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Milan Vins, from Tracks-n-Troops, Czech Republic, have released 1/72 scale kits under the Track-n-Troops label. The kits will be made of resin and photo-etched parts allowing you to build an accurate and well detailed vehicle.
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Kit TF001 - WW2 German Nashorn SPG crew - winter

tnt/TF001/01.jpg tnt/TF001/02.jpg

For an "Rob Haelterman" review about kit TF001 - WW2 German Nashorn SPG crew visit:

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Kit TF002 - WW2 German tank mechanics with welding set


Painted figures by Patrice Dauga

tnt/TF002/1/01.jpg tnt/TF002/1/02.jpg tnt/TF002/1/03.jpg

For an "Rob Haelterman" review about kit TF002 - WW2 German tank mechanics with welding set visit:

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Kit TT001 - Sd.Kfz.250/1 Neue art armored halftrack

tnt/TT001/01.jpg tnt/TT001/02.jpg tnt/TT001/03.jpg tnt/TT001/04.jpg tnt/TT001/05.jpg tnt/TT001/06.jpg tnt/TT001/07.jpg tnt/TT001/08.jpg tnt/TT001/09.jpg tnt/TT001/10.jpg tnt/TT001/11.jpg tnt/TT001/12.jpg

For an "On the Way" review about kit TT001 - Sd.Kfz.250/1 Neue art armored halftrack visit:

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For an "Rob Haelterman" review about kit TT001 - Sd.Kfz.250/1 Neue art armored halftrack visit:

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Kit TT002 - Sd.Kfz.250/3 Neue art command vehicle


Kit TT003 - Sd.Kfz.250/8 Neue art with 75mm L24 'Stummel'

tnt/TT003/01.jpg tnt/TT003/02.jpg tnt/TT003/03.jpg tnt/TT003/04.jpg tnt/TT003/05.jpg tnt/TT003/06.jpg tnt/TT003/07.jpg tnt/TT003/08.jpg

Kit TT004 - Sd.Kfz.250/9 Neue art reconnaissance vehicle

tnt/TT004/01.jpg tnt/TT004/02.jpg

Kit TT005 - Sd.Kfz 250/5 Neue art observation vehicle


Kit TT007 - M-26 Pershing tank 1945

tnt/TT007/01.jpg tnt/TT007/02.jpg tnt/TT007/03.jpg tnt/TT007/04.jpg tnt/TT007/05.jpg tnt/TT007/06.jpg tnt/TT007/07.jpg

Kit TT008 - M-26 Pershing tank Korea


Kit TT009 - Engine set for Sdkfz.250 neue art


Kit TT010 - Sd.Kfz 250 Neue art with 50mm Pak38

tnt/TT010/01.jpg tnt/TT010/02.jpg tnt/TT010/03.jpg tnt/TT010/04.jpg tnt/TT010/05.jpg tnt/TT010/06.jpg tnt/TT010/07.jpg tnt/TT010/08.jpg tnt/TT010/09.jpg

Kit TT011 - Sd.Kfz 250/7 Neue art 81mm mortar carrier

tnt/TT011/01.jpg tnt/TT011/02.jpg tnt/TT011/03.jpg tnt/TT011/04.jpg

Kit TT012 - Sd.Kfz 251 tracks for Italeri/Hasegawa

tnt/TT012/01.jpg tnt/TT012/02.jpg

Kit TT021 - Sd.Kfz 7 Replacement tracks for Hasegawa

tnt/TT021/01.jpg tnt/TT021/02.jpg

Kit TT022 - T27 "Xylophone" Rocket Launcher

tnt/TT022/01.jpg tnt/TT065/03.jpg tnt/TT065/04.jpg

Kit TT023 - Chevrolet G7113 & semi-trailer

tnt/TT023/01.jpg tnt/TT023/02.jpg tnt/TT023/03.jpg tnt/TT023/04.jpg

tnt/TT023/05.jpg tnt/TT023/06.jpg tnt/TT023/07.jpg tnt/TT023/08.jpg

Master built by Petr Dusek from Czech - master built in 2007

tnt/TT023/1/01.jpg tnt/TT023/1/02.jpg tnt/TT023/1/03.jpg tnt/TT023/1/04.jpg tnt/TT023/1/05.jpg tnt/TT023/1/06.jpg tnt/TT023/1/07.jpg tnt/TT023/1/08.jpg tnt/TT023/1/19.jpg tnt/TT023/1/10.jpg tnt/TT023/1/11.jpg tnt/TT023/1/12.jpg tnt/TT023/1/13.jpg

Built model by Petr Dusek from Czech - 2007

tnt/TT023/2/01.jpg tnt/TT023/2/02.jpg tnt/TT023/2/03.jpg tnt/TT023/2/04.jpg tnt/TT023/2/05.jpg tnt/TT023/2/06.jpg tnt/TT023/2/07.jpg tnt/TT023/2/08.jpg tnt/TT023/2/09.jpg tnt/TT023/2/10.jpg tnt/TT023/2/11.jpg tnt/TT023/2/12.jpg tnt/TT023/2/13.jpg tnt/TT023/2/14.jpg tnt/TT023/2/15.jpg

Kit TT024 - Chevrolet G7113 & semi-trailer VAN

tnt/TT024/01.jpg tnt/TT024/02.jpg tnt/TT024/03.jpg tnt/TT024/04.jpg tnt/TT024/05.jpg tnt/TT024/06.jpg tnt/TT024/07.jpg tnt/TT024/08.jpg tnt/TT024/09.jpg tnt/TT024/10.jpg

Master and model built by Petr Dusek

tnt/TT024/1/01.jpg tnt/TT024/1/02.jpg tnt/TT024/1/03.jpg tnt/TT024/1/04.jpg tnt/TT024/1/05.jpg tnt/TT024/1/06.jpg tnt/TT024/1/07.jpg tnt/TT024/1/08.jpg tnt/TT024/1/09.jpg tnt/TT024/1/10.jpg tnt/TT024/1/11.jpg tnt/TT024/1/12.jpg tnt/TT024/1/13.jpg tnt/TT024/1/14.jpg tnt/TT024/1/15.jpg tnt/TT024/1/16.jpg

Kit TT025 - Chevrolet M6 Bomb Service with trailer - resin & pe parts & decals - master in progress

Master built by Petr Dusek from Czech

tnt/TT025/01.jpg tnt/TT025/02.jpg tnt/TT025/03.jpg tnt/TT025/04.jpg

Comments by Petr Dusek

For the master of the Chevrolet M6Bomb service I used the initial kit of the Chevrolet G 7113 tractor, which Ive made for T&T in 2007. Some parts I used from the 3-ton semitrailer and the upgrade for GMC 352/353. The frame is shorter from the initial "WB145" to the "WB125" length. The mudguards on the back-axle are made from alluminium waiters. This kit is in-process I think the master will be ready in January 2010.

Kit TT026 - Chevrolet G7105 Panel Delivery - resin & pe parts & decals - (master by Petr Dusek)

tnt/TT026/1/01.jpg tnt/TT026/1/02.jpg tnt/TT026/1/03.jpg tnt/TT026/1/04.jpg tnt/TT026/1/05.jpg tnt/TT026/1/06.jpg tnt/TT026/1/07.jpg tnt/TT026/1/08.jpg

Built model by Peter Dusek

tnt/TT026/01.jpg tnt/TT026/02.jpg tnt/TT026/03.jpg tnt/TT026/04.jpg tnt/TT026/05.jpg tnt/TT026/06.jpg tnt/TT026/07.jpg tnt/TT026/08.jpg tnt/TT026/09.jpg

Master built by Petr Dusek from Czech - comments by Petr Dusek

For this project I used the cab from Chevy G 7113, added material from the semitrailer van. The roof is the former feed under the frame. The definitive shape Ive made with brush paper. The profiles of the windows Ive made with a PROXXON cutter. The mudguards are made from alluminium waiters. The model is now made up as a project, I think it will be done in January 2010.

Kit TT027 - Chevrolet G7107/7117 cargo

tnt/TT027/01.jpg tnt/TT027/02.jpg tnt/TT027/03.jpg tnt/TT027/04.jpg tnt/TT027/05.jpg tnt/TT027/06.jpg tnt/TT027/07.jpg tnt/TT027/08.jpg tnt/TT027/09.jpg tnt/TT027/10.jpg

Master and model built by Petr Dusek

tnt/TT027/1/01.jpg tnt/TT027/1/02.jpg tnt/TT027/1/03.jpg tnt/TT027/1/04.jpg tnt/TT027/1/05.jpg tnt/TT027/1/06.jpg tnt/TT027/1/07.jpg tnt/TT027/1/08.jpg tnt/TT027/1/09.jpg tnt/TT027/1/10.jpg

Kit TT028 - Chevrolet G7105 Panel K-51 Radio - resin & pe parts & decals - (master by Petr Dusek)

tnt/TT028/01.jpg tnt/TT028/02.jpg tnt/TT028/03.jpg tnt/TT028/04.jpg tnt/TT028/05.jpg tnt/TT028/06.jpg tnt/TT028/07.jpg tnt/TT028/08.jpg tnt/TT028/09.jpg

Built model by Peter Dusek

tnt/TT028/1/01.jpg tnt/TT028/1/02.jpg tnt/TT028/1/03.jpg tnt/TT028/1/04.jpg tnt/TT028/1/05.jpg

Kit TT030 - Fennek Wheels (Revell)

tnt/TT030/01.jpg tnt/TT030/02.jpg tnt/TT030/03.jpg

Kit TT031 - ATF Dingo Wheels (Revell)


Kit TT032 - M1126 Stryker Wheels (Academy)

tnt/TT032/01.jpg tnt/TT032/02.jpg

Kit TT033 - Steyr 1500 wheels - terrain pattern (AMC/PRO)


Kit TT034 - Steyr 1500 wheels - road pattern (AMC/PRO)


Kit TT036 - MAN wheels - "Continental" tyre (REV)


Kit TT040 - GMC 353 pontoon transporter (Airfix kit included - old release)

tnt/TT040/01.jpg tnt/TT040/02.jpg tnt/TT040/03.jpg tnt/TT040/04.jpg tnt/TT040/05.jpg tnt/TT040/06.jpg tnt/TT040/07.jpg tnt/TT040/08.jpg

Kit TT040 - GMC 353 pontoon transporter (conversion kit for Airfix / Heller kit))

tnt/TT040/2/01.jpg tnt/TT040/2/02.jpg tnt/TT040/2/03.jpg tnt/TT040/2/04.jpg tnt/TT040/2/05.jpg

Master built by Petr Dusek from Czech

tnt/TT040/1/01.jpg tnt/TT040/1/02.jpg tnt/TT040/1/03.jpg tnt/TT040/1/04.jpg tnt/TT040/1/05.jpg tnt/TT040/1/06.jpg

Comments by Petr Dusek

To the GMC CCKW 353 kit from Airfix Ive added the construction of the anchoring of the pontoon boat all the Evergreen profiles. The air-locks on the sides of the boat are made from beer cans, the front and back is made from clay. All these parts I casted in a mould from Lukopren and the casts are then trimmed. The deck is made from Evergreen profiles. A part of this master are also construction guides and the draught for the etched parts. This model Ive made in 2008.

Kit TT041 - U.S. engineering pontoon boat


Kit TT050 - Fennek in German & Dutch ISAF Marking (Revell)

tnt/TT050/01.jpg tnt/TT050/02.jpg

Kit TT051 - ATF Dingo 1 in German ISAF marking (Revell)


Kit TT052 - GMC CCKW 353-352 stencils
Kit TT053 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Red Ball Express - part 1
Kit TT054 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Red Ball Express - part 2
Kit TT055 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Engineering Corps - part 1
Kit TT056 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Engineering Corps - part 2
Kit TT057 - GMC CCKW 353-352 France 1944 - part 1
Kit TT058 - GMC CCKW 353-352 France 1944 - part 2
Kit TT059 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Africa & Italy - part 1
kit TT060 - GMC CCKW 353-352 Africa & Italy - part 2

tnt/TT052/01.jpg tnt/TT053/01.jpg tnt/TT054/01.jpg tnt/TT055/01.jpg tnt/TT056/01.jpg tnt/TT057/01.jpg tnt/TT058/01.jpg tnt/TT059/01.jpg tnt/TT060/01.jpg

Kit TT061 - GMC CCKW 352 (Airfix/Heller)

tnt/TT061/01.jpg tnt/TT061/02.jpg tnt/TT061/03.jpg tnt/TT061/04.jpg tnt/TT061/05.jpg

Master and Model built by Petr Dusek

tnt/TT061/1/01.jpg tnt/TT061/1/02.jpg tnt/TT061/1/03.jpg tnt/TT061/1/04.jpg tnt/TT061/1/05.jpg tnt/TT061/1/06.jpg tnt/TT061/1/07.jpg

Kit TT062 - GMC CCKW 353 upgrade set (Airfix/Heller)

tnt/TT062/01.jpg tnt/TT062/02.jpg tnt/TT062/03.jpg tnt/TT062/04.jpg tnt/TT062/05.jpg tnt/TT062/06.jpg tnt/TT062/07.jpg tnt/TT062/08.jpg tnt/TT062/09.jpg

Kit TT063 - Platypus grousers for Sherman tracks (DRG)


Kit TT064 - GMC CCKW 353/352 Closed Cab upgrade set (Airfix/Heller)

tnt/TT064/01.jpg tnt/TT064/02.jpg tnt/TT064/03.jpg tnt/TT064/04.jpg tnt/TT064/05.jpg tnt/TT064/06.jpg

Kit TT065 - GMC 353 T-27 "Xylophone" rocket launcher (AIR/HELL/ACAD)

tnt/TT065/01.jpg tnt/TT065/02.jpg tnt/TT065/03.jpg tnt/TT065/04.jpg tnt/TT065/05.jpg tnt/TT065/06.jpg tnt/TT065/07.jpg

Master and model built by Petr Dusek

tnt/TT065/1/01.jpg tnt/TT065/1/02.jpg tnt/TT065/1/03.jpg tnt/TT065/1/04.jpg tnt/TT065/1/05.jpg tnt/TT065/1/06.jpg tnt/TT065/1/07.jpg tnt/TT065/1/08.jpg tnt/TT065/1/09.jpg tnt/TT065/1/10.jpg

Comments by Petr Dusek

The classical kit GMC CCKW 353 in 1/72 Ive tried to work up with parts, which are in the initial kit not the best. I overworked the engine cover, the engine wall, the front mudguards, the capstan, the cardans, and the centre bosses of the wheels. Part of my desing is the construction guide and the predesign of the etched parts

Kit TT067 - Set LOT 7 Wrecker - conversion set for Airfix/Heller/Academy/TnT GMC

tnt/TT067/01.jpg tnt/TT067/02.jpg tnt/TT067/03.jpg tnt/TT067/04.jpg tnt/TT067/05.jpg tnt/TT067/06.jpg

Master and model built by Petr Dusek

tnt/TT067/1/01.jpg tnt/TT067/1/02.jpg tnt/TT067/1/03.jpg tnt/TT067/1/04.jpg tnt/TT067/1/05.jpg

Kit TT0XX - Another great work of Peter Dusek. - It will take several moths to get it into another expensive kit in T&T range. - Milan

tnt/TT0XX/01.jpg tnt/TT0XX/02.jpg tnt/TT0XX/03.jpg tnt/TT0XX/04.jpg tnt/TT0XX/05.jpg tnt/TT0XX/06.jpg tnt/TT0XX/07.jpg tnt/TT0XX/08.jpg tnt/TT0XX/09.jpg

Kit TTPE001 - Dutch ISAF Fennek window slat (Revell)

tnt/TTPE001/01.jpg tnt/TTPE001/02.jpg

Kit TTPE002 (002a 3pcs - 002b 5pcs) - Sherman M4A2 engine grille (DRG)
Kit TTPE003 (003a 3pcs - 003b 5pcs) - Sherman M4A3 engine grille (DRG)
Kit TTPE007 - Horseshoes
Kit TTPE011 - German Radio sets

tnt/TTPE002/01.jpg tnt/TTPE003/01.jpg tnt/TTPE007/01.jpg tnt/TTPE011/01.jpg

Kit TTPE012 - GMC CCKW 353 Front Grill for Airfix / Heller kit


Kit TTAC001 - US WWII carton boxes
Kit TTAC002 - Big wooden transport boxes
Kit TTAC003 - British WWII carton boxes (10 pcs)

tnt/TTAC001/01.jpg tnt/TTAC002/01.jpg tnt/TTAC003/01.jpg

Kit TTAC004 - US pioneer frame (3 pcs) - resin + PE

tnt/TTAC004/01.jpg tnt/TTAC004/02.jpg

Kit TTAC006 - Sherman "Calliope" 4.5inch rockets & crates


Kit TTAC007 - Wooden pallets (17x10.5x2.5mm)


Kit TTAC008 - Wooden pallets (20x16x2.5mm)


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