"Museum of Arms from the Homeland War, Turanj, Croatia"

Museum of the Croatian War of Independence, 1991 - 1995

Posted by Vojislav Jereb

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turanj/01/01.jpg turanj/01/02.jpg turanj/01/03.jpg turanj/01/04.jpg

Armoured Trucks

A special place is reserved for some “home-made” armoured personnel carriers, improvised by the Croats during summer and autumn 1991.

The original improvised armored vehicle


“M-91 Strasko” Actually an armoured tractor, armed with a German-made WW2 vintage MG42 machine gun

strasko_128 - Original war photo of the vehicle of the 128 Brigade HV (Croatian Army) in 1992
strasko_displ1 - vehicle displayed in Army barracks in Zagreb
strasko_displ2 - vehicle displayed at an open Museum in Turanj (near Karlovac) - which is very convinient as it can be visited at any time even more because itis near the main road Karlovac-Plitvice.
strasko_orig2 - The vehicle of the 17th Home Regiment - (is the camo scheme I have used on my model)
strasko_orig3 - Same vehicle from the front
strasko_orig4 - Vehicle before preservation photographed in the Torpedo factora in Rijeka
strasko_orig5 - Another vehicle before preservation photographed in the Torpedo factora in Rijeka
strasko_wfu3 - The vehicle preserved in running condition and used for display on several occasions (aniversaries) taken in Zagreb in 2001

jereb/strasko_128.jpg jereb/strasko_displ1.jpg jereb/strasko_displ2.jpg jereb/strasko_orig2.jpg jereb/strasko_orig3.jpg jereb/strasko_orig4.jpg jereb/strasko_orig5.jpg jereb/strasko_wfu3.jpg turanj/02/01.jpg turanj/02/02.jpg turanj/02/03.jpg turanj/02/04.jpg

1/72 model built by Vojislav Jereb:

jereb/strasko 09.jpg jereb/strasko 10.jpg jereb/strasko 11.jpg jereb/strasko 12.jpg

“M-91 Sveti Juraj” - (APC - armoured personnel carrier) A truck modified in similar fashion; despite a relatively fresh coat of colour, it is still showing a clear trace of an artillery grenade exploded in the vicinity of the vehicle overturning it. Hence the shrapnell holes on the body.

turanj/03/01.jpg turanj/03/02.jpg turanj/03/03.jpg

APC "Sokol 1"

turanj/05/01.jpg turanj/05/02.jpg turanj/05/03.jpg turanj/05/04.jpg turanj/05/05.jpg

Tanks, Guns & Airplanes

Russian Amphibious ferry GSP

turanj/04/01.jpg turanj/04/02.jpg turanj/04/03.jpg turanj/04/04.jpg

M-18 Hellcat

turanj/06/01.jpg turanj/06/02.jpg turanj/06/03.jpg




turanj/08/01.jpg turanj/08/02.jpg turanj/08/03.jpg

M4A3 Sherman



turanj/11/01.jpg turanj/11/02.jpg turanj/11/03.jpg turanj/11/04.jpg

Various Guns

turanj/12/01.jpg turanj/12/02.jpg turanj/12/07.jpg turanj/12/03.jpg turanj/12/04.jpg turanj/12/05.jpg turanj/12/06.jpg

Various Airplanes

turanj/10/01.jpg turanj/10/03.jpg turanj/10/02.jpg turanj/10/06.jpg turanj/10/04.jpg turanj/10/05.jpg

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