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Trumpeter vinyl track problems

Some Trumpeter kits come with hard plastic segmented tracks such as the Pershing family- very tight fit, but they used also (vinyl?) tracks for his kits. The tracks are nice detailled, but a crime for the modeller. It's not possible to glue the tracks togheter with most of the used glue's. In the instruction manual Trumpeter mention that the tracks can be glued with plastic cement, but this is not true. Also the lenght is sometimes a problem (Too long or too short) Read about the problems on the modelling forums.

Is't possible to bend the vinyl tracks succesfull? Yes, I do it on the next way!!!

1. I use the normal Cyanacrylat glue.
2. Start with glue the lenght of the track (with lipside) on the upside of the idler - (let it dry)
2. Glue the track on the returnrollers and on the theets of the drive sprocket - (let it dry)
4. As last glue the track to the wheels and then back on the idler - (adjust the lenght of the track) - (let it dry)
On this way the track will glue without problems!!

Kit 01101 - Zil-157 Soviet Army Truck

trumpeter/1101/01.jpg trumpeter/1101/02.jpg trumpeter/1101/03.jpg trumpeter/1101/04.jpg trumpeter/1101/05.jpg trumpeter/1101/06.jpg trumpeter/1101/07.jpg trumpeter/1101/08.jpg trumpeter/1101/10.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck

trumpeter/1101/2/01.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/02.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/03.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/04.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/05.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/06.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/07.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/08.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/09.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/10.jpg trumpeter/1101/2/11.jpg

Model built by Matthias Mutt


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Kit 01102 - Zil-157 Soviet Fuel Truck

trumpeter/1102/01.jpg trumpeter/1102/02.jpg trumpeter/1102/03.jpg trumpeter/1102/04.jpg trumpeter/1102/05.jpg trumpeter/1102/06.jpg trumpeter/1102/07.jpg trumpeter/1102/08.jpg trumpeter/1102/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka


Model built by Matthias Mutt


Kit 01103 - Chinese Jiefang CA-30 Truck

trumpeter/1103/01.jpg trumpeter/1103/02.jpg trumpeter/1103/03.jpg trumpeter/1103/04.jpg trumpeter/1103/05.jpg trumpeter/1103/06.jpg trumpeter/1103/07.jpg trumpeter/1103/08.jpg trumpeter/1103/09.jpg

Kit 01104 - Chinese Jiefang CA-30 Fuel Truck

trumpeter/1104/01.jpg trumpeter/1104/02.jpg trumpeter/1104/03.jpg trumpeter/1104/04.jpg trumpeter/1104/05.jpg trumpeter/1104/06.jpg trumpeter/1104/07.jpg

Kit 01101 > kit 01104 - built models

trumpeter/zil/01.jpg trumpeter/zil/02.jpg trumpeter/jief/01.jpg trumpeter/jief/02.jpg

Kit 7201 - King Tiger (Henschell)

trumpeter/7201/01.jpg trumpeter/7201/02.jpg trumpeter/7201/03.jpg trumpeter/7201/04.jpg trumpeter/7201/05.jpg

Kit 7202 - King Tiger (Porsche)

trumpeter/7202/01.jpg trumpeter/7202/02.jpg trumpeter/7202/03.jpg trumpeter/7202/04.jpg trumpeter/7202/05.jpg

Kit 7203 - German 18 Tons Halftrack Famo<

trumpeter/72103/01.jpg trumpeter/72103/02.jpg trumpeter/72103/03.jpg trumpeter/72103/04.jpg trumpeter/72103/05.jpg trumpeter/72103/06.jpg trumpeter/72103/07.jpg trumpeter/72103/08.jpg trumpeter/72103/09.jpg trumpeter/72103/10.jpg trumpeter/72103/11.jpg trumpeter/72103/12.jpg trumpeter/72103/13.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

trumpeter/72103/1/01.jpg trumpeter/72103/1/02.jpg trumpeter/72103/1/03.jpg

For "Elliott Winthrop's" review of kit 7203 - 18 Tons Famo visit:

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Kit 7204 - German "Elephant" - (sprue's as by Ferdinand)

trumpeter/72104/01.jpg trumpeter/72104/02.jpg trumpeter/72104/03.jpg trumpeter/72104/04.jpg trumpeter/72104/05.jpg trumpeter/72104/06.jpg trumpeter/72104/07.jpg trumpeter/72104/08.jpg trumpeter/72104/09.jpg trumpeter/72104/10.jpg trumpeter/72104/11.jpg

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Kit 7205 - Ferdinand

trumpeter/7205/01.jpg trumpeter/7205/02.jpg trumpeter/7205/03.jpg trumpeter/7205/04.jpg trumpeter/7205/05.jpg trumpeter/7205/06.jpg trumpeter/7205/07.jpg trumpeter/7205/07.jpg trumpeter/7205/08.jpg trumpeter/7205/09.jpg trumpeter/7205/11.jpg

trumpeter/7205/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/06.jpg

Built model by Ruslan Vesolov

trumpeter/7205/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7205/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7205/2/03.jpg

Built model by Al Magnus

trumpeter/7205/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/10.jpg trumpeter/7205/1/11.jpg

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For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72 Depot" built model kit 7205 - Ferdinand with Orion 72045 Panzer Crew figure set visit:

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Kit 7206 - T34/76 model 1942

trumpeter/7206/01.jpg trumpeter/7206/02.jpg trumpeter/7206/03.jpg trumpeter/7206/04.jpg trumpeter/7206/05.jpg trumpeter/7206/06.jpg trumpeter/7206/07.jpg trumpeter/7206/08.jpg trumpeter/7206/09.jpg trumpeter/7206/10.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7206/1/05.jpg

Built model by Velizar Velikov

trumpeter/7206/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7206/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7206/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7206/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7206/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7206/2/06.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

T-34E 1942 no.112 factory, Leningrad Front, summer 1942 - (kit 7206 + some parts from DRAGON 7590)

trumpeter/7206/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/05.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/06.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/07.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/08.jpg trumpeter/7206/3/09.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7206/4/01.jpg trumpeter/7206/4/02.jpg trumpeter/7206/4/03.jpg

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Kit 7207 - T34/85 model 1944

trumpeter/7207/01.jpg trumpeter/7207/02.jpg trumpeter/7207/03.jpg trumpeter/7207/04.jpg trumpeter/7207/05.jpg trumpeter/7207/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7207/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7207/1/03.jpg

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Kit 7208 - T34/76 model 1943

trumpeter/7208/01.jpg trumpeter/7208/02.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7208/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7208/05.jpg trumpeter/7208/06.jpg trumpeter/7208/07.jpg trumpeter/7208/08.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7208/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7208/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7208/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7208/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7208/2/05.jpg

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Kit 7209 - T34/85 model 1944

trumpeter/7209/01.jpg trumpeter/7209/02.jpg trumpeter/7209/05.jpg trumpeter/7209/06.jpg trumpeter/7209/07.jpg trumpeter/7209/08.jpg trumpeter/7209/09.jpg trumpeter/7209/10.jpg trumpeter/7209/11.jpg trumpeter/7209/12.jpg trumpeter/7209/03.jpg trumpeter/7209/04.jpg

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Kit 7210 - Sturer Emil

trumpeter/7210/01.jpg trumpeter/7210/02.jpg trumpeter/7210/03.jpg trumpeter/7210/04.jpg trumpeter/7210/05.jpg trumpeter/7210/06.jpg trumpeter/7210/07.jpg trumpeter/7210/08.jpg trumpeter/7210/09.jpg trumpeter/7210/10.jpg trumpeter/7210/11.jpg trumpeter/7210/12.jpg

Built model by Marcin Nowogrodzki

trumpeter/7210/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/05.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/06.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/07.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/08.jpg trumpeter/7210/3/09.jpg

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Kit 7211 - Pz IV Brummbar (mid production)

trumpeter/7211/01.jpg trumpeter/7211/02.jpg trumpeter/7211/03.jpg trumpeter/7211/04.jpg

Kit 7212 - Pz. IV Brummbar (late production)

trumpeter/7212/01.jpg trumpeter/7212/02.jpg trumpeter/7212/03.jpg trumpeter/7212/04.jpg trumpeter/7212/05.jpg trumpeter/7212/06.jpg trumpeter/7212/07.jpg trumpeter/7212/08.jpg trumpeter/7212/09.jpg trumpeter/7212/10.jpg

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Kit 7213 - WWII LCM3 USN Vehicle Landing Craft

trumpeter/7213/01.jpg trumpeter/7213/02.jpg trumpeter/7213/09.jpg trumpeter/7213/10.jpg trumpeter/7213/11.jpg trumpeter/7213/12.jpg trumpeter/7213/13.jpg trumpeter/7213/14.jpg trumpeter/7213/15.jpg trumpeter/7213/16.jpg trumpeter/7213/04.jpg trumpeter/7213/05.jpg trumpeter/7213/06.jpg trumpeter/7213/07.jpg trumpeter/7213/08.jpg

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Kit 7214 - Challenger II MBT

trumpeter/7214/01.jpg trumpeter/7214/02.jpg trumpeter/7214/03.jpg trumpeter/7214/04.jpg

Model built by Jirka Bednar

trumpeter/7214/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7214/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7214/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7214/1/04.jpg

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Kit 7215 - Challenger II MBT Irac Version

trumpeter/7215/01.jpg trumpeter/7215/02.jpg trumpeter/7215/03.jpg trumpeter/7215/04.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7215/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7215/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7215/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7215/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7215/1/05.jpg

Kit 7216 - Challenger II MBT KFOR version

trumpeter/7216/01.jpg trumpeter/7216/02.jpg trumpeter/7216/03.jpg trumpeter/7216/04.jpg

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Kit 7217 - JGSDF Type 61

trumpeter/7217/01.jpg trumpeter/7217/02.jpg trumpeter/7217/03.jpg trumpeter/7217/04.jpg trumpeter/7217/05.jpg trumpeter/7217/06.jpg trumpeter/7217/07.jpg trumpeter/7217/08.jpg trumpeter/7217/09.jpg trumpeter/7217/10.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7217/11.jpg trumpeter/7217/12.jpg

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Kit 7218 - Japanese Tank JGDSF Type 74

trumpeter/7218/01.jpg trumpeter/7218/02.jpg trumpeter/7218/03.jpg trumpeter/7218/04.jpg trumpeter/7218/05.jpg trumpeter/7218/06.jpg trumpeter/7218/07.jpg trumpeter/7218/08.jpg trumpeter/7218/09.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7218/10.jpg trumpeter/7218/11.jpg

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Kit 7219 - Japanese Tank JGDSF Type 90

trumpeter/7219/01.jpg trumpeter/7219/02.jpg trumpeter/7219/03.jpg trumpeter/7219/04.jpg trumpeter/7219/05.jpg trumpeter/7219/06.jpg trumpeter/7219/07.jpg trumpeter/7219/08.jpg trumpeter/7219/09.jpg trumpeter/7219/10.jpg

Built model by JeyHang Kau

trumpeter/7219/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7219/1/07.jpg

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Kit 7220 - Swedish Tank Strv103C MBT

trumpeter/7220/01.jpg trumpeter/7220/02.jpg trumpeter/7220/03.jpg trumpeter/7220/04.jpg trumpeter/7220/05.jpg trumpeter/7220/06.jpg trumpeter/7220/07.jpg trumpeter/7220/08.jpg trumpeter/7220/09.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7220/10.jpg trumpeter/7220/11.jpg

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Kit 7221 - British AS-90 SPG

trumpeter/7221/01.jpg trumpeter/7221/02.jpg trumpeter/7221/03.jpg trumpeter/7221/04.jpg trumpeter/7221/05.jpg trumpeter/7221/06.jpg trumpeter/7221/07.jpg trumpeter/7221/08.jpg trumpeter/7221/09.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7221/10.jpg trumpeter/7221/11.jpg

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Kit 7222 - M4A1 (76)W Sherman Medium Tank

trumpeter/7222/01.jpg trumpeter/7222/02.jpg trumpeter/7222/03.jpg trumpeter/7222/04.jpg trumpeter/7222/05.jpg trumpeter/7222/06.jpg trumpeter/7222/07.jpg trumpeter/7222/08.jpg trumpeter/7222/09.jpg trumpeter/7222/10.jpg trumpeter/7222/11.jpg trumpeter/7222/12.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein

trumpeter/7222/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7222/1/02.jpg

Note Webmaster: The side walls of the upper hull have the same mistake as the Revell Sherman (kit 03102) They are sloped and must be vertical. The loaderhatch is a little bit too big. But, all is correctable!! For "Simon Barnes' /OTW" review of kit 7222 - M4A1 (76)W Sherman Medium Tank visit:

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Kit 7223 - M4 Sherman - Mid Production - Medium Tank

trumpeter/7223/01.jpg trumpeter/7223/02.jpg trumpeter/7223/03.jpg trumpeter/7223/04.jpg trumpeter/7223/05.jpg trumpeter/7223/06.jpg trumpeter/7223/07.jpg trumpeter/7223/08.jpg trumpeter/7223/09.jpg trumpeter/7223/10.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein

trumpeter/7223/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7223/1/02.jpg

Note Webmaster: This kit have also a important mistake! The angle of the frontplate is not correct (too sharp), it's makes the hull dimensions wrong. The tools casted on the upper-hull are too rough. For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review of kit 7223 - M4 Sherman - Mid Production - Medium Tank visit:

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For "Danilo Carli" review of kit 7223 - M4 Sherman - Mid Production - Medium Tank visit:

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Kit 7224 - M4A3 Sherman - Medium Tank

trumpeter/7224/01.jpg trumpeter/7224/02.jpg trumpeter/7224/03.jpg trumpeter/7224/04.jpg trumpeter/7224/05.jpg trumpeter/7224/06.jpg trumpeter/7224/07.jpg trumpeter/7224/08.jpg trumpeter/7224/09.jpg trumpeter/7224/10.jpg trumpeter/7224/11.jpg

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Kit 7225 - M4A3E8 Sherman - T66 Tracks

trumpeter/7225/01.jpg trumpeter/7225/02.jpg trumpeter/7225/03.jpg trumpeter/7225/04.jpg trumpeter/7225/05.jpg trumpeter/7225/06.jpg trumpeter/7225/07.jpg trumpeter/7225/08.jpg trumpeter/7225/09.jpg trumpeter/7225/10.jpg trumpeter/7225/11.jpg trumpeter/7225/12.jpg

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Kit 7226 - M4A3 76(W) Sherman

trumpeter/7226/01.jpg trumpeter/7226/02.jpg trumpeter/7226/03.jpg trumpeter/7226/04.jpg trumpeter/7226/05.jpg trumpeter/7226/06.jpg trumpeter/7226/07.jpg trumpeter/7226/08.jpg trumpeter/7226/09.jpg trumpeter/7226/10.jpg trumpeter/7226/11.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7226/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7226/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7226/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7226/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7226/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7226/1/06.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW" review of kit 7226 - M4A3 76(W) Sherman visit:

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Kit 7227 - Josef Stalin Tank - JS3

trumpeter/7227/01.jpg trumpeter/7227/02.jpg trumpeter/7227/03.jpg trumpeter/7227/04.jpg trumpeter/7227/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

trumpeter/7227/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7227/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7227/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7227/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7227/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7227/1/06.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7227/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7227/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7227/2/03.jpg

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Kit 7228 - Josef Stalin Tank - JS3M

trumpeter/7228/01.jpg trumpeter/7228/02.jpg trumpeter/7228/03.jpg trumpeter/7228/04.jpg trumpeter/7228/05.jpg trumpeter/7228/06.jpg trumpeter/7228/07.jpg trumpeter/7228/08.jpg trumpeter/7228/09.jpg trumpeter/7228/10.jpg trumpeter/7228/11.jpg trumpeter/7228/12.jpg trumpeter/7228/13.jpg

Conversion Josef Stalin Tank - JS3M into Bergeschlepper JS-3MT, by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7228/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/10.jpg trumpeter/7228/1/11.jpg

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" review of kit 7228 - Josef Stalin Tank - JS3M visit:

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Kit 7229 - M4A3E8 Sherman (Korean Version)

trumpeter/7229/01.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7229/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7229/02.jpg trumpeter/7229/03.jpg trumpeter/7229/04.jpg trumpeter/7229/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7229/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7229/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7229/1/04.jpg

For "Simon Barnes' / OTW" review of kit 7229 - M4A3E8 Sherman (Korean Version) visit:

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Kit 7230 - KV-1E (Ekranami)

trumpeter/7230/01.jpg trumpeter/7230/02.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7230/2/08.jpg

trumpeter/7230/03.jpg trumpeter/7230/04.jpg

Built model by Mike Johnson

trumpeter/7230/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7230/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7230/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7230/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7230/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7230/1/06.jpg

Comments Mike Johnson:
The KV- series has always interested me, no more so than the extra armoured KV-1' s "Ehkranami". Trumpeters kit is a fine kit to build, with no real issues. I replaced the barrel with a much more refined turned aluminium one and a set of Eureka XXL's fine copper tow cable with resin ends. The kit has horrid tow cables made from the same material as the tracks.
I was concerned with the decals over the pronounced applique armour bolts on the turret sides but as per usual the decals performed flawlessly with the aid of some microsol. A further wash toned down the white lettering.
The tracks are very nice indeed but suffer from the usual Trumpeter flaw of not being agreeable with any form of adhesive except for clamped or pressure applied CA. I used black thread after cutting off the ends. The black thread is thin and can be hidden under a road wheel and subsequent base features. I used fine wire drilled through the low chassis to allow the track to have some sag, though the result was not exactly as I hoped for.
Painted using Vallejo, followed by oil washes, filtering and dot filters. MIG pigments finished off the weathering.

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" review of kit 7230 - KV-1E (Ekranami) visit:

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Kit 7231 - KV-1 model 1942

trumpeter/7231/01.jpg trumpeter/7231/02.jpg trumpeter/7231/03.jpg trumpeter/7231/04.jpg

Kit 7232 - KV-1 model 1941

trumpeter/7232/01.jpg trumpeter/7232/02.jpg trumpeter/7232/03.jpg trumpeter/7232/04.jpg

Built model bij Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7232/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7232/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7232/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7232/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7232/1/04.jpg

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Kit 7233 - KV-1 model 1942

trumpeter/7233/01.jpg trumpeter/7233/02.jpg trumpeter/7233/03.jpg trumpeter/7233/04.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7233/1/10.jpg

Kit 7234 - KV-1 model 1942

trumpeter/7234/01.jpg trumpeter/7234/02.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7234/1/08.jpg

trumpeter/7234/03.jpg trumpeter/7234/04.jpg trumpeter/7234/05.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7234/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7234/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7234/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7234/2/04.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

Converting into KV-1S (early) - used TRUMPETER 7234 with turret from PEGASUS 7667 - (fall 1942 Stalingrad)

trumpeter/7234/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7234/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7234/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7234/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7234/3/05.jpg

Model built by Qin Li

trumpeter/7234/4/01.jpg trumpeter/7234/4/02.jpg trumpeter/7234/4/03.jpg trumpeter/7234/4/04.jpg trumpeter/7234/4/05.jpg trumpeter/7234/4/06.jpg

For "Burak Cinar's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 7234 - KV-1 model 1942 visit:

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Kit 7235 - KV-2 (Late Version)

trumpeter/7235/01.jpg trumpeter/7235/02.jpg trumpeter/7235/03.jpg trumpeter/7235/04.jpg trumpeter/7235/05.jpg

Model built by Bernd Serr

trumpeter/7235/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7235/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7235/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7235/1/04.jpg

For "Burak Cinar's / MiniAfv" built model kit 7235 - KV-2 (Late Version) visit:

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Kit 7236 - KV-2 (Early Version)

trumpeter/7236/01.jpg trumpeter/7236/02.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7236/1/08.jpg

trumpeter/7236/03.jpg trumpeter/7236/04.jpg trumpeter/7236/05.jpg

Model built by Ruslan Veselov

trumpeter/7236/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7236/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7236/2/03.jpg

Kit 7237 - M113 ACAV

trumpeter/7237/01.jpg trumpeter/7237/02.jpg trumpeter/7237/03.jpg trumpeter/7237/04.jpg trumpeter/7237/05.jpg trumpeter/7237/06.jpg trumpeter/7237/07.jpg trumpeter/7237/08.jpg trumpeter/7237/09.jpg trumpeter/7237/10.jpg trumpeter/7237/11.jpg trumpeter/7237/12.jpg trumpeter/7237/13.jpg trumpeter/7237/14.jpg trumpeter/7237/15.jpg trumpeter/7237/16.jpg trumpeter/7237/17.jpg trumpeter/7237/18.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7237/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7237/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7237/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7237/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7237/1/05.jpg

For "Zafer Yakar's / MiniAfv" built model kit 7237 - M113 ACAV visit:

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Kit 7238 - M113 A1

trumpeter/7238/01.jpg trumpeter/7238/02.jpg trumpeter/7238/03.jpg trumpeter/7238/04.jpg trumpeter/7238/05.jpg trumpeter/7238/06.jpg trumpeter/7238/07.jpg trumpeter/7238/08.jpg trumpeter/7238/09.jpg trumpeter/7238/10.jpg trumpeter/7238/11.jpg trumpeter/7238/12.jpg trumpeter/7238/13.jpg trumpeter/7238/14.jpg trumpeter/7238/15.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7238/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7238/1/02.jpg

Kit 7239 - M113 A2

trumpeter/7239/01.jpg trumpeter/7239/02.jpg trumpeter/7239/03.jpg trumpeter/7239/04.jpg trumpeter/7239/05.jpg trumpeter/7239/06.jpg trumpeter/7239/07.jpg trumpeter/7239/08.jpg trumpeter/7239/09.jpg trumpeter/7239/10.jpg trumpeter/7239/11.jpg trumpeter/7239/12.jpg trumpeter/7239/13.jpg trumpeter/7239/14.jpg trumpeter/7239/15.jpg trumpeter/7239/16.jpg trumpeter/7239/17.jpg trumpeter/7239/18.jpg trumpeter/7239/19.jpg trumpeter/7239/20.jpg trumpeter/7239/21.jpg trumpeter/7239/22.jpg trumpeter/7239/23.jpg trumpeter/7239/24.jpg trumpeter/7239/25.jpg trumpeter/7239/26.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7239/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7239/1/02.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAfv" "inbox" review and finished model Kit 7239 - M113 A2 visit:

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Kit 7240 - M113 A3

trumpeter/7240/01.jpg trumpeter/7240/02.jpg trumpeter/7240/03.jpg trumpeter/7240/04.jpg trumpeter/7240/05.jpg trumpeter/7240/06.jpg trumpeter/7240/07.jpg trumpeter/7240/08.jpg trumpeter/7240/09.jpg trumpeter/7240/10.jpg trumpeter/7240/11.jpg trumpeter/7240/12.jpg trumpeter/7240/13.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7240/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7240/2/02.jpg

For "Simon Barnes'/ oTW" review of kit 7240 - M113 A3 visit:

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Kit 7241 - Jagdpanther

trumpeter/7241/01.jpg trumpeter/7241/02.jpg trumpeter/7241/03.jpg trumpeter/7241/04.jpg trumpeter/7241/05.jpg trumpeter/7241/06.jpg trumpeter/7241/07.jpg trumpeter/7241/08.jpg trumpeter/7241/09.jpg trumpeter/7241/10.jpg trumpeter/7241/11.jpg trumpeter/7241/12.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- "First Look" about kit 7241 - Jagdpanther visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 7242 - Tiger I (Early Version)

trumpeter/7242/01.jpg trumpeter/7242/02.jpg trumpeter/7242/03.jpg trumpeter/7242/04.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga - Michael Wittmann's tiger "S04" (early production) in Russia with white wash

trumpeter/7242/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7242/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7242/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7242/1/04.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

trumpeter/7242/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7242/2/02.jpg

Kit 7243 - Tiger I (mid Version)

trumpeter/7243/01.jpg trumpeter/7243/02.jpg trumpeter/7243/03.jpg trumpeter/7243/04.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

trumpeter/7243/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7243/1/02.jpg

Kit 7244 - Tiger I (Late Version)

trumpeter/7244/01.jpg trumpeter/7244/02.jpg trumpeter/7244/03.jpg trumpeter/7244/04.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga - Michael Wittmann's tiger "205" Red" (late production with Zimmerit) in Normandy

trumpeter/7244/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7244/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7244/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7244/1/04.jpg

Kit 7245 - Panther Ausf. D
Kit 7246 - Panther Ausf. A

trumpeter/7245/01.jpg trumpeter/7246/01.jpg

Kit 7247 - Sturm Tiger - Late Version

trumpeter/7247/01.jpg trumpeter/7247/02.jpg trumpeter/7247/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7247/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7247/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7247/1/04.jpg

trumpeter/7247/03.jpg trumpeter/7247/04.jpg trumpeter/7247/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay

trumpeter/7247/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7247/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7247/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7247/2/04.jpg

Model built by Ian Fraser

trumpeter/7247/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7247/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7247/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7247/3/04.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAfv"built model kit 7247 - Sturm Tiger - Late Version visit:

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Kit 7248 - Swedish Tank Strv103B

trumpeter/7248/01.jpg trumpeter/7248/02.jpg trumpeter/7248/03.jpg trumpeter/7248/04.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7248/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7248/2/02.jpg

Model built by Michael Johnson

trumpeter/7248/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7248/1/08.jpg

Kit 7249 - German Tanktransporter Sd Ah 116

trumpeter/7249/01.jpg trumpeter/7249/03.jpg trumpeter/7249/04.jpg trumpeter/7249/05.jpg trumpeter/7249/06.jpg trumpeter/7249/07.jpg trumpeter/7249/08.jpg trumpeter/7249/09.jpg trumpeter/7249/10.jpg trumpeter/7249/11.jpg trumpeter/7249/12.jpg

trumpeter/7249/02.jpg trumpeter/7249/13.jpg trumpeter/7249/14.jpg trumpeter/7249/15.jpg trumpeter/7249/15.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

trumpeter/72103/1/01.jpg trumpeter/72103/1/02.jpg trumpeter/72103/1/03.jpg

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Kit 7250 - Italian C-1 Ariete

trumpeter/7250/01.jpg trumpeter/7250/02.jpg trumpeter/7250/03.jpg trumpeter/7250/04.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7250/05.jpg trumpeter/7250/06.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Conversion of the Trumpeter kit 07250 into the variant of the Ariete C-1 uparmored as it was in the operation "ANTIGUA BABILONIA" in the Iraq war 2004 in the employment

trumpeter/7250/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7250/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7250/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7250/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7250/1/05.jpg

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" review of kit 7250 - Italian C-1 Ariete visit:

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Kit 7251 - Halftrack SdKfz. 9/1 with Bilstein Crane (Late)

trumpeter/7251/01.jpg trumpeter/7251/02.jpg trumpeter/7251/03.jpg trumpeter/7251/04.jpg trumpeter/7251/05.jpg trumpeter/7251/06.jpg trumpeter/7251/07.jpg trumpeter/7251/08.jpg trumpeter/7251/09.jpg trumpeter/7251/10.jpg trumpeter/7251/11.jpg trumpeter/7251/12.jpg trumpeter/7251/13.jpg

trumpeter/7251/14.jpg trumpeter/7251/15.jpg trumpeter/7251/16.jpg trumpeter/7251/17.jpg trumpeter/7251/18.jpg

Built model by ZhenminHan

trumpeter/7251/19.jpg trumpeter/7251/20.jpg trumpeter/7251/21.jpg

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Kit 7252 - Halftrack SdKfz. 9/1

trumpeter/7252/01.jpg trumpeter/7252/02.jpg trumpeter/7252/03.jpg trumpeter/7252/04.jpg trumpeter/7252/05.jpg trumpeter/7252/06.jpg trumpeter/7252/07.jpg trumpeter/7252/08.jpg trumpeter/7252/09.jpg trumpeter/7252/10.jpg trumpeter/7252/11.jpg trumpeter/7252/12.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

trumpeter/7252/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7252/1/02.jpg

Kit 7253 - Halftrack SdKfz. 9/1 with Bilstein Crane (early)

trumpeter/7253/01.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/10.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/11.jpg trumpeter/7253/1/12.jpg

trumpeter/7253/02.jpg trumpeter/7253/03.jpg trumpeter/7253/04.jpg trumpeter/7253/05.jpg trumpeter/7253/06.jpg trumpeter/7253/07.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

trumpeter/7253/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7253/3/02.jpg

Model built by Sean Brannin

trumpeter/7253/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/10.jpg trumpeter/7253/2/11.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS" - "First Look" about kit 7253 - Halftrack SdKfz. 9/1 with Bilstein Crane (early) visit:

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Kit 7254 - Jagdtiger

trumpeter/7254/01.jpg trumpeter/7254/02.jpg trumpeter/7254/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7254/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7254/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7254/1/04.jpg

trumpeter/7254/03.jpg trumpeter/7254/04.jpg trumpeter/7254/05.jpg

Kit 7255 - M1126 Stryker - LCV

trumpeter/7255/01.jpg trumpeter/7255/02.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7255/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7255/03.jpg trumpeter/7255/04.jpg trumpeter/7255/05.jpg trumpeter/7255/06.jpg trumpeter/7255/07.jpg trumpeter/7255/08.jpg trumpeter/7255/09.jpg trumpeter/7255/10.jpg trumpeter/7255/11.jpg trumpeter/7255/12.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7255/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7255/2/02.jpg

For an "Mark P. Johnson's / OTW" preview of Kit 7255 - M1126 Stryker - LCV visit:

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Kit 7256 - Stug III Ausf. B

trumpeter/7256/01.jpg trumpeter/7256/02.jpg trumpeter/7256/03.jpg trumpeter/7256/04.jpg trumpeter/7256/05.jpg trumpeter/7256/06.jpg trumpeter/7256/07.jpg

trumpeter/7256/08.jpg trumpeter/7256/09.jpg trumpeter/7256/10.jpg

Built Model by Zhenmin Han

trumpeter/7256/11.jpg trumpeter/7256/12.jpg

Built Model by Olaf Klein

trumpeter/7256/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7256/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7256/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7256/2/04.jpg

Built model by Joe Gehringer

- Trumpeter Stug.III Ausf.B built pretty much out of the box. First whitewash and first attempt at weathering with oil pant.
- The tarp is metal foil from the top of a wine bottle. Some of the foil that I experimented with was too thick but this sample was laminated. (2-ply) I was able to seperate the laminations and was left with two thin pieces of foil that were quite flexible. I wrinkled up the foil then smoothed it out and glued it down. Painting was with acrylics.
- The tracks are the kit tracks. The snow is baking soda. After the static grass was dry I sprinkled baking soda so that it would fall between the blades. The snow was then sealed by spraying future floor polish.

trumpeter/7256/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7256/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7256/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7256/1/04.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" article about Short Gun Sturmgeschütz III kits in 1/72, visit:

to On The Way Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3: the StuG III (Dragon 7553 & 7557 - Trumpeter 7256, 7257 & 7258 - UM 278 & Attack 72816

Kit 7257 - Stug III Ausf. C/D

trumpeter/7257/01.jpg trumpeter/7257/02.jpg trumpeter/7257/03.jpg trumpeter/7257/04.jpg trumpeter/7257/05.jpg trumpeter/7257/06.jpg trumpeter/7257/07.jpg trumpeter/7257/08.jpg trumpeter/7257/09.jpg trumpeter/7257/10.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars

trumpeter/7257/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7257/1/02.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" article about Short Gun Sturmgeschütz III kits in 1/72, visit:

to On The Way Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3: the StuG III (Dragon 7553 & 7557 - Trumpeter 7256, 7257 & 7258 - UM 278 & Attack 72816

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Kit 7258 - Stug III Ausf. E

trumpeter/7258/01.jpg trumpeter/7258/02.jpg trumpeter/7258/03.jpg trumpeter/7258/04.jpg trumpeter/7258/05.jpg trumpeter/7258/06.jpg trumpeter/7258/07.jpg

trumpeter/7258/08.jpg trumpeter/7258/09.jpg trumpeter/7258/10.jpg trumpeter/7258/11.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski / OTW" article about Short Gun Sturmgeschütz III kits in 1/72, visit:

to On The Way Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3: the StuG III (Dragon 7553 & 7557 - Trumpeter 7256, 7257 & 7258 - UM 278 & Attack 72816

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Kit 7259 - Stug III Ausf. F

trumpeter/7259/01.jpg trumpeter/7259/02.jpg trumpeter/7259/03.jpg trumpeter/7259/04.jpg trumpeter/7259/05.jpg trumpeter/7259/06.jpg trumpeter/7259/07.jpg

trumpeter/7259/08.jpg trumpeter/7259/09.jpg trumpeter/7259/10.jpg

Models built by Mick Hill - Stug Ausf. F and D/E

trumpeter/7259/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7259/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7259/1/03.jpg

Kit 7260 - Stug III Ausf. G

trumpeter/7260/01.jpg trumpeter/7260/06.jpg trumpeter/7260/07.jpg trumpeter/7260/08.jpg trumpeter/7260/09.jpg trumpeter/7260/10.jpg trumpeter/7260/11.jpg

trumpeter/7260/02.jpg trumpeter/7260/03.jpg trumpeter/7260/04.jpg trumpeter/7260/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Onishchuk

trumpeter/7260/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7260/1/10.jpg

Kit 7261 - Stug IV Ausf. B

trumpeter/7261/01.jpg trumpeter/7261/06.jpg trumpeter/7261/07.jpg trumpeter/7261/08.jpg trumpeter/7261/09.jpg trumpeter/7261/10.jpg trumpeter/7261/11.jpg

trumpeter/7261/02.jpg trumpeter/7261/03.jpg trumpeter/7261/04.jpg trumpeter/7261/05.jpg

Built model by Erhan Atalay

trumpeter/7261/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7261/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7261/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7261/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7261/1/05.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- "First Look" about kit 7261 - Stug IV Ausf. B visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 7262 - Jagdpanzer IV

trumpeter/7262/01.jpg trumpeter/7262/02.jpg trumpeter/7262/03.jpg trumpeter/7262/04.jpg trumpeter/7262/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" review about kit 7262 - Jagdpanzer IV visit:

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Kit 7263 - French Char B1 Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7263/01.jpg trumpeter/7263/02.jpg trumpeter/7263/03.jpg trumpeter/7263/04.jpg trumpeter/7263/05.jpg

trumpeter/7263/06.jpg trumpeter/7263/07.jpg trumpeter/7263/08.jpg trumpeter/7263/09.jpg trumpeter/7263/10.jpg trumpeter/7263/11.jpg trumpeter/7263/12.jpg

Model built by Al Magnus

trumpeter/7263/13.jpg trumpeter/7263/14.jpg trumpeter/7263/15.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars


Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

trumpeter/7263/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7263/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7263/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7263/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7263/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7263/1/06.jpg

March 2013 - Trumpeter has reworked the B1bis model - the hatch over the driver's head is corrected, pictures posted by Dmitriy Sidorenko

trumpeter/7263/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7263/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7263/2/03.jpg For "Miro Baric's / OTW" review of kit 7263 - French Char B1 Heavy Tank visit:

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For "Andy Bannister's / OTW" review of kit 7263 - French Char B1 Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 7264 - M26 (T26E3) Pershing

trumpeter/7264/01.jpg trumpeter/7264/02.jpg trumpeter/7264/03.jpg trumpeter/7264/04.jpg

Model built by Paul James - (pictures from Missing Lynx form)

trumpeter/7264/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7264/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7264/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7264/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7264/1/05.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of Kit 7264 - M26 (T26E3) Pershing visit:

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Kit 7265 - KV-1 756(r) (German Service)

trumpeter/7265/01.jpg trumpeter/7265/02.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7265/1/08.jpg

trumpeter/7265/03.jpg trumpeter/7265/04.jpg trumpeter/7265/05.jpg

Kit 7266 - KV-2 754(r) (German Service)

trumpeter/7266/01.jpg trumpeter/7266/02.jpg trumpeter/7266/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7266/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7266/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7266/1/04.jpg

trumpeter/7266/03.jpg trumpeter/7266/04.jpg trumpeter/7266/05.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill

trumpeter/7266/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7266/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7266/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7266/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7266/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7266/2/06.jpg

Model built by Elija Bundy

trumpeter/7266/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7266/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7266/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7266/3/04.jpg

Kit 7267 - BTR-80 APC

trumpeter/7267/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7267/2/06.jpg

trumpeter/7267/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/04.jpg trumpeter/7267/05.jpg trumpeter/7267/06.jpg trumpeter/7267/07.jpg

Built model by Jan Pavlik

trumpeter/7267/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/3/04.jpg

Built model by Mike Johnson

trumpeter/7267/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/1/04.jpg

Built model by Guillermo Beck

trumpeter/7267/4/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/04.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/05.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/06.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/07.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/08.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/09.jpg trumpeter/7267/4/10.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

trumpeter/7267/5/01.jpg trumpeter/7267/5/02.jpg trumpeter/7267/5/03.jpg trumpeter/7267/5/04.jpg trumpeter/7267/5/05.jpg trumpeter/7267/5/06.jpg

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For an "Jan Etal's / Armorama" review of kit 7267 - BTR-80 APC visit:

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Kit 7268 - USMC LAV-25 (8X8) Light Armored Vehicle

trumpeter/7268/01.jpg trumpeter/7268/02.jpg trumpeter/7268/03.jpg trumpeter/7268/04.jpg trumpeter/7268/05.jpg trumpeter/7268/06.jpg trumpeter/7268/07.jpg trumpeter/7268/08.jpg trumpeter/7268/09.jpg trumpeter/7268/10.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

trumpeter/7268/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7268/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7268/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7268/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7268/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7268/1/06.jpg

Kit 7269 - USMC Light Armored Vehicle-Recovery (LAV-R)

trumpeter/7269/01.jpg trumpeter/7269/02.jpg trumpeter/7269/03.jpg trumpeter/7269/04.jpg trumpeter/7269/05.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7269/2/08.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

trumpeter/7269/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7269/1/07.jpg

For "Christopher Benjamin's / OTW" review of kit 7269 - USMC Light Armored Vehicle-Recovery (LAV-R) visit:

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Kit 7270 - USMC LAV-C2

trumpeter/7270/01.jpg trumpeter/7270/02.jpg trumpeter/7270/05.jpg trumpeter/7270/06.jpg trumpeter/7270/07.jpg trumpeter/7270/08.jpg trumpeter/7270/09.jpg trumpeter/7270/10.jpg trumpeter/7270/11.jpg trumpeter/7270/12.jpg trumpeter/7270/03.jpg trumpeter/7270/04.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7270/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7270/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7270/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7270/1/04.jpg

Kit 7271 - USMC LAV-AT

trumpeter/7271/01.jpg trumpeter/7271/02.jpg trumpeter/7271/05.jpg trumpeter/7271/06.jpg trumpeter/7271/07.jpg trumpeter/7271/08.jpg trumpeter/7271/09.jpg trumpeter/7271/10.jpg trumpeter/7271/11.jpg trumpeter/7271/12.jpg trumpeter/7271/03.jpg trumpeter/7271/04.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7271/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7271/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7271/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7271/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7271/1/05.jpg

Kit 7272 - Jagdpanther - Late production

trumpeter/7272/01.jpg trumpeter/7272/02.jpg trumpeter/7272/03.jpg trumpeter/7272/04.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72 depot " pictures built model kit 7272 - Jagdpanther - Late production visit:

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Kit 7273 - Jagdtiger - Porsche Production

trumpeter/7273/01.jpg trumpeter/7273/02.jpg trumpeter/7273/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7273/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7273/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7273/1/04.jpg

trumpeter/7273/03.jpg trumpeter/7273/04.jpg trumpeter/7273/05.jpg

For "Ozgur Aydin's / MiniAfv" built model kit 7273 - Jagdtiger - Porsche Production visit:

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Kit 7274 - SturmTiger - Early Version

trumpeter/7274/01.jpg trumpeter/7274/02.jpg trumpeter/7274/03.jpg trumpeter/7274/04.jpg trumpeter/7274/05.jpg trumpeter/7274/06.jpg trumpeter/7274/07.jpg trumpeter/7274/08.jpg trumpeter/7274/09.jpg trumpeter/7274/10.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

trumpeter/7274/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7274/1/10.jpg

Kit 7275 - German Sd.Kfz.9 (18t) Half-track & Sd.Ah.116 Trailer

trumpeter/7275/01.jpg trumpeter/7275/02.jpg trumpeter/7275/03.jpg trumpeter/7275/04.jpg trumpeter/7275/05.jpg trumpeter/7275/06.jpg trumpeter/7275/07.jpg trumpeter/7275/08.jpg trumpeter/7275/09.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka


Model built by Alexander Chalikas

trumpeter/7275/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7275/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7275/1/03.jpg

For "Elliot Winthrop's / OTW" review of kit 7275 - German Sd.Kfz.9 (18t) Half-track & Sd.Ah.116 Trailer visit:

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Kit 7276 - M1A1 Abrams MBT

trumpeter/7276/01.jpg trumpeter/7276/02.jpg trumpeter/7276/03.jpg trumpeter/7276/04.jpg trumpeter/7276/05.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck (www.ipms-xalapa.org) - (M1A1 Abrams AIM, 1st Batallón de tanques, 1st División de Marines, USMC, Golfo Pérsico 1991)

trumpeter/7276/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7276/1/10.jpg

For "Doug Chaltrey's / OTW" - article "Modeling the M1 Abrams in 1/72nd Scale" visit:

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For "Murad Ozer's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 7276 - M1A1 Abrams MBT visit:

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Kit 7277 - M1A1 with Mine Clearing Blade System

trumpeter/7277/01.jpg trumpeter/7277/02.jpg trumpeter/7277/03.jpg trumpeter/7277/04.jpg trumpeter/7277/05.jpg

Built model by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

trumpeter/7277/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/10.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/11.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/12.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/13.jpg trumpeter/7277/1/14.jpg

Kit 7278 - M1A1 with Mine Roller set

trumpeter/7278/01.jpg trumpeter/7278/02.jpg trumpeter/7278/03.jpg trumpeter/7278/04.jpg trumpeter/7278/05.jpg trumpeter/7278/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7278/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7278/1/02.jpg

Kit 7279 - M1A2 Abrams MBT

trumpeter/7279/01.jpg trumpeter/7279/02.jpg trumpeter/7279/03.jpg trumpeter/7279/04.jpg trumpeter/7279/05.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit - (with deep water wading)

trumpeter/7279/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7279/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7279/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7279/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7279/1/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltrey's / OTW" - article "Modeling the M1 Abrams in 1/72nd Scale" visit:

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Kit 7280 - M1 "Panther II" Mine Clearing Tank

trumpeter/7280/01.jpg trumpeter/7280/02.jpg trumpeter/7280/03.jpg trumpeter/7280/04.jpg trumpeter/7280/05.jpg trumpeter/7280/06.jpg trumpeter/7280/07.jpg trumpeter/7280/08.jpg trumpeter/7280/09.jpg trumpeter/7280/10.jpg trumpeter/7280/11.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7280/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7280/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7280/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7280/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7280/1/05.jpg

Kit 7281 - USSR T-54B TANK

trumpeter/7281/01.jpg trumpeter/7281/02.jpg trumpeter/7281/03.jpg trumpeter/7281/04.jpg trumpeter/7281/05.jpg trumpeter/7281/06.jpg trumpeter/7281/07.jpg trumpeter/7281/08.jpg trumpeter/7281/09.jpg trumpeter/7281/10.jpg

Built model by Brano Herain<

trumpeter/7281/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7281/1/08.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka<

trumpeter/7281/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7281/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7281/2/03.jpg

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" review of kit 7281 and 72382 - USSR T-54B TANK and USSR T-55 TANK (MOD 1958) visit:

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Kit 7282 - USSR T-55 TANK (MOD 1958)

trumpeter/7282/01.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7282/1/08.jpg

trumpeter/7282/02.jpg trumpeter/7282/03.jpg trumpeter/7282/04.jpg trumpeter/7282/05.jpg

Afghan T 55 " Tora Bora" - Model built by Brano Herain

trumpeter/7282/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/10.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/11.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/12.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/13.jpg trumpeter/7282/2/14.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - Modification kit 7282 chassis with turret from Black Dog kit for Enigma - www.ipms-xalapa.org

trumpeter/7282/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/05.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/06.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/07.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/08.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/09.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/10.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/11.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/12.jpg trumpeter/7282/3/13.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

ZEBRANO 72021 is an interesting kit but expensive. The chassis of PST is in my eyes from less quality. I have combinated the Trumpeter 7282 with GRAN 7209. I will build the mobile complex S-125 Newa / Petchora on T-55
On the Internet these fla-rocket complexes can be seen in Polish and Cuban air defense (with minor differences
Question: What is the elastic tube on the right side? I suspect that the Poles have created prepared places for the vehicles. There are communications (power supply, data transmission). The cables are connected to the vehicle and protected by a flexible metal tube (the Kopex tube) in front of the jet when the rocket is launched
In some photos, the cables can also be seen without a protective tube. So, however, it looks more interesting from my point of view on the model

zebrano/72021/2/01.jpg zebrano/72021/2/02.jpg zebrano/72021/2/03.jpg zebrano/72021/2/04.jpg zebrano/72021/2/05.jpg zebrano/72021/2/06.jpg zebrano/72021/2/07.jpg zebrano/72021/2/08.jpg zebrano/72021/2/09.jpg

Model built by Wang XianGui, from China

based on parts from Zebrano S-125M+Trumpter T-55+ OKB resin tracks - (Gran ltd and/or AAModels?)

zebrano/72021/3/01.jpg zebrano/72021/3/02.jpg zebrano/72021/3/03.jpg zebrano/72021/3/04.jpg zebrano/72021/3/05.jpg zebrano/72021/3/06.jpg

Kit 7283 - USSR T-55 with KMT-5 Mine Clearing System

trumpeter/7283/01.jpg trumpeter/7283/02.jpg trumpeter/7283/03.jpg trumpeter/7283/04.jpg trumpeter/7283/05.jpg trumpeter/7283/06.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7283/2/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7283/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7283/1/02.jpg

Conversion into scratchbuild BMR-1 with KMT-5 from Trumpeter, by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7283/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7283/3/05.jpg

Kit 7284 - USSR T-55 with BTU-55 Shovel

trumpeter/7284/01.jpg trumpeter/7284/02.jpg trumpeter/7284/03.jpg trumpeter/7284/04.jpg trumpeter/7284/05.jpg trumpeter/7284/06.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7284/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7284/2/02.jpg

conversion T55 into IDF Tiran 5 - Model built by Brano Herain

trumpeter/7284/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7284/1/07.jpg

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Kit 7285 - China T-59

trumpeter/7285/01.jpg trumpeter/7285/02.jpg trumpeter/7285/03.jpg trumpeter/7285/04.jpg trumpeter/7285/05.jpg

Built model by JyuHang Kau

trumpeter/7285/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7285/1/07.jpg

Kit 7286 - US M26A1 Pershing Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7286/01.jpg trumpeter/7286/02.jpg trumpeter/7286/03.jpg trumpeter/7286/04.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of Kit 7286 - US M26A1 Pershing Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 7287 - US T26E4 Pershing Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7287/01.jpg trumpeter/7287/02.jpg trumpeter/7287/03.jpg trumpeter/7287/04.jpg trumpeter/7287/05.jpg

For "Kursat Kaan Akkoyun's / MiniAfv", preview Kit 7287 - US T26E4 Pershing Heavy Tank visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part 1 (preview) logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part 2 (built model)

trumpeter/persh/01.jpg trumpeter/persh/02.jpg trumpeter/persh/03.jpg trumpeter/persh/04.jpg trumpeter/persh/05.jpg trumpeter/persh/06.jpg

Kit 7288 - US M46 Patton Medium Tank

trumpeter/7288/01.jpg trumpeter/7288/02.jpg trumpeter/7288/03.jpg trumpeter/7288/04.jpg trumpeter/7288/05.jpg trumpeter/7288/06.jpg trumpeter/7288/07.jpg trumpeter/7288/08.jpg trumpeter/7288/09.jpg trumpeter/7288/10.jpg trumpeter/7288/11.jpg trumpeter/7288/12.jpg trumpeter/7288/13.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview of Kit 7288 - US M46 Patton Medium Tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 7291 - GERMAN King tiger (Henschell Turret) with Zimmerit

trumpeter/7291/01.jpg trumpeter/7291/02.jpg trumpeter/7291/03.jpg trumpeter/7291/04.jpg trumpeter/7291/05.jpg trumpeter/7291/06.jpg

trumpeter/7291/07.jpg trumpeter/7291/08.jpg trumpeter/7291/09.jpg trumpeter/7291/10.jpg trumpeter/7291/11.jpg

For "Volkan Ayhan's / MiniAFV" review kit 7291 - GERMAN King tiger (Henschell Turret) with Zimmerit visit:

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Kit 7292 - GERMAN King tiger (Porsche Turret) with Zimmerit

trumpeter/7292/01.jpg trumpeter/7292/02.jpg trumpeter/7292/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7292/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7292/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7292/2/04.jpg

trumpeter/7292/03.jpg trumpeter/7292/04.jpg trumpeter/7292/05.jpg trumpeter/7292/06.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars


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Kit 7293 - SdKfz.186 JagdTiger (Henschel production) w/Zimmerit coat


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Kit 7294 - SdKfz.186 JagdTiger (Porsche production) w/Zimmerit coat


For "Volker Helms / IPMS "First Look" of kit 7294 - SdKfz.186 JagdTiger (Porsche production) w/Zimmerit coat visit:

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Kit 7295 - M2A0 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

trumpeter/7295/01.jpg trumpeter/7295/02.jpg trumpeter/7295/03.jpg trumpeter/7295/04.jpg trumpeter/7295/05.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

trumpeter/7295/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7295/1/09.jpg

Kit 7296 - M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

trumpeter/7296/01.jpg trumpeter/7296/02.jpg trumpeter/7296/03.jpg trumpeter/7296/04.jpg trumpeter/7296/05.jpg

Model built by Guillermo Beck - (www.ipms-xalapa.org)

trumpeter/7296/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/10.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/11.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/12.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/13.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/14.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/15.jpg trumpeter/7296/1/16.jpg

Kit 7297 - M2A2 ODS/ODS-E Bradley Fighting Vehicle

trumpeter/7297/01.jpg trumpeter/7297/02.jpg trumpeter/7297/03.jpg trumpeter/7297/04.jpg trumpeter/7297/05.jpg trumpeter/7297/06.jpg trumpeter/7297/07.jpg trumpeter/7297/08.jpg trumpeter/7297/09.jpg trumpeter/7297/10.jpg trumpeter/7297/11.jpg trumpeter/7297/12.jpg trumpeter/7297/13.jpg trumpeter/7297/14.jpg trumpeter/7297/15.jpg trumpeter/7297/16.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7297/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7297/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7297/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7297/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7297/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7297/1/06.jpg

Kit 7298 - Swedish Strv 103C MBT

trumpeter/7298/01.jpg trumpeter/7298/02.jpg trumpeter/7298/03.jpg trumpeter/7298/04.jpg trumpeter/7298/05.jpg trumpeter/7298/06.jpg trumpeter/7298/07.jpg trumpeter/7298/08.jpg trumpeter/7298/09.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

trumpeter/7298/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7298/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7298/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7298/1/04.jpg

Kit 7299 - M26E2 Pershing Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7299/01.jpg trumpeter/7299/02.jpg trumpeter/7299/03.jpg trumpeter/7299/04.jpg trumpeter/7299/05.jpg

trumpeter/7299/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7299/1/08.jpg

For "Kursat Kaan Akkoyun's / MiniAfv", review Kit 7299 - M26E2 Pershing Heavy Tank visit:

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New release 2011 - (new kit registration numbers?)

Kit 7101 - British Warrior Tracked Mechanised Combat Vehicle

trumpeter/7101/01.jpg trumpeter/7101/02.jpg trumpeter/7101/03.jpg trumpeter/7101/04.jpg trumpeter/7101/05.jpg trumpeter/7101/06.jpg trumpeter/7101/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

trumpeter/7101/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7101/1/02.jpg

For "Noker Hanerk's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 7101 - British Warrior Tracked Mechanised Combat Vehicle visit:

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Kit 7102 - British Warrior Up-Armoured

trumpeter/7102/01.jpg trumpeter/7102/09.jpg trumpeter/7102/10.jpg trumpeter/7102/11.jpg trumpeter/7102/12.jpg trumpeter/7102/03.jpg trumpeter/7102/04.jpg trumpeter/7102/05.jpg trumpeter/7102/06.jpg trumpeter/7102/07.jpg trumpeter/7102/08.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7102/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7102/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7102/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7102/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7102/1/05.jpg

Kit 7103 - Israel Merkava Mk.3

trumpeter/7103/01.jpg trumpeter/7103/02.jpg trumpeter/7103/03.jpg trumpeter/7103/04.jpg trumpeter/7103/05.jpg trumpeter/7103/06.jpg trumpeter/7103/07.jpg trumpeter/7103/08.jpg

For "Mumtaz Yildiz's / MiniAfv", preview Kit 7103 - Israel Merkava Mk.3 visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part 1 (preview) logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, part 2 (built model)

Kit 7104 - lsrael Merkava Mk. lll Baz MBT

trumpeter/7104/01.jpg trumpeter/7104/02.jpg trumpeter/7104/11.jpg trumpeter/7104/12.jpg trumpeter/7104/03.jpg trumpeter/7104/04.jpg trumpeter/7104/05.jpg trumpeter/7104/06.jpg trumpeter/7104/07.jpg trumpeter/7104/08.jpg trumpeter/7104/09.jpg trumpeter/7104/10.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7104/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7104/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7104/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7104/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7104/1/05.jpg

Kit 7105 - Challenger1 MBT (Desert Version)

trumpeter/7105/01.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7105/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7105/04.jpg trumpeter/7105/05.jpg trumpeter/7105/06.jpg trumpeter/7105/07.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7105/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7105/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7105/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7105/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7105/2/05.jpg

Built model by Jiri Bednar

trumpeter/7105/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7105/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7105/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7105/3/04.jpg

For "Simon Barnes'/ OTW" review of kit 7101 - Challenger1 MBT (Desert Version) visit:

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Kit 7106 - Challenger1 MBT (Nato Version)

trumpeter/7106/01.jpg trumpeter/7106/02.jpg trumpeter/7106/03.jpg trumpeter/7106/04.jpg trumpeter/7106/05.jpg trumpeter/7106/06.jpg

Kit 7107 - British Warrior MCV

trumpeter/7107/01.jpg trumpeter/7107/02.jpg trumpeter/7107/03.jpg trumpeter/7107/04.jpg trumpeter/7107/05.jpg trumpeter/7107/06.jpg trumpeter/7107/07.jpg trumpeter/7107/08.jpg trumpeter/7107/09.jpg

Kit 7108 - German Pz.Sfl.IVa "Dicker Max"

trumpeter/7108/00.jpg trumpeter/7108/01.jpg trumpeter/7108/02.jpg trumpeter/7108/03.jpg trumpeter/7108/04.jpg trumpeter/7108/05.jpg trumpeter/7108/06.jpg trumpeter/7108/07.jpg trumpeter/7108/08.jpg trumpeter/7108/09.jpg trumpeter/7108/10.jpg trumpeter/7108/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7108/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7108/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7108/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7108/1/05.jpg

Note by Gary Zimmer

Here is a scan of part of the Trumpeter Dicker Max instructions. At the top is says “make 8”, that is make 8 right side suspension units, no left ones. Below as you see Trumpeter can’t tell left from right anyway The convention with any motor vehicle or aircraft right and left is defined from the driver’s seat, not standing in front. I am sure that any modeller who has made a few Panzer IV kits could assemble one with their eyes shut, and this will not confuse them.
Anyway the suspension is hidden underneath, and the missing right hand cab is easy to make. Encyclopaedia of German Tanks has an excellent right side view.

trumpeter/7108/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7108/3/02.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

trumpeter/7108/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7108/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7108/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7108/2/04.jpg

For "Kenneth Overby's / OTW" preview about kit 7108 - German Pz.Sfl.IVa "Dicker Max" visit:

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For "Peter van Kempen's / OTW" preview of kit 7108 - German Pz.Sfl.IVa "Dicker Max" visit:

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Pictures original vehicle:

PzSfl IVa,"Dicker Max" with 10,5cm, K18 L/52 - (Only two prototypes were built and send to Russian front)

pz4/dickm/01.jpg pz4/dickm/02.jpg pz4/dickm/03.jpg pz4/dickm/04.jpg pz4/dickm/05.jpg pz4/dickm/06.jpg pz4/dickm/07.jpg pz4/dickm/08.jpg pz4/dickm/09.jpg pz4/dickm/10.jpg pz4/dickm/11.jpg

Kit 7109 - SAM-6 Anti aircraft missile - (Gainful SA-6)

trumpeter/7109/01.jpg trumpeter/7109/02.jpg trumpeter/7109/08.jpg trumpeter/7109/09.jpg trumpeter/7109/10.jpg trumpeter/7109/11.jpg trumpeter/7109/12.jpg trumpeter/7109/13.jpg trumpeter/7109/14.jpg trumpeter/7109/03.jpg trumpeter/7109/04.jpg trumpeter/7109/05.jpg trumpeter/7109/06.jpg trumpeter/7109/07.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

trumpeter/7109/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7109/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7109/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7109/1/04.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7109/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7109/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7109/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7109/2/04.jpg

For "Piotr Przepióra's / MiniAfv" built model Kit 7109 - SAM-6 Anti aircraft missile - (Gainful SA-6) visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Kit 7110 - Voroshilovets Tractor

trumpeter/7110/01.jpg trumpeter/7110/02.jpg trumpeter/7110/07.jpg trumpeter/7110/08.jpg trumpeter/7110/09.jpg trumpeter/7110/10.jpg trumpeter/7110/11.jpg trumpeter/7110/12.jpg trumpeter/7110/13.jpg trumpeter/7110/03.jpg trumpeter/7110/04.jpg trumpeter/7110/05.jpg trumpeter/7110/06.jpg

Model by W.L. Baars

trumpeter/7110/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7110/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7110/2/03.jpg

Pictures from 1/35 Trumpeter model - (picture 2 - missed fuel tanks and interior in 1/72 model)

trumpeter/7110/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7110/1/02.jpg

Kit 7111 - Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab - (new tool)

The Stalinetz S-65 was the most numerous of the Soviet tracked tractors of WWII. It was used to tow heavy ordinance, most notably the 203mm Howitzer and 152mm Howitzer-Gun as well as for recovery tasks. Many were subsequently captured and used by the German Army to tow a variety of loads. Kit consists of 18 parts.

trumpeter/7111/02.jpg trumpeter/7111/03.jpg trumpeter/7111/04.jpg trumpeter/7111/05.jpg trumpeter/7111/06.jpg trumpeter/7111/07.jpg trumpeter/7111/08.jpg trumpeter/7111/09.jpg trumpeter/7111/10.jpg

Model built by Stefan Roth

trumpeter/7111/11.jpg trumpeter/7111/12.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7111/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7111/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7111/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7111/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7111/1/05.jpg

For "Baki Temel's / MiniAfv" review model Kit 7111 - Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot, - (construction) logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot - (Finished model)

For "Viktor Gorelov's / MiniAfv" pictures built model model Kit 7111 - Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab visit:

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Kit 7112 - Russian ChTZ S-65 Tractor

trumpeter/7112/01.jpg trumpeter/7112/02.jpg trumpeter/7112/03.jpg trumpeter/7112/04.jpg trumpeter/7112/05.jpg trumpeter/7112/06.jpg trumpeter/7112/07.jpg

Pictures built model by Artemy

trumpeter/7112/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7112/1/08.jpg

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Kit 7120 - Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor

trumpeter/7120/01.jpg trumpeter/7120/02.jpg trumpeter/7120/03.jpg trumpeter/7120/04.jpg trumpeter/7120/07.jpg trumpeter/7120/08.jpg trumpeter/7120/09.jpg trumpeter/7120/10.jpg trumpeter/7120/11.jpg trumpeter/7120/12.jpg trumpeter/7120/13.jpg trumpeter/7120/05.jpg trumpeter/7120/06.jpg

Pictures Bill Powers / OTW

trumpeter/7120/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7120/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7120/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7120/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7120/1/05.jpg

Built model by W.L. Baars

trumpeter/7120/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7120/2/02.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7120/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7120/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7120/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7120/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7120/3/05.jpg trumpeter/7120/3/06.jpg

For "Bill Powers' / OTW" preview of Kit 7120 - Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor visit:

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For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAfv" review of Kit 7120 - Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor visit:

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Kit 7121 - German E-100 Super Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7121/01.jpg trumpeter/7121/02.jpg trumpeter/7121/03.jpg trumpeter/7121/04.jpg trumpeter/7121/05.jpg trumpeter/7121/06.jpg trumpeter/7121/07.jpg trumpeter/7121/08.jpg trumpeter/7121/09.jpg trumpeter/7121/10.jpg trumpeter/7121/11.jpg trumpeter/7121/12.jpg trumpeter/7121/13.jpg trumpeter/7121/14.jpg trumpeter/7121/15.jpg trumpeter/7121/16.jpg trumpeter/7121/17.jpg trumpeter/7121/18.jpg trumpeter/7121/19.jpg trumpeter/7121/20.jpg trumpeter/7121/21.jpg trumpeter/7121/22.jpg trumpeter/7121/23.jpg trumpeter/7121/24.jpg trumpeter/7121/25.jpg trumpeter/7121/26.jpg

For "Jan Willisch's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 7121 - German E-100 Super Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 7122 - German Jagpanzer E-100

trumpeter/7122/01.jpg trumpeter/7122/02.jpg trumpeter/7122/03.jpg trumpeter/7122/04.jpg trumpeter/7122/05.jpg trumpeter/7122/06.jpg trumpeter/7122/07.jpg trumpeter/7122/08.jpg trumpeter/7122/09.jpg trumpeter/7122/10.jpg trumpeter/7122/11.jpg trumpeter/7122/12.jpg trumpeter/7122/13.jpg trumpeter/7122/14.jpg trumpeter/7122/15.jpg trumpeter/7122/16.jpg trumpeter/7122/17.jpg trumpeter/7122/18.jpg trumpeter/7122/19.jpg trumpeter/7122/20.jpg trumpeter/7122/21.jpg trumpeter/7122/22.jpg trumpeter/7122/23.jpg trumpeter/7122/24.jpg

For "Bayram Kocer's / MiniAFV.blogspot" review of Kit 7122 - German Jagpanzer E-100 visit:

logo "MiniAFV" Blogspot, Construction steps logo "MiniAFV" Blogspot, finished model

Kit 7123 - E-50 (50-75 tons)/Standardpanzer

trumpeter/7123/01.jpg trumpeter/7123/02.jpg trumpeter/7123/03.jpg trumpeter/7123/04.jpg trumpeter/7123/05.jpg trumpeter/7123/06.jpg trumpeter/7123/07.jpg trumpeter/7123/08.jpg trumpeter/7123/09.jpg

Kit 7124 - E-50 Flakpanzer

trumpeter/7124/01.jpg trumpeter/7124/02.jpg trumpeter/7124/03.jpg trumpeter/7124/04.jpg trumpeter/7124/05.jpg

For "Jan Willisch's / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit 7124 - E-50 Flakpanzer visit:

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Kit 7125 - E-75 (75-100 tons)/Standardpanzer

trumpeter/7125/01.jpg trumpeter/7125/02.jpg trumpeter/7125/03.jpg

Kit 7126 - E-75 Flakpanzer

trumpeter/7126/01.jpg trumpeter/7126/02.jpg trumpeter/7126/03.jpg

Kit 7127 - KV-85

trumpeter/7127/01.jpg trumpeter/7127/02.jpg trumpeter/7127/03.jpg trumpeter/7127/04.jpg trumpeter/7127/05.jpg

Model built by Alexey Sutyagin

trumpeter/7127/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7127/1/07.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7127/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7127/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7127/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7127/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7127/2/05.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS.de" - preview of Kit 7127 - KV-85 visit:

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Kit 7128 - KV-122

trumpeter/7128/01.jpg trumpeter/7128/02.jpg trumpeter/7128/03.jpg trumpeter/7128/04.jpg trumpeter/7128/05.jpg trumpeter/7128/06.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- preview Kit 7128 - KV-122 visit:

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Kit 7129 - Soviet SU-152 Self-propelled Heavy Howitzer - Early

trumpeter/7129/01.jpg trumpeter/7129/02.jpg trumpeter/7129/03.jpg trumpeter/7129/04.jpg trumpeter/7129/05.jpg trumpeter/7129/06.jpg trumpeter/7129/07.jpg trumpeter/7129/08.jpg trumpeter/7129/09.jpg trumpeter/7129/10.jpg trumpeter/7129/11.jpg trumpeter/7129/12.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7129/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7129/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7129/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7129/1/04.jpg

For "Stephen Brezinski's / OTW" preview Kit 7129 & Kit 7130 - Soviet SU-152 Self-propelled Heavy Howitzer - Early & Late visit:

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Kit 7130 - Soviet SU-152 Self-propelled Heavy Howitzer - Late

trumpeter/7130/01.jpg trumpeter/7130/02.jpg trumpeter/7130/03.jpg trumpeter/7130/04.jpg trumpeter/7130/05.jpg trumpeter/7130/06.jpg trumpeter/7130/07.jpg trumpeter/7130/08.jpg trumpeter/7130/09.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7129/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7129/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7129/1/03.jpg

For "Volker Helms" - "First Look" of Kit 7130 - Soviet SU-152 Self-propelled Heavy Howitzer - Late visit:

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Kit 7131 - M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle (ASV)

trumpeter/7131/01.jpg trumpeter/7131/02.jpg trumpeter/7131/03.jpg trumpeter/7131/04.jpg trumpeter/7131/09.jpg trumpeter/7131/10.jpg trumpeter/7131/11.jpg trumpeter/7131/12.jpg trumpeter/7131/13.jpg trumpeter/7131/14.jpg trumpeter/7131/05.jpg trumpeter/7131/06.jpg trumpeter/7131/07.jpg trumpeter/7131/08.jpg

Built model by Mike de Toit

trumpeter/7131/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7131/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7131/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7131/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7131/1/05.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

trumpeter/7131/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7131/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7131/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7131/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7131/2/05.jpg

Kit 07136 - JS-7

trumpeter/7136/01.jpg trumpeter/7136/03.jpg trumpeter/7136/08.jpg trumpeter/7136/09.jpg trumpeter/7136/10.jpg trumpeter/7136/11.jpg trumpeter/7136/05.jpg trumpeter/7136/06.jpg trumpeter/7136/07.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7136/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7136/1/07.jpg

Model built by Rodrigo Nunez Rivolta

trumpeter/7136/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/10.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/11.jpg trumpeter/7136/2/12.jpg

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Kit 07137 - Russian BTR-70 APC early version -(new tooling)

trumpeter/7137/01.jpg trumpeter/7137/02.jpg trumpeter/7137/03.jpg trumpeter/7137/04.jpg trumpeter/7137/05.jpg trumpeter/7137/06.jpg trumpeter/7137/07.jpg trumpeter/7137/08.jpg trumpeter/7137/09.jpg trumpeter/7137/10.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

trumpeter/7137/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7137/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7137/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7137/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7137/1/05.jpg

Kit 07138 - Russian BTR-70 APC late version

trumpeter/7138/01.jpg trumpeter/7138/02.jpg trumpeter/7138/03.jpg trumpeter/7138/04.jpg trumpeter/7138/05.jpg

For "Volker Helms' / Impsdeutschland" preview of Kit 07138 - Russian BTR-70 APC late version visit:

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Kit 07141 - T-62 Main Battle Tank Mod.1972

trumpeter/7141/01.jpg trumpeter/7141/02.jpg trumpeter/7141/03.jpg trumpeter/7141/04.jpg trumpeter/7141/05.jpg trumpeter/7141/06.jpg trumpeter/7141/07.jpg

Model built by Christopher Benjamin

trumpeter/7141/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7141/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7141/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7141/1/04.jpg

Kit 07143 - JS-4 Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7143/01.jpg trumpeter/7143/02.jpg trumpeter/7143/03.jpg trumpeter/7143/04.jpg trumpeter/7143/05.jpg trumpeter/7143/06.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7143/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7143/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7143/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7143/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7143/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7143/1/06.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7143/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7143/2/07.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- preview Kit 07143 - JS-4 Heavy Tank visit:

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Kit 07144 - T-80B MBT

trumpeter/7144/01.jpg trumpeter/7144/02.jpg trumpeter/7144/03.jpg trumpeter/7144/04.jpg trumpeter/7144/05.jpg trumpeter/7144/06.jpg trumpeter/7144/07.jpg trumpeter/7144/08.jpg trumpeter/7144/09.jpg trumpeter/7144/10.jpg

Model build by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7144/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7144/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7144/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7144/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7144/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7144/1/06.jpg

For an "Volker Helms' / IPMSDeutschland" preview about Kit 07144 - T-80B MBT visit:

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Kit 07145 - Russian T-80BV MBT

trumpeter/7145/01.jpg trumpeter/7145/02.jpg trumpeter/7145/03.jpg trumpeter/7145/04.jpg trumpeter/7145/05.jpg trumpeter/7145/06.jpg trumpeter/7145/07.jpg

Built model by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7145/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7145/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7145/1/03.jpg

Built model by Zhangtao

trumpeter/7145/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7145/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7145/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7145/2/04.jpg

Kit 07146 - T-62 MBT 1962

trumpeter/7146/01.jpg trumpeter/7146/02.jpg trumpeter/7146/06.jpg trumpeter/7146/03.jpg trumpeter/7146/04.jpg trumpeter/7146/05.jpg trumpeter/7146/06.jpg trumpeter/7146/07.jpg trumpeter/7146/08.jpg trumpeter/7146/09.jpg trumpeter/7146/10.jpg trumpeter/7146/11.jpg trumpeter/7146/12.jpg trumpeter/7146/13.jpg trumpeter/7146/14.jpg trumpeter/7146/15.jpg

Kit 7147 - T-62 Model 1972

trumpeter/7147/01.jpg trumpeter/7147/02.jpg trumpeter/7147/03.jpg trumpeter/7147/08.jpg trumpeter/7147/09.jpg trumpeter/7147/10.jpg trumpeter/7147/11.jpg trumpeter/7147/12.jpg trumpeter/7147/13.jpg trumpeter/7147/14.jpg trumpeter/7147/04.jpg trumpeter/7147/05.jpg trumpeter/7147/06.jpg trumpeter/7147/07.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer - (Conversion T-62 into CHONMA HO der Nordkoreaner - nordkoreanischen MBT)

trumpeter/7147/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7147/2/10.jpg

For "Volker Helms'/ IPMS DE" First Look of Kit 7147 - T-62 Model 1972 visit:

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Kit 7148 - Russian T-62 BDD Mod.1984 (Mod.1972 modification)

trumpeter/7148/01.jpg trumpeter/7148/02.jpg trumpeter/7148/03.jpg trumpeter/7148/05.jpg trumpeter/7148/06.jpg trumpeter/7148/07.jpg trumpeter/7148/08.jpg trumpeter/7148/09.jpg trumpeter/7148/10.jpg trumpeter/7148/11.jpg trumpeter/7148/04.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAfv" preview Kit 7148 - Russian T-62 BDD Mod.1984 (Mod.1972 modification)visit:

logo "MiniAfv" Blogspot

Model built by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7148/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7148/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7148/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7148/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7148/1/05.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer - converting T-62 into VT-62 der bulgarischen Armee.

In the 1980s, the Bulgarian army converted part of their retired T-55s and T-62s into armored tugs. For this purpose, the vehicle hull's were taken over without changes and with towerparts of T-55 on a plate. The vehicles were equipped with a hand winch, with which the heavy cables and pulleys were designed and moved. The vehicles had no engine winds, no Erdsporn, only additional towing hubs and pulleys.

trumpeter/7148/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7148/2/10.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian - (T-62M Donetsk people's army, Cherson, 2022)

trumpeter/7148/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7148/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7148/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7148/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7148/3/05.jpg

Kit 7149 - Russian T-62 ERA (Mod.1972)

trumpeter/7149/01.jpg trumpeter/7149/02.jpg trumpeter/7149/03.jpg trumpeter/7149/04.jpg trumpeter/7149/05.jpg trumpeter/7149/06.jpg trumpeter/7149/07.jpg

Kit 07150 - T-28 Medium Tank (welded)

trumpeter/7150/01.jpg trumpeter/7150/02.jpg trumpeter/7150/03.jpg trumpeter/7150/04.jpg trumpeter/7150/05.jpg trumpeter/7150/06.jpg trumpeter/7150/07.jpg trumpeter/7150/08.jpg trumpeter/7150/09.jpg trumpeter/7150/10.jpg trumpeter/7150/14.jpg trumpeter/7150/11.jpg trumpeter/7150/12.jpg trumpeter/7150/13.jpg trumpeter/7150/14.jpg trumpeter/7150/15.jpg trumpeter/7150/16.jpg trumpeter/7150/17.jpg trumpeter/7150/18.jpg

Model built by W.L. Baars - (picture 1 - turrets safely fixed)

trumpeter/7150/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7150/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7150/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7150/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7150/1/05.jpg

Model built by Liu Hongjian

trumpeter/7150/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7150/2/08.jpg

Model built by Qin Li

trumpeter/7150/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7150/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7150/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7150/3/04.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- preview Kit 07150 - T-28 Medium Tank (welded) visit:

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For "Bayin Wu's / YouTube" painting instructions Kit 07150 - T-28 Medium Tank visit:

logo "YouTube"

Kit 07151 - T-28 Medium Tank (rivetted?) - ( The kit in the box is: "T-28 with conical Turret and with L10 gun (76,2 mm), M1940")

The kit supplied doesn't seem to match the box art. The instruction manual, sprue and the CAD picture show a late conical turret. The box art show a straight-sided turret. I'm sure the late turret is correct, meaning the three main turret types are available between this, the 7150 welded and the S-model T-35. The 7150 two-hatch turret is a straight swap for the T-35 single-hatch, the conical 7151 turret gives a start to a late T-35 although many other changes are needed - (Note: Adrian Camp)

trumpeter/7151/01.jpg trumpeter/7151/02.jpg trumpeter/7151/03.jpg trumpeter/7151/04.jpg trumpeter/7151/05.jpg trumpeter/7151/06.jpg trumpeter/7151/07.jpg trumpeter/7151/08.jpg trumpeter/7151/09.jpg trumpeter/7151/10.jpg trumpeter/7151/11.jpg trumpeter/7151/12.jpg trumpeter/7151/13.jpg trumpeter/7151/14.jpg trumpeter/7151/15.jpg trumpeter/7151/16.jpg trumpeter/7151/17.jpg trumpeter/7151/18.jpg trumpeter/7151/19.jpg trumpeter/7151/20.jpg trumpeter/7151/21.jpg trumpeter/7151/22.jpg trumpeter/7151/23.jpg trumpeter/7151/24.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

trumpeter/7151/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7151/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7151/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7151/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7151/1/05.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7151/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7151/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7151/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7151/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7151/2/05.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS"- preview Kit 07151 - T-28 Medium Tank (rivetted) visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07152 - Russian T-10 Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7152/01.jpg trumpeter/7152/02.jpg trumpeter/7152/03.jpg trumpeter/7152/04.jpg trumpeter/7152/05.jpg trumpeter/7152/06.jpg trumpeter/7152/07.jpg trumpeter/7152/08.jpg trumpeter/7152/09.jpg trumpeter/7152/10.jpg trumpeter/7152/11.jpg trumpeter/7152/12.jpg trumpeter/7152/13.jpg

Built model by Trumpeter

trumpeter/7152/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7152/1/02.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7152/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7152/2/09.jpg

For "Volker Helms" - "First Look" of Kit 07152 - Russian T-10 Heavy Tank visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07153 - Russian T-10A Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7153/01.jpg trumpeter/7153/02.jpg trumpeter/7153/03.jpg trumpeter/7153/18.jpg trumpeter/7153/19.jpg trumpeter/7153/20.jpg trumpeter/7153/21.jpg trumpeter/7153/05.jpg trumpeter/7153/06.jpg trumpeter/7153/07.jpg trumpeter/7153/08.jpg trumpeter/7153/09.jpg trumpeter/7153/10.jpg trumpeter/7153/11.jpg trumpeter/7153/12.jpg trumpeter/7153/13.jpg trumpeter/7153/14.jpg trumpeter/7153/15.jpg trumpeter/7153/16.jpg trumpeter/7153/17.jpg

For "Volker Helms" - "First Look" of Kit 07153 - Russian T-10A Heavy Tank visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07154 - Russian T-10M Heavy Tank

trumpeter/7154/01.jpg trumpeter/7154/02.jpg trumpeter/7154/03.jpg trumpeter/7154/04.jpg trumpeter/7154/05.jpg trumpeter/7154/06.jpg

Built model by Zhangtao

trumpeter/7154/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7154/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7154/1/03.jpg

Kit 07155 - Russian Object 268

trumpeter/7155/01.jpg trumpeter/7155/02.jpg trumpeter/7155/03.jpg trumpeter/7155/04.jpg trumpeter/7155/11.jpg trumpeter/7155/12.jpg trumpeter/7155/05.jpg trumpeter/7155/06.jpg trumpeter/7155/07.jpg trumpeter/7155/08.jpg trumpeter/7155/09.jpg trumpeter/7155/10.jpg

For "Volker Helms'/ IPMS Deutschland" - preview of Kit 07155 - Russian Object 268 visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07157 - M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station of MIM-104F Patriot SAM System (PAC-3)

trumpeter/7157/01.jpg trumpeter/7157/02.jpg trumpeter/7157/03.jpg trumpeter/7157/04.jpg trumpeter/7157/05.jpg trumpeter/7157/06.jpg trumpeter/7157/16.jpg trumpeter/7157/17.jpg trumpeter/7157/24.jpg trumpeter/7157/25.jpg trumpeter/7157/26.jpg trumpeter/7157/27.jpg trumpeter/7157/28.jpg trumpeter/7157/29.jpg trumpeter/7157/30.jpg trumpeter/7157/31.jpg trumpeter/7157/18.jpg trumpeter/7157/19.jpg trumpeter/7157/20.jpg trumpeter/7157/21.jpg trumpeter/7157/22.jpg trumpeter/7157/23.jpg trumpeter/7157/13.jpg trumpeter/7157/14.jpg trumpeter/7157/15.jpg trumpeter/7157/07.jpg trumpeter/7157/08.jpg trumpeter/7157/09.jpg trumpeter/7157/10.jpg trumpeter/7157/11.jpg trumpeter/7157/12.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7157/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7157/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7157/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7157/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7157/1/05.jpg

Kit 07158 - M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station w/MIM-104 Patriot SAM System (PAC-2)

trumpeter/7158/01.jpg trumpeter/7158/02.jpg trumpeter/7158/03.jpg trumpeter/7158/04.jpg trumpeter/7158/05.jpg trumpeter/7158/06.jpg trumpeter/7158/07.jpg trumpeter/7158/08.jpg trumpeter/7158/09.jpg trumpeter/7158/10.jpg

Kit 07159 - MPQ-53 C-Band Tracking Radar

trumpeter/7159/01.jpg trumpeter/7159/02.jpg trumpeter/7159/03.jpg trumpeter/7159/13.jpg trumpeter/7159/14.jpg trumpeter/7159/15.jpg trumpeter/7159/16.jpg trumpeter/7159/17.jpg trumpeter/7159/18.jpg trumpeter/7159/19.jpg trumpeter/7159/20.jpg trumpeter/7159/21.jpg trumpeter/7159/22.jpg trumpeter/7159/23.jpg trumpeter/7159/24.jpg trumpeter/7159/25.jpg trumpeter/7159/26.jpg trumpeter/7159/04.jpg trumpeter/7159/05.jpg trumpeter/7159/06.jpg trumpeter/7159/07.jpg trumpeter/7159/08.jpg trumpeter/7159/09.jpg trumpeter/7159/10.jpg trumpeter/7159/11.jpg trumpeter/7159/12.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7159/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7159/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7159/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7159/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7159/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7159/1/06.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7159/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7159/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7159/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7159/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7159/2/05.jpg

Kit 07160 - King Tiger (Henschel turret) with 105mm kwk L/65

trumpeter/7160/01.jpg trumpeter/7160/02.jpg trumpeter/7160/03.jpg trumpeter/7160/04.jpg trumpeter/7160/05.jpg trumpeter/7160/06.jpg trumpeter/7160/07.jpg trumpeter/7160/08.jpg

Kit 07161 - King Tiger (Porsche Turret) with kwk L/68 105mm gun

trumpeter/7161/01.jpg trumpeter/7161/02.jpg trumpeter/7161/03.jpg trumpeter/7161/04.jpg

Kit 07162 - KV-2 with 107mm zis-6

trumpeter/7162/01.jpg trumpeter/7162/02.jpg trumpeter/7162/03.jpg trumpeter/7162/04.jpg trumpeter/7162/05.jpg trumpeter/7162/06.jpg trumpeter/7162/07.jpg trumpeter/7162/08.jpg

Kit 07163 - JS-3 with 122mm BL 9 Howitzer

trumpeter/7163/01.jpg trumpeter/7163/02.jpg trumpeter/7163/03.jpg trumpeter/7163/04.jpg trumpeter/7163/05.jpg trumpeter/7163/06.jpg trumpeter/7163/07.jpg trumpeter/7163/08.jpg

Built model by Igor Leonov

trumpeter/7163/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7163/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7163/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7163/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7163/1/05.jpg

Kit 07164 - Tiger I with 88mm kwk L/71

trumpeter/7164/01.jpg trumpeter/7164/02.jpg trumpeter/7164/03.jpg trumpeter/7164/04.jpg trumpeter/7164/05.jpg trumpeter/7164/06.jpg trumpeter/7164/07.jpg trumpeter/7164/08.jpg trumpeter/7164/09.jpg trumpeter/7168/01.jpg

Kit 07165 - JagdTiger with 128mm gun- Pak 44L

trumpeter/7165/01.jpg trumpeter/7165/02.jpg trumpeter/7165/03.jpg trumpeter/7165/04.jpg

Kit 07166 - JagdTiger with 88mm L/71 gun

trumpeter/7166/01.jpg trumpeter/7166/02.jpg trumpeter/7166/03.jpg trumpeter/7166/04.jpg trumpeter/7166/05.jpg trumpeter/7166/06.jpg trumpeter/7166/07.jpg

Kit 7167 - T34/85

trumpeter/7167/01.jpg trumpeter/7167/02.jpg trumpeter/7167/03.jpg trumpeter/7167/04.jpg

For "Volker Helms' / IPMS Deutschland" - "First Look" of Kit 7167 - T34/85 visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 7168 - Sherman M4A3E8 (105mm)

trumpeter/7168/01.jpg trumpeter/7168/02.jpg trumpeter/7168/03.jpg trumpeter/7168/04.jpg

For an "Jan Willisch / IPMSDeutschland" review about Kit 7168 - Sherman M4A3E8 (105mm) visit:

logo "IPMS.de" Website

Kit 07169 - French M4 Medium Tank

trumpeter/7169/01.jpg trumpeter/7169/02.jpg trumpeter/7169/03.jpg trumpeter/7169/04.jpg trumpeter/7169/05.jpg trumpeter/7169/06.jpg trumpeter/7169/07.jpg trumpeter/7169/08.jpg trumpeter/7169/09.jpg trumpeter/7169/10.jpg

For "Peter Theisen's / Modellversium.de" preview Kit 07169 - French M4 Medium Tank visit:

to ModellVersium ModellVersium.de web-site

Kit 07170 - US M26 with 90mm T15E2M2

trumpeter/7170/01.jpg trumpeter/7170/02.jpg trumpeter/7170/03.jpg trumpeter/7170/04.jpg trumpeter/7170/05.jpg trumpeter/7170/06.jpg trumpeter/7170/07.jpg trumpeter/7170/08.jpg

Kit 07171 - PLA ZTZ 99A MBT

trumpeter/7171/03.jpg trumpeter/7171/04.jpg trumpeter/7171/05.jpg trumpeter/7171/06.jpg trumpeter/7171/01.jpg trumpeter/7171/02.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7171/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7171/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7171/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7171/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7171/1/05.jpg

Kit 07175 - M1120 HEMTT Load Handing System (LHS)

trumpeter/7175/01.jpg trumpeter/7175/02.jpg trumpeter/7175/03.jpg trumpeter/7175/04.jpg trumpeter/7175/05.jpg trumpeter/7175/06.jpg trumpeter/7175/07.jpg trumpeter/7175/08.jpg trumpeter/7175/09.jpg trumpeter/7175/10.jpg trumpeter/7175/11.jpg trumpeter/7175/12.jpg trumpeter/7175/13.jpg trumpeter/7175/14.jpg trumpeter/7175/15.jpg trumpeter/7175/16.jpg trumpeter/7175/17.jpg trumpeter/7175/18.jpg trumpeter/7175/19.jpg trumpeter/7175/20.jpg trumpeter/7175/21.jpg trumpeter/7175/22.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7175/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7175/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7175/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7175/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7175/1/05.jpg

Kit 07176 - Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD)

trumpeter/7176/01.jpg trumpeter/7176/02.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/09.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/10.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/11.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/12.jpg trumpeter/7176/2/13.jpg trumpeter/7176/04.jpg trumpeter/7176/05.jpg trumpeter/7176/06.jpg trumpeter/7176/07.jpg trumpeter/7176/08.jpg trumpeter/7176/09.jpg trumpeter/7176/10.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7176/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7176/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7176/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7176/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7176/1/05.jpg

Kit 07177 - M983 Tractor with AN/TPY 2x Band Radar

trumpeter/7177/01.jpg trumpeter/7177/12.jpg trumpeter/7177/13.jpg trumpeter/7177/14.jpg trumpeter/7177/15.jpg trumpeter/7177/16.jpg trumpeter/7177/17.jpg trumpeter/7177/18.jpg trumpeter/7177/19.jpg trumpeter/7177/20.jpg trumpeter/7177/21.jpg trumpeter/7177/22.jpg trumpeter/7177/23.jpg trumpeter/7177/02.jpg trumpeter/7177/03.jpg trumpeter/7177/04.jpg trumpeter/7177/05.jpg trumpeter/7177/06.jpg trumpeter/7177/07.jpg trumpeter/7177/08.jpg trumpeter/7177/09.jpg trumpeter/7177/10.jpg trumpeter/7177/11.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7177/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7177/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7177/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7177/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7177/1/05.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

trumpeter/7177/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7177/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7177/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7177/2/04.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7177/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7177/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7177/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7177/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7177/3/05.jpg trumpeter/7177/3/06.jpg

Kit 07178 - Soviet 2K11A TEL w/ 9M8M Missile "Krug-a" ( SA-4 Ganef)

trumpeter/7178/01.jpg trumpeter/7178/02.jpg trumpeter/7178/03.jpg trumpeter/7178/04.jpg trumpeter/7178/05.jpg trumpeter/7178/06.jpg trumpeter/7178/07.jpg trumpeter/7178/08.jpg trumpeter/7178/09.jpg trumpeter/7178/10.jpg trumpeter/7178/11.jpg trumpeter/7178/12.jpg trumpeter/7178/13.jpg trumpeter/7178/14.jpg trumpeter/7178/15.jpg trumpeter/7178/16.jpg trumpeter/7178/17.jpg

Conversion by Udo Bauer: - BM-21 Grad (ICM 72707) in transport and loading vehicle TLF 2T6 system KRUG - (The missile is from the TRUMPETER kit 07178 (SA-4 Ganef)

Icm/72707/1/01.jpg Icm/72707/1/02.jpg Icm/72707/1/03.jpg Icm/72707/1/04.jpg Icm/72707/1/05.jpg Icm/72707/1/06.jpg Icm/72707/1/07.jpg Icm/72707/1/08.jpg Icm/72707/1/09.jpg Icm/72707/1/10.jpg Icm/72707/1/11.jpg Icm/72707/1/12.jpg

For "Volker Helms / IPMS" - "First Look" of Kit 07178 - Soviet 2K11A TEL w/ 9M8M Missile "Krug-a" ( SA-4 Ganef) visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07179 - Russian 9P113 TEL w/9M21 Rocket of 9K52 Luna-M

trumpeter/7179/01.jpg trumpeter/7179/02.jpg trumpeter/7179/13.jpg trumpeter/7179/14.jpg trumpeter/7179/15.jpg trumpeter/7179/16.jpg trumpeter/7179/17.jpg trumpeter/7179/18.jpg trumpeter/7179/19.jpg trumpeter/7179/20.jpg trumpeter/7179/03.jpg trumpeter/7179/04.jpg trumpeter/7179/05.jpg trumpeter/7179/06.jpg trumpeter/7179/07.jpg trumpeter/7179/08.jpg trumpeter/7179/09.jpg trumpeter/7179/10.jpg trumpeter/7179/11.jpg trumpeter/7179/12.jpg

Built Model

trumpeter/7179/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7179/1/09.jpg

Built Model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7179/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7179/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7179/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7179/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7179/2/06.jpg

Kit 07180 - Russian 9P140 TEL of 9K57 Uragan Multiple Launch Rocket System

trumpeter/7180/01.jpg trumpeter/7180/02.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/05.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/06.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/07.jpg trumpeter/7180/2/08.jpg trumpeter/7180/03.jpg trumpeter/7180/04.jpg trumpeter/7180/05.jpg trumpeter/7180/06.jpg trumpeter/7180/07.jpg trumpeter/7180/08.jpg trumpeter/7180/09.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7180/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7180/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7180/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7180/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7180/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7180/1/06.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7180/3/01.jpg trumpeter/7180/3/02.jpg trumpeter/7180/3/03.jpg trumpeter/7180/3/04.jpg trumpeter/7180/3/05.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

trumpeter/7180/4/01.jpg trumpeter/7180/4/02.jpg trumpeter/7180/4/03.jpg trumpeter/7180/4/04.jpg trumpeter/7180/4/05.jpg trumpeter/7180/4/06.jpg

Kit 07181 - Russian T-14 Armata MBT

trumpeter/7181/01.jpg trumpeter/7181/02.jpg trumpeter/7181/03.jpg trumpeter/7181/04.jpg trumpeter/7181/05.jpg trumpeter/7181/06.jpg trumpeter/7181/07.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7181/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7181/1/07.jpg

Kit 07190 - Leopard 2A4 MBT

trumpeter/7190/01.jpg trumpeter/7190/02.jpg trumpeter/7190/03.jpg trumpeter/7190/04.jpg trumpeter/7190/05.jpg trumpeter/7190/12.jpg trumpeter/7190/13.jpg trumpeter/7190/14.jpg trumpeter/7190/06.jpg trumpeter/7190/07.jpg trumpeter/7190/08.jpg trumpeter/7190/09.jpg trumpeter/7190/10.jpg trumpeter/7190/11.jpg

For "Philip Koch's / IPMS.de", preview of Kit 07190 - Leopard 2A4 MB, visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07191 - Leopard 2A6 MBT

trumpeter/7191/01.jpg trumpeter/7191/02.jpg trumpeter/7191/03.jpg trumpeter/7191/04.jpg trumpeter/7191/05.jpg trumpeter/7191/06.jpg trumpeter/7191/07.jpg trumpeter/7191/08.jpg trumpeter/7191/09.jpg

For "Philip Koch's / IPMS.de", preview of Kit 07191 - Leopard 2A6 MBT visit:

logo Website IPMS Deutschland

Kit 07192 - Leopard 2A6EX

trumpeter/7192/01.jpg trumpeter/7192/02.jpg trumpeter/7192/03.jpg trumpeter/7192/04.jpg trumpeter/7192/05.jpg trumpeter/7192/06.jpg trumpeter/7192/07.jpg trumpeter/7192/08.jpg trumpeter/7192/09.jpg

Kit 07194 - MAZ-537G intermediate type with MAZ/ ChMZAP 5247G semi-trailer

trumpeter/7194/01.jpg trumpeter/7194/02.jpg trumpeter/7194/03.jpg trumpeter/7194/04.jpg trumpeter/7194/05.jpg trumpeter/7194/06.jpg trumpeter/7194/07.jpg trumpeter/7194/08.jpg trumpeter/7194/09.jpg trumpeter/7194/10.jpg trumpeter/7194/11.jpg trumpeter/7194/12.jpg trumpeter/7194/13.jpg

Built model by Vojislav Jereb

trumpeter/7194/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7194/1/07.jpg

Kit 07195 - MAZ 537G Late production type with MAZ/chMZAP 5247G semi trailer

trumpeter/7195/01.jpg trumpeter/7195/02.jpg trumpeter/7195/03.jpg trumpeter/7195/04.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7195/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7195/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7195/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7195/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7195/1/05.jpg

Kit 07196 - Slt-56 Tractor with 56t Semi Trailer

trumpeter/7196/01.jpg trumpeter/7196/02.jpg trumpeter/7196/03.jpg trumpeter/7196/04.jpg trumpeter/7196/05.jpg trumpeter/7196/06.jpg trumpeter/7196/07.jpg trumpeter/7196/08.jpg trumpeter/7196/09.jpg trumpeter/7196/10.jpg

Kit 7401 - German Fennek LGS - Dutch version with interior

trumpeter/7401/01.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7401/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7401/03.jpg trumpeter/7401/04.jpg trumpeter/7401/05.jpg trumpeter/7401/06.jpg trumpeter/7401/07.jpg trumpeter/7401/08.jpg trumpeter/7401/09.jpg trumpeter/7401/10.jpg trumpeter/7401/11.jpg trumpeter/7401/12.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7401/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7401/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7401/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7401/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7401/2/05.jpg

Kit 7402 - German Fennek LGS - German Version with interior

trumpeter/7402/01.jpg trumpeter/7402/02.jpg trumpeter/7402/03.jpg trumpeter/7402/04.jpg trumpeter/7402/05.jpg trumpeter/7402/06.jpg trumpeter/7402/07.jpg trumpeter/7402/08.jpg trumpeter/7402/09.jpg trumpeter/7402/10.jpg trumpeter/7402/11.jpg trumpeter/7402/12.jpg trumpeter/7402/13.jpg trumpeter/7402/14.jpg trumpeter/7402/15.jpg trumpeter/7402/16.jpg trumpeter/7402/17.jpg trumpeter/7402/18.jpg trumpeter/7402/19.jpg trumpeter/7402/20.jpg

3D drawings

trumpeter/7402/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7402/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7402/1/03.jpg

Kit 7403 - German Sd.Kfz.8 Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12t, - (announced)


Kit 7425 - M1134 Stryker Anti Tank Missile

trumpeter/7425/01.jpg trumpeter/7425/02.jpg trumpeter/7425/03.jpg trumpeter/7425/04.jpg trumpeter/7425/05.jpg trumpeter/7425/06.jpg trumpeter/7425/07.jpg trumpeter/7425/08.jpg trumpeter/7425/09.jpg trumpeter/7425/10.jpg

Kit 7429 - M1135 Stryker NBC RV

trumpeter/7429/01.jpg trumpeter/7429/02.jpg trumpeter/7429/04.jpg trumpeter/7429/05.jpg trumpeter/7429/06.jpg trumpeter/7429/07.jpg trumpeter/7429/08.jpg trumpeter/7429/09.jpg trumpeter/7429/10.jpg trumpeter/7429/11.jpg trumpeter/7429/12.jpg trumpeter/7429/13.jpg trumpeter/7429/14.jpg trumpeter/7429/15.jpg trumpeter/7429/16.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7429/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7429/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7429/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7429/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7429/1/05.jpg

Kit 7439 - M706 Commando Armoured Car (Vietnam War)

trumpeter/7439/01.jpg trumpeter/7439/02.jpg trumpeter/7439/10.jpg trumpeter/7439/11.jpg trumpeter/7439/12.jpg trumpeter/7439/03.jpg trumpeter/7439/04.jpg trumpeter/7439/05.jpg trumpeter/7439/06.jpg trumpeter/7439/07.jpg trumpeter/7439/08.jpg trumpeter/7439/09.jpg

Kit 7441 - V-150 Commando w/20mm cannon

trumpeter/7441/01.jpg trumpeter/7441/02.jpg trumpeter/7441/03.jpg trumpeter/7441/04.jpg trumpeter/7441/05.jpg trumpeter/7441/06.jpg trumpeter/7441/07.jpg trumpeter/7441/08.jpg trumpeter/7441/09.jpg trumpeter/7441/10.jpg trumpeter/7441/11.jpg trumpeter/7441/12.jpg trumpeter/7441/13.jpg trumpeter/7441/14.jpg trumpeter/7441/15.jpg trumpeter/7441/16.jpg trumpeter/7441/17.jpg

3D Drawings

trumpeter/7441/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7441/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7441/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7441/1/04.jpg

Kit 7446 - Pz.Kpfw.VIII Maus

trumpeter/7446/01.jpg trumpeter/7446/02.jpg trumpeter/7446/03.jpg trumpeter/7446/04.jpg trumpeter/7446/05.jpg trumpeter/7446/06.jpg

Model by Christian Weber

trumpeter/7446/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7446/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7446/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7446/1/04.jpg

Kit 7456 - M1132 Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle

trumpeter/7456/01.jpg trumpeter/7456/02.jpg trumpeter/7456/13.jpg trumpeter/7456/14.jpg trumpeter/7456/15.jpg trumpeter/7456/16.jpg trumpeter/7456/17.jpg trumpeter/7456/18.jpg trumpeter/7456/19.jpg trumpeter/7456/20.jpg trumpeter/7456/04.jpg trumpeter/7456/05.jpg trumpeter/7456/06.jpg trumpeter/7456/07.jpg trumpeter/7456/08.jpg trumpeter/7456/09.jpg trumpeter/7456/10.jpg trumpeter/7456/11.jpg trumpeter/7456/12.jpg

Model built by Mike du Toit

trumpeter/7456/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7456/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7456/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7456/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7456/1/05.jpg trumpeter/7456/1/06.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

trumpeter/7456/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7456/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7456/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7456/2/04.jpg trumpeter/7456/2/05.jpg

Warships 1/72 Scale

Kit 7301 - JMSDF LCAC landing craft

trumpeter/7302/01.jpg trumpeter/7301/02.jpg trumpeter/7301/03.jpg trumpeter/7301/04.jpg trumpeter/7301/05.jpg trumpeter/7301/06.jpg trumpeter/7301/07.jpg trumpeter/7301/08.jpg trumpeter/7301/09.jpg trumpeter/7301/10.jpg trumpeter/7301/11.jpg trumpeter/7301/12.jpg trumpeter/7301/13.jpg trumpeter/7301/14.jpg trumpeter/7301/15.jpg trumpeter/7301/16.jpg trumpeter/7301/17.jpg

For "Michael Benolkin's / Cybermodeller" preview Kit 7301 - JMSDF LCAC landing craft visit:

to Cybermodeller Cybermodeler web-site

Kit 7302 - USMC Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)

Re-release from Pit-Road kit DL-01 - JMSDF LCAC No.1 Class with Type 90 MBT


trumpeter/7302/00.jpg trumpeter/7302/01.jpg trumpeter/7302/02.jpg trumpeter/7302/03.jpg trumpeter/7302/04.jpg trumpeter/7302/05.jpg trumpeter/7302/06.jpg trumpeter/7302/07.jpg trumpeter/7302/08.jpg trumpeter/7302/09.jpg trumpeter/7302/10.jpg

Built model by Christian Drojecki

trumpeter/7302/1/01.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/02.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/03.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/04.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/05.jpg

trumpeter/7302/1/06.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/07.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/08.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/09.jpg trumpeter/7302/1/10.jpg

Built model by ??

trumpeter/7302/2/01.jpg trumpeter/7302/2/02.jpg trumpeter/7302/2/03.jpg trumpeter/7302/2/04.jpg

New kits Trumpeter catalogue 2019-2020 - (part 1/72 scale)

trumpeter/cat2019-1.jpg trumpeter/cat2019-2.jpg

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