British ALECTO and their variants.

Light tank.

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The masters of these models were built by Henk-of-Holland with additional work from Henry Klom for the dozer parts, after research by Kees van Meel.
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Alecto with 95mm gun

Another version of the Alecto 95mm was the Alecto-dozer. A small number of dozers were completed late in the war, with the dozer blade replacing the gun. None of these vehicles saw action.
Also two types of gun-tractors were planned, one with 2 mg's in the front and one without mg's as well as a APC.

Alecto/Alecto9501.jpg Alecto/Alecto9502.jpg Alecto/Alecto01.jpg Alecto/Alecto03.jpg Alecto/Alecto95c.jpg Alecto/Alecto95d.jpg Alecto/Alecto95a.jpg Alecto/Alecto95b.jpg

Alecto dozer.
Alecto APC.
Alecto tractor.

Alecto/Alectodz01.jpg Alecto/Alectodz02.jpg Alecto/Alectodz.jpg Alecto/Alectoapc.jpg Alecto/Alectotrac1.jpg

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