-102 - Crimean Death Artillery
This set contains resin figures and paper posters


Kit pob72-103 - Sudan Death Dervishes
This set contains resin figures and paper posters


Kit pob72-107 - Russian Pilots
This set contains LW Russian Pilots plus one large and one small plastic hanger


Kit pob72-110 - Warsaw Resistance


Kit pob72-111 - WWI uS Ford T Ambulance


Kit pob72-112 - US Scout Car WWI


Kit pob72-300 - Finish Army

pobeda/300/01.jpg pobeda/300/02.jpg pobeda/300/03.jpg pobeda/300/04.jpg pobeda/300/05.jpg

Kit pob72-301 - Finish Artillery

pobeda/301/01.jpg pobeda/301/02.jpg pobeda/301/03.jpg

Kit pob72-304 - OT-133 Flame Thrower


Kit pob72-305 - T-26 M1933


Kit pob72-306 - T-26T Ammunition Carrier


Kit pob72-310 - Winter War Russian Army

pobeda/310/01.jpg pobeda/310/02.jpg pobeda/310/03.jpg pobeda/310/04.jpg pobeda/310/05.jpg

Kit pob72-311 - Winter War Russian Artillery

pobeda/311/02.jpg pobeda/311/03.jpg

Kit pob72-314 - BT-7


Kit pob72-315 - BA-10


Kit pob72-316 - T-26 TN


Kit pob72-317 - T-26-1


Kit pob72-318 - KV-1


Kit pob72-330 - KV-2

pobeda/330/01.jpg pobeda/330/02.jpg pobeda/330/03.jpg pobeda/330/04.jpg pobeda/330/05.jpg pobeda/330/06.jpg pobeda/330/07.jpg pobeda/330/08.jpg pobeda/330/10.jpg pobeda/330/11.jpg pobeda/330/12.jpg

For an "David O'Barr" review about kit pob72-330 - KV-2 visit:

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Kit pob72-331 - Russian Women Snipers

pobeda/331/01.jpg pobeda/331/02.jpg

Kit pob72-351 - Russian Putilov Garford

pobeda/351/01.jpg pobeda/351/02.jpg pobeda/351/03.jpg pobeda/351/04.jpg

Kit pob72-352 - Russian Gazz AA Armoured Car

pobeda/352/01.jpg pobeda/352/02.jpg pobeda/352/03.jpg pobeda/352/04.jpg

Kit pob72-353 - Russian Austin Putilov S1

pobeda/353/01.jpg pobeda/353/02.jpg pobeda/353/03.jpg pobeda/353/04.jpg

Kit pob72-354 - Russian Civil War Lanchester

pobeda/354/01.jpg pobeda/354/02.jpg pobeda/354/03.jpg pobeda/354/04.jpg

Kit pob72-355 - Russian Civil War

pobeda/355/01.jpg pobeda/355/02.jpg

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