Triumph Des Willens

A 1/72 scale resin manufacturer from Poland

The "TriumphdesWillens" kitnumbering is a little chaotic. The numbers on the boxes referred to the date of release.
For example; TDW 1119/2, means: TDW - Triumph des Willens, 11 - November, 19 - 2019 & /2 - the second kit released this month.

"Triumph Des Willens" Kitlist


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Kit TDW-72001 - Kfz. 415 Bussing Nag 500A (4x4) Flakmesstruppkraftwagen

tdw/72001/01.jpg tdw/72001/02.jpg tdw/72001/03.jpg tdw/72001/04.jpg

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Kit TDW-72002 - Bussing Nag 4500A mit Flak 3,7cm w/Armoured cab

tdw/72002/01.jpg tdw/72002/02.jpg tdw/72002/03.jpg tdw/72002/04.jpg tdw/72002/05.jpg tdw/72002/06.jpg tdw/72002/07.jpg tdw/72002/08.jpg tdw/72002/09.jpg tdw/72002/11.jpg

Model built by Guy Denies

tdw/72002/1/01.jpg tdw/72002/1/02.jpg tdw/72002/1/03.jpg

For an "Christopher Benjamin / OTW" preview about kit 72002 - Bussing Nag 4500A mit Flak 3,7cm w/Armoured cab visit:

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Kit TDW-72003 - Bussing Nag 4500A Service truck

tdw/72003/00.jpg tdw/72003/01.jpg tdw/72003/02.jpg tdw/72003/03.jpg tdw/72003/04.jpg tdw/72003/05.jpg tdw/72003/06.jpg

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Kit TDW-72004 - Mercedes-Benz 4500A mit Flak 3,7cm (w/ metal barrel)

tdw/72004/01.jpg tdw/72004/02.jpg tdw/72004/03.jpg

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Kit TDW-72005 - Bussing NAG Omnibus "Imperator"

tdw/72005/01.jpg tdw/72005/02.jpg tdw/72005/03.jpg tdw/72005/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72006 - SdKfz.7/2 with armoured cab - conversion for Hasegawa / Airfix kit

tdw/72006/01.jpg tdw/72006/02.jpg tdw/72006/03.jpg tdw/72006/04.jpg tdw/72006/05.jpg tdw/72006/06.jpg

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Kit - Wheels for Revell Flak 8.8 - (deleted)


Kit TDW-72007 - Bussing NAG 4500T Trambus

tdw/72008/00.jpg tdw/72008/01.jpg tdw/72008/02.jpg tdw/72008/03.jpg

Built model by TDW

tdw/72008/04.jpg tdw/72008/05.jpg tdw/72008/1/01.jpg tdw/72008/1/02.jpg tdw/72008/1/03.jpg tdw/72008/1/04.jpg tdw/72008/1/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72008 - Skoda Wehrmacht Omnibus

tdw/72009/01.jpg tdw/72009/02.jpg tdw/72009/03.jpg tdw/72009/04.jpg tdw/72009/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72008 - (Update version) - Skoda Wehrmacht Omnibus - (Not sure if it was Skoda or not, now renamed as "Art-deco Omnibus")

tdw/72009/1/00.jpg tdw/72009/1/01.jpg tdw/72009/1/02.jpg tdw/72009/1/03.jpg tdw/72009/1/04.jpg tdw/72009/1/05.jpg tdw/72009/1/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72009 - Busing-Nag 350T Aero (1936)

tdw/72010/01.jpg tdw/72010/02.jpg tdw/72010/03.jpg tdw/72010/04.jpg tdw/72010/05.jpg

tdw/72010/1/01.jpg tdw/72010/1/02.jpg tdw/72010/1/03.jpg tdw/72010/1/04.jpg

tdw/72010/1/05.jpg tdw/72010/1/06.jpg tdw/72010/1/07.jpg tdw/72010/1/08.jpg tdw/72010/1/09.jpg tdw/72010/1/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72010 - Magirus O 145 Wehrmacht Heavy Omnibus

tdw/72011/01.jpg tdw/72011/02.jpg tdw/72011/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72011 - Magirus L 145

tdw/72012/01.jpg tdw/72012/02.jpg tdw/72012/03.jpg tdw/72012/04.jpg tdw/72012/05.jpg tdw/72012/06.jpg tdw/72012/07.jpg tdw/72012/08.jpg tdw/72012/09.jpg tdw/72012/10.jpg tdw/72012/11.jpg

Kit TDW-72012 - Bussing Nag Eilschlepper

tdw/72013/01.jpg tdw/72013/02.jpg tdw/72013/03.jpg tdw/72013/04.jpg tdw/72013/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72013 - Borgward type 3T with fieldkitchen

tdw/72014/01.jpg tdw/72014/02.jpg tdw/72014/03.jpg tdw/72014/04.jpg tdw/72014/05.jpg tdw/72014/06.jpg tdw/72014/07.jpg

Model built by Wojciech Maka

tdw/72014/1/01.jpg tdw/72014/1/02.jpg tdw/72014/1/03.jpg tdw/72014/1/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72014 - Ford G917, Radio Direction Finder

tdw/72015/01.jpg tdw/72015/02.jpg tdw/72015/03.jpg tdw/72015/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72015 - Bussing Nag 500S

tdw/72016/01.jpg tdw/72016/02.jpg tdw/72016/03.jpg tdw/72016/04.jpg tdw/72016/05.jpg tdw/72016/06.jpg tdw/72016/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72016 - Opel Admiral Staffcar - saloon version

tdw/72017/01.jpg tdw/72017/02.jpg tdw/72017/03.jpg tdw/72017/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72017 - Krupp LD4

tdw/72018/01.jpg tdw/72018/02.jpg tdw/72018/03.jpg tdw/72018/04.jpg tdw/72018/05.jpg tdw/72018/06.jpg tdw/72018/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72018 - Faun L900D

tdw/72019/01.jpg tdw/72019/02.jpg tdw/72019/03.jpg tdw/72019/04.jpg tdw/72019/05.jpg tdw/72019/06.jpg tdw/72019/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72019 - Opel Admiral Ambulance

tdw/72020/01.jpg tdw/72020/02.jpg tdw/72020/03.jpg tdw/72020/04.jpg tdw/72020/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72020 - Saurer BT4500 Bus

tdw/72021/01.jpg tdw/72021/02.jpg tdw/72021/03.jpg tdw/72021/04.jpg tdw/72021/05.jpg tdw/72021/06.jpg tdw/72021/07.jpg tdw/72021/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72021 - Bussing Nag Omnibus 6,5 ton

tdw/72022/01.jpg tdw/72022/02.jpg tdw/72022/03.jpg tdw/72022/04.jpg tdw/72022/05.jpg tdw/72022/06.jpg tdw/72022/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72022 - Vomag 4RL Standard

tdw/72023/01.jpg tdw/72023/02.jpg tdw/72023/03.jpg tdw/72023/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72023 - Vomag KFZ 42

tdw/72024/01.jpg tdw/72024/02.jpg tdw/72024/03.jpg tdw/72024/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72024 - Mercedes Benz L-10000

tdw/72025/01.jpg tdw/72025/02.jpg tdw/72025/03.jpg tdw/72025/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72025 - Federal 606

tdw/72026/01.jpg tdw/72026/02.jpg tdw/72026/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72026 - Opel Admiral Kubelwagen

tdw/72027/01.jpg tdw/72027/02.jpg

Kit TDW-72027 - Opel Admiral Cabriolet

tdw/72028/01.jpg tdw/72028/02.jpg

Kit - European Building - (deleted)


Kit TDW-72028 - Saurer 3CT

tdw/72030/01.jpg tdw/72030/02.jpg tdw/72030/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72029 - Mercedes Benz L10000 Holztransporter

tdw/72031/01.jpg tdw/72031/02.jpg tdw/72031/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72030 - Bussing NAG 650N Omnibus

tdw/72032/01.jpg tdw/72032/02.jpg tdw/72032/03.jpg tdw/72032/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72031 - Federal 606 with Trailer

tdw/72033/01.jpg tdw/72033/02.jpg tdw/72033/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72032 - Ford G917 Omnibus

tdw/72034/01.jpg tdw/72034/02.jpg tdw/72034/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72033 - MB L10000 Schaltpultwagen

tdw/72035/01.jpg tdw/72035/02.jpg tdw/72035/03.jpg tdw/72035/04.jpg tdw/72035/05.jpg tdw/72035/06.jpg tdw/72035/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72034 - Schwerer Generatorsatz

tdw/72036/01.jpg tdw/72036/02.jpg tdw/72036/03.jpg tdw/72036/04.jpg tdw/72036/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72035 - Chevrolet with DAF Kraftstoff trailer

tdw/72037/01.jpg tdw/72037/02.jpg tdw/72037/03.jpg tdw/72037/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72036 - Senderswagen

tdw/72038/01.jpg tdw/72038/02.jpg tdw/72038/03.jpg tdw/72038/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72037 - Chevrolet with Medical Trailer

tdw/72039/01.jpg tdw/72039/02.jpg tdw/72039/03.jpg tdw/72039/04.jpg tdw/72039/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72038 - Faun V-2 Rocket Launcher - (conversion for Meillerwagen from Special Armor)

tdw/72040/01.jpg tdw/72040/02.jpg tdw/72040/03.jpg tdw/72040/04.jpg tdw/72040/05.jpg tdw/72040/06.jpg tdw/72040/07.jpg tdw/72040/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72039 - Faun L1500 Cargo version (with cargo)

tdw/72041/01.jpg tdw/72041/02.jpg tdw/72041/03.jpg tdw/72041/04.jpg tdw/72041/05.jpg tdw/72041/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72040 - MB LG3000 Kfz 91

tdw/72042/01.jpg tdw/72042/02.jpg tdw/72042/03.jpg tdw/72042/04.jpg tdw/72042/05.jpg tdw/72042/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72041 - MB LG3000 radio truck

tdw/72043/01.jpg tdw/72043/02.jpg tdw/72043/03.jpg tdw/72043/04.jpg tdw/72043/05.jpg tdw/72043/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72042 - Bussing NAG 400T -(BN 400T - is based on previous 350T but is corrected and it has new parts.

tdw/72044/01.jpg tdw/72044/02.jpg tdw/72044/03.jpg tdw/72044/04.jpg tdw/72044/05.jpg tdw/72044/06.jpg tdw/72044/07.jpg tdw/72044/08.jpg tdw/72044/09.jpg tdw/72044/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72043 - Bianchi Miles Ambulanza

tdw/72045/01.jpg tdw/72045/02.jpg tdw/72045/03.jpg tdw/72045/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72044 - Henschel 33D1 - classic German truck

tdw/72046/01.jpg tdw/72046/02.jpg tdw/72046/03.jpg tdw/72046/04.jpg tdw/72046/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72045 - Henschel 33D1 "Pitomnik tanker"

tdw/72047/01.jpg tdw/72047/02.jpg tdw/72047/03.jpg tdw/72047/04.jpg tdw/72047/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72046 - Mercedes Benz L 3000 "Ambulance"

tdw/72048/01.jpg tdw/72048/02.jpg tdw/72048/03.jpg tdw/72048/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72047 - Mercedes Benz L 3000 "Firetruck"

tdw/72049/01.jpg tdw/72049/02.jpg tdw/72049/03.jpg tdw/72049/04.jpg tdw/72049/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72048 - Mercedes Benz L3000S TLF-15 "Noginsk" Tanker

tdw/72049/1/01.jpg tdw/72049/1/02.jpg tdw/72049/1/03.jpg tdw/72049/1/04.jpg tdw/72049/1/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72049 - Ford Kubelwagen

tdw/72050/01.jpg tdw/72050/02.jpg tdw/72050/03.jpg tdw/72050/04.jpg tdw/72050/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72050 - Opel Admiral Cabrio II Edition - (with open doors, trunk, hood, engine, flat tyres)

tdw/72052/02.jpg tdw/72052/01.jpg tdw/72052/03.jpg tdw/72052/04.jpg tdw/72052/05.jpg tdw/72052/06.jpg tdw/72052/07.jpg

Kit 72051 - MB L3000S TLF-15 "Noginsk"

tdw/72051/01.jpg tdw/72051/02.jpg tdw/72051/03.jpg tdw/72051/04.jpg tdw/72051/05.jpg

Kit 72052 - Opel Admiral Cabriolet - (with open doors, trunk, hood, engine, flat tyres)

tdw/72052/02.jpg tdw/72052/01.jpg tdw/72052/03.jpg tdw/72052/04.jpg tdw/72052/05.jpg tdw/72052/06.jpg tdw/72052/07.jpg

Kit - Diorama #1 - with chapel - (deleted)

tdw/72053/01.jpg tdw/72053/02.jpg tdw/72053/03.jpg tdw/72053/04.jpg tdw/72053/05.jpg tdw/72053/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72051 - SdKfz 7/6 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen - (for Revell First Version)

tdw/72054/01.jpg tdw/72054/02.jpg tdw/72054/03.jpg tdw/72054/04.jpg tdw/72054/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72052 - SdKfz 7/6 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen - (for Revell second Version)

tdw/72055/01.jpg tdw/72055/02.jpg tdw/72055/03.jpg tdw/72055/04.jpg tdw/72055/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72053 - Kfz 415 based on MB 4500A Flakmesstruppkraftwagen

tdw/72056/01.jpg tdw/72056/02.jpg tdw/72056/03.jpg tdw/72056/04.jpg tdw/72056/05.jpg tdw/72056/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72054 - SdKfz 8 DB-10

tdw/72057/01.jpg tdw/72057/02.jpg tdw/72057/03.jpg tdw/72057/04.jpg tdw/72057/05.jpg tdw/72057/06.jpg tdw/72057/07.jpg tdw/72057/08.jpg tdw/72057/09.jpg tdw/72057/10.jpg tdw/72057/11.jpg

Kit TDW-72055 - Early Opel Blitz 2,5t "Rotterdam"

tdw/72058/01.jpg tdw/72058/02.jpg tdw/72058/03.jpg tdw/72058/04.jpg tdw/72058/05.jpg tdw/72058/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72056 - Hanomag SS-100 with trailer

tdw/72059/01.jpg tdw/72059/02.jpg tdw/72059/03.jpg tdw/72059/04.jpg tdw/72059/05.jpg tdw/72059/06.jpg tdw/72059/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72057 - SdKfz 8 DB s7 12ton halftrack - (initial version)

tdw/72060/01.jpg tdw/72060/02.jpg tdw/72060/03.jpg tdw/72060/04.jpg tdw/72060/05.jpg tdw/72060/06.jpg tdw/72060/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72058 - Mercedes Benz LO 3750 Reichspost Omnibus

tdw/72061/01.jpg tdw/72061/02.jpg tdw/72061/03.jpg tdw/72061/04.jpg tdw/72061/05.jpg tdw/72061/06.jpg tdw/72061/07.jpg tdw/72061/08.jpg tdw/72061/09.jpg tdw/72061/10.jpg tdw/72061/11.jpg

Kit TDW-72059/1 - Opel Blitz Reichspost Omnibus

tdw/72062/01.jpg tdw/72062/02.jpg tdw/72062/03.jpg tdw/72062/04.jpg tdw/72062/05.jpg tdw/72062/06.jpg tdw/72062/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72059/2 - Opel Blitz Funkwagen

tdw/72063/01.jpg tdw/72063/02.jpg tdw/72063/03.jpg tdw/72063/04.jpg tdw/72063/05.jpg tdw/72063/06.jpg tdw/72063/07.jpg tdw/72063/08.jpg tdw/72063/09.jpg tdw/72063/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72060 - SdKfz 11 HKL

tdw/72064/01.jpg tdw/72064/02.jpg tdw/72064/03.jpg tdw/72064/04.jpg tdw/72064/05.jpg tdw/72064/06.jpg tdw/72064/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72061 - SdKfz 247 Ausf. B

tdw/72065/01.jpg tdw/72065/02.jpg tdw/72065/03.jpg tdw/72065/04.jpg tdw/72065/05.jpg tdw/72065/06.jpg tdw/72065/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72062 - Vomag Wehrmacht Omnibus

tdw/72066/01.jpg tdw/72066/02.jpg tdw/72066/03.jpg tdw/72066/04.jpg tdw/72066/05.jpg tdw/72066/06.jpg tdw/72066/07.jpg tdw/72066/08.jpg tdw/72066/09.jpg tdw/72066/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72063 - Sdkfz 251/9 Horch

This is a little fun project
It never existed but in the world where there is growing numers of fictional projects. It's early version of SdKfz 251 with front from SdKfz 247 and it has short 75mm gun on the top. The gun is metal from RB as a addition to the kit

tdw/72067/01.jpg tdw/72067/02.jpg tdw/72067/03.jpg tdw/72067/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72064 - Vomag LKW

tdw/72070/01.jpg tdw/72070/02.jpg tdw/72070/03.jpg tdw/72070/04.jpg tdw/72070/05.jpg tdw/72070/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72065 - Saurer BT4500

tdw/72069/01.jpg tdw/72069/02.jpg tdw/72069/03.jpg tdw/72069/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72066 - Mercedes Benz L6500

tdw/72068/01.jpg tdw/72068/02.jpg tdw/72068/03.jpg tdw/72068/04.jpg tdw/72068/05.jpg tdw/72068/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72067 - Bianchi Miles LKW - TDW0318

tdw/72071/01.jpg tdw/72071/02.jpg tdw/72071/03.jpg tdw/72071/04.jpg tdw/72071/05.jpg tdw/72071/06.jpg tdw/72071/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72068 - Bianchi Miles Omnibus - TDW 0318/2 - (captured vehicle)

tdw/72072/01.jpg tdw/72072/02.jpg tdw/72072/03.jpg tdw/72072/04.jpg tdw/72072/05.jpg tdw/72072/06.jpg tdw/72072/07.jpg tdw/72072/08.jpg tdw/72072/09.jpg tdw/72072/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72069 - Henschel 33 LKW - (Corrected version)

tdw/72073/01.jpg tdw/72073/02.jpg tdw/72073/03.jpg tdw/72073/04.jpg tdw/72073/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72070 - Henschel 33 - Kfz. 343 Fire engine version

tdw/72074/01.jpg tdw/72074/02.jpg tdw/72074/03.jpg tdw/72074/04.jpg tdw/72074/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72071 - Henschel 33 with flak 36 3,7cm.

tdw/72075/01.jpg tdw/72075/02.jpg tdw/72075/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72072 - WWII Dutch omnibus - "Kromhout"

tdw/72076/01.jpg tdw/72076/02.jpg tdw/72076/03.jpg tdw/72076/04.jpg tdw/72076/05.jpg tdw/72076/06.jpg tdw/72076/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72073 - Federal 604 with Trailer - (American vehicle)

tdw/72077/01.jpg tdw/72077/02.jpg tdw/72077/03.jpg tdw/72077/04.jpg tdw/72077/05.jpg tdw/72077/06.jpg tdw/72077/07.jpg tdw/72077/08.jpg tdw/72077/09.jpg

Kit TDW-72074 - Federal 604 - (American vehicle)

tdw/72077/1/01.jpg tdw/72077/1/02.jpg

Kit TDW-72075 - Fiat 626 RNL

tdw/72078/01.jpg tdw/72078/02.jpg tdw/72078/03.jpg tdw/72078/04.jpg tdw/72078/05.jpg tdw/72078/06.jpg tdw/72078/07.jpg tdw/72078/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72076 - Alfa Romeo 430 Ambrosini

tdw/72079/01.jpg tdw/72079/02.jpg tdw/72079/03.jpg tdw/72079/04.jpg tdw/72079/05.jpg tdw/72079/06.jpg tdw/72079/07.jpg tdw/72079/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72077 - Peterbilt 281 with trailer

tdw/72080/01.jpg tdw/72080/02.jpg tdw/72080/03.jpg tdw/72080/04.jpg tdw/72080/05.jpg tdw/72080/06.jpg tdw/72080/07.jpg tdw/72080/08.jpg tdw/72080/09.jpg tdw/72080/10.jpg tdw/72080/11.jpg

Kit TDW-72078 - Borgward B 3000 LKW

tdw/72081/00.jpg tdw/72081/01.jpg tdw/72081/02.jpg tdw/72081/03.jpg tdw/72081/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72079 - Isobloc Normandy Omnibus

tdw/72082/00.jpg tdw/72082/01.jpg tdw/72082/02.jpg tdw/72082/03.jpg tdw/72082/04.jpg tdw/72082/05.jpg tdw/72082/06.jpg tdw/72082/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72080-1219 - Fiat 618 WWII Police car

tdw/72083/01.jpg tdw/72083/02.jpg tdw/72083/03.jpg tdw/72083/04.jpg tdw/72082/05.jpg tdw/72083/06.jpg tdw/72083/07.jpg tdw/72083/08.jpg tdw/72083/09.jpg

Kit TDW-72081-1020 - Bussing NAG G-31 Kfz 61

tdw/72084/01.jpg tdw/72084/02.jpg tdw/72084/03.jpg tdw/72084/04.jpg tdw/72084/05.jpg tdw/72084/06.jpg tdw/72084/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72082-1020/2 - Krupp Protze Kfz 19

tdw/72085/01.jpg tdw/72085/02.jpg tdw/72085/03.jpg tdw/72085/04.jpg tdw/72085/05.jpg tdw/72085/06.jpg tdw/72085/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72083-0421/1 - StuH III Conversion (mainly for Trumpeter, but it should fit all other PzIII chassis from other manufacturers like Revell, Dragon, Attack and UM)

tdw/72086/01.jpg tdw/72086/02.jpg tdw/72086/03.jpg tdw/72086/04.jpg tdw/72086/05.jpg tdw/72086/06.jpg tdw/72086/07.jpg tdw/72086/08.jpg tdw/72086/09.jpg tdw/72086/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72084-0421/2 - Morris CDSW avec Drilling 3x MG151

tdw/72087/01.jpg tdw/72087/02.jpg tdw/72087/03.jpg tdw/72087/04.jpg tdw/72087/05.jpg tdw/72087/06.jpg tdw/72087/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72085-0421/3 - Borgward Stab Omnibus

tdw/72089/01.jpg tdw/72089/02.jpg tdw/72089/03.jpg tdw/72089/04.jpg tdw/72089/05.jpg tdw/72089/06.jpg tdw/72089/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72086-0421/4 - Opel Blitz Dutch City Bus (WWII era) - inspired by the brilliant work of Alex from Moscow

tdw/72088/01.jpg tdw/72088/02.jpg tdw/72088/03.jpg tdw/72088/04.jpg tdw/72088/05.jpg tdw/72088/06.jpg tdw/72088/07.jpg tdw/72088/08.jpg tdw/72088/09.jpg

Model built by Alex from Moscow


Kit TDW-72087-0821/1 - Bussing NAG G-31 Kfz 77

tdw/72090/01.jpg tdw/72090/02.jpg tdw/72090/03.jpg tdw/72090/04.jpg tdw/72090/05.jpg tdw/72090/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72088-0821/2 - Bussing NAG Eilschlepper (corrected version) + Tank Trailer

tdw/72091/01.jpg tdw/72091/02.jpg tdw/72091/03.jpg tdw/72091/04.jpg tdw/72091/05.jpg tdw/72091/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72089-0821/3 - Bussing NAG 900L Omnibus - (Set includes Vacu-formed windows and PE grill)

tdw/72092/01.jpg tdw/72092/02.jpg tdw/72092/03.jpg tdw/72092/04.jpg tdw/72092/05.jpg tdw/72092/06.jpg tdw/72092/07.jpg tdw/72092/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72090-1021/1 - Fiat 665 with flak 36 3,7cm

tdw/72093/01.jpg tdw/72093/02.jpg tdw/72093/03.jpg tdw/72093/04.jpg tdw/72093/05.jpg tdw/72093/06.jpg tdw/72093/07.jpg tdw/72093/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72091-1021/2 - SPA Dovunque 6x6 Artillery Tractor

tdw/72094/01.jpg tdw/72094/02.jpg tdw/72094/03.jpg tdw/72094/04.jpg tdw/72094/05.jpg tdw/72094/06.jpg tdw/72094/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72092-1221/1 - Henschel 36w3

tdw/72095/01.jpg tdw/72095/02.jpg tdw/72095/03.jpg tdw/72095/04.jpg tdw/72095/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72093-1221/2 - Faun Z87 Eilschlepper

tdw/72096/01.jpg tdw/72096/02.jpg tdw/72096/03.jpg tdw/72096/04.jpg tdw/72096/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72094-1221/3 - 11ton Heavy Wehrmacht Trailer

tdw/72097/01.jpg tdw/72097/02.jpg tdw/72097/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72095-0922/01 - Alfa Romeo 110

tdw/72099/01.jpg tdw/72099/02.jpg tdw/72099/03.jpg tdw/72099/04.jpg tdw/72099/05.jpg tdw/72099/06.jpg tdw/72099/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72096-0922/02 - Opel Blitz "Mini Tanker"

tdw/72099/01.jpg tdw/72099/02.jpg tdw/72099/03.jpg tdw/72099/04.jpg tdw/72099/05.jpg tdw/72099/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72097-0423/02 - Saurer BT4500 - (updated version of Kit TDW-72020 - Saurer BT4500 Bus)

tdw/72100/01.jpg tdw/72100/02.jpg tdw/72100/03.jpg tdw/72100/04.jpg tdw/72100/05.jpg tdw/72100/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72098-04/2023 - Ford V3000 Tanker (6x4)

tdw/72101/01.jpg tdw/72101/02.jpg tdw/72101/03.jpg tdw/72101/04.jpg tdw/72101/05.jpg tdw/72101/06.jpg tdw/72101/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72099-04/2023 - German Fuel trailer

tdw/72102/01.jpg tdw/72102/02.jpg tdw/72102/03.jpg tdw/72102/04.jpg tdw/72102/05.jpg tdw/72102/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72100-04/2023 - Henschel 40SN2 Omnibus with Bus Trailer

tdw/72103/01.jpg tdw/72103/02.jpg tdw/72103/03.jpg tdw/72103/04.jpg tdw/72103/05.jpg tdw/72103/06.jpg tdw/72103/07.jpg tdw/72103/08.jpg

Kit TDW-72101-04/2023 - Henschel 40SN2 Omnibus

tdw/72104/00.jpg tdw/72104/01.jpg tdw/72104/02.jpg tdw/72104/03.jpg

Kit TDW-72102-07/2023 - Artilerymessfahrzeug auf SdKfz 231

tdw/72105/01.jpg tdw/72105/02.jpg tdw/72105/03.jpg tdw/72105/04.jpg tdw/72105/05.jpg tdw/72105/06.jpg tdw/72105/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72103-02/2023 - Renault Tanker

tdw/72106/01.jpg tdw/72106/02.jpg tdw/72106/03.jpg tdw/72106/04.jpg tdw/72106/05.jpg tdw/72106/06.jpg tdw/72106/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72104-09/2023 - Breda 51 Camion

tdw/72107/01.jpg tdw/72107/02.jpg tdw/72107/03.jpg tdw/72107/04.jpg tdw/72107/05.jpg

Kit TDW-72105-09/2023 - Viberti 3 axis trailer

tdw/72107/06.jpg tdw/72107/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72106-09/2023 - Breda 51 Camion + Viberti 3 axis trailer

tdw/72107/10.jpg tdw/72107/06.jpg tdw/72107/07.jpg tdw/72107/08.jpg tdw/72107/09.jpg

Kit TDW-72107-11/2023 - Lancia 3RO Torino Tanker

tdw/72108/01.jpg tdw/72108/02.jpg tdw/72108/03.jpg tdw/72108/04.jpg tdw/72108/05.jpg tdw/72108/06.jpg tdw/72108/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72108-11/2023 - Viberti Tank Trailer

tdw/72109/01.jpg tdw/72109/02.jpg tdw/72109/03.jpg tdw/72109/04.jpg

Kit TDW-72109-11/2023 - Lancia 3RO Torino Tanker with Viberti Tank Trailer

tdw/72110/01.jpg tdw/72110/02.jpg tdw/72110/03.jpg tdw/72110/04.jpg tdw/72110/05.jpg tdw/72110/06.jpg

Built model by Christian Weber

tdw/72110/1/01.jpg tdw/72110/1/02.jpg tdw/72110/1/03.jpg tdw/72110/1/04.jpg tdw/72110/1/05.jpg tdw/72110/1/06.jpg tdw/72110/1/07.jpg tdw/72110/1/08.jpg tdw/72110/1/09.jpg tdw/72110/1/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72110 - 04-24 - SdKfz 7/6 Flakmesstruppkraftwagen

tdw/72111/01.jpg tdw/72111/02.jpg tdw/72111/03.jpg tdw/72111/04.jpg tdw/72111/05.jpg tdw/72111/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72111 - 04-24 - Flak-Scheinwerfer 150cm

tdw/72112/01.jpg tdw/72112/02.jpg tdw/72112/03.jpg tdw/72112/04.jpg tdw/72112/05.jpg tdw/72112/06.jpg tdw/72112/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72112 - 04-24 - Flak 41 8,8cm - (3D Printed)

The Flak 41 is fully 3d printed but require aluminum barrel, I recommend "German 88mm Kw.K 43L/71 E-50 barrel (one part)" from ABER.
A 3d printed barrel is a part of the set, so the customer can use that one

tdw/72113/01.jpg tdw/72113/02.jpg tdw/72113/03.jpg tdw/72113/04.jpg tdw/72113/05.jpg tdw/72113/06.jpg

Kit TDW-72114 - 06-24 - Famo Rubezahl Tractor - (3D Printed)

tdw/72114/01.jpg tdw/72114/02.jpg tdw/72114/03.jpg tdw/72114/04.jpg tdw/72114/05.jpg tdw/72114/06.jpg tdw/72114/07.jpg tdw/72114/08.jpg tdw/72114/09.jpg tdw/72114/10.jpg

Kit TDW-72115 - 06-24 - Horch 853 Staff Car - (3D Printed)

tdw/72115/01.jpg tdw/72115/02.jpg tdw/72115/03.jpg tdw/72115/04.jpg tdw/72115/05.jpg tdw/72115/06.jpg tdw/72115/07.jpg

Kit TDW-72116 - 06-24 - MB 4500A LKW - (3D Printed)

tdw/72116/01.jpg tdw/72116/02.jpg tdw/72116/03.jpg tdw/72116/04.jpg tdw/72116/05.jpg tdw/72116/06.jpg tdw/72116/07.jpg tdw/72116/08.jpg tdw/72116/09.jpg tdw/72116/10.jpg


Kit TDW1019 - Focke Wulf 200 C1

tdw/tdw1019/01.jpg tdw/tdw1019/02.jpg tdw/tdw1019/03.jpg tdw/tdw1019/04.jpg tdw/tdw1019/05.jpg tdw/tdw1019/06.jpg tdw/tdw1019/07.jpg tdw/tdw1019/08.jpg tdw/tdw1019/09.jpg

On January 25 2023, I received an email from B.Nold, from SouthGermany with next information:

Note webmaster: It is up to the modeller/collector to check what is correct or not

Hi Henk,
first I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bertram Nold, 69 years old, living in South Germany near to the Lake of Constance, now retired and my hobby is the identifiation of old trucks, especially the time between 1918 and 1945. Accidentally I came across Your excellent site about modelling military vehicles. Many years ago I was also interested in modelling military vehicles, but I have shifted my interest in the identification of trucks. When I was looking at Your site, I was enthusiastic about the multitude of very interesting vehicles You are offering. What a great collection! You are really the master of modelling! My very big compliment!

Now I want to tell You some comments, maybe also corrections to the vehicles on Your site:

TDW-72037: Chevrolet with medical trailer: on Your pic is not a Chevrolet, but a Ford type 79 with medical trailer. It is an "Operationswagen" (surgical trolley) of a field hospital

TDW-72046: Mercedes-Benz ambulance: I have never seen such a Mercedes-Benz ambulance. Here pics of Mercedes-Benz ambulances: type L 1500 or L 3000.

TDW-72049: Ford Kubelwagen: the vehicle on Your pic is not a Kubelwagen, but a crew transport vehicle of the police.

TDW-72058: Mercedes-Benz Lo 375 Reichspost Omnibus: the bus on Your pic is not the type Lo 3750, but its successor L 3750.

TDW-72059/1: Opel Blitz Reichspost Omnibus: a very interesting pic. It is an Opel Blitz bus of the series RP - 102001 until 102010 with a wood gas generator on a trailer. Only ten were built.

TDW-72062: VOMAG Wehrmacht Omnibus: that's the type 5 OR 658

TDW-72064: VOMAG Wehrmacht LKW: that's the type 4,5 LHG 448.

TDW-72078: Borgward B 3000 LKW: the vehicle on Your pic is not a Borgward type B 3000, but the 3-tonner G.W.

I hope these informations are interesting for your modellers. - comments B.Nold

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