1/72 "ValueGear" Model Building Details

Resin dioramaparts available in different scales

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Pictures posted by Patrice Dauga

valuegear/01.jpg valuegear/02.jpg valuegear/03.jpg

Universal / Generic - Tents, Tarps & Crates

Kit 72001 - Tents, Tarps & Crates Set #1
Kit 72002 - Tents, Tarps & Crates Set #2
Kit 72003 - Tents, Tarps & Crates Set #3
Kit 720c1 - Wooden Crates Set #1

valuegear/Universal/72001/01.jpg valuegear/Universal/72001/01.jpg valuegear/Universal/72001/01.jpg valuegear/Universal/720C1/01.jpg

Allied Stowage sets - Fuel, Ammo & Supplies

Kit 72DA1 - Fuel Drums
Kit 72AA1 - Ammo Crates
Kit VO3D2 - Jerry Can Set
Kit 72AT1 - Truck Blobs #1
Kit 72AT2 - Truck Blobs #2
Kit 72AT3 - Truck Blobs #3
Kit 72AT4 - Truck Blobs #4

valuegear/Allied/72DA1/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/72AA1/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/VO3D2/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/72AT1/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/72AT2/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/72AT3/01.jpg valuegear/Allied/72AT4/01.jpg

German Stowage sets - Fuel, Ammo & Supplies

Kit 72DG1 - German Fuel Drums
Kit 72AG1 - Allied Fuel Drums
Kit VO3D1 - German Jerry Can Set
Kit 72GT1 - German Truck Blobs #1
Kit 72GT2 - German Truck Blobs #2
Kit 72GT3 - German Truck Blobs #3
Kit 72GT4 - German Truck Blobs #4

valuegear/German/72DG1/01.jpg valuegear/German/72AG1/01.jpg valuegear/German/VO3D1/01.jpg valuegear/German/72GT1/01.jpg valuegear/German/72GT1/02.jpg valuegear/German/72GT1/03.jpg valuegear/German/72GT1/04.jpg

Allied Stowage sets - Fuel, Ammo & Supplies

Kit 72SB1 - Sand Bag Walls "Straight"
Kit 72SB2 - Sand Bag Walls "Curved"
Kit 72SB3 - Sand Bag Walls "Check Point"
Kit 72SB4 - Sand Bag Walls "Filler"

valuegear/Alliedstow/72SB1/01.jpg valuegear/Alliedstow/72SB2/01.jpg valuegear/Alliedstow/72SB3/01.jpg valuegear/Alliedstow/72SB4/01.jpg

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