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Kit 1401 - Scud-B & Launcher - Soviet Tactical Missile

spruepictures by Igor Leonov

toxsomodel/1401/01.jpg toxsomodel/1401/02.jpg toxsomodel/1401/03.jpg toxsomodel/1401/04.jpg toxsomodel/1401/05.jpg toxsomodel/1401/06.jpg toxsomodel/1401/07.jpg toxsomodel/1401/08.jpg toxsomodel/1401/09.jpg toxsomodel/1401/10.jpg toxsomodel/1401/11.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Somogyi

toxsomodel/1401/1/01.jpg toxsomodel/1401/1/02.jpg toxsomodel/1401/1/03.jpg toxsomodel/1401/1/04.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka - (Russian variant)

toxsomodel/1401/2/01.jpg toxsomodel/1401/2/02.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka - (Iraqi variant)

toxsomodel/1401/3/01.jpg toxsomodel/1401/3/02.jpg

The SCUD-B was introduced on the JS-3 tracked chassis in 1961 and appeared on the MAZ-543 wheeled chassis in 1965. The "SCUD B" missile has appeared on a new transporter-erector-launcher based on the MAZ-543 (8x8) truck. Scud is a series of tactical ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The R-17 was an improved version of the R-11. It could carry nuclear, chemical, conventional or fragmentation weapons.

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Kit 1402 - US M102 105mm Howitzer

toxsomodel/1402/01.jpg toxsomodel/1402/02.jpg toxsomodel/1402/03.jpg toxsomodel/1402/04.jpg toxsomodel/1402/05.jpg toxsomodel/1402/06.jpg toxsomodel/1402/07.jpg

toxsomodel/1402/2/01.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/02.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/03.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/04.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/05.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/06.jpg toxsomodel/1402/2/07.jpg

toxsomodel/1402/1/01.jpg toxsomodel/1402/1/02.jpg toxsomodel/1402/1/03.jpg toxsomodel/1402/1/04.jpg toxsomodel/1402/1/05.jpg toxsomodel/1402/1/06.jpg

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Kit 1403 - US M114A1 155mm Howitzer

toxsomodel/1403/01.jpg toxsomodel/1403/02.jpg toxsomodel/1403/03.jpg toxsomodel/1403/04.jpg toxsomodel/1403/05.jpg toxsomodel/1403/06.jpg toxsomodel/1403/07.jpg toxsomodel/1403/08.jpg toxsomodel/1403/09.jpg

toxsomodel/1403/1/01.jpg toxsomodel/1403/1/02.jpg toxsomodel/1403/1/03.jpg toxsomodel/1403/1/04.jpg

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Kit 1404 - Modern US Soldiers

toxsomodel/1404/01.jpg toxsomodel/1404/1/01.jpg

Kit 1405 - 60 - 80 Barack

toxsomodel/1405/01.jpg toxsomodel/1405/02.jpg toxsomodel/1405/03.jpg toxsomodel/1405/04.jpg toxsomodel/1405/05.jpg

Kit 1406 - Modern Barack

toxsomodel/1406/01.jpg toxsomodel/1406/02.jpg toxsomodel/1406/03.jpg toxsomodel/1406/04.jpg toxsomodel/1406/05.jpg

Kit 1407 - German 10.5cm SK-18 Howitzer - WWII

toxsomodel/1407/01.jpg toxsomodel/1407/2/01.jpg toxsomodel/1407/2/02.jpg toxsomodel/1407/2/03.jpg toxsomodel/1407/2/04.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/01.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/02.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/03.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/04.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/05.jpg toxsomodel/1407/1/06.jpg

toxsomodel/1407/02.jpg toxsomodel/1407/03.jpg toxsomodel/1407/04.jpg toxsomodel/1407/05.jpg toxsomodel/1407/06.jpg toxsomodel/1407/07.jpg toxsomodel/1407/08.jpg toxsomodel/1407/09.jpg

Other announced releases - kitnumbers unknown

Kit ? - US M109-A2

toxsomodel/04/01.jpg toxsomodel/04/02.jpg

Kit ? - US M109-A6

toxsomodel/05/01.jpg toxsomodel/05/02.jpg

Future Releases

- ZSU-23 : Soviet towed 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon.
- 10.5cm LEFH18(sf) auf Geschutzwagen 39H(F) : serve as self-propelled mounts for the 10.5cm leFH 18.
- Flakpanzer I : self propelled anti-aircraft gun with a single 20 mm FlaK 30 anti-aircraft gun.
- PT-76B : The PT-76 is a Soviet amphibious light tank.
- MT-LB : Soviet multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle.
- T-55 : The T-55 tanks is Soviet main battle tanks in 1960ís.
- Soviet B-4 M1931 203mm Howitzer : Soviet heavy howitzer in WII.
- Sd.Kfz 138/1 Grille : M was a self-propelled heavy infantry gun based on the Pz.Kpfw 38(t) chassis.

toxsomodel/future/01.jpg toxsomodel/future/02.jpg toxsomodel/future/03.jpg toxsomodel/future/04.jpg toxsomodel/future/05.jpg toxsomodel/future/06.jpg toxsomodel/future/07.jpg toxsomodel/future/08.jpg

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