"Musee Des Blindes - Part Two"

Armor Museum, Saumur, France

The pictures below gives you an impressium from what you found in the museum, but in the museum there are a lot more vehicles. Really the museum is a visit worth!!

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WW-I GMC Ambulance

saumur/066.jpg saumur/067.jpg saumur/068.jpg

M3 Lee
Sexton SPG
M10 Achilles

saumur/069.jpg saumur/070.jpg saumur/071.jpg saumur/072.jpg

Staghound MK-I
GMC Duckw Amphibian
M8 Greyhound
Dodge Command

saumur/073.jpg saumur/074.jpg saumur/075.jpg saumur/076.jpg

LVT Amphibian "Alligator"
Weasel M29C

saumur/078.jpg saumur/079.jpg saumur/077.jpg saumur/080.jpg

M47 Patton
M48 Patton

saumur/083.jpg saumur/092.jpg saumur/084.jpg saumur/086.jpg

M60 A1

saumur/085.jpg saumur/087.jpg saumur/090.jpg saumur/091.jpg

M41 Walker Bulldog
4x 12.7mm

saumur/088.jpg saumur/082.jpg saumur/089.jpg saumur/081.jpg


Merkava MKI



T-54 in Russian service
T54 in Egyptian service

saumur/094.jpg saumur/095.jpg

Vehicles and parts in the Museum workshop

saumur/099.jpg saumur/100.jpg saumur/107.jpg saumur/101.jpg saumur/102.jpg

saumur/103.jpg saumur/104.jpg saumur/105.jpg saumur/106.jpg

SAV M/43 (Swedish) based on the 38T chassis

saumur/108.jpg saumur/109.jpg

to Sav-M43 info More information about the SAV M43 on this website.(German Language)

Vehicles used in movies

Chaffee used as German tank in "Battle of Bulge".
"Look a like" shortened wooden St. Chamoint on tractor chassis
US M3 Halftrack changed with wood to an German SdKfz.251 Halftrack
Chaffee changed to "Look a like" Panther

saumur/101.jpg saumur/110.jpg saumur/111.jpg saumur/112.jpg

parts 1

to musee des Blindes Musee des Blindes, Saumur, Franche.

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