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Short review

The kits are packed in a carton box with a size from 21x12.5x3.5cm.
The box contents 2 plastic bags with the plastic parts in different colors an instructionsheet and decals.
The plastic parts are sharp casted and nice detailed, clear windows are included. Some parts are very small. All parts are separate and not on a sprue. Some parts has a few thin flash.
The included decals are for all kits the same. On the decal is one licenceplate, so there will be a problem when you collect all models
Regarding the kits 87002 and 87006, the trailers, showed on the box, are not included

Note: Referring to the instructionsheets - in my examples - there were a few small parts missed.

Opinion: High detailled models in the 1/87 scale, for more advanced modellers.

With thanks to Hobbyterra, Ukraine for the review examples

Russian Post War Vehicles

Kit 87001 - Kraz 258 Z Baustellenzugmittel

SMK/87001.jpg SMK/87001-1.jpg SMK/87001-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87001-4.jpg SMK/87001-5.jpg SMK/87001-6.jpg

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Kit 87002 - Kraz 258 Soviet Tractor

SMK/87002.jpg SMK/87002-1.jpg SMK/87002-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87002-3.jpg SMK/87002-4.jpg SMK/87002-5.jpg

Kit 87003 - Kraz 257 Soviet Cargo Truck

SMK/87003.jpg SMK/87003-1.jpg SMK/87003-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87003-3.jpg SMK/87003-4.jpg SMK/87003-5.jpg

Kit 87004 - Kraz 256 Soviet Dump Truck

SMK/87004.jpg SMK/87004-1.jpg SMK/87004-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87004-3.jpg SMK/87004-4.jpg SMK/87004-5.jpg

Kit 87005 - Kraz 255 B1 Soviet Army Off Road Truck

SMK/87005.jpg SMK/87005-1.jpg SMK/87005-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87005-3.jpg SMK/87005-4.jpg SMK/87005-5.jpg

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Kit 87006 - Kraz 255 W Soviet Army Off Road Truck

SMK/87006.jpg SMK/87006-1.jpg SMK/87006-2.jpg SMK/87001-3.jpg

SMK/87006-3.jpg SMK/87006-4.jpg SMK/87006-5.jpg

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Kit 87101 - EOV-4421 Excavator

SMK/87101/01.jpg SMK/87101/02.jpg SMK/87101/03.jpg SMK/87101/04.jpg SMK/87101/05.jpg

Kit 87102 - TMM3M Bridgelayer

SMK/87102/01.jpg SMK/87102/02.jpg SMK/87102/03.jpg SMK/87102/04.jpg SMK/87102/05.jpg

Kit 87103 - KrAZ-260G Soviet Army truck

SMK/87103/01.jpg SMK/87103/02.jpg SMK/87103/03.jpg SMK/87103/04.jpg SMK/87103/05.jpg SMK/87103/06.jpg

Kit 87104 - KrAZ-6322 Soviet Army truck


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Kit 87105 - KrAZ-255S Soviet dump truck

SMK/87105/01.jpg SMK/87105/02.jpg SMK/87105/03.jpg SMK/87105/04.jpg SMK/87105/05.jpg SMK/87105/06.jpg

Kit 87106 - Ats-10-260 Soviet fuel truck

SMK/87106/01.jpg SMK/87106/07.jpg SMK/87106/08.jpg SMK/87106/02.jpg SMK/87106/03.jpg SMK/87106/04.jpg SMK/87106/05.jpg SMK/87106/06.jpg

Kit 87107 - TZ-255 Soviet fuel truck


Kit 87108 - KrAZ-6510 Soviet dump truck


Kit 87109 - KrAZ-6501 Soviet tractor

SMK/87109/01.jpg SMK/87109/02.jpg SMK/87109/03.jpg SMK/87109/04.jpg SMK/87109/05.jpg SMK/87109/06.jpg

Kit 87110 - KrAZ-250 Soviet cargo truck

SMK/87110/01.jpg SMK/87110/02.jpg SMK/87110/03.jpg SMK/87110/04.jpg SMK/87110/05.jpg

Kit 87111 - AKTs-4-255 Soviet acid fuel truck

SMK/87111/01.jpg SMK/87111/02.jpg SMK/87111/03.jpg SMK/87111/04.jpg SMK/87111/05.jpg SMK/87111/06.jpg

Kit 87112 - AKDS-70M Mobile oxygen generate station

SMK/87112/01.jpg SMK/87112/02.jpg SMK/87112/03.jpg SMK/87112/04.jpg

Kit 87113 - PMP-3 Pontoon bridge layer, river section

SMK/87113/01.jpg SMK/87113/02.jpg SMK/87113/03.jpg SMK/87113/04.jpg SMK/87113/05.jpg

Kit 87114 - PMP-3 Pontoon bridge layer, shore section

SMK/87114/01.jpg SMK/87114/02.jpg SMK/87114/03.jpg SMK/87114/04.jpg SMK/87114/05.jpg

Kit 87115 - PMP-3 Spread pattern truck, for pontoon park

SMK/87115/01.jpg SMK/87115/02.jpg SMK/87115/03.jpg SMK/87115/04.jpg SMK/87115/05.jpg

Kit 87119 - PRV-16 Thin skin soviet heightfinder


Kit 87120 - Krazz 255 With S125 Rocket Launcher


Kit 87123 - EAG-066 Airfield cleaner


Kit 87124 - KRAZ-255 With NVA body Van


Kit 87125 - E305BW Excavator


Kit 87126 - 5T99 Transloader


Kit 87127 - Krazz 255L Timber wood truck


Kit 87146 - Kraz-214W Soviet tracktor


Kit 87148 - Kraz-214B Soviet Army truck


Kit 87201 - DT-54 Soviet caterpillar

SMK/87201/01.jpg SMK/87201/05.jpg SMK/87201/06.jpg SMK/87201/02.jpg SMK/87201/03.jpg SMK/87201/04.jpg

Kit 87202 - Jagdpanzer 38(t) HETZER

SMK/87202/01.jpg SMK/87202/05.jpg SMK/87202/02.jpg SMK/87202/03.jpg SMK/87202/04.jpg SMK/87202/06.jpg

Kit 87203 - Flammpanzer 38(t) FLAMMHETZER

SMK/87203/01.jpg SMK/87203/02.jpg SMK/87203/03.jpg SMK/87203/04.jpg

Kit 87210 - Zis 12 with Searchlight


Kit 87211 - Zis 42M Halftrack


Kit 87212 - BZ-43 Refueller


Kit 87222 - ZiS-13 Soviet gas holder truck


Kit 87224 - ZiS-8V Soviet staff bus


Kit 87301 - Zis-5V 1942 early


Kit 87302 - Zis-5V 1943 mid


Kit 87303 - Zis-5V 1942 early


The SMK kits are distributed by the manufacturer "Hobbyterra" from the Ukraine.


For information about other kits, availability, prices and order, visit;

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