1/72 - 1/76 Resin from:
Wespe-Models, Romania

Owner Stefan Cirstea, Wespe-Models, Str. N.Balcescu Nr.23, 2000 Ploiesti, Romania. Phone +40722282285, Fax +40344102808

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Scale 1/76

Kit 76001 - Ford LRDG


Model built by Patrice Dauga - (Wespe Models with Miniworld bronze machine guns)

wespe/76001/1/01.jpg wespe/76001/1/02.jpg wespe/76001/1/03.jpg wespe/76001/1/04.jpg

Kit 76002 - Marmon-Herrington MK-III
Kit 76003 - Commer Q2

wespe/76002/01.jpg wespe/76003/01.jpg

Scale 1/72

Kit 72001 - Steering Wheels
Kit 72002 - Jerry-Cans, Barrels, Crates, Baggages
Kit 72003 - German 2,5 Ton GS Trailer
Kit 72004 - M.A.N. F4 6.5 ton

wespe/72001/01.jpg wespe/72002/01.jpg wespe/72003/01.jpg wespe/72004/01.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit 72004 - M.A.N. F4 6.5 ton visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72005 - Krupp LD N242 6.5 ton

wespe/72005/01.jpg wespe/72005/02.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski" preview about kit 72005 - Krupp LD N242 6.5 ton visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Pictures built model (kit 72005 & 72006) by Aart Hoogenstrijd

wespe/72005/1/01.jpg wespe/72005/1/02.jpg wespe/72005/1/03.jpg wespe/72005/1/04.jpg wespe/72005/1/05.jpg wespe/72005/1/06.jpg

Kit 72006 - German Heavy Trailer

wespe/72006/01.jpg wespe/72006/02.jpg

Kit 72007 - Zis-10
Kit 72008 - M.A.N. 4500S

wespe/72007/01.jpg wespe/72008/01.jpg

Kit 72009 - Renault ATH Radio-Car 2.5 ton


Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

wespe/72009/02.jpg wespe/72009/03.jpg wespe/72009/04.jpg wespe/72009/05.jpg wespe/72009/06.jpg wespe/72009/07.jpg

Kit 72010 - Ford/Marmon Herrington
Kit 72011 - CMP Kubelwagon

wespe/72010/01.jpg wespe/72011/01.jpg

For an "Faustnik" preview about kit 72008a - M.A.N. 4500S visit:

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Kit 72012 - Stalinetz S65
Kit 72013 - Opel Kadett
Kit 72014 - KV-2
Kit 72015 - Horch 830 B1
Kit 72016 - Opel Blitz 3.6 ton

wespe/72012/01.jpg wespe/72013/01.jpg wespe/72014/01.jpg wespe/72015/01.jpg wespe/72016/01.jpg

Kit 72017 - Opel Kadett Cabrio
Kit 72018 - SdKfz.8 DB10 12tons Halftrack
Kit 72019 - Opel Kapitein
Kit 72020 - Opel Super 6
Kit 72021 - International Tractor

wespe/72017/01.jpg wespe/72018/01.jpg wespe/72019/01.jpg wespe/72020/01.jpg wespe/72021/01.jpg

Kit 72022 - Skoda 3 ton


Model built by Andrei Makarov

wespe/72022/1/01.jpg wespe/72022/1/01.jpg

Kit 72023 - FCM 36


For an "Patrick Storto / OTW" preview about kit 72023 - FCM 36 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72024 - SdKfz.8 DB9 Armoured and with Flak 88


Built model by Ivan Visek

wespe/72024/1/01.jpg wespe/72024/1/02.jpg wespe/72024/1/03.jpg wespe/72024/1/04.jpg

Kit 72025 - SdKfz.8 DB9 Armoured and with Flak 88 (winter version)


Model built by Paco Motos Orrellana

wespe/72025/1/01.jpg wespe/72025/1/02.jpg wespe/72025/1/03.jpg wespe/72025/1/04.jpg wespe/72025/1/05.jpg

Kit 72026 - Trailer Internationaal


Kit 72027 - Skoda Diesel 7 ton
Model built by Alexandre Novellino

wespe/72027/01.jpg wespe/72027/02.jpg wespe/72027/03.jpg wespe/72027/04.jpg wespe/72027/05.jpg wespe/72027/06.jpg wespe/72027/07.jpg

Kit 72028 - RENAULT B1 BIS
Kit 72031 - Ford C11 ADF
Kit 72032 - Mercedes 6.5 ton 1939

wespe/72028/01.jpg wespe/72031/01.jpg wespe/72032/01.jpg

Kit 72033 - Mercedes 6.5 ton 1940


Model built by Aexandre Novellino

wespe/72033/1/01.jpg wespe/72033/1/02.jpg wespe/72033/1/03.jpg wespe/72033/1/04.jpg wespe/72033/1/05.jpg wespe/72033/1/06.jpg

wespe/72033/1/07.jpg wespe/72033/1/08.jpg wespe/72033/1/09.jpg wespe/72033/1/10.jpg wespe/72033/1/11.jpg

Kit 72034 - Marmon Herrington MK-II
Kit 72035 - US005 - Dodge T-202
Kit 72036 - Steyer RSO with 105mm Fh18/40 gun
Kit 72037 - US003 - Mack 7.5 ton
Kit 72038 - AC72004 - Plane's for Famo (Trumpeter)

wespe/72034/01.jpg wespe/72035/01.jpg wespe/72036/01.jpg wespe/72037/01.jpg wespe/72038/01.jpg

For an "Thomas Braden" preview about kit 72037 - US003 - Mack 7.5 ton visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72039 - MAN 4500 Railcar
Kit 72040 - MAN 4500 Gasgenerator
Kit 72041 - Mack NR4
Kit 72042 - Horses Wagon
Kit 72043 - Bofors 40mm

wespe/72039/01.jpg wespe/72040/01.jpg wespe/72041/01.jpg wespe/72042/01.jpg wespe/72043/01.jpg

Kit 72044 - Scammel Pioneer

wespe/72044/01.jpg wespe/72044/02.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

wespe/72044/1/01.jpg wespe/72044/1/02.jpg wespe/72044/1/03.jpg wespe/72044/1/04.jpg

Kit 72045 - Gun St.Chamond
Kit 72046 - Morris Breakdown
Kit 72047 - Mack Monty's Caravan

wespe/72045/01.jpg wespe/72046/01.jpg wespe/72047/01.jpg

Kit 72048 - US Dozer "Le Tourneau"


Model built by Alexandre Novellino

wespe/72048/1/01.jpg wespe/72048/1/02.jpg wespe/72048/1/03.jpg wespe/72048/1/04.jpg wespe/72048/1/05.jpg wespe/72048/1/06.jpg wespe/72048/1/07.jpg

For an "Thomas Braden" preview about kit 72048 - US Dozer "Le Tourneau" visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72049 - Morris 6x4
Kit 72050 - 35 7,5 MG 8mm 07/12
Kit 72052 - CRANE 10 TON (FAMO)

wespe/72049/01.jpg wespe/72050/01.jpg wespe/72051/01.jpg wespe/72052/01.jpg wespe/72053/01.jpg

Kit 72055 - GUN 155mm M1-A2 HOWITZER
Kit 72056 - KAELBLE Z6V2A

wespe/72054/01.jpg wespe/72055/01.jpg wespe/72056/01.jpg

Kit 72057 - Diamond T980/981 M20

wespe/72057/01.jpg wespe/72057/02.jpg wespe/72057/03.jpg

Kit 72058 - Trailer M9 45 ton

wespe/72058/01.jpg wespe/72058/02.jpg wespe/72058/03.jpg

Kit 72059 - Morris C9B W-40mm Bofors
Kit 72060 - Diamond T969A Wrecker
Kit 72061 - Diamond T968B Cargo
Kit 72062 - Diamond T972 Dump
Kit 72063 - Diamond T975A Bridge Transporter

wespe/72059/01.jpg wespe/72060/01.jpg wespe/72061/01.jpg wespe/72062/01.jpg wespe/72063/01.jpg

Kit 72064 - Diamond T975A Machinery, Tool Set
Kit 72065 - Leyland Truck
Kit 72066 - Leyland Retriever Crane
Kit 72067 - Leyland Wrecker
Kit 72068 - Leyland Monty Caravan

wespe/72064/01.jpg wespe/72065/01.jpg wespe/72066/01.jpg wespe/72067/01.jpg wespe/72068/01.jpg

Kit 72069 - 4 Buffalo 105mm Houwitzer
Kit 72070 - Mack NR5 Truck
Kit 72071 - Mack LMSW 53 - Wrecker

wespe/72069/01.jpg wespe/72070/01.jpg wespe/72071/01.jpg

Kit 72072 - ScammelL R100
wespe/72072/01.jpg wespe/72072/02.jpg

Kit 72073 - FCM / 75mm Gun


Kit 72074 - CV-35 Lanciafiamme
Kit 72075 - FCM - 105mm Howitzer
Kit 72076 - Faun L900 Crane 10Ton
Kit 72077 - Mercedes Benz Omnibus O 10000
Kit 72078 - Magirus Maultier

wespe/72074/01.jpg wespe/72075/01.jpg wespe/72076/01.jpg wespe/72077/01.jpg wespe/72078/01.jpg

For an "Christopher Benjamin" preview about kit 72078 - Magirus Maultier visit:

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Kit 72079 - Dodge Ambulance
Kit 72080 - Unimog S 404
Kit 72081-1 - Kubelwagen - Europa
Kit 72081-2 - Kubelwagen - Afrika
Kit 72082-1 - Kubelwagen Fligfeldwerkstatt Europa

wespe/72079/01.jpg wespe/72080/01.jpg wespe/72081-1/01.jpg wespe/72081-2/01.jpg wespe/72082-1/01.jpg

For an "Chris Grove" preview about kit 72080 - Unimog S-404 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72082-2 - Kubelwagen Flugfeldwerkstatt Afrika
Kit 72083-1 - Kubelwagen Sanitatsausfuhrung Europa
Kit 72083-2 - Kubelwagen Sanitasausfuring Afrika
Kit 72084-1 - Kubelwagen Werkstattanlass Europa
Kit 72084-2 - Kubelwagen Werkstattanlass Afrika

wespe/72082-2/01.jpg wespe/72083-1/01.jpg wespe/72083-2/01.jpg wespe/72084-1/01.jpg wespe/72084-2/01.jpg

Kit 72085 - SdKfz 233



Info 2011 - The ex-Retrokits from Dominic Jadoul - (English partner of ex-Retrokit) - are in licentie (until April 2014) available under Wespe-Retrokit label.
After April 2014 the kits under label "Wespe / Retrokit" are possible produced without licence. (There is some information that the original moulds are not longer / more in hands from Wespe and they has made new moulds from old copies of the kits)

Info http://landships.activeboard.com/t54763811/retrokit-st-chamond-and-other-news-august-2013/

"My co-operation with Wespe Models of Romania will continue until April 2014, and several other now discontinued kits from the earlier RetrokiT catalogue can still be found there. From May-June 2014, a number of those old kits will be re-issued under the RetroTracks label, though others are to be discontinued for good (though may re-appear in someone else's catalogue at some stage..?!)" - Domi


retrokit/retro/72001/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/03.jpg

Built model by Alfred van Netburg

retrokit/retro/72001/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72001/1/04.jpg

Kit WES R002 - M35 A1/A2 6x6 2.5T TRUCK

retrokit/retro/72002/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72002/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72002/03.jpg

Kit WES R003 - SOMUA MCG 4/5

retrokit/retro/72003/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/07.jpg retrokit/retro/72003/08.jpg

Kit WES R004 - Sherman Ambutank VVSS (conversion kit for ESCI/Italeri M4A1 kit)

retrokit/retro/72004/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72004/02.jpg

Kit WES R005 - Lancia 1Zm Armoured Car

retrokit/retro/72005/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/07.jpg retrokit/retro/72005/08.jpg

Kit WES R006 - 155mm Schneider Court Mle.1917

retrokit/retro/72006/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72006/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72006/03.jpg

For an "Stephen Brezinski" preview about kit 155mm Schneider Court Mle.1917 visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit WES R007 - 9P129 Tochka

retrokit/retro/72007/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/08.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/09.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72007/07.jpg

Kit WES R008 - B.L. 15in Siege Howitzer, 1915

retrokit/retro/72008/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72008/07.jpg

Kit WES R009 - Somua MCG 4/11 155mm CS Tractor

retrokit/retro/72009/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/07.jpg retrokit/retro/72009/08.jpg

Kit WES R010 - Ammunition Trailer for 155CS, Mle.33

retrokit/retro/72010/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72010/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72010/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72010/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72010/05.jpg

Kit WES R011 - M149A2 Water Tank Trailer

retrokit/retro/72011/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72011/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72011/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72011/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72011/05.jpg

For an "Christopher Benjamin" review about kit 72011 (WES R011) - M149A2 Water Tank Trailer visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit WES R012 - Char B1

retrokit/retro/72012/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72012/02.jpg

Kit WES R013 - Char B1bis
Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka.

retrokit/retro/72013/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72013/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72013/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72013/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72013/05.jpg

Kit WES R014 - AMR 33 Renault VM

retrokit/retro/72014/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72014/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72014/03.jpg

Kit WES R015 - M113 Nag'mash Kasman Meshupar

retrokit/retro/72015/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72015/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72015/03.jpg

Kit WES R016 - M113 Moaz

retrokit/retro/72016/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72016/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72016/03.jpg

Kit WES R017 - Belgian T15

retrokit/retro/72017/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72017/07.jpg

Kit WES R018 - Schneider CA.1 (first model)

retrokit/retro/72018/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72018/07.jpg

Kit WES R019 - Citroen 45 (with additional parts for early, mid or late variant)

retrokit/retro/72019/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72019/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72019/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72019/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72019/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72019/06.jpg

Kit WES R020 - White - Laffly 50 AM

retrokit/retro/72020/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72020/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72020/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72020/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72020/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72020/06.jpg

Kit WES R021 - Schneider CA.1 (first up-armoured model)

retrokit/retro/72021/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/06.jpg

retrokit/retro/72021/2/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/2/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/2/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/2/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/2/05.jpg

Model built by Jaroslav Kotlaba

retrokit/retro/72021/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72021/1/04.jpg

Kit WES R022 - Schneider CA.1 (second up-armoured model)

retrokit/retro/retro/72022/01.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72045/01.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/02.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/03.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/04.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/05.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/06.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/07.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/08.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/09.jpg retrokit/retro/retro/72022/10.jpg

retrokit/retro/72022/2/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/2/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/2/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/2/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/2/05.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

retrokit/retro/72022/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/1/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72022/1/05.jpg

Kit WES R023 - Dodge 'Tanaké'

retrokit/retro/72023/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72023/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72023/03.jpg

Kit WES R024 - Matilda II 'BEF'

retrokit/retro/72024/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72024/07.jpg

Kit WES R025 - M18 Hellcat


Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka

retrokit/retro/72025/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72025/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72025/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72025/1/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72025/1/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72025/1/06.jpg

Kit WES R028 - Romanian R-1 Tankette (with decals)

retrokit/retro/72028/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72028/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72028/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72028/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72028/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72028/06.jpg

For an "Miro Baric" review about kit 72028 (WES R028) - Romanian R-1 Tankette (with decals) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit WES R030 - Automitrailleuse 'White'

retrokit/retro/72030/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/06.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/07.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/08.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/09.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/10.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/11.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/12.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/13.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/14.jpg retrokit/retro/72030/15.jpg

Kit WES R031 - V-C-L Commercial Light Tank Model 1934


Kit WES R032 - V-C-L Commercial Light Tank Model 1937


Kit WES R033 - Light Tank Mk IIIB Dutchman


Kit WES R034 - Automitrailleuse 'Dodge - White'

retrokit/retro/72034/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72034/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72034/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72034/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72034/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72034/06.jpg

Kit WES R035 - Knox 35 Tractor

retrokit/retro/72035/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/05.jpg

Model built by Toams Hrdlicka - used kit 72035, 72036 and 72042

retrokit/retro/72035/1/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/1/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/1/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72035/1/04.jpg

Kit WES R036 - La Buire tank transporter Trailer


Kit WES R037 - Simca Cinq

retrokit/retro/72037/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72037/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72037/03.jpg

Kit WES R038 - Renault ACG1
Built model by Jaroslav Kotlaba

retrokit/retro/72038/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72038/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72038/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72038/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72038/05.jpg

Kit WES R039 - Automitrailleuse SAVA


Kit WES R040 - Hedi (with decals for 2 Freikorps vehicles)

Built model by Jaroslav Kotlaba

retrokit/retro/72040/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72040/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72040/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72040/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72040/05.jpg

Kit WES R041 - Berliet VUDB (with decals for 4 French vehicle)


Kit 72042 - Schneider CD
Built model by Tomas Hrdlicka

retrokit/retro/72042/01.jpg retrokit/retro/72042/02.jpg retrokit/retro/72042/03.jpg retrokit/retro/72042/04.jpg retrokit/retro/72042/05.jpg retrokit/retro/72042/06.jpg

Kit 72043 - Automitrailleuse White 1917-1918 / White TBC


Kit 72046 - 2-trailer set for Lorraine 37L (ammunition & fuel)


Kit 72047 - Trailer for Lorraine 38L (personnel)




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