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Steel72 SCP, C/San Valerio N°5 24401 Ponferrada León, Spain, Phone +34 625 53 15 65, Email: info@steel72.com
Steel72 is in collaboration with Xan Miniaturs

Steel72 is a new company, a result of the union of two professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the miniature and wargame sector. The project consists of bringing the modeling and wargame fans closer to new products, both of their own creation and acquired from other manufacturers, adding a plus in quality, ease of assembly, innovation and originality, all accompanied by an excellent value for money . We count on your support and attention to this project in advance. - Xan & xaby Steel72

Info October 2016 - Steel72 is the new owner of "Vepafigures".

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Steel72 - Vehicle sets, figure sets & Stowage sets


- The vehicle sets contains a plastic sprue with an "Armourfast" tank, resin stowage and white metal tank commander exclusive of Steel72.
- The figures of soldiers are made in white metal.
- Stowage packs are made in resin.
- All products are supplied unpainted

Note: not all available kits are showed, for other kits use links below

Vehicle sets

Kit RUVR001 - Zis-5

steel72/ruvr001/01.jpg steel72/ruvr001/02.jpg

Kit RUVR002 - Zis-5 Ambulance

steel72/ruvr002/01.jpg steel72/ruvr002/02.jpg

Vehicle sets - (with Armourfast kit)

Kit S72A014 - Sherman M4A3 75mm

steel72/s72a014/01.jpg steel72/s72a014/02.jpg steel72/s72a014/03.jpg steel72/s72a014/04.jpg steel72/s72a014/05.jpg

Figure sets

Kit FA001 - US tank commanders

steel72/fa001/01.jpg steel72/fa001/02.jpg

Kit FG001 - German tank commanders 1

steel72/fg001/01.jpg steel72/fg001/02.jpg

Kit FG002 - German tank commanders 2

steel72/fg002/01.jpg steel72/fg002/02.jpg

Kit DAK001 - DAK infantry advancing

steel72/dak1/01.jpg steel72/dak1/02.jpg

Kit DAK002 - DAK infantry firing/loading

steel72/dak2/01.jpg steel72/dak2/02.jpg

Stowage sets

Kit S72SAL002 - Allied stowage set 2

steel72/s72sal002/01.jpg steel72/s72sal002/02.jpg

Kit S72SG001 - German stowage set

steel72/s72sg001/01.jpg steel72/s72sg001/02.jpg

Modern Equipment

Kit VM01 - Socom in rest - 4 figures

steel72/vm01/01.jpg steel72/vm01/02.jpg

Kit VM02 - Socom in combat - 4 figures

steel72/vm02/01.jpg steel72/vm02/02.jpg

Kit VM03 - Infantry in combat - 6 figures

steel72/vm03/01.jpg steel72/vm03/02.jpg steel72/vm03/03.jpg

Kit VM04 - Infantry in close combat - 6 figures

steel72/vm04/01.jpg steel72/vm04/02.jpg

Kit VM05 - Infantry patrol - 6 figures

steel72/vm05/01.jpg steel72/vm05/02.jpg

Kit VM06 - CHECK POINT - 6 figures

steel72/vm06/01.jpg steel72/vm06/02.jpg

Kit VM07 - SNIPERS TEAM - 2 figures

steel72/vm07/01.jpg steel72/vm07/02.jpg

Kit VM08 - Assortment 10 heads

steel72/vm08/01.jpg steel72/vm08/02.jpg


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