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Other Revell information as:

Revell kits under other Label - A4/V2 Rocket set - 1/72 Submarine and Ships - 1/72 figurs

Revell under Matchbox Label

Kit PK179 - M-1 Abrams - Not released by Revell


Kit PK180 - Sturmgeschutz IV - Kit is identical as Revell 3101 and Monogram

Matchbox/pk180/01.jpg Matchbox/pk180/02.jpg Matchbox/pk180/03.jpg Matchbox/pk180/04.jpg Matchbox/pk180/05.jpg

Model built by Czegle Zsolt

Revell/3101/1/01.jpg Revell/3101/1/02.jpg Revell/3101/1/03.jpg Revell/3101/1/04.jpg

Kit PK181 - Sherman MaA1 76mm - Kit is identical as Revell 3102 and Monogram

Matchbox/pk181/01.jpg Matchbox/pk181/02.jpg Matchbox/pk181/03.jpg Matchbox/pk181/04.jpg Matchbox/pk181/05.jpg

Kit PK182 - Leopard 2 A4 - Kit is identical as Revell 3103 and Monogram

Matchbox/pk182/01.jpg Matchbox/pk182/02.jpg Matchbox/pk182/03.jpg Matchbox/pk182/04.jpg Matchbox/pk182/05.jpg

Kit PK183 - T80 B Soviet Main Battle Tank - Kit is identical as Revell 3104 and Monogram

Matchbox/pk183/01.jpg Matchbox/pk183/02.jpg Matchbox/pk183/03.jpg Matchbox/pk183/04.jpg Matchbox/pk183/05.jpg

Revell under Monogram Label

Matchbox/monogram/01.jpg Matchbox/monogram/02.jpg Matchbox/monogram/03.jpg

1/72 Ace Corporation cooperation with Revell

"Ace Corporation" is a manufacturer from South Korea. Ace corporation has released in cooperation with Revell a line from high class plastic kits. Some of the listed kits and tools are made by Ace Corporation and in cooperation also released under the Revell label. It's me unknown or Ace Corporation has the ownership of all listed kits below. Ace Corporation kits are possible officially alone on the South Korean market available, but they are also available on E-Bay

The Ace Corporation kits are available by

Kit 3320 - Challenger 1 MK-III

Revell/acecorp/3320/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3320/02.jpg

Kit 3321 - Panzerhaubitze 2000

Revell/acecorp/3321/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3321/02.jpg

Kit 3323 - Cromwell MK-IV

Revell/acecorp/3323/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3323/02.jpg

Kit 3324 - M2A2 Bradley


Kit 3325 - Leopard 1A5


Kit 3329 - King Tiger (Henschell Turret)

Revell/acecorp/3329/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3329/02.jpg

Kit 3331 - Leclerc T5

Revell/acecorp/3331/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3331/02.jpg

Kit 3334 - Merkava MK-III

Revell/acecorp/3334/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3334/02.jpg

Kit 3340 - M60-A1


Kit 3344 - Warrior MCV

Revell/acecorp/3344/01.jpg Revell/acecorp/3344/02.jpg

Figure Sets

Kit 5025 - Marine figures

Revell/5025/01.jpg Revell/5025/02.jpg Revell/5025/03.jpg

Revell/TFN-2005_05.jpg Revell/TFN-2005_06.jpg Revell/TFN-2005_07.jpg Revell/TFN-2005_08.jpg

Kit 2400 - Piloten und Bodenpersonal Luftwaffe WWII - announced for 11/2009 - no Airfix related

Revell/2400/01.jpg Revell/2400/02.jpg Revell/2400/03.jpg Revell/2400/04.jpg

Kit 2401 - Piloten und Bodenpersonal RAF WWII

Revell/2401/01.jpg Revell/2401/02.jpg Revell/2401/03.jpg Revell/2401/04.jpg

For a "Modellversium" review about kit 02401 - Piloten und Bodenpersonal RAF WWII visit:

logo "Modellversium" Website

Scale 1/72 - U-boot (Submarine) versions & Other Ships

Kit 05002 - S-Boot - Fast attack craft & Flak armament

Revell/5002/01.jpg Revell/5002/02.jpg Revell/5002/03.jpg Revell/5002/04.jpg Revell/5002/05.jpg Revell/5002/06.jpg Revell/5002/07.jpg Revell/5002/08.jpg Revell/5002/09.jpg Revell/5002/10.jpg Revell/5002/11.jpg Revell/5002/12.jpg Revell/5002/13.jpg Revell/5002/14.jpg Revell/5002/15.jpg Revell/5002/16.jpg Revell/5002/17.jpg Revell/5002/18.jpg Revell/5002/19.jpg

For "Emre Ilter's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05002 - S-Boot - Fast attack craft & Flak armament visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

For "Zafer Jakar's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05002 - S-Boot - Fast attack craft & Flak armament visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 05015 - U-Boat VII-C "Die grauen Wolfe"


For "Emre Ilter's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 5015 - U-Boat VII-C "Die grauen Wolfe" visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit H310 - PT109 - maybe the same kit as 05048


Kit 05045 - German Submarine VIIC/41 - Atlantic version


Kit 05047 - US Gato-class ship

Revell/5047/01.jpg Revell/5047/02.jpg

Revell/5047.jpg Revell/5047-1.jpg Revell/5047-2.jpg Revell/5047-3.jpg

Revell/5047-4.jpg Revell/5047-5.jpg Revell/5047-8.jpg Revell/5047-9.jpg

Kit 05048 - PT117 Torpedoboat


For "Baris Acar's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05048 - PT117 visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 05051 - S-Boot - S100 class

Revell/5051/01.jpg Revell/5051/02.jpg Revell/5051/03.jpg Revell/5051/04.jpg Revell/5051/05.jpg Revell/5051/06.jpg Revell/5051/07.jpg Revell/5051/08.jpg Revell/5051/09.jpg Revell/5051/10.jpg Revell/5051/11.jpg Revell/5051/12.jpg Revell/5051/13.jpg Revell/5051/14.jpg Revell/5051/15.jpg Revell/5051/16.jpg Revell/5051/17.jpg

For "H.Ufuk Aydiner's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05051 - S-Boot - S100 class visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 05061 - HCMS "Snowberry"


For "Tahir Ozcivan's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05061 - HCMS "Snowberry" visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 05084 - British Vosper MBT
Kit 05084 - British Vosper PT73 - (old Layout)

Revell/5084.jpg Revell/pt73.jpg

Kit 05125 - TYPE XXVIIB Sehund


For "Burak Oztan 's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 05125 - TYPE XXVIIB Sehund visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Revell A4/V2 Versions

Revell has made the A4/V2 version in three different scales, 1/35, 1/54 and 1/69, the kits are "out of production"

A4/V2 Scale 1/35

Revell/35/03031.jpg Revell/35/03031-1.jpg

A4/V2 Scale 1/54


A4/V2 - Scale 1/69

The Revell 1/69 V2 rocket kit was first released beginning 1960 as a Revell junior kit, which was only bagged. The true scale of this kit is up for debate but I will stick with the official scale stated by Revell. Not much is known about this first release.
The second release was packed in the famous "H" series two piece sturdy glued boxes with the John Steel boxart so beloved by many vintage kit-lovers. The contents of this release were in three different colors : green, black and silver. Kitnumber was H-1830. On the lower work platform part no. 40 of the Meiller Wagen the production date 1962 is stamped, but on the instructions the date is 1960.
Later issues also have other production dates stamped on this same part. More releases followed through the years with various boxart and also the impopular painted model picture on the boxtop. Somewere around 1985 a "History Makers" isue was released. See also the part on these pages about the Revell KIKO and LODELA releases.
The 1994 issue I own again has a "H" number on a larger two part box- again with a copy of the John Steel artwork. Kitnumber is H-560-0139. It has production mould date 1982 on the platform part. The plastic is light grey.
Recently, in 2008 another re-release appeared in the "Classic Kit" series. Mine still has 1982 as mould date and the plastic is dark green. Kitnumber is 00010-0389 Boxart again is good old John Steel and I guess this kit wil be with us forever.----------Alfred van Netburg , setember 2010

Kit H1830 - First release in plastic bag - First release (1960) - (Air-Cadet Series)

Revell/69/5/01.jpg Revell/69/5/02.jpg Revell/69/5/03.jpg Revell/69/5/04.jpg

Kit H1830 - Second release (1962)

Revell/69/1/01.jpg Revell/69/1/02.jpg Revell/69/1/03.jpg Revell/69/1/04.jpg Revell/69/1/05.jpg Revell/69/1/06.jpg Revell/69/1/07.jpg

Kit H-560-0250 - release 1972

Revell/69/2/02/01.jpg Revell/69/2/02/02.jpg Revell/69/2/02/03.jpg Revell/69/2/02/04.jpg Revell/69/2/02/05.jpg Revell/69/2/02/06.jpg Revell/69/2/02/07.jpg

Kit H-560-0139 - release 1994 ?

Revell/69/2/01/01.jpg Revell/69/2/01/02.jpg

Kit 00010-0389 - Latest release (September 2008)

Revell/69/00.jpg Revell/69/01.jpg Revell/69/02.jpg Revell/69/03.jpg Revell/69/04.jpg Revell/69/05.jpg Revell/69/06.jpg

Revell/69/07.jpg Revell/69/08.jpg Revell/69/09.jpg Revell/69/10.jpg

Differences in dimensions between the Revell and Condor kit:

The 1/69 scale Revell V2 length is 20.4cm.
The 1/72 Condor V2 is 19,5 cm
For an "Fred Boucher" review about Revell A4/V2 - Scale 1/69 on Armorama/Kitmaker website visit:

logo "Armorama / Kitmaker" Website

Built 1/69 scale Revell V2 kit

Revell/69/3/01.jpg Revell/69/3/02.jpg Revell/69/3/03.jpg Revell/69/3/04.jpg Revell/69/3/05.jpg

Revell V2 under "Lodela" label

Revell/lodela/01.jpg Revell/lodela/02.jpg Revell/lodela/03.jpg Revell/lodela/04.jpg Revell/lodela/05.jpg Revell/lodela/06.jpg Revell/lodela/07.jpg Revell/lodela/08.jpg Revell/lodela/09.jpg Revell/lodela/10.jpg

For available Model Kits from A-4/V-2 Rocket (in different scales) on V2Rocket.com visit:

logo "V2Rocket.com" Website

Revell under other labels ("KIKO" - Brasil, "LODELA" - Mexico)

Posted by Luiz Edgard Marcondes from Brasil
MR. A. KIKOLER (KIKO) took REVELL to BRASIL in circa 1960 and all (hundreds) of Revell kits produced worldwide are also produced in Brasil, even with similar boxtops.
From circa 1980 the KIKO brandname was added becoming REVELL KIKO and afterwards also HELLER KIKO (some 20 kits only) and AIRFIX KIKO (just 18 kits only). NONE of Revell or HELLER kits in the small scale (1/76 & 1/72) was made in Brasil!
But several in the not standard scales as 1/40 scale - or other scales - (M-48 bridge layer, T-34/85, 105 mm gun, Sherman tank, Self propeled gun, U.S. 6x6 truck etc...), this are all Revell 1960's kits, Aditionally Snaptite Panzer and Sherman on the 1980's.
For more information do an search on Google with the items "Revell KIKO" and for the Mexican distributor/producent "Revell Lodela".

For more information visit:

logo Revell Model Kit Website

logo Revell "Downloadable Instruction Manuals"

logo Revell "Download Erea" - another download page

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