A small resin manufacturer from Japan

Information December 2009:
The companies Sirius - Tristar and Orion are stopped and the kits are "Out of Production"

The 1/72 scale Military kits from "Sirius/Orion" are first released under the label "Tristar".
Tristar is an Japanese manufacturer in Airplanes, Military Figures & Vehicles in different scales.

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1/72 MINI SCALE DEPOT series

Kit 72001 - German 38(t) Ausf. A
Kit 72002 - German 38(t) Ausf.B
Kit 72003 - German 38(t) Ausf.E/F
Kit 72004 - German 38(t) Ausf.G

sirius/01.jpg sirius/02.jpg sirius/03.jpg sirius/04.jpg


Sirius has made four versions of the German 38(t). The kits are made in resin and are from an high standard with high quality details

sirius/01-1.jpg sirius/01-2.jpg sirius/01-3.jpg sirius/01-4.jpg sirius/01-5.jpg

sirius/01-6.jpg sirius/01-7.jpg sirius/01-8.jpg sirius/01-9.jpg sirius/01-10.jpg

sirius/01-11.jpg sirius/01-12.jpg sirius/01-13.jpg sirius/01-14.jpg sirius/01-15.jpg

sirius/01-16.jpg sirius/01-17.jpg sirius/01-18.jpg

1/72 Figure Sets

Kit 72005 - German Tankers 67the Pz.Dv.1939


Kit 72006 - German Tankers 7the Pz.Dv.1940

sirius/06.jpg sirius/06-0.jpg sirius/06-1.jpg sirius/06-2.jpg sirius/06-3.jpg

Kit 72007 - German Tankers 20the Pz.Dv.1942

sirius/07.jpg sirius/07-1.jpg

Kit 72008 - German Tankers Eastern Front 1945

sirius/08.jpg sirius/08-1.jpg

Kit 72009 - SPz. Abt. 508 Panzercrew 1944 late
Kit 72010 - German Tankcrew set
Kit 72011 - German Tiger I Mid Production Conversion set
Kit 72012 - German Tank OVM parts set

sirius/09.jpg sirius/10.jpg sirius/11.jpg sirius/12.jpg

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