An aircraft manufacturer from Ukraine with some interesting kits as missiles and rockets

Possible from same manufacturer as Military Wheels

Several sprue parts pictures are used with permission from www.Plastic-Models-Store.com

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Kit 72127 - KH-55 & KH-55M "AS-15 Kent" strategic missile

amodel/72127/01.jpg amodel/72127/02.jpg amodel/72127/03.jpg amodel/72127/04.jpg amodel/72127/05.jpg

Kit 72173 - Kh-35&Kh-35U/E (AS-20 Kayak) Soviet guided missile

amodel/72173/01.jpg amodel/72173/02.jpg amodel/72173/03.jpg amodel/72173/04.jpg amodel/72173/05.jpg

Kit 72177 - X-20M (AS-3 Kangaroo) Soviet guided missile

amodel/72177/01.jpg amodel/72177/02.jpg amodel/72177/03.jpg amodel/72177/04.jpg amodel/72177/05.jpg amodel/72177/06.jpg

Kit 72178 - KS-1 / KRM-1 Soviet guided missile

amodel/72178/01.jpg amodel/72178/02.jpg amodel/72178/03.jpg amodel/72178/04.jpg amodel/72178/05.jpg

Conversion from AModel Kit 72178 - KS-1 / KRM-1 Soviet guided missile into the Sopka S-2. The SOPKA S-2 was in use in the coastal defense units of the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries, Africa and Cuba in the 1960s and 1970s - Comments Udo Bauer

amodel/72178/2/01.jpg amodel/72178/2/02.jpg amodel/72178/2/03.jpg amodel/72178/2/04.jpg

Model under construction by Udo Bauer

amodel/72178/1/01.jpg amodel/72178/1/02.jpg amodel/72178/1/03.jpg amodel/72178/1/04.jpg amodel/72178/1/05.jpg amodel/72178/1/06.jpg amodel/72178/1/07.jpg amodel/72178/1/08.jpg amodel/72178/1/09.jpg amodel/72178/1/10.jpg amodel/72178/1/11.jpg amodel/72178/1/12.jpg

Kit 72196 - Kh-22 (AS-4 "Kitchen") long-range anti-ship missile

amodel/72196/01.jpg amodel/72196/02.jpg amodel/72196/03.jpg amodel/72196/04.jpg amodel/72196/05.jpg

Kit 72197 - KSR-5 (AS-6 "Kingfish") long-range anti-ship missile

amodel/72197/01.jpg amodel/72197/02.jpg amodel/72197/03.jpg amodel/72197/04.jpg amodel/72197/05.jpg

Kit 72202 - Antonov A-40 (KT) prototype flying tank using T-60

amodel/72202/01.jpg amodel/72202/02.jpg amodel/72202/03.jpg amodel/72202/04.jpg amodel/72202/05.jpg amodel/72202/06.jpg amodel/72202/07.jpg amodel/72202/08.jpg

The manufacturer "Anigrand" from Hong Kong has done the 1/72 scale Antonov A40 (KT) in resin.

anigrand/aa2045/01.jpg anigrand/aa2045/02.jpg anigrand/aa2045/03.jpg

For more "Anigrand" visit:

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Kit 72265 - AN602 "Tsar Bomba"

amodel/72265/01.jpg amodel/72265/02.jpg amodel/72265/03.jpg amodel/72265/04.jpg amodel/72265/05.jpg amodel/72265/06.jpg

Built model by ?

amodel/72265/1/01.jpg amodel/72265/1/02.jpg amodel/72265/1/04.jpg amodel/72265/1/05.jpg amodel/72265/1/06.jpg amodel/72265/1/03.jpg amodel/72265/1/08.jpg amodel/72265/1/09.jpg

Kit 72288 - Kh-28 & Kh-28E rockets

amodel/72288/01.jpg amodel/72288/02.jpg amodel/72288/03.jpg amodel/72288/04.jpg amodel/72288/05.jpg

"NA" serien

Kit NA72001 - Soviet Atomic Bomb - (RDS-1)

amodel/NA72001/01.jpg amodel/NA72001/02.jpg amodel/NA72001/03.jpg amodel/NA72001/04.jpg amodel/NA72001/05.jpg amodel/NA72001/06.jpg amodel/NA72001/07.jpg

Kit NA72002 - Soviet Atomic Bomb - (RDS-2)

amodel/NA72002/01.jpg amodel/NA72002/02.jpg amodel/NA72002/03.jpg amodel/NA72002/04.jpg amodel/NA72002/05.jpg

Kit NA72003 - Soviet Atomic Bomb - (RDS-3)

amodel/NA72003/01.jpg amodel/NA72003/02.jpg amodel/NA72003/03.jpg amodel/NA72003/04.jpg amodel/NA72003/05.jpg amodel/NA72003/06.jpg

Kit NA72004 - RDS-4 "Tatsyana"

amodel/NA72004/01.jpg amodel/NA72004/02.jpg amodel/NA72004/03.jpg amodel/NA72004/04.jpg amodel/NA72004/05.jpg amodel/NA72004/06.jpg amodel/NA72004/07.jpg

Kit NA72005 - FAB-5000 M54 (Soviet high-explosive bomb)

amodel/NA72005/01.jpg amodel/NA72005/02.jpg amodel/NA72005/03.jpg amodel/NA72005/04.jpg amodel/NA72005/05.jpg amodel/NA72005/06.jpg amodel/NA72005/07.jpg

Kit NA72009 - FAB-9000 M54 (Soviet high-explosive bomb)

amodel/NA72009/01.jpg amodel/NA72009/02.jpg amodel/NA72009/03.jpg amodel/NA72009/04.jpg amodel/NA72009/05.jpg amodel/NA72009/06.jpg

Kit NA72012 - ASM-2M "Bat"

amodel/NA72012/01.jpg amodel/NA72012/02.jpg amodel/NA72012/03.jpg amodel/NA72012/04.jpg amodel/NA72012/05.jpg amodel/NA72012/06.jpg

Kit NA72013 - ASM-A-1 Tarzon (VB-13)

amodel/NA72013/01.jpg amodel/NA72013/02.jpg amodel/NA72013/03.jpg amodel/NA72013/04.jpg amodel/NA72013/05.jpg amodel/NA72013/06.jpg amodel/NA72013/07.jpg

Kit NA72015 - P-15 / P-15M "Termit"

amodel/NA72015/01.jpg amodel/NA72015/02.jpg amodel/NA72015/03.jpg amodel/NA72015/04.jpg amodel/NA72015/05.jpg amodel/NA72015/06.jpg amodel/NA72015/07.jpg amodel/NA72015/08.jpg amodel/NA72015/09.jpg

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