Valiant Miniatures - Figures 1/72

New manufacturer from the UK - The first figure-sets are available in January 2007

Julian Blakeney-Edwards, Valiant Miniatures Ltd, www.valiantminiatures.com, Tel 00 44 (0)208 874 1838

Valiant Miniatures is a new business created to produce high quality 1/72 scale injection moulded plastic figure sets for gamers, modellers and collectors. These are hard plastic figures, manufactured in polystyrene, allowing the figures to be easily glued and easily painted. Additional heads, optional arms and equipment (such as backpacks and weapons) are also provided for simple conversions and adding variety.
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Some pictures are taken with permission from www.plasticsoldierreview.com

Figure scale


Kit VM001 - British Tommies 1944-45

valiant/vm001/01.jpg valiant/vm001/02.jpg valiant/vm001/03.jpg valiant/vm001/04.jpg valiant/vm001/05.jpg valiant/vm001/06.jpg valiant/vm001/07.jpg valiant/vm001/08.jpg valiant/vm001/09.jpg

Kit VM002 - Classic German Infantry

valiant/vm002/01.jpg valiant/vm002/02.jpg valiant/vm002/03.jpg valiant/vm002/04.jpg valiant/vm002/05.jpg valiant/vm002/06.jpg valiant/vm002/07.jpg valiant/vm002/08.jpg valiant/vm002/09.jpg valiant/vm002/10.jpg

Kit VM003 - American G.I.s 1942/44

valiant/vm003/01.jpg valiant/vm003/02.jpg valiant/vm003/03.jpg valiant/vm003/04.jpg valiant/vm003/05.jpg valiant/vm003/06.jpg valiant/vm003/07.jpg valiant/vm003/08.jpg valiant/vm003/09.jpg

Kit VM004 - Germans in Normandy 1944

valiant/vm004/01.jpg valiant/vm004/02.jpg valiant/vm004/03.jpg valiant/vm004/04.jpg valiant/vm004/05.jpg valiant/vm004/06.jpg valiant/vm004/07.jpg valiant/vm004/08.jpg

Painted by Patrick Dauga - ( he note that some figures of this set are bigger then 1/72 - possible more around 1/60)

valiant/vm004/1/01.jpg valiant/vm004/1/02.jpg valiant/vm004/1/03.jpg valiant/vm004/1/04.jpg valiant/vm004/1/05.jpg valiant/vm004/1/06.jpg

Kit VM005 - German IF8 infantry cart

valiant/vm005/01.jpg valiant/vm005/02.jpg valiant/vm005/03.jpg valiant/vm005/04.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu" review about kit VM005 - German IF8 infantry cart visit:

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Kit VM006 - German Paratroops

valiant/vm006/01.jpg valiant/vm006/02.jpg valiant/vm006/03.jpg

Kit VM007 - le FH18 howitwer and crew

valiant/vm007/01.jpg valiant/vm007/02.jpg valiant/vm007/03.jpg valiant/vm007/04.jpg valiant/vm007/05.jpg valiant/vm007/06.jpg

Kit VM009 - British 6 pdr and Crew

valiant/vm009/01.jpg valiant/vm009/02.jpg valiant/vm009/03.jpg

Kit VM010 - German Paratroop Heavy Weapons

valiant/vm010/01.jpg valiant/vm010/02.jpg valiant/vm010/03.jpg valiant/vm010/04.jpg valiant/vm010/05.jpg valiant/vm010/06.jpg valiant/vm010/07.jpg


RR001 - Rapid Ruin French House / Shop

valiant/rr001/01.jpg valiant/rr001/02.jpg

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