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PE - Photo Etching parts

Kit TM72001PE - Zimmerit for Panther D (Zvezda Kit 5010)

tankmodels/PE/72001/01.jpg tankmodels/PE/72001/02.jpg

Kit TM72002PE - 7TP late conv. & upgrade set for Vickers A/B from FTF


Corrected parts and accessoires

Kit TM72001 - Michelin DS tyres (full wheels) for 75mm Schneider or 100mm Škoda (from FTF)

tankmodels/72001/00.jpg tankmodels/72001/01.jpg tankmodels/72001/02.jpg tankmodels/72001/03.jpg

Kit TM72002 - Corrected wheels Michelin DS for 75mm Schneider WZ 1897 (FtF)

tankmodels/72002/01.jpg tankmodels/72002/02.jpg tankmodels/72002/03.jpg tankmodels/72002/04.jpg

Kit TM72003 - Corrected wheels Michelin DS for Polish Skoda 100mm (FtF)

tankmodels/72003/01.jpg tankmodels/72003/02.jpg

Kit TM72004 - Polish Fiat 621 metal cab Late - (FTF)

tankmodels/72004/00.jpg tankmodels/72004/01.jpg tankmodels/72004/02.jpg tankmodels/72004/03.jpg tankmodels/72004/04.jpg

Kit TM72005 - Heads in Helmet WZ15 for Polish Uhlans (FtF)

tankmodels/72005/01.jpg tankmodels/72005/02.jpg tankmodels/72005/03.jpg tankmodels/72005/04.jpg

Info: Kits 72006 <> 72016

09-2019: - "Tank Models Poland" have resumed the production of all resin sets designed by Peter Kuonen (ex-MK72 / MPK). The sets have been renewed, some of them were released for the first time. On the basis of parts new sets will appear for models from other manufacturers. All sets are available under the Tank Models brand (with an annotation: designed by MK72) - Note: Tank Models

For more information about this ex-MPK / MK72 kits:

logo Tankmodels Website

Kit TM72006 - Opel Blitz early & Late (Academy) - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72006/01.jpg tankmodels/72006/02.jpg

Kit TM72007 - Wheels etc for Bedford (IBG) - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72007/01.jpg tankmodels/72007/02.jpg tankmodels/72007/03.jpg

Kit TM72008 - Wheels Chevrolet C15A (IBG) - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72008/01.jpg tankmodels/72008/02.jpg

Kit TM72009 - Wheels for VW Schwimmwagen wide typ - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72009/01.jpg tankmodels/72009/02.jpg

Kit TM72010 - Wheels for VW Kubelwagen with hubcaps - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72010/01.jpg tankmodels/72010/02.jpg

Kit TM72011 - Wheels for VW Kubelwagen without hubcaps - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72011/01.jpg tankmodels/72011/02.jpg

Kit TM72012 - Sand-Wheels for VW Kubelwagen - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72012/01.jpg tankmodels/72012/02.jpg

Kit TM72013 - Wheels for Autoblindo M41 Sand/Lybia - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72013/01.jpg tankmodels/72013/02.jpg

Kit TM72014 - Wheels for SdKfz. 231/232/263 8-Rad with Spare-tires - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72014/01.jpg tankmodels/72014/02.jpg tankmodels/72014/03.jpg

Kit TM72015 - Wheels for Sd.Kfz. 231/232 (8-Rad) - (for First To Fight)

tankmodels/72015/01.jpg tankmodels/72015/02.jpg

Kit TM72016 - Humber Scoutcar MKI/MKII with double Bren-gun - (ex MPK- MK72 kit)

tankmodels/72016/01.jpg tankmodels/72016/02.jpg tankmodels/72016/03.jpg

Kit TM72020 - TracksGear set for 38(t)

Full resin tracked gear set for Panzer 38(t) and other vehicles built on this chassis (for Unimodels kits)

tankmodels/72020/01.jpg tankmodels/72020/02.jpg tankmodels/72020/03.jpg

Kit TM72021 - 7TP Command Turret with Commander for FTF models (3 variants)

tankmodels/72021/01.jpg tankmodels/72021/02.jpg tankmodels/72021/03.jpg tankmodels/72021/04.jpg tankmodels/72021/05.jpg

Kit TM72022 - Tracked gear set for Hetzer Late (for UM) - (soon back)

tankmodels/72022/01.jpg tankmodels/72022/02.jpg

Kit TM72023 - Tracked gear set for Hetzer / Bison early (for UM) - (soon back)

tankmodels/72023/01.jpg tankmodels/72023/02.jpg

Kit TM72024 - Polish Legions 1914–1918 - Commandant Pilsudski & Officers


Kit TM72025 - Polish Legions 1914–1918 - Infantry Polish Legions


Kit TM72026 - Polish Legions 1914–1918 - Machine Gun with crew


Kit TM72028 - Wheels for L.R.D.G. Chevrolet (Corrected set for Dragon)


Kit TM72029 - Krupp Steyr Waffentrager mit 88mm Pak 43 + metal barrel (Limited Edition)

tankmodels/72029/01.jpg tankmodels/72029/02.jpg tankmodels/72029/03.jpg tankmodels/72029/04.jpg tankmodels/72029/05.jpg tankmodels/72029/06.jpg tankmodels/72029/07.jpg tankmodels/72029/08.jpg tankmodels/72029/09.jpg

tankmodels/72112/03.jpg tankmodels/72112/04.jpg tankmodels/72112/05.jpg tankmodels/72112/06.jpg tankmodels/72112/07.jpg tankmodels/72112/08.jpg

Old Tankmodels series (ex Euromodel Plus) - (Out of production - not more available)

Kit TM72101 - Raketwerfer auf. PZ. IV

tankmodels/72101/01.jpg tankmodels/72101/02.jpg

Kit TM72102 - 10,5cm K18 auf Pz. IV "Dicker Max"

tankmodels/72102/01.jpg tankmodels/72102/02.jpg tankmodels/72102/03.jpg

Kit TM72103 - Waffentrager "Ardelt" 88mm Pak 43/L71

tankmodels/72103/01.jpg tankmodels/72103/02.jpg tankmodels/72103/03.jpg tankmodels/72103/04.jpg tankmodels/72103/05.jpg

Kit TM72104 - VK3001(H) "Sturer Emil" 12,8 cm L/61


Kit TM72105 - SdKfz. 161 Pz. IV Hydrostatic Drive - (experimental tank)

tankmodels/72105/01.jpg tankmodels/72105/02.jpg

Kit TM72106 - Pz. IV Krupp - (Prototype)

tankmodels/72106/01.jpg tankmodels/72106/02.jpg tankmodels/72106/03.jpg tankmodels/72106/04.jpg tankmodels/72106/05.jpg tankmodels/72106/06.jpg tankmodels/72106/07.jpg tankmodels/72106/08.jpg tankmodels/72106/09.jpg tankmodels/72106/10.jpg tankmodels/72106/11.jpg tankmodels/72106/12.jpg tankmodels/72106/13.jpg tankmodels/72106/14.jpg tankmodels/72106/15.jpg

Kit TM72107 - SdKfz. 165 Pz.IV "Hummel" early version

tankmodels/72107/01.jpg tankmodels/72107/02.jpg

Kit TM72108 - SdKfz. 165 Pz.IV "Hummel" late version


Kit TM72109 - SdKfz. 164 Pz.IV "Hummel" Munition Carrier

tankmodels/72109/01.jpg tankmodels/72109/02.jpg

Kit TM72110 - SdKfz. 164 Pz.IV "Nashorn / Hornisse" early version


Kit TM72111 - SdKfz. 164 Pz.IV "Nashorn / Hornisse" late version

tankmodels/72111/01.jpg tankmodels/72111/02.jpg

Kit TM72112 - Krupp Steyr Waffentrager mit 88mm Pak 43

tankmodels/72112/01.jpg tankmodels/72112/02.jpg tankmodels/72112/03.jpg tankmodels/72112/04.jpg tankmodels/72112/05.jpg tankmodels/72112/06.jpg tankmodels/72112/07.jpg tankmodels/72112/08.jpg

Built Model

tankmodels/72112/1/01.jpg tankmodels/72112/1/02.jpg tankmodels/72112/1/03.jpg tankmodels/72112/1/04.jpg tankmodels/72112/1/05.jpg


World War One - (Strategic Tabletop Game)
Kit 720001 - Ehrhardt E-V/4 1915

greenminiatures/720001/00.jpg greenminiatures/720001/01.jpg

Kit 720002 - Austro-Daimler Panzerwagen

greenminiatures/720002/00.jpg greenminiatures/720002/01.jpg

Kit 720003 - Austin 1st series

greenminiatures/720003/00.jpg greenminiatures/720003/01.jpg

Kit 720004 - Russo-Balt 1914 armoured car

greenminiatures/720004/00.jpg greenminiatures/720004/01.jpg

Kit 720005 - Ford Tf-b 1920 armoured car

greenminiatures/720005/00.jpg greenminiatures/720005/01.jpg

Kit 720006 - Fiat 15ter Italian cargo truck

greenminiatures/720006/01.jpg greenminiatures/720006/02.jpg greenminiatures/720006/03.jpg

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