"Musee Des Blindes - Part One"

Armor Museum, Saumur, France

The pictures below gives you an impressium from what you found in the museum, but in the museum there are a lot more vehicles. Really the museum is a visit worth!!

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WW-1 tank - Saint.Chamond
WW-1 tank - Schneider C15
Carrier with Trailer
Renault AMR 33

saumur/002.jpg saumur/003.jpg saumur/006.jpg saumur/012.jpg saumur/015.jpg

Renault Char B1
Somua S35
Hotchkiss H39

saumur/004.jpg saumur/005.jpg saumur/019.jpg

Restaurated Renault Char B1 Bis

saumur/007.jpg saumur/008.jpg saumur/009.jpg

Marmon-Herrington in French service
ARL 44 - Planned as new type tank after WW-II
AMX 50 120mm gun - Planned as new type tank after WW-II

saumur/010.jpg saumur/011.jpg saumur/013.jpg saumur/014.jpg

to Chars-Francais info More information about the AMX-50 on this website (Frenche language).

to Chars-Francais info More information about the ARL-44 on this website (Frenche language).

AMX 30B with Mine-exploder

saumur/016.jpg saumur/017.jpg saumur/018.jpg

Even - ELC 30mm

saumur/096.jpg saumur/097.jpg saumur/098.jpg

to Chars-Francais info More information about the Even Elc 30mm on this website (Frenche language).

Laffly S15R
Somua MCG5
Laffly S15R
Unic P107

saumur/020.jpg saumur/021.jpg saumur/022.jpg saumur/023.jpg saumur/024.jpg


PzKpfw. 38(t) with 7.5cm PaK40/3, Ausf. M, also called Marder III
Lorraine Schlepper with 10.5 cm
Lorraine Schlepper with 7.5 PaK40 L/48

saumur/025.jpg saumur/026.jpg saumur/027.jpg saumur/028.jpg saumur/029.jpg

PzKw II "Luchs"
PzKw. IV
PzKw. IV "Mobelwagen"
PzKw. V Recovery Panther
PzKw. VI Tiger I

saumur/030.jpg saumur/031.jpg saumur/032.jpg saumur/033.jpg saumur/034.jpg

PzKw. VI Tiger II
Amphibian US and German "Trippel"
Hanomag SS100 Tractor

saumur/035.jpg saumur/037.jpg saumur/038.jpg saumur/039.jpg saumur/040.jpg

SdKfz. 303 Leichte Ladungstrager Ausf. B "Goliath

saumur/042.jpg saumur/043.jpg saumur/044.jpg

to Goliath info More information about the Goliath on this website (Polish Language).

88mm Flak 36
flak 38 4x20mm
Flak 30 1x20mm

saumur/041.jpg saumur/045.jpg saumur/046.jpg saumur/047.jpg saumur/048.jpg

105mm LeFH
US Howitzer M1
Schwere Panzer Buchse 41
Pak 38

saumur/049.jpg saumur/050.jpg saumur/052.jpg saumur/053.jpg

Nebelwerfer 41 150mm
Nebelwerfer 42 210cm
Hotchkiss DCA Mle 38 25mm

saumur/054.jpg saumur/055.jpg saumur/056.jpg saumur/057.jpg


Vickers Light Tank MK-VI
A12 Matilda
Infantry Tank Valentine
Crusader III AA version

saumur/058.jpg saumur/059.jpg saumur/060.jpg saumur/061.jpg

Haevy Tank "Conqueror"

saumur/062.jpg saumur/063.jpg saumur/064.jpg saumur/065.jpg


Mountain and airborne howitzer 105/14
Info Daniela Ravenna
This is a very important italian gun, produced from '60 to '80 and widely exported (UK royal artillery among others). It could be towed by truck, disassembled and carried by mules, light cars, even on soldiers shoulders, paradropped, etc, had a great range and could also play antitank role by lowering its carriage.


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