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TRIDENT MODELLE B. F. Villi, A-2346, Maria Enzersdorf, Austria

News 2014: Trident Miniatures from Austria has started with a "Post-War" line of resin military vehicle kits in the 1/72 scale.
The kits are from high class, without airbubbles, very sharp casted and have PE Parts. On the places were the moulds close is very thin flash what is easy to delete.

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Kit 72001 - M109A6 Paladin PIM - (planned for 2014)


Kit 72002 - M992A2 FAASV - (planned for 2014)


Kit 72003 - Kaiser Jeep M715 CUCV - (no decals)

trident/72003/00.jpg trident/72003/01.jpg trident/72003/02.jpg trident/72003/03.jpg trident/72003/04.jpg trident/72003/05.jpg trident/72003/06.jpg trident/72003/07.jpg

Kit 72004 - Kaiser Jeep M724 Service - (planned for 2014)


Kit 72005 - Kaiser Jeep M725 Ambulance - (no decals)

trident/72005/00.jpg trident/72005/01.jpg trident/72005/02.jpg trident/72005/03.jpg trident/72005/04.jpg

trident/72005/05.jpg trident/72005/06.jpg trident/72005/07.jpg trident/72005/08.jpg trident/72005/09.jpg trident/72005/10.jpg

Kit 72006 - Kaiser Jeep M726 Maint. - (planned for 2014)


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