A quick build 1/72 scale kit manufacturer from China

The exact name of the brand is "S-Model", generally in China they call it "Liufenyi" which means "Sextant" in English.
S-Model Co, .LTD, No.209 Songling RD. Lao Shan District, Qing Dao City, Shan Dong Prov. P.R. China. Fax 86-532-8882-8295

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Note: If marked as "testsprue", then it is possible that the final sprue has changes and have become "decals, extra parts or PE fret etc."

Kit PS720001 - Pz. II Ausf. C - (2 Fast build models with photo detail etch parts and metal barrels)

sModel/720001/00.jpg sModel/720001/01.jpg sModel/720001/02.jpg sModel/720001/03.jpg sModel/720001/05.jpg sModel/720001/04.jpg sModel/720001/06.jpg

sModel/720001/1/01.jpg sModel/720001/1/02.jpg sModel/720001/1/03.jpg sModel/720001/1/04.jpg

Built model by sModel

sModel/720001/2/01.jpg sModel/720001/2/02.jpg sModel/720001/2/03.jpg sModel/720001/2/04.jpg sModel/720001/2/05.jpg sModel/720001/2/06.jpg sModel/720001/2/07.jpg

Built model by Aleksandar Matevski

sModel/720001/3/01.jpg sModel/720001/3/02.jpg sModel/720001/3/03.jpg sModel/720001/3/04.jpg sModel/720001/3/05.jpg sModel/720001/3/06.jpg

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Kit PS720002 - Fiat CV33 L3/33 Light Tank - (2 fast build tankettes per box)

sModel/720002/01.jpg sModel/720002/02.jpg sModel/720002/03.jpg sModel/720002/04.jpg

sModel/720002/05.jpg sModel/720002/06.jpg sModel/720002/07.jpg

sModel/720002/1/01.jpg sModel/720002/1/02.jpg sModel/720002/1/03.jpg

Model built by Rob Haelterman

sModel/720002/2/01.jpg sModel/720002/2/02.jpg sModel/720002/2/03.jpg sModel/720002/2/04.jpg

Model built by Jonathan Mock

sModel/720002/3/01.jpg sModel/720002/3/02.jpg sModel/720002/2/03.jpg

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Kit PS720003 - Crusader A15 (MKI and MKIII) - (2 Fast build models with photo etch detail parts)

sModel/720003/2/01.jpg sModel/720003/2/02.jpg sModel/720003/2/03.jpg sModel/720003/2/04.jpg sModel/720003/2/05.jpg sModel/720003/2/06.jpg

sModel/720003/01.jpg sModel/720003/02.jpg sModel/720003/03.jpg sModel/720003/04.jpg sModel/720003/05.jpg

Model built by Alexey Sulyagin

sModel/720003/1/01.jpg sModel/720003/1/02.jpg sModel/720003/1/03.jpg sModel/720003/1/04.jpg sModel/720003/1/05.jpg

sModel/720003/1/06.jpg sModel/720003/1/07.jpg sModel/720003/1/08.jpg sModel/720003/1/09.jpg sModel/720003/1/10.jpg sModel/720003/1/11.jpg sModel/720003/1/12.jpg sModel/720003/1/13.jpg sModel/720003/1/14.jpg sModel/720003/1/15.jpg sModel/720003/1/16.jpg sModel/720003/1/17.jpg

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"Dan Taylor Modelworks" conversion sets for sModel Kit 720003 - Crusader A15

Set C-76088 - A15 Crusader Running Gear (Early Version)

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76088/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76088/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76088/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76088/04.jpg

Set 76089 - A15 Crusader Running Gear (Production Version)

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76089/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76089/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76089/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76089/04.jpg

Set C-76090 - A15 Crusader Mk I/II Upgrade kit

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/04.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/05.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/06.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76090/07.jpg

Set C-76091 - A15 Crusader Mk I (Early)

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/04.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/05.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/06.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76091/07.jpg

Set C-76092 - Crusader Mk III Conversion set

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/04.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/05.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/06.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76092/07.jpg

Set C-76093 - Crusader AA Mk III

sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76093/01.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76093/02.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76093/03.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76093/04.jpg sModel/720003/dantaylor/c-76093/05.jpg

More info about "Dan Taylor Modelworks" upgrading sets for kit 720003 - Crusader A15 visit:

logo set C-76088 logo set C-76089 logo set C-76090

logo set C-76091 logo set C-76092 logo set C-76093

Kit PS720004 - L3/33 Lf Flame tank & Trailer - (final version)

sModel/720004/01.jpg sModel/720004/02.jpg sModel/720004/03.jpg sModel/720004/04.jpg

sModel/720004/05.jpg sModel/720004/06.jpg sModel/720004/07.jpg sModel/720004/08.jpg

Built model

sModel/720004/1/01.jpg sModel/720004/1/02.jpg sModel/720004/1/03.jpg sModel/720004/1/04.jpg

Built model by Brett Mahoney

sModel/720004/2/01.jpg sModel/720004/2/02.jpg

Kit PS720005 - Nebelwerfer 42 210mm - (final version) In the final version are added to 3 rockets and the wrong barrel ends were reworked - (testsprue had 15cm rockets ends)

sModel/720005/01.jpg sModel/720005/02.jpg sModel/720005/03.jpg sModel/720005/04.jpg

sModel/720005/05.jpg sModel/720005/06.jpg sModel/720005/07.jpg sModel/720005/08.jpg

test sprue with (wrong) 15cm rocket ends

sModel/720005/1/01.jpg sModel/720005/1/02.jpg sModel/720005/1/03.jpg sModel/720005/1/04.jpg sModel/720005/1/05.jpg

Built model by Al Magnus

sModel/720005/2/01.jpg sModel/720005/2/02.jpg sModel/720005/2/03.jpg sModel/720005/2/04.jpg sModel/720005/2/05.jpg sModel/720005/2/06.jpg

sModel/720005/2/07.jpg sModel/720005/2/08.jpg sModel/720005/2/09.jpg sModel/720005/2/10.jpg

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For information about the differences in the granates visit:

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Kit PS720007 - Gaz-67B - (2 Fast build models with photo etch detail parts)

sModel/720007/01.jpg sModel/720007/02.jpg sModel/720007/03.jpg sModel/720007/04.jpg sModel/720007/05.jpg

Final sprue

sModel/720007/2/01.jpg sModel/720007/2/02.jpg sModel/720007/2/03.jpg sModel/720007/2/04.jpg

sModel/720007/3/03.jpg sModel/720007/3/04.jpg sModel/720007/3/05.jpg sModel/720007/3/06.jpg

sModel/720007/1/01.jpg sModel/720007/1/02.jpg sModel/720007/1/03.jpg sModel/720007/1/04.jpg sModel/720007/1/05.jpg sModel/720007/3/07.jpg

Model built by Alvaro Rodriguez

sModel/720007/4/01.jpg sModel/720007/4/02.jpg sModel/720007/4/03.jpg sModel/720007/4/04.jpg

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Kit PS720008 - Hotchkiss H38/39 French Service - (2 Fast build models with photo etch detail parts)

sModel/720008/01.jpg sModel/720008/02.jpg sModel/720008/03.jpg sModel/720008/04.jpg sModel/720008/2/05.jpg

Final Sprue

sModel/720008/2/01.jpg sModel/720008/2/02.jpg sModel/720008/2/03.jpg sModel/720008/2/04.jpg

Built model by Jaroslav Kotlaba

sModel/720008/1/01.jpg sModel/720008/1/02.jpg sModel/720008/1/03.jpg

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Kit PS720009 - Hotchkiss H38/39 German Service - (2 Fast build models with photo etch detail parts)

sModel/720009/01.jpg sModel/720009/02.jpg sModel/720009/03.jpg sModel/720009/04.jpg

sModel/720009/05.jpg sModel/720009/06.jpg sModel/720009/07.jpg

Below pictures test sprue

sModel/720009/2/01.jpg sModel/720009/2/02.jpg sModel/720009/2/03.jpg sModel/720009/2/04.jpg sModel/720009/2/05.jpg sModel/720009/2/06.jpg

sModel/720009/1/01.jpg sModel/720009/1/02.jpg sModel/720009/1/03.jpg sModel/720009/1/04.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720009/3/01.jpg sModel/720009/3/02.jpg sModel/720009/3/03.jpg sModel/720009/3/04.jpg

Comments Andy Lang on Missing Lynx forum
I have received their Hotchkiss H-39. It's very nice and, of course, good value with two in a box.
The photos on Henk of Holland's site showed test shots in olive green, so I was pleasantly surprised to find my kit was moulded in a sand colour: much easer to work. Although it is advertised as a quickbuild kit, the parts breakdown isn't much different to a conventional model and is very logical. Perhaps surprisingly for a QB model, the kit includes etched brass parts for the tiny towing shackles, some of the tools and other details - I can't imagine that the towing shackles will last long on a wargaming model. Other tools are moulded separately in plastic.
The kit provides some options - long or short gun barrels, French & German-style cupolas (the latter with open or closed hatches). The suspension & tracks are moulded as a single piece, with generally nice detail. Purists may not like the 'solid' nature of the suspension bogies - but remember that it is a QB kit. I intend to 'mask' this shortcoming with some detailing on the relevant faces. The French 'Trackstory' book records the length of the H-39 as 4220mm: if this is correct, the kit is bang-on for length at 59mm. The kit includes transfers for a range of German tanks, but no French vehicles !
I can see that the kit would benefit from a bit of additional detailing - the suspension units mentioned previously, lifting hooks on the turret and idler adjustments amongst others. Although I have yet to build it, I'm very impressed with the Hotchkiss kit so far. I, for one, look forward to some of S-Models other early war releases. Nice kit. - Andy Lang

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Kit PS720010 - British A13 MK-III

sModel/720010/01.jpg sModel/720010/02.jpg sModel/720010/03.jpg sModel/720010/04.jpg sModel/720010/05.jpg sModel/720010/06.jpg sModel/720010/07.jpg sModel/720010/08.jpg sModel/720010/09.jpg sModel/720010/10.jpg sModel/720010/11.jpg

Reworked testsprue

In the corners of the tracksection are 4 new small parts - (March 2013)

sModel/720010/2/01.jpg sModel/720010/2/02.jpg

Built model by sModel

sModel/720010/1/01.jpg sModel/720010/1/02.jpg sModel/720010/1/03.jpg sModel/720010/1/04.jpg sModel/720010/1/05.jpg

Built model by John Kelly

sModel/720010/3/01.jpg sModel/720010/3/02.jpg

Built models by Andy Lang

sModel/720010/5/01.jpg sModel/720010/5/02.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's" preview of kit 720010 - British A13 visit:

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Dan Taylor from "Dan Taylor Modelworks" has made nice upgrading sets for kit 720010 - A13 Cruiser Mk III visit:

Set 1 - DTM-T-76022 - Decals - BEF AFVs set 1
Set 2 - set C-76082 - A13 Running Gear
Set 3 - set C-76083 - Cruiser MK-III Upgrade
Set 4 - set C-76084 - Cruiser MK-IV Conversion set
Set 5 - set C-76085 - Cruiser MK-IVA (Western Dessert) conversion set

logo decal set 1 logo set C-76082 logo set C-76083

logo set C-76084 logo set C-76085

Note: The "A13 Running Gear" set is not included in the upgrade sets and must be separate ordered!!

Dan Taylor conversion parts for sModel A13 into the A13 MK-IV and MK-IVA - (BEF in 1940)

sModel/720010/4/00.jpg sModel/720010/4/01.jpg sModel/720010/4/02.jpg sModel/720010/4/03.jpg sModel/720010/4/04.jpg sModel/720010/4/05.jpg sModel/720010/4/06.jpg

Kit PS720012 - A15 Crusader MK.II CS - (2 in the box)

sModel/720012/01.jpg sModel/720012/02.jpg sModel/720012/03.jpg sModel/720012/04.jpg sModel/720012/05.jpg sModel/720012/06.jpg sModel/720012/07.jpg sModel/720012/08.jpg sModel/720012/09.jpg

Kit PS720013 - Adler Kfz. 13

sModel/720013/01.jpg sModel/720013/02.jpg sModel/720013/03.jpg sModel/720013/04.jpg

sModel/720013/05.jpg sModel/720013/06.jpg sModel/720013/07.jpg sModel/720013/08.jpg sModel/720013/09.jpg sModel/720013/10.jpg

Built model by sModel

sModel/720013/1/01.jpg sModel/720013/1/02.jpg sModel/720013/1/03.jpg sModel/720013/1/04.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720013/2/01.jpg sModel/720013/2/02.jpg sModel/720013/2/03.jpg sModel/720013/2/04.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's" preview of kit 720013 - Adler Kfz. 13 visit:

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Kit PS720016 - Panzer III Ausf. G - (final version)

sModel/720016/01.jpg sModel/720016/02.jpg sModel/720016/03.jpg sModel/720016/04.jpg sModel/720016/05.jpg

Final sprue with additional parts

sModel/720016/2/01.jpg sModel/720016/2/02.jpg sModel/720016/2/03.jpg sModel/720016/2/04.jpg sModel/720016/2/1/01.jpg sModel/720016/2/1/02.jpg

Early Test Sprue

sModel/720016/06.jpg sModel/720016/07.jpg sModel/720016/08.jpg

Built model without additional parts

sModel/720016/1/01.jpg sModel/720016/1/02.jpg sModel/720016/1/03.jpg sModel/720016/1/04.jpg sModel/720016/1/05.jpg sModel/720016/1/06.jpg sModel/720016/1/07.jpg sModel/720016/1/08.jpg

Built model by Andrey Onishchuk

sModel/720016/3/01.jpg sModel/720016/3/02.jpg sModel/720016/3/03.jpg sModel/720016/3/04.jpg sModel/720016/3/05.jpg sModel/720016/3/06.jpg

For "HenkofHolland's" preview of kit 720016 - Panzer III Ausf. G visit:

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Kit PS720019 - Vickers Light Tank MK-VIB

sModel/720019/01.jpg sModel/720019/02.jpg sModel/720019/03.jpg sModel/720019/04.jpg sModel/720019/05.jpg sModel/720019/06.jpg

sModel/720019/3/01.jpg sModel/720019/3/02.jpg sModel/720019/3/03.jpg sModel/720019/3/04.jpg sModel/720019/3/05.jpg sModel/720019/3/06.jpg

Painted model is the version from Ace Models - kit 72291

sModel/720019/1/01.jpg sModel/720019/1/02.jpg sModel/720019/1/03.jpg sModel/720019/1/04.jpg sModel/720019/1/05.jpg sModel/720019/1/05.jpg

Model by W.L. Baars

sModel/720019/2/01.jpg sModel/720019/2/02.jpg sModel/720019/2/03.jpg

Kit PS720021 - Locust M22 Airborne Tank UK Army

Same sprue as kit 720022, with only another gunbarrel and new decals

sModel/720021/01.jpg sModel/720021/02.jpg sModel/720021/03.jpg sModel/720021/04.jpg sModel/720021/05.jpg

Built model by sModel

sModel/720021/1/01.jpg sModel/720021/1/02.jpg sModel/720021/1/03.jpg sModel/720021/1/04.jpg

Kit PS720022 - Locust M22 Airborne Tank

sModel/720022/01.jpg sModel/720022/02.jpg sModel/720022/03.jpg sModel/720022/04.jpg sModel/720022/05.jpg sModel/720022/06.jpg sModel/720022/07.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

The 2 stabilizing rods on each side of the drive are on the original tubes (!), S model attaches them as flat sheets (PE). Obviously you should glue 3 identical sheets on top of each other to get thicknes. Replaced with round material (plastic) about 1mm

sModel/720022/1/04.jpg sModel/720022/1/05.jpg sModel/720022/1/01.jpg sModel/720022/1/02.jpg sModel/720022/1/03.jpg sModel/720022/1/06.jpg

For "Tony Mackinder's / OTW" preview of sModel Kit 720022 - Locust M22 Airborne Tank visit:

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Kit PS720023 - BRDM-2 - Amphibious Armoured Scout Car- (Late version)

sModel/720023/01.jpg sModel/720023/02.jpg sModel/720023/03.jpg sModel/720023/04.jpg sModel/720023/1/07.jpg

Final Sprue

sModel/720023/1/01.jpg sModel/720023/1/02.jpg sModel/720023/1/03.jpg sModel/720023/1/04.jpg sModel/720023/1/05.jpg sModel/720023/1/06.jpg

model built by Igor Delyanov

sModel/720023/2/01.jpg sModel/720023/2/02.jpg sModel/720023/2/03.jpg

Built model by Al Magnus

sModel/720023/3/01.jpg sModel/720023/3/02.jpg sModel/720023/3/03.jpg sModel/720023/3/04.jpg sModel/720023/3/05.jpg

Built model - Conversion BRDM into BRDM-2MS, by Udo Bauer

The Russians removed the 4 support wheels, installed a diesel engine, side doors (where the support wheel drive was), the gun was upgraded with a stabilizer, thermal imaging sights, 4 cameras for all-round surveillance and additional armor (6 mm). The vehicle is still buoyant. The converted reconnaissance vehicle is exported (Serbien, Vietnam?) and is also in use in the Ukraine. Incidentally, the Poles have long since started to convert their BRDM-2 in a similar way

sModel/720023/4/01.jpg sModel/720023/4/02.jpg sModel/720023/4/03.jpg sModel/720023/4/04.jpg sModel/720023/4/05.jpg sModel/720023/4/06.jpg sModel/720023/4/07.jpg sModel/720023/4/08.jpg sModel/720023/4/09.jpg sModel/720023/4/10.jpg

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Kit PS720024 - BRDM-2 - 9P148 ATGM Launcher Vehicle

sModel/720024/01.jpg sModel/720024/02.jpg sModel/720024/03.jpg sModel/720024/04.jpg sModel/720024/05.jpg sModel/720024/06.jpg

sModel/720024/07.jpg sModel/720024/08.jpg

Built testmodel by Liu Yue

sModel/720024/1/01.jpg sModel/720024/1/02.jpg sModel/720024/1/03.jpg

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" BRDM Comparison ACE Models versus sModel visit:

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Kit PS720027 - M-551 Sheridan

S-Model has increased the casting quality from this model to a higher class. For this model the innner- and outerwheels separate!! The tracks are in- and outside detailled with better details as the tracks from earlier kits. The hull and other parts are also highly detailled. The sprue contains two guns for different variants.

sModel/720027/01.jpg sModel/720027/02.jpg sModel/720027/03.jpg sModel/720027/04.jpg sModel/720027/05.jpg

Final sprue

sModel/720027/1/01.jpg sModel/720027/1/02.jpg sModel/720027/1/03.jpg sModel/720027/1/04.jpg sModel/720027/1/05.jpg sModel/720027/1/06.jpg sModel/720027/1/07.jpg sModel/720027/1/08.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720027/4/01.jpg sModel/720027/4/02.jpg sModel/720027/4/03.jpg sModel/720027/4/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

sModel/720027/5/01.jpg sModel/720027/5/02.jpg sModel/720027/5/03.jpg sModel/720027/5/04.jpg sModel/720027/5/05.jpg

Model built by Paul Gaertner

sModel/720027/2/01.jpg sModel/720027/2/02.jpg sModel/720027/2/03.jpg sModel/720027/2/04.jpg sModel/720027/2/05.jpg sModel/720027/2/06.jpg sModel/720027/2/07.jpg sModel/720027/2/08.jpg sModel/720027/2/09.jpg sModel/720027/2/10.jpg sModel/720027/2/11.jpg

Pictures built upgraded model by Sean Brannin

sModel/720027/3/01.jpg sModel/720027/3/02.jpg sModel/720027/3/03.jpg sModel/720027/3/04.jpg sModel/720027/3/05.jpg

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For "F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" construction review of Kit 720027 - M-551 Sheridan visit:

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Kit PS720032 - T26B model 1933

sModel/720032/01.jpg sModel/720032/02.jpg sModel/720032/03.jpg sModel/720032/04.jpg sModel/720032/05.jpg

sModel/720032/06.jpg sModel/720032/07.jpg sModel/720032/08.jpg sModel/720032/09.jpg

Kit PS720033 - T26B model 1933 with antenna

sModel/720033/01.jpg sModel/720033/02.jpg sModel/720033/03.jpg sModel/720033/04.jpg sModel/720033/05.jpg sModel/720033/06.jpg

Pictures final sprue

sModel/720033/3/01.jpg sModel/720033/3/02.jpg sModel/720033/3/03.jpg

sModel/720033/2/01.jpg sModel/720033/2/02.jpg sModel/720033/2/03.jpg

Picture built testmodel by Liu Yue - (compared with UM T26)

sModel/720033/1/01.jpg sModel/720033/1/02.jpg sModel/720033/1/03.jpg sModel/720033/1/04.jpg sModel/720033/1/05.jpg sModel/720033/1/06.jpg sModel/720033/1/07.jpg

sModel/720033/1/08.jpg sModel/720033/1/09.jpg sModel/720033/1/10.jpg

T-26 in Spanish Civil War - built by Liu Hongjian

sModel/720033/4/01.jpg sModel/720033/4/02.jpg sModel/720033/4/03.jpg sModel/720033/4/04.jpg sModel/720033/4/05.jpg sModel/720033/4/06.jpg sModel/720033/4/07.jpg

Kit PS720041 - BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

sModel/720041/01.jpg sModel/720041/02.jpg sModel/720041/03.jpg sModel/720041/04.jpg sModel/720041/05.jpg sModel/720041/06.jpg

sModel/720041/2/01.jpg sModel/720041/2/02.jpg sModel/720041/2/03.jpg sModel/720041/2/04.jpg sModel/720041/2/05.jpg sModel/720041/2/06.jpg sModel/720041/2/07.jpg sModel/720041/2/08.jpg

Built testmodel by Liu Yue - (compared with BMP from Ace Model)

sModel/720041/1/01.jpg sModel/720041/1/02.jpg sModel/720041/1/03.jpg sModel/720041/1/04.jpg sModel/720041/1/05.jpg sModel/720041/1/06.jpg sModel/720041/1/07.jpg

For "Michal Grzelak's / PWM.org" built sModel Kit 720041 - BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle with T-72 main battle tank - (in polish service) visit:

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Kit PS720042 - BMP-1P Infantry Fighting Vehicle


Built model by Walter Holm - Pienoismallet.net

sModel/720042/1/01.jpg sModel/720042/1/02.jpg sModel/720042/1/03.jpg sModel/720042/1/04.jpg sModel/720042/1/05.jpg

Kit PS720045 - Willys Armoured Jeep - (2 in the box)

sModel/720045/01.jpg sModel/720045/02.jpg sModel/720045/03.jpg sModel/720045/04.jpg sModel/720045/05.jpg sModel/720045/06.jpg sModel/720045/07.jpg sModel/720045/08.jpg sModel/720045/09.jpg

Built model by sModel

sModel/720045/1/01.jpg sModel/720045/1/02.jpg sModel/720045/1/03.jpg sModel/720045/1/04.jpg sModel/720045/1/05.jpg

Kit PS720046 - Willys MB Jeep with Trailer - (2 in the box)

sModel/720046/01.jpg sModel/720046/02.jpg sModel/720046/03.jpg sModel/720046/04.jpg sModel/720046/05.jpg

Pictures final sprue

sModel/720046/1/01.jpg sModel/720046/1/02.jpg sModel/720046/1/03.jpg sModel/720046/1/04.jpg sModel/720046/1/05.jpg sModel/720046/1/06.jpg

Kit PS720047 - Willys MB Jeep with M3A1 37mm GUN - (2 in the box)

sModel/720047/01.jpg sModel/720047/02.jpg sModel/720047/03.jpg sModel/720047/04.jpg sModel/720047/05.jpg

Willys MB Jeep

sModel/720047/1/01.jpg sModel/720047/1/02.jpg sModel/720047/1/03.jpg sModel/720047/1/04.jpg

US 37mm AT Gun

sModel/US37AT/01.jpg sModel/US37AT/02.jpg sModel/US37AT/03.jpg sModel/US37AT/04.jpg

Built testmodel by Liu Yue - (compared with Hasegawa gun)

sModel/US37AT/1/01.jpg sModel/US37AT/1/02.jpg sModel/US37AT/1/03.jpg sModel/US37AT/1/04.jpg sModel/US37AT/1/05.jpg sModel/US37AT/1/06.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 720047 - Willys MB Jeep with M3A1 37mm GUN visit:

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Kit PS720050 - Chinese PLA 99A MBT - (2 in the box) Original model

sModel/720050/01.jpg sModel/720050/02.jpg sModel/720050/03.jpg sModel/720050/04.jpg

sModel/720050/1/1/01.jpg sModel/720050/1/1/02.jpg sModel/720050/1/1/03.jpg sModel/720050/1/1/04.jpg sModel/720050/1/1/05.jpg

Pictures final sprue

sModel/720050/3/01.jpg sModel/720050/3/02.jpg sModel/720050/3/03.jpg sModel/720050/3/04.jpg sModel/720050/3/05.jpg sModel/720050/3/06.jpg sModel/720050/3/07.jpg sModel/720050/3/08.jpg sModel/720050/1/01.jpg sModel/720050/1/02.jpg sModel/720050/1/03.jpg sModel/720050/1/04.jpg sModel/720050/1/05.jpg sModel/720050/1/06.jpg

Pictures built testmodel by Liu Yue

sModel/720050/2/01.jpg sModel/720050/2/02.jpg sModel/720050/2/03.jpg sModel/720050/2/04.jpg sModel/720050/2/05.jpg sModel/720050/2/06.jpg

The 99G MBT is compared with resin kit from Chinese manufacturer "Red Caboose Hobby" and with a Chieftain from Atalya

Comments Liu Yue:
I think this is the first modern Chinese equipment in 1/72 scale. I don't whether it is welcome in other countries, but it is very popular in China of course.
The sprue is big an a little complex like the M-551 Sheridan. I think it is a real model kit and not a fast build kit. S-Model try to find balance between modeller and wargamer, so you can see there is some special design on the track and wheels. I think it is much easier than a Dragon‘s or a Revell kit, but details is still good.

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Kit PS720052 - Dingo MK-I - (2 in the box)

sModel/720052/01.jpg sModel/720052/02.jpg sModel/720052/03.jpg sModel/720052/04.jpg sModel/720052/05.jpg

sModel/720052/1/01.jpg sModel/720052/1/02.jpg sModel/720052/1/03.jpg sModel/720052/1/04.jpg

sModel/720052/1/05.jpg sModel/720052/1/06.jpg

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Kit PS720053 - Pz.Kpfw. MK-I 202(E) Scoutcar - (2 in the box)

sModel/720053/01.jpg sModel/720053/02.jpg sModel/720053/03.jpg sModel/720053/04.jpg sModel/720053/05.jpg

sModel/720053/1/01.jpg sModel/720053/1/02.jpg sModel/720053/1/03.jpg sModel/720053/1/04.jpg sModel/720053/1/05.jpg sModel/720053/1/06.jpg sModel/720053/1/07.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 720053 - Pz.Kpfw. MK-I 202(E) Scoutcar visit: (scroll down to bottom)

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Kit PS720056 - Infantry Tank "Matilda II" Lend-lease / Soviet Army - (2 in the box)

Note: Look on the first sprue picture, there is place for 4 different guns - (future variants?)

sModel/720056/00.jpg sModel/720056/11.jpg sModel/720056/12.jpg sModel/720056/01.jpg sModel/720056/02.jpg sModel/720056/03.jpg sModel/720056/04.jpg sModel/720056/05.jpg sModel/720056/06.jpg sModel/720056/07.jpg sModel/720056/08.jpg sModel/720056/09.jpg sModel/720056/09.jpg

Kit PS720057 - Matilda II CS - (2 in the box)

Note: Look on the first sprue picture, there is place for 4 different guns - (more future variants?)

sModel/720057/01.jpg sModel/720057/02.jpg sModel/720057/03.jpg sModel/720057/04.jpg sModel/720057/05.jpg sModel/720057/06.jpg sModel/720057/07.jpg sModel/720057/08.jpg sModel/720057/09.jpg sModel/720057/10.jpg sModel/720057/11.jpg sModel/720057/12.jpg sModel/720057/13.jpg sModel/720057/14.jpg sModel/720057/15.jpg sModel/720057/16.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720057/2/01.jpg sModel/720057/2/02.jpg sModel/720057/2/03.jpg sModel/720057/2/04.jpg

Built model www.aliexpress.com

sModel/720057/1/01.jpg sModel/720057/1/02.jpg sModel/720057/1/03.jpg

Missing-Lynx Forum / 1942 Matilda - comments by Will Ward - (01-31-2015)

Great to the Matilda photos and this will be definitely one for me.

The Matilda underwent a lot of changes and served right the way through the war. S Models have gone for a 1942 build Matilda, which is ideal for USSR, Eastern Front beute, Far East or late Western Desert. I am already thinking about the large photo of Matildas been shipped to Russia on the wall of Bovington Tank Museum - Dockyard cranes and a mass of out of the box quick build Matilda's would make an impressive model. The only issue I can see at present is that the 1942 version didn't have return rollers, but just simple skids, though this is pretty well hidden and you have be determined to spot the difference in external rivet pattern! I guess there will be an etch sheet with the missing lifting rings and a few other details.

It is also a new choice - as both Esci(Italeri) & Airfix went for the earlier 1941 Western Desert type (for obvious reasons given their main markets at the time). It will be interesting to see how it compares size wise with Esci - to see if they can be cross kitted.

To make a 1940 Matilda is a much bigger change. The early builds had virtually flush rivets, internal hinges on the side access panels and slightly a different shape to the rear mud chute. The suspension was raised (looks easy enough with the design used), and always had the I pattern tracks. The front stowage bins need slatted lids (or would the Esci upper hull fit). The separate exhausts mean the single exhaust will be easy. The rear skid looks ideal for a Dan Talor etch sheet to recreate the hollow design. Use the high. not the low cupola (I think I see both types on the sprue - either are possible on later tanks). A mantle to hold the Vickers, rather than the later Besa plus a few small turret & drivers armour tweaks and that is about it. It would be a fair sized conversion set I suspect.

Well done once again to S Model. At first glance I thought "not another Matilda", but they have chosen well to improve the modelling options, including with a CS version too. As with most of their models, they still manage to produce a quality model even taking into account the quick build compromises. I look forward to seeing their decal options (a mix of Russian, Aussie and British would be good, but perhaps rather more than they normally do - ideally a set of wading markings as well)

Its much more complex than 1940/41/42 - but I guess most won't care which contract was which - just ask if you do. I would recommend David Fletcher's ' Osprey book for a single cheap source of info. Lots of the real thing about, though many have ex-Aussie mods to watch out for (particularly armour added to protect the turret ring) - Will Ward

Kit PS720062 - JS-2 Model 1944 ChKZ - (2 in the box)

sModel/720062/01.jpg sModel/720062/02.jpg sModel/720062/03.jpg sModel/720062/04.jpg sModel/720062/05.jpg sModel/720062/06.jpg sModel/720062/07.jpg sModel/720062/08.jpg

sModel/720062/1/01.jpg sModel/720062/1/02.jpg sModel/720062/1/03.jpg sModel/720062/1/04.jpg sModel/720062/1/05.jpg sModel/720062/1/06.jpg sModel/720062/1/07.jpg

Kit PS720063 - JSU-122 SPG - (2 in the box)

sModel/720063/01.jpg sModel/720063/02.jpg sModel/720063/03.jpg sModel/720063/04.jpg sModel/720063/05.jpg

sModel/720063/1/01.jpg sModel/720063/1/02.jpg sModel/720063/1/03.jpg sModel/720063/1/04.jpg sModel/720063/1/05.jpg sModel/720063/1/06.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

sModel/720063/2/01.jpg sModel/720063/2/02.jpg sModel/720063/2/03.jpg sModel/720063/2/04.jpg sModel/720063/2/05.jpg

Kit PS720065 - JSU-152 SPG - (2 in the box)

Kit contains same sprue's as JSU-122 but with the 152mm gun

sModel/720065/01.jpg sModel/720065/02.jpg sModel/720065/03.jpg sModel/720065/04.jpg sModel/720065/05.jpg sModel/720065/06.jpg

Model built by Jirka Bednar

sModel/720065/1/01.jpg sModel/720065/1/02.jpg sModel/720065/1/03.jpg

For "Sancar Buhur's / MiniAFV" pictures built model Kit 720065 - JSU-152 SPG visit:

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Kit PS720070 - M113A1 Armored Personal Carrier

sModel/720070/01.jpg sModel/720070/02.jpg sModel/720070/03.jpg sModel/720070/04.jpg sModel/720070/05.jpg

sModel/720070/1/01.jpg sModel/720070/1/02.jpg sModel/720070/1/03.jpg sModel/720070/1/04.jpg sModel/720070/1/05.jpg sModel/720070/1/06.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

sModel/720070/3/01.jpg sModel/720070/3/02.jpg sModel/720070/3/03.jpg sModel/720070/3/04.jpg sModel/720070/3/05.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

sModel/720070/4/01.jpg sModel/720070/4/02.jpg sModel/720070/4/03.jpg sModel/720070/4/04.jpg sModel/720070/4/05.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview Kit 720070 - M113A1 Armored Personal Carrier visit:

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Kit PS720074 - M274 Mechanical Mule - (2 in the box)

Pictures Miami Auto Museum

sModel/720074/1/01.jpg sModel/720074/1/02.jpg sModel/720074/1/03.jpg

sModel/720074/01.jpg sModel/720074/02.jpg sModel/720074/03.jpg sModel/720074/04.jpg sModel/720074/05.jpg sModel/720074/06.jpg sModel/720074/07.jpg sModel/720074/08.jpg sModel/720074/09.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

sModel/720074/3/01.jpg sModel/720074/3/02.jpg

Converting M274 into version with 106mm recoil-free gun and a model with ATGM TOW, by Udo Bauer

sModel/720074/2/01.jpg sModel/720074/2/02.jpg sModel/720074/2/03.jpg sModel/720074/2/04.jpg sModel/720074/2/05.jpg sModel/720074/2/06.jpg sModel/720074/2/07.jpg sModel/720074/2/08.jpg sModel/720074/2/09.jpg sModel/720074/2/10.jpg sModel/720074/2/11.jpg sModel/720074/2/12.jpg sModel/720074/2/13.jpg

Kit PS720075 - M274 Mechanical Mule with M40 Recoilless Rifle

sModel/720075/00.jpg sModel/720075/01.jpg sModel/720075/02.jpg sModel/720075/03.jpg sModel/720075/04.jpg sModel/720075/05.jpg

sModel/mule/01.jpg sModel/mule/02.jpg sModel/mule/03.jpg sModel/mule/04.jpg sModel/mule/05.jpg sModel/M40R/03.jpg sModel/M40R/01.jpg sModel/M40R/04.jpg sModel/M40R/05.jpg sModel/M40R/06.jpg

Kit PS720078 - BTR-60PB Armoured Personal Carrier

sModel/720078/01.jpg sModel/720078/02.jpg sModel/720078/03.jpg sModel/720078/04.jpg sModel/720078/05.jpg sModel/720078/06.jpg sModel/720078/07.jpg sModel/720078/08.jpg sModel/720078/09.jpg

Model built with modification by Yu Ke

sModel/720078/1/01.jpg sModel/720078/1/02.jpg sModel/720078/1/03.jpg sModel/720078/1/04.jpg sModel/720078/1/05.jpg sModel/720078/1/06.jpg sModel/720078/1/07.jpg sModel/720078/1/08.jpg sModel/720078/1/09.jpg

For "Ozgur Aydin's / MiniAFV Blogspot" review of Kit 720078 - BTR-60PB Armoured Personal Carrier visit:

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Kit PS720080 - SdKfz. 2 "Kettenkrad" - (2 in the box)

sModel/720080/01.jpg sModel/720080/02.jpg sModel/720080/03.jpg sModel/720080/04.jpg sModel/720080/05.jpg sModel/720080/06.jpg sModel/720080/07.jpg sModel/720080/08.jpg sModel/720080/09.jpg

Built model by Alvaro Rodriguez

sModel/720080/1/01.jpg sModel/720080/1/02.jpg sModel/720080/1/03.jpg sModel/720080/1/04.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek

sModel/720080/2/01.jpg sModel/720080/2/02.jpg sModel/720080/2/03.jpg sModel/720080/2/04.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review Kit 720080 / 720087 - SdKfz. 2 "Kettenkrad" visit:

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Kit PS720082 - Kubelwagen type 82 - (2 in the box) - (no decals) - (mainsprue as 720083 - only 4 new different wheels)

sModel/720082/01.jpg sModel/720082/02.jpg sModel/720082/03.jpg sModel/720082/04.jpg sModel/720082/05.jpg

sModel/720082/06.jpg sModel/720082/07.jpg sModel/720082/08.jpg

Kit PS720083 - DAK Kubelwagen type 82 - (2 in the box) - (no decals)

sModel/720083/01.jpg sModel/720083/02.jpg sModel/720083/03.jpg sModel/720083/04.jpg sModel/720083/05.jpg

sModel/720083/06.jpg sModel/720083/07.jpg sModel/720083/08.jpg sModel/720083/09.jpg

Built model by Gert ten Brink

sModel/720083/1/01.jpg sModel/720083/1/02.jpg sModel/720083/1/03.jpg sModel/720083/1/04.jpg

For "Gert ten Brink's / OTW" construction review of Kit 720083 - DAK Kubelwagen type 82 visit:

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Kit PS720087 - SdKfz.2 Kettenkrad with 3,7cm Pak36 - (2 in the box)

sModel/720087/01.jpg sModel/720087/02.jpg sModel/720087/03.jpg sModel/720087/04.jpg sModel/720087/05.jpg

sModel/720087/06.jpg sModel/720087/07.jpg sModel/720087/08.jpg sModel/720087/09.jpg sModel/720087/10.jpg sModel/720087/11.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" review Kit 720080 / 720087 - SdKfz. 2 "Kettenkrad with pak 36" visit:

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Kit PS720088 - SdKfz.2 Kettenkrad with 88mm Raketenwerfer 43 - (2 in the box)

sModel/720088/01.jpg sModel/720088/02.jpg sModel/720088/03.jpg sModel/720088/04.jpg sModel/720088/05.jpg sModel/720088/06.jpg sModel/720088/07.jpg sModel/720088/08.jpg sModel/720088/09.jpg sModel/720088/10.jpg sModel/720088/11.jpg sModel/720088/12.jpg

Built model by Ivan Visek

sModel/720088/1/01.jpg sModel/720088/1/02.jpg sModel/720088/1/03.jpg sModel/720088/1/04.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 720088 - SdKfz.2 Kettenkrad with 88mm Raketenwerfer 43 visit:

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Kit PS720089 - Munitionschlepper auf Pz.1 Ausf. A with trailer

sModel/720089/01.jpg sModel/720089/02.jpg sModel/720089/03.jpg sModel/720089/04.jpg sModel/720089/05.jpg sModel/720089/06.jpg sModel/720089/07.jpg sModel/720089/08.jpg sModel/720089/09.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720089/1/01.jpg sModel/720089/1/02.jpg sModel/720089/1/03.jpg sModel/720089/1/04.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review Kit 720089 - Munitionschlepper auf Pz.1 Ausf. A with trailer visit:

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Kit PS720090 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Early Production - (2 in the box)

sModel/720090/01.jpg sModel/720090/02.jpg sModel/720090/03.jpg sModel/720090/04.jpg sModel/720090/05.jpg sModel/720090/06.jpg sModel/720090/07.jpg sModel/720090/08.jpg sModel/720090/09.jpg sModel/720090/10.jpg sModel/720090/11.jpg sModel/720090/12.jpg

Pictures by Peter Sisung

sModel/720090/1/01.jpg sModel/720090/1/02.jpg sModel/720090/1/03.jpg sModel/720090/1/04.jpg sModel/720090/1/05.jpg sModel/720090/1/06.jpg sModel/720090/1/07.jpg sModel/720090/1/08.jpg sModel/720090/1/09.jpg sModel/720090/1/10.jpg sModel/720090/1/11.jpg sModel/720090/1/12.jpg sModel/720090/1/13.jpg

Model built by Jonathan Mock

sModel/720090/2/01.jpg sModel/720090/2/02.jpg sModel/720090/2/03.jpg sModel/720090/2/04.jpg

Model built by www.aliexpress.com

sModel/720090/3/01.jpg sModel/720090/3/02.jpg sModel/720090/3/03.jpg sModel/720090/3/04.jpg

Model built by Vladislav Shinkaryuk - conversion into Flakpanzer I

sModel/720090/4/01.jpg sModel/720090/4/02.jpg sModel/720090/4/03.jpg sModel/720090/4/04.jpg sModel/720090/4/05.jpg sModel/720090/4/06.jpg

For "Andy Lang's & Peter Sisung's / OTW" inbox preview Kit 720090 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Early Production visit:

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For "K.Kaan Akkoyun's / MiniAFV" pictures built model Kit 720090 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Early Production visit:

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Kit PS720093 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Ambulance version - (2 in the box)

sModel/720093/01.jpg sModel/720093/02.jpg sModel/720093/03.jpg sModel/720093/04.jpg sModel/720093/05.jpg

sModel/720093/06.jpg sModel/720093/07.jpg sModel/720093/08.jpg sModel/720093/09.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720093/1/01.jpg sModel/720093/1/02.jpg sModel/720093/1/03.jpg sModel/720093/1/04.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview Kit 720093 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Ambulance version visit:

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Kit PS720094 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Light Radio Tank - (2 in the box)

sModel/720094/01.jpg sModel/720094/02.jpg sModel/720094/03.jpg sModel/720094/04.jpg sModel/720094/05.jpg

sModel/720094/06.jpg sModel/720094/07.jpg sModel/720094/08.jpg sModel/720094/09.jpg sModel/720094/10.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview Kit 720094 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Light Radio Tank visit:

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For "Emin Cihan's / MiniAFV" pictures built model Kit 720094 - Pz.1 Ausf. A - Light Radio Tank visit:

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Kit PS720096 - Pz.1 Ausf. B - (2 in the box)

sModel/720096/01.jpg sModel/720096/02.jpg sModel/720096/03.jpg sModel/720096/04.jpg sModel/720096/05.jpg

sModel/720096/06.jpg sModel/720096/07.jpg sModel/720096/08.jpg sModel/720096/09.jpg sModel/720096/10.jpg

Model built by Vladislav Shinkaryuk - conversion into Panzerjager I

sModel/720096/1/01.jpg sModel/720096/1/02.jpg sModel/720096/1/03.jpg sModel/720096/1/04.jpg sModel/720096/1/05.jpg sModel/720096/1/06.jpg

For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720096 - Pz.1 Ausf. B visit:

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For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720096 - Pz.1 Ausf. B in / to Panzerjager I 4.7cm PaK (t) visit:

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Kit PS720097 - Pz.1 Ausf. B - DAK - (2 in the box)

sModel/720097/01.jpg sModel/720097/02.jpg sModel/720097/03.jpg sModel/720097/04.jpg sModel/720097/05.jpg

sModel/720097/06.jpg sModel/720097/07.jpg sModel/720097/08.jpg sModel/720097/09.jpg sModel/720097/10.jpg

For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720097 - Pz.1 Ausf. B - DAK visit:

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For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720097 - Pz.1 Ausf. B - DAK in / to Panzerjager I 4.7cm PaK (t) visit:

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Kit PS720098 - SdKfz. 265 Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen - (2 in the box)

sModel/720098/01.jpg sModel/720098/02.jpg sModel/720098/03.jpg sModel/720098/04.jpg sModel/720098/05.jpg

sModel/720098/06.jpg sModel/720098/07.jpg sModel/720098/08.jpg sModel/720098/09.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720098/1/01.jpg sModel/720098/1/02.jpg sModel/720098/1/03.jpg

Model built by Vladislav Shinkaryuk - conversion into Sturmpanzer I

sModel/720098/2/01.jpg sModel/720098/2/02.jpg sModel/720098/2/03.jpg sModel/720098/2/04.jpg sModel/720098/2/05.jpg

For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720098 - SdKfz. 265 Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen visit:

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For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" inbox preview Kit 720098 - SdKfz. 265 Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen visit:

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Kit PS720100 - Russian T35 Heavy Tank model 1936

Pictures by Eduard Ferrer Belda

sModel/720100/01.jpg sModel/720100/02.jpg sModel/720100/03.jpg sModel/720100/04.jpg sModel/720100/05.jpg sModel/720100/06.jpg sModel/720100/07.jpg sModel/720100/08.jpg sModel/720100/09.jpg sModel/720100/10.jpg sModel/720100/11.jpg sModel/720100/12.jpg

sModel/720100/1/01.jpg sModel/720100/1/02.jpg sModel/720100/1/03.jpg sModel/720100/1/04.jpg sModel/720100/1/05.jpg sModel/720100/1/06.jpg sModel/720100/1/07.jpg sModel/720100/1/08.jpg sModel/720100/1/09.jpg sModel/720100/1/10.jpg sModel/720100/1/11.jpg sModel/720100/1/12.jpg sModel/720100/1/13.jpg sModel/720100/1/14.jpg sModel/720100/1/15.jpg sModel/720100/1/16.jpg

Drawings model M1936 and Model 1939 conical with turrets

sModel/720100/2/01.jpg sModel/720100/2/02.jpg sModel/720100/2/03.jpg

Model 1936 - (built by webmaster)

sModel/720100/3/01.jpg sModel/720100/3/02.jpg sModel/720100/3/03.jpg sModel/720100/3/04.jpg sModel/720100/3/05.jpg sModel/720100/3/06.jpg sModel/720100/3/07.jpg

Model 1939 early - (built by webmaster)

sModel/720100/4/01.jpg sModel/720100/4/02.jpg sModel/720100/4/03.jpg sModel/720100/4/04.jpg sModel/720100/4/05.jpg sModel/720100/4/06.jpg sModel/720100/4/07.jpg

Model 1939 late with conical turrets - (built by webmaster)

sModel/720100/5/01.jpg sModel/720100/5/02.jpg sModel/720100/5/03.jpg sModel/720100/5/04.jpg sModel/720100/5/05.jpg sModel/720100/5/06.jpg sModel/720100/5/07.jpg

Model 1936 built by Michal Grzelak

sModel/720100/6/01.jpg sModel/720100/6/02.jpg sModel/720100/6/03.jpg sModel/720100/6/04.jpg sModel/720100/6/05.jpg sModel/720100/6/06.jpg sModel/720100/6/07.jpg sModel/720100/6/08.jpg sModel/720100/6/09.jpg sModel/720100/6/10.jpg sModel/720100/6/11.jpg sModel/720100/6/12.jpg sModel/720100/6/13.jpg sModel/720100/6/14.jpg sModel/720100/6/15.jpg sModel/720100/6/16.jpg sModel/720100/6/17.jpg sModel/720100/6/18.jpg

Model 1936 by aliexpress.com

sModel/720100/7/01.jpg sModel/720100/7/02.jpg sModel/720100/7/03.jpg sModel/720100/7/04.jpg

Model 1936 built by unknown

sModel/720100/8/01.jpg sModel/720100/8/02.jpg sModel/720100/8/03.jpg sModel/720100/8/04.jpg sModel/720100/8/05.jpg sModel/720100/8/06.jpg sModel/720100/8/07.jpg sModel/720100/8/08.jpg sModel/720100/8/09.jpg sModel/720100/8/10.jpg sModel/720100/8/11.jpg

Model 1936 built by JyeHang Kau

sModel/720100/9/01.jpg sModel/720100/9/02.jpg sModel/720100/9/03.jpg sModel/720100/9/04.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAFV Blogspot" preview & review of Kit 720100 - Russian T35 Heavy Tank model 1936 visit:

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For "Herbert Erpaderp's, from Australia / YouTube" review and built of Russian T35 Heavy Tank model 1936 visit:

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Kit 72MA001 - Turned brass barrels for Russian T35 Heavy Tank model 1936


Kit PS720108 - SU-85

sModel/720108/01.jpg sModel/720108/02.jpg sModel/720108/03.jpg sModel/720108/04.jpg sModel/720108/05.jpg

sModel/720108/1/01.jpg sModel/720108/1/02.jpg sModel/720108/1/03.jpg sModel/720108/1/04.jpg sModel/720108/1/05.jpg sModel/720108/1/06.jpg sModel/720108/1/07.jpg sModel/720108/1/08.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

sModel/720108/2/01.jpg sModel/720108/2/02.jpg sModel/720108/2/03.jpg sModel/720108/2/04.jpg sModel/720108/2/05.jpg sModel/720108/2/06.jpg

Kit PS720116 - Wiesel 1 MK20

sModel/720116/01.jpg sModel/720116/02.jpg sModel/720116/03.jpg sModel/720116/04.jpg sModel/720116/05.jpg sModel/720116/06.jpg sModel/720116/07.jpg sModel/720116/08.jpg sModel/720116/09.jpg sModel/720116/10.jpg sModel/720116/11.jpg sModel/720116/12.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han - (The Wiesel 1 with TOW is not the manufacturer’s parts, he used other parts to remould it)

sModel/wiesel/1/01.jpg sModel/wiesel/1/02.jpg sModel/wiesel/1/03.jpg sModel/wiesel/1/04.jpg

Built conversion into Wiesel 1 TOW, by Yang Su

sModel/720116/2/01.jpg sModel/720116/2/02.jpg sModel/720116/2/03.jpg sModel/720116/2/04.jpg sModel/720116/2/05.jpg sModel/720116/2/06.jpg sModel/720116/2/07.jpg sModel/720116/2/08.jpg sModel/720116/2/09.jpg sModel/720116/2/10.jpg sModel/720116/2/11.jpg sModel/720116/2/12.jpg sModel/720116/2/13.jpg sModel/720116/2/14.jpg

Built conversion into Wiesel 2, by Yang Su

sModel/720116/1/01.jpg sModel/720116/1/02.jpg sModel/720116/1/03.jpg sModel/720116/1/04.jpg sModel/720116/1/05.jpg sModel/720116/1/06.jpg sModel/720116/1/07.jpg sModel/720116/1/08.jpg sModel/720116/1/09.jpg sModel/720116/1/10.jpg sModel/720116/1/19.jpg sModel/720116/1/20.jpg sModel/720116/1/21.jpg sModel/720116/1/22.jpg sModel/720116/1/23.jpg sModel/720116/1/24.jpg sModel/720116/1/25.jpg sModel/720116/1/26.jpg sModel/720116/1/27.jpg sModel/720116/1/28.jpg sModel/720116/1/29.jpg sModel/720116/1/30.jpg sModel/720116/1/31.jpg

Models by Yang Su

sModel/720116/3/01.jpg sModel/720116/3/02.jpg sModel/720116/3/03.jpg sModel/720116/3/04.jpg

For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" preview Kit 720116 - Wiesel 1 visit:

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For "Bill Scriven's / OTW" preview Kit 720116 - Wiesel 1 visit:

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Kit PS720121 - Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. B

sModel/720121/01.jpg sModel/720121/02.jpg sModel/720121/03.jpg sModel/720121/04.jpg sModel/720121/05.jpg

sModel/720121/06.jpg sModel/720121/07.jpg sModel/720121/08.jpg sModel/720121/09.jpg sModel/720121/10.jpg

For "MoxingStudio / blog.rodo.com" construction & upgrading Kit 720121 - Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. B visit:

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Kit PS720122 - Pz. II Ausf. C with Beobachtungsturm

sModel/720122/01.jpg sModel/720122/02.jpg sModel/720122/03.jpg sModel/720122/04.jpg sModel/720122/05.jpg sModel/720122/06.jpg sModel/720122/07.jpg sModel/720122/08.jpg sModel/720122/09.jpg

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 720122 - Pz. II Ausf. C with Beobachtungsturm visit:

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Kit PS720130 - M5A1 Light Tank - Early Type

sModel/720130/01.jpg sModel/720130/02.jpg sModel/720130/03.jpg sModel/720130/04.jpg sModel/720130/05.jpg sModel/720130/06.jpg sModel/720130/07.jpg

Kit PS720132 - M3A3 Light Tank - (french and Chinese Army)

sModel/720132/01.jpg sModel/720132/02.jpg sModel/720132/03.jpg sModel/720132/04.jpg sModel/720132/05.jpg sModel/720132/06.jpg sModel/720132/07.jpg

sModel/720132/08.jpg sModel/720132/09.jpg sModel/720132/10.jpg sModel/720132/11.jpg sModel/720132/12.jpg sModel/720132/13.jpg

Built models from Ebay

sModel/720132/1/01.jpg sModel/720132/1/02.jpg sModel/720132/1/03.jpg sModel/720132/1/04.jpg sModel/720132/1/05.jpg

sModel/720132/2/01.jpg sModel/720132/2/02.jpg sModel/720132/2/03.jpg sModel/720132/2/04.jpg sModel/720132/2/05.jpg

For "Ken Overby's / OTW" review Kit 720132 - M3A3 Light Tank visit:

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For "Danillo Carli's / OTW" review Kit 720132 - M3A3 Light Tank visit:

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Kit PS720133 - M3A3 Light Tank - (United Kingdom Army)

sModel/720133/01.jpg sModel/720133/02.jpg sModel/720133/03.jpg sModel/720133/04.jpg sModel/720133/05.jpg sModel/720133/06.jpg sModel/720133/07.jpg sModel/720133/08.jpg sModel/720133/09.jpg sModel/720133/10.jpg sModel/720133/11.jpg sModel/720133/12.jpg sModel/720133/13.jpg

Kit PS720135 - Somua S35 Cavalry Tank - (French version) - (2 kits in the box)

sModel/720135/01.jpg sModel/720135/02.jpg sModel/720135/03.jpg sModel/720135/04.jpg sModel/720135/05.jpg sModel/720135/06.jpg sModel/720135/07.jpg

Kit PS720136 - Pz.Kpfw 35S739(f) Somua S35

sModel/720136/01.jpg sModel/720136/02.jpg sModel/720136/03.jpg sModel/720136/04.jpg sModel/720136/05.jpg sModel/720136/06.jpg sModel/720136/07.jpg sModel/720136/08.jpg sModel/720136/09.jpg sModel/720136/10.jpg sModel/720136/11.jpg sModel/720136/12.jpg sModel/720136/13.jpg sModel/720136/14.jpg sModel/720136/15.jpg sModel/720136/16.jpg sModel/720136/17.jpg

Testsample French version Somua S35 with original sprue layout

sModel/720136/1/01.jpg sModel/720136/1/02.jpg sModel/720136/1/03.jpg

Testmodel built by Duncan Hewlett

sModel/720136/2/01.jpg sModel/720136/2/02.jpg sModel/720136/2/03.jpg

For "Philippe Edern's / OTW" review of Kit 720136 - Pz.Kpfw 35S739(f) Somua S35 visit:

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Turrets and tracks for Somua S35 S-model - available by Barbotin webshop:

logo "Barbotin" Webshop - (Turret APX 1 CE with AA mount (without metal gun) logo "Barbotin" Webshop - (Tracks for S35)

Kit PS720137 - Pak 36 "Weapons Set" - (4 kits in the box)


Kit PS720139 - Chinese Army UE with AH5 mg

sModel/720139/01.jpg sModel/720139/02.jpg sModel/720139/03.jpg sModel/720139/04.jpg sModel/720139/05.jpg sModel/720139/06.jpg sModel/720139/07.jpg

Kit PS720140 - UE Chenilette - (No PE and/or Decals)

sModel/720140/01.jpg sModel/720140/02.jpg sModel/720140/03.jpg sModel/720140/04.jpg sModel/720140/05.jpg sModel/720140/06.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720140/3/01.jpg sModel/720140/3/02.jpg sModel/720140/3/03.jpg sModel/720140/3/04.jpg

Model built by Philippe Edern

sModel/720140/1/01.jpg sModel/720140/1/02.jpg sModel/720140/1/03.jpg sModel/720140/1/04.jpg sModel/720140/1/05.jpg sModel/720140/1/06.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

sModel/720140/4/01.jpg sModel/720140/4/02.jpg sModel/720140/4/03.jpg sModel/720140/4/04.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview Kit 720140 - UE Chenilette visit:

logo "OnTheWay" website

Some other UE Chenilette variants:

Possible variants collection by Pavel Cherepanov, Modelstudio

sModel/720140/7/01.jpg sModel/720140/7/02.jpg

For pictures and information visit:

logo "ost-front.ru" website from Pavel Cherepanov

logo "nevingtonwarmuseum" website

Renault UE + Wurfrahmen

sModel/720140/2/01.jpg sModel/720140/2/02.jpg sModel/720140/2/03.jpg sModel/720140/2/04.jpg sModel/720140/2/05.jpg

Renault UE - Gepanzerte-MG-Träger Renault UE (f)

sModel/720140/5/01.jpg sModel/720140/5/02.jpg sModel/720140/5/03.jpg sModel/720140/5/04.jpg sModel/720140/5/05.jpg

Renault UE with Renault trailer

sModel/720140/6/01.jpg sModel/720140/6/02.jpg sModel/720140/6/03.jpg

Kit 72083 - "BlackDog" Conversion parts for Beobachtungspanzer UE (f), selbstfahrlafette 3,7cm Pak 36

blackdog/72083/01.jpg blackdog/72083/02.jpg blackdog/72083/03.jpg blackdog/72083/04.jpg

Kit LWP027 - "Lonewulf" Conversion parts for Kleiner Funk und Beobachtungspanzer UE(f)

sModel/lwp027/01.jpg sModel/lwp027/02.jpg sModel/lwp027/03.jpg

For " Rob Haelterman's / OTW" conversion Kit 720140 - UE Chenilette with kit LWP027 (Lonewulf) into Kleiner Funk und Beobachtungspanzer UE(f), visit:

logo "OnTheWay" website

Kit PS720141 - UE Chenilette AMX with Casemate and AMC31 mg

sModel/720141/01.jpg sModel/720141/02.jpg sModel/720141/03.jpg sModel/720141/04.jpg sModel/720141/05.jpg sModel/720141/06.jpg sModel/720141/07.jpg sModel/720141/1/01.jpg sModel/720141/1/02.jpg

For "Tony Mackinder's / OTW" preview of sModel Kit 720141 - UE Chenilette AMX with Casemate and AMC31 mg visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720142 - UE Chenilette (f) with 3,7cm pak36 - (No PE)

sModel/720142/01.jpg sModel/720142/02.jpg sModel/720142/03.jpg sModel/720142/04.jpg sModel/720142/05.jpg

sModel/720142/06.jpg sModel/720142/07.jpg sModel/720142/08.jpg sModel/720142/09.jpg

Pictures from pickclick.ca

sModel/720142/1/01.jpg sModel/720142/1/02.jpg sModel/720142/1/03.jpg sModel/720142/1/04.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview Kit 720142 - UE Chenilette (f) with 3,7cm pak36 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720150 - Jagdpanther Late - (Tankdestroyer G2)

sModel/720150/01.jpg sModel/720150/02.jpg sModel/720150/03.jpg sModel/720150/04.jpg sModel/720150/05.jpg sModel/720150/06.jpg sModel/720150/07.jpg sModel/720150/08.jpg sModel/720150/09.jpg

Built model by Dirk Schenk

sModel/720150/2/01.jpg sModel/720150/2/02.jpg sModel/720150/2/03.jpg sModel/720150/2/04.jpg


- Trackwork is identical as the earlier announced Panther G - (Acceptable for wargaming but must replaced with better for collector)
- Skirts are separate
- Engine deck is separate - (maybe there will be come also the early version)
- Hatches are open

Kit PS720151 - Ford Mutt M151 A1 Utility Truck

sModel/720151/01.jpg sModel/720151/02.jpg sModel/720151/03.jpg sModel/720151/04.jpg sModel/720151/05.jpg sModel/720151/06.jpg sModel/720151/07.jpg sModel/720151/08.jpg sModel/720151/09.jpg

For " F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview Kit 720151 - Ford Mutt M151 A1 Utility Truck visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For " F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" conversion Kit 720151 - Ford Mutt M151 A1 Utility Truck into Armored M151A1, Vietnam 1968 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720152 - Ford Mutt M151 A2 Utility Truck

sModel/720152/01.jpg sModel/720152/02.jpg sModel/720152/03.jpg sModel/720152/04.jpg sModel/720152/05.jpg sModel/720152/06.jpg sModel/720152/07.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" preview Kit 720152 - Ford Mutt M151 A2 Utility Truck visit:

logo "OnTheWay" website

Kit PS720157 - BMD 1P Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle

sModel/720157/01.jpg sModel/720157/02.jpg sModel/720157/03.jpg sModel/720157/04.jpg sModel/720157/05.jpg sModel/720157/06.jpg sModel/720157/07.jpg sModel/720157/08.jpg sModel/720157/09.jpg sModel/720157/10.jpg sModel/720157/11.jpg sModel/720157/12.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

sModel/720157/1/01.jpg sModel/720157/1/02.jpg sModel/720157/1/03.jpg sModel/720157/1/04.jpg sModel/720157/1/05.jpg

Kit PS720158 - BMD-1 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle

sModel/720158/01.jpg sModel/720158/02.jpg sModel/720158/03.jpg sModel/720158/04.jpg sModel/720158/05.jpg sModel/720158/06.jpg sModel/720158/07.jpg sModel/720158/08.jpg sModel/720158/09.jpg

sModel/720158/1/02.jpg sModel/720158/1/03.jpg sModel/720158/1/04.jpg sModel/720158/1/06.jpg sModel/720158/1/07.jpg sModel/720158/1/08.jpg sModel/720158/1/09.jpg

Built model by pickclick.ca

sModel/720158/2/01.jpg sModel/720158/2/02.jpg sModel/720158/2/03.jpg sModel/720158/2/04.jpg sModel/720158/2/05.jpg sModel/720158/2/06.jpg

Built model by Guillermo Beck - http://www.ipms-xalapa.org

sModel/720158/3/01.jpg sModel/720158/3/02.jpg sModel/720158/3/03.jpg sModel/720158/3/04.jpg sModel/720158/3/05.jpg sModel/720158/3/06.jpg sModel/720158/3/07.jpg sModel/720158/3/08.jpg

Built model by Rodrigo Nunez Rivolta

sModel/720158/4/01.jpg sModel/720158/4/02.jpg sModel/720158/4/03.jpg sModel/720158/4/04.jpg sModel/720158/4/05.jpg sModel/720158/4/06.jpg

Kit PS720159 - BMD-2 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle

sModel/720159/01.jpg sModel/720159/02.jpg sModel/720159/03.jpg sModel/720159/04.jpg sModel/720159/05.jpg sModel/720159/06.jpg sModel/720159/07.jpg sModel/720159/08.jpg sModel/720159/09.jpg

sModel/720159/1/02.jpg sModel/720159/1/03.jpg sModel/720159/1/04.jpg sModel/720159/1/06.jpg sModel/720159/1/07.jpg sModel/720159/1/08.jpg sModel/720159/1/09.jpg sModel/720159/1/10.jpg

Pictures built model by pickclick.ca

sModel/720159/2/01.jpg sModel/720159/2/02.jpg sModel/720159/2/03.jpg sModel/720159/2/04.jpg sModel/720159/2/05.jpg sModel/720159/2/06.jpg

Kit PS720163 - SdKfz. 253 Le Beob Pz.Wg

sModel/720163/01.jpg sModel/720163/02.jpg sModel/720163/03.jpg sModel/720163/04.jpg sModel/720163/05.jpg sModel/720163/06.jpg sModel/720163/07.jpg sModel/720163/08.jpg

Spruepart pictures by Peter Sisung / Missing Lynx

sModel/720163/1/01.jpg sModel/720163/1/02.jpg sModel/720163/1/03.jpg sModel/720163/1/04.jpg sModel/720163/1/05.jpg sModel/720163/1/06.jpg sModel/720163/1/07.jpg sModel/720163/1/08.jpg sModel/720163/1/09.jpg

Model built by Stefan Fiebiger - "Sdkfz.253 in Wintertarn"

sModel/720163/2/01.jpg sModel/720163/2/02.jpg sModel/720163/2/03.jpg

Model built by Stefan Fiebiger - "Sdkfz.253 with Panzer I Turm"

sModel/720163/3/1/01.jpg sModel/720163/3/01.jpg sModel/720163/3/02.jpg sModel/720163/3/03.jpg

For "Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview Kit 720163 - SdKfz. 253 Le Beob Pz.Wg - (S-Model Sd.Kfz.253 measured for accuracy) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For "Jacob Sterum's / Meditations on a Hobby" preview Kit 720163 - SdKfz. 253 Le Beob Pz.Wg visit:

logo "Meditations on a Hobby" Blogspot

Kit PS720176 - PzKpfw 35H734(f)

sModel/720176/01.jpg sModel/720176/02.jpg sModel/720176/03.jpg sModel/720176/04.jpg sModel/720176/05.jpg sModel/720176/06.jpg sModel/720176/07.jpg sModel/720176/08.jpg sModel/720176/09.jpg

Kit PS720177 - Hotchkiss H-35 Light Tank - (Early version)

sModel/720177/01.jpg sModel/720177/02.jpg sModel/720177/03.jpg sModel/720177/04.jpg sModel/720177/05.jpg sModel/720177/06.jpg sModel/720177/07.jpg sModel/720177/08.jpg sModel/720177/09.jpg

Built model www.aliexpress.com

sModel/720177/1/01.jpg sModel/720177/1/02.jpg sModel/720177/1/03.jpg

Kit PS720178 - H-35 Light Tank - (Late version)

sModel/720178/01.jpg sModel/720178/02.jpg sModel/720178/03.jpg sModel/720178/04.jpg sModel/720178/05.jpg sModel/720178/06.jpg sModel/720178/07.jpg sModel/720178/08.jpg sModel/720178/09.jpg

Kit PS720180 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Early version)

sModel/720180/01.jpg sModel/720180/02.jpg sModel/720180/03.jpg sModel/720180/04.jpg sModel/720180/05.jpg sModel/720180/06.jpg sModel/720180/07.jpg

Pictures built model by pickclick.ca

sModel/720180/1/01.jpg sModel/720180/1/02.jpg sModel/720180/1/03.jpg sModel/720180/1/05.jpg sModel/720180/1/06.jpg sModel/720180/1/07.jpg sModel/720180/1/08.jpg sModel/720180/1/09.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

sModel/720180/2/01.jpg sModel/720180/2/02.jpg sModel/720180/2/03.jpg sModel/720180/2/04.jpg sModel/720180/2/05.jpg

Built models in service by other nations - Rumanien R-35 Vanatorul, by Axel Wech

sModel/720180/3/01.jpg sModel/720180/3/02.jpg sModel/720180/3/03.jpg sModel/720180/3/05.jpg sModel/720180/3/06.jpg sModel/720180/3/07.jpg sModel/720180/3/08.jpg sModel/720180/3/09.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinsk's / OTW" preview of Kit 720180 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Early version) & Kit 720181 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Late version) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720181 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Late version)

sModel/720181/01.jpg sModel/720181/02.jpg sModel/720181/03.jpg sModel/720181/04.jpg sModel/720181/05.jpg sModel/720181/06.jpg sModel/720181/07.jpg sModel/720181/08.jpg sModel/720181/09.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinsk's / OTW" preview of Kit 720180 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Early version) & Kit 720181 - Renault R-35 Light Tank - (Late version) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720190 - 15cm s.IG.33 Infantry Gun

sModel/720190/01.jpg sModel/720190/02.jpg sModel/720190/03.jpg sModel/720190/04.jpg sModel/720190/05.jpg sModel/720190/06.jpg sModel/720190/07.jpg sModel/720190/08.jpg sModel/720190/09.jpg

Pictures from The Miniatures Page

sModel/720190/1/01.jpg sModel/720190/1/02.jpg sModel/720190/1/03.jpg sModel/720190/1/04.jpg sModel/720190/1/05.jpg sModel/720190/1/06.jpg sModel/720190/1/07.jpg sModel/720190/1/08.jpg sModel/720190/1/09.jpg

For "TheMiniaturesPage.com" preview Kit 720190 - 15cm s.IG.33 Infantry Gun visit:

logo "The Miniatures Page" Website

Kit PS720196 - Type 97 "Te-Ke" light tank

sModel/720196/01.jpg sModel/720196/02.jpg sModel/720196/03.jpg sModel/720196/04.jpg sModel/720196/05.jpg sModel/720196/1/01.jpg sModel/720196/1/02.jpg

For "Tony Mackinder's / OTW" preview of Kit 720196 - Type 97 "Te-Ke" light tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit PS720198 - T-40 Light Tank

sModel/720198/01.jpg sModel/720198/02.jpg sModel/720198/03.jpg sModel/720198/04.jpg sModel/720198/05.jpg sModel/720198/06.jpg sModel/720198/07.jpg sModel/720198/08.jpg sModel/720198/09.jpg

Kit PS720199 - T-40S Light Tank

sModel/720199/01.jpg sModel/720199/02.jpg sModel/720199/03.jpg sModel/720199/04.jpg sModel/720199/05.jpg sModel/720199/06.jpg

Built models from taobao.com

sModel/720199/1/01.jpg sModel/720199/1/02.jpg sModel/720199/1/03.jpg sModel/720199/1/04.jpg sModel/720199/1/05.jpg sModel/720199/1/06.jpg sModel/720199/1/07.jpg sModel/720199/1/08.jpg sModel/720199/1/09.jpg

Reworked model by Andrew Lang

sModel/720199/2/01.jpg sModel/720199/2/02.jpg

Kit PS720200 - BMP-2 IFV - Infantry Fighting vehicle - (Early Production)

sModel/720200/01.jpg sModel/720200/02.jpg sModel/720200/03.jpg sModel/720200/04.jpg sModel/720200/05.jpg sModel/720200/06.jpg

Built model by Lu Bing

sModel/720200/1/01.jpg sModel/720200/1/02.jpg sModel/720200/1/03.jpg sModel/720200/1/04.jpg sModel/720200/1/05.jpg sModel/720200/1/06.jpg

Kit PS720201 - BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Contains a different turret top for addon turret plates - note: Kropotkin

sModel/720201/01.jpg sModel/720201/02.jpg sModel/720201/03.jpg

2018 - Single Kit in the box with extra parts

Some of the kits for 2018 releasing are variants from earlier released kits.

- The new "limited Edition" kits will contain some new parts in resin, more PE or turned brass parts
- Those kits are single kits, no more 2 kits in the box - (no more "1 + 1")
- Instructions manual is printed on the backside of the box
- The small parts are safely separate packed in plastic zip bags
- The resin parts are very sharp and fine casted
- the kits in "limited Edition" line were produced in 800-1000 sets
- There will be also some complete new kits - For sofar I know on the list are BMP-2 and Te-Ke type 97 Tankette
- Kit SP072001, SP072003, SP072004 & SP072005 are released

Kit SP072001 - M132 Armoured Flamethrower - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072001/01.jpg sModel/SP072001/02.jpg sModel/SP072001/03.jpg sModel/SP072001/04.jpg sModel/SP072001/05.jpg sModel/SP072001/06.jpg sModel/SP072001/07.jpg sModel/SP072001/08.jpg sModel/SP072001/09.jpg sModel/SP072001/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072001/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072001/1/03.jpg sModel/SP072001/1/04.jpg sModel/SP072001/1/05.jpg

Built model by Mike Toit

sModel/SP072001/2/01.jpg sModel/SP072001/2/02.jpg sModel/SP072001/2/03.jpg sModel/SP072001/2/04.jpg sModel/SP072001/2/05.jpg

Kit SP072002 - Australian Army M113A1 APC/LRV fitted with a Cadillac-Gage T-50 turret - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072002/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072002/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072002/1/03.jpg

sModel/SP072002/01.jpg sModel/SP072002/02.jpg sModel/SP072002/03.jpg sModel/SP072002/04.jpg sModel/SP072002/05.jpg sModel/SP072002/06.jpg sModel/SP072002/07.jpg sModel/SP072002/08.jpg

sModel/SP072002/2/01.jpg sModel/SP072002/2/02.jpg sModel/SP072002/2/03.jpg sModel/SP072002/2/04.jpg sModel/SP072002/2/05.jpg sModel/SP072002/2/06.jpg

Kit SP072003 - Italian L3/33 light tank with 20mm AT Gun - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072003/01.jpg sModel/SP072003/02.jpg sModel/SP072003/03.jpg sModel/SP072003/04.jpg sModel/SP072003/05.jpg sModel/SP072003/06.jpg sModel/SP072003/07.jpg sModel/SP072003/08.jpg sModel/SP072003/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072003/1/02.jpg

Kit SP072004 - Willy MB Jeep with 37mm AT gun - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072004/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072004/2/01.jpg

sModel/SP072004/01.jpg sModel/SP072004/02.jpg sModel/SP072004/03.jpg sModel/SP072004/04.jpg sModel/SP072004/05.jpg sModel/SP072004/06.jpg sModel/SP072004/07.jpg sModel/SP072004/08.jpg sModel/SP072004/09.jpg sModel/SP072004/10.jpg

Kit SP072005 - Willy MB Jeep with M1917 MG - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072005/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072005/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072005/1/03.jpg

sModel/SP072005/01.jpg sModel/SP072005/02.jpg sModel/SP072005/03.jpg sModel/SP072005/04.jpg sModel/SP072005/05.jpg sModel/SP072005/06.jpg sModel/SP072005/07.jpg sModel/SP072005/08.jpg sModel/SP072005/09.jpg

Kit SP072006 - SdKfz. 253 with Pz. 1 Turret - (One kit in the box)


Built model by sModel

sModel/SP072006/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072006/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072006/1/03.jpg sModel/SP072006/1/04.jpg sModel/SP072006/1/05.jpg sModel/SP072006/1/06.jpg

Kit SP072007 - PLA ZBD-86A Infantry Fighting Vehicle - (One kit in the box)


Built model by sModel

sModel/SP072007/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/03.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/04.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/05.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/06.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/07.jpg sModel/SP072007/1/08.jpg

Kit SP072008 - Yugoslavia Somua S35 6pnd - (One kit in the box)

sModel/SP072008/00.jpg sModel/SP072008/01.jpg sModel/SP072008/02.jpg sModel/SP072008/03.jpg sModel/SP072008/04.jpg sModel/SP072008/05.jpg sModel/SP072008/06.jpg sModel/SP072008/07.jpg

Built model by Lu Bing

sModel/SP072008/2/01.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/02.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/03.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/04.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/05.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/06.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/07.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/08.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/09.jpg sModel/SP072008/2/10.jpg

Conversion by label "Panzer Garage"

sModel/SP072008/1/01.jpg sModel/SP072008/1/02.jpg sModel/SP072008/1/03.jpg

Kit SP072009 - Vanatorul de Care R35 - (One kit in the box)


Combinations Sets

Kit ST007201 - Middle East AFV Set A (BRDM-2 & BMP-1) - (Two kits in the box)

sModel/ST007201/01.jpg sModel/ST007201/02.jpg sModel/ST007201/03.jpg

Kit ST007203 - USSR/Russia AFV Set A (BMD-2 & BMP-2) - (Two kits in the box)

sModel/ST007203/01.jpg sModel/ST007203/02.jpg sModel/ST007203/03.jpg sModel/ST007203/04.jpg sModel/ST007203/05.jpg sModel/ST007203/06.jpg

Kit ST007205 - Middle East AFV Set B (BMP-1 & BMP-2 early) - (Two kits in the box)


Kit ST007207 - Middle East AFV Set C (BMP-2 early & BTR-60PB) - (Two kits in the box)


Ready Built and Painted sets
2018 - "possible not more available"

Kit 720003 - Crusader A15

sModel/ready/720003/01.jpg sModel/ready/720003/02.jpg sModel/ready/720003/03.jpg

Kit 720008 - Hotchkiss H38/39 French

sModel/ready/720008/01.jpg sModel/ready/720008/02.jpg

Kit 720009 - Hotchkiss H38/39 German

sModel/ready/720009/01.jpg sModel/ready/720009/02.jpg

Kit 720010 - A13 MK-III

sModel/ready/720010/01.jpg sModel/ready/720010/02.jpg

Kit 720019 - Vickers Light Tank MK VIB

sModel/ready/720019/01.jpg sModel/ready/720019/02.jpg

Future Kits ??

Kit ? - Panther Ausf. G Late - (test sprue) - (still work in progress, some more detailed parts will be added)

sModel/pantherG/01.jpg sModel/pantherG/02.jpg sModel/pantherG/03.jpg sModel/pantherG/04.jpg sModel/pantherG/05.jpg sModel/pantherG/06.jpg

sModel/pantherG/3/01.jpg sModel/pantherG/3/02.jpg sModel/pantherG/3/03.jpg

The turret has one small mistake on the front - (see white strip)

sModel/pantherG/1/01.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/02.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/03.jpg

Comparing with Dragon Diecast Panther Ausf. G

sModel/pantherG/1/04.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/05.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/06.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/07.jpg

sModel/pantherG/1/08.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/09.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/10.jpg sModel/pantherG/1/11.jpg

Reference with trackunits from Italeri and Armourfast QB trackunits

sModel/pantherG/2/01.jpg sModel/pantherG/2/02.jpg sModel/pantherG/2/03.jpg

For "HenkofHolland" preview of kit ? - Panther Ausf. G Late - (test sprue) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit ? - M40 Recoilless Gun Pictures testsprue and built testmodel by Liu Yue

sModel/M40R/01.jpg sModel/M40R/02.jpg sModel/M40R/03.jpg sModel/M40R/04.jpg sModel/M40R/05.jpg sModel/M40R/06.jpg

Kit 720074 - M274 "Mule" (released) - (pictures 1/32 model & original vehicle)

sModel/mule/0/01.jpg sModel/mule/0/02.jpg

Pictures testsprue - Mule

sModel/mule/01.jpg sModel/mule/02.jpg sModel/mule/03.jpg

Kit ? - M274 Mule - testsprue - China info

sModel/mule/2/01.jpg sModel/mule/2/02.jpg sModel/mule/2/03.jpg

Pictures testsprue - M40 Recoilless Gun

sModel/mule/04.jpg sModel/mule/05.jpg sModel/M40R/03.jpg sModel/M40R/01.jpg sModel/M40R/04.jpg sModel/M40R/05.jpg sModel/M40R/06.jpg

Built model by Brian Walsh - (The Hobby Den)

sModel/mule/1/01.jpg sModel/mule/1/02.jpg


to sModelE-mail to s-Model Co. LTD

For information, ordering, distribution visit:

logo HobbyDen Website - (Ireland)

logo TasModels - (Netherlands)

logo Tracks-n-Troops - (Czech)

logo Michican Toy Soldiers - USA

logo AliExpress - (China)

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