Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o - (Resin)

September 2015: The manufacturer "Attack Hobby Kits" has changed the ownership few months ago.

Owner Karel Waisser, "Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o.", Pobrezni 249/46, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic.
Shop: Plastic Planet Shop, Kodymova 8, 15500 Praha 5 Stodulky, Czech Replublic.

(Old manufacturer address: Attack Hobby Kits, Herrmanna 4, 77200 Olomouc 2, Czech Replublic.)

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News 2015:

The first new model after few years of break has been kit 72890 - SU-76I Soviet Army. New items are follow, see for more info leaflet below:

Attack/leaflet/01.jpgLeaflet - News 2015

Information owner:

It is hard to make restart of the company. Shops had issue with delivery of Attack in the past, therefore you can hardly find full scale of our models. It is changing step by step, but it takes time. Therefore if any model from the list has not been available with any shop, it is definitely available with the e-shop "www.plasticplanet.cz". And if it is not available with Plastic Planet, then it is not available at all. This is e-shop of co-operating “sister” company.

We started production of new models and will keep approximately catalogue of the same amount of items (meaning plastic models). Therefore hand in hand with production of new items, some old models has been excluded. Initial cleaning was already done. Examples out of production – e.g. Tatra T-57K, first line of Panzer III including StuGs, Sigs… The process will continue – old items with low quality will be excluded and the new with higher quality added. If any of these excluded items will be added to catalogue in the future, it will be already completely new model.

Re-released items are already available. They are based on the same parts as the original Attack models. Just form cleaning was done. Unfortunately there is one hidden info. Attack has been in past changing technology and processing of the models. Initial taste of this new technology were models Phanomen Granit, Tatra T-87, T-97, Skoda 952. Full advantage of this new technology were models of Panzer I, Panzer II and the second line of Panzer III Ausf.J. They were already prepared with much higher standard of technology compare to other models and they are easy to assemble as well. Unfortunately, formal owner of Attack was not able to market this info. All re-released models are using at this moment the same boxes, camo, manuals and parts as the original Attack products.

Resin models – it is the completely different story. All of them are "out of production" at this moment. I have to do the new forming of all of them. Therefore I will return them back step by step in the near future.

- Karel Waisser, owner "Attack Hobby Kits s.r.o"

Kits released under old label

Kit atre72301 - Nebelwerfer.

Attack/72301.jpg Attack/72301-1.jpg Attack/72301-2.jpg Attack/72301-3.jpg Attack/72301-dily.jpg

Kit atre72302 - Pak 35/36

Attack/72302.jpg Attack/72302-1.jpg Attack/72302-2.jpg Attack/72302-3.jpg Attack/72302-dily.jpg

Kit atre72303 - 8.8cm Raketenwerfer Pupchen on skies.

Attack/72303.jpg Attack/72303-1.jpg Attack/72303-2.jpg Attack/72303-3.jpg Attack/72303-dily.jpg

For Al Magnus' review of kit 72303 - 8.8cm Raketenwerfer Pupchen on skies, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72304 - 8.8cm Raketenwerfer Pupchen on wheels.

Attack/72304.jpg Attack/72304-1.jpg Attack/72304-2.jpg Attack/72304-3.jpg Attack/72304-dily.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's review of kit 72304 - 8.8cm Raketenwerfer Pupchen on wheels, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72305 - 12cm Granatenwerfer 42.

Attack/72305.jpg Attack/72305-1.jpg Attack/72305-2.jpg Attack/72305-dily.jpg

For Doug Chaltry's review of kit 72305 - 12cm Granatenwerfer 42, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72306 - 7.5cm LeIG 18.

Attack/72306.jpg Attack/72306-1.jpg Attack/72306-2.jpg Attack/72306-3.jpg Attack/72306-dily.jpg

Kit atre72307 - 2.8cm SpzB41 + JF8 trailer.

Attack/72307.jpg Attack/72307-1.jpg Attack/72307-2.jpg Attack/72307-dily.jpg

Kit atre72308 - JF8 trailer + NSU trailer.

Attack/72308.jpg Attack/72308-1.jpg Attack/72308-2.jpg Attack/72308-dily.jpg

Kit atre72309 - Waponset no 1.

Attack/72309.jpg Attack/72309-1.jpg Attack/72309-dily.jpg

Kit atre72310 - 10.5cm LG42/1.

Attack/72310.jpg Attack/72310-1.jpg Attack/72310-2.jpg Attack/72310-3.jpg Attack/72310-dily.jpg

For Al Magnus' review of kit 72310 - 10.5cm LG42/1, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72311 - Schienenpanzer Steyer K2670.

Attack/72311.jpg Attack/72311-1.jpg Attack/72311-2.jpg Attack/72311-3.jpg Attack/72311-dily.jpg

Kit atre72312 - Schienenpanzer Steyer K2670 - 1943.

Attack/72312.jpg Attack/72312-1.jpg Attack/72312-2.jpg Attack/72312-3.jpg Attack/72312-dily.jpg

Kit atre72313 - Schienenpanzer artillery wagon.

Attack/72313.jpg Attack/72313-1.jpg Attack/72313-2.jpg Attack/72313-3.jpg Attack/72313-dily.jpg

Kit atre72314 - Schienenpanzer command wagon.

Attack/72314/01.jpg Attack/72314/02.jpg Attack/72314/03.jpg Attack/72314/04.jpg Attack/72314/05.jpg Attack/72314/06.jpg Attack/72314/07.jpg

For Al Magnus' review of kit 72314 - Schienenpanzer command wagon, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72315 - Schienenpanzer infantry wagon.

Attack/72315.jpg Attack/72315-1.jpg Attack/72315-2.jpg Attack/72315-3.jpg Attack/72315-dily.jpg

Kit atre72316 - Panzertraeger wagon with 38T.

Attack/72316.jpg Attack/72316-1.jpg Attack/72316-2.jpg Attack/72316-3.jpg Attack/72316-dily.jpg

Kit atre72317 - Schwimkoerper with 38T.

Attack/72317.jpg Attack/72317-1.jpg Attack/72317-2.jpg Attack/72317-3.jpg Attack/72317-dily.jpg

Kit atre72318 - German field kitchen.

Attack/72318.jpg Attack/72318-1.jpg Attack/72318-2.jpg Attack/72318-dily.jpg

Kit atre72319 - field kitchen accessoires.

Attack/72319.jpg Attack/72319-1.jpg Attack/72319-dily.jpg

Kit atre72320 - ammunition set 1.

Attack/72320/01.jpg Attack/72320/02.jpg Attack/72320/03.jpg Attack/72320/04.jpg

Kit atre72321 - German fuel set.

Attack/72321.jpg Attack/72321-1.jpg Attack/72321-2.jpg Attack/72321-dily.jpg

Kit atre72322 - Ammunition set 2.

Attack/72322/01.jpg Attack/72322/02.jpg Attack/72322/03.jpg Attack/72322/04.jpg

For Doug Chaltry's / Rob Haelterman's review of kit 72322 - ammunition set 2, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72323 - 7.5 cm Pak 50.

Attack/72323.jpg Attack/72323-1.jpg Attack/72323-2.jpg Attack/72323-3.jpg Attack/72323-dily.jpg

Kit atre72324 - 12cm Flak 44 & trailer.

Attack/72324.jpg Attack/72324-1.jpg Attack/72324-2.jpg Attack/72324-3.jpg Attack/72324-dily.jpg

Kit atre72325 - 21cm Nebelwerfer 42.

Attack/72325.jpg Attack/72325-1.jpg Attack/72325-2.jpg Attack/72325-3.jpg Attack/72325-dily.jpg

Kit atre72326 - 7.5 cm IG 37.

Attack/72326.jpg Attack/72326-1.jpg Attack/72326-2.jpg Attack/72326-4.jpg Attack/72326-dily.jpg

For "Al Magnus' / OTW" review of Kit atre72326 - Kitbashing a 7.5cm IG37 using the Attack and Dragon kits visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72327 - 12.8cm Flak-Zwilling 40.

Attack/72327/01.jpg Attack/72327/02.jpg Attack/72327/03.jpg Attack/72327/04.jpg Attack/72327/05.jpg Attack/72327/06.jpg Attack/72327/07.jpg Attack/72327/08.jpg

Attack/72327/1/01.jpg Attack/72327/1/02.jpg Attack/72327/1/03.jpg

For Jim Pearsall's review of kit 72327 - 12.8cm Flak-Zwilling 40, visit:

logo "IPMS-USA" Website

Kit atre72328 - 8.8cm Pak 73/41.

Attack/72328.jpg Attack/72328-1.jpg Attack/72328-2.jpg Attack/72328-dily.jpg

Kit atre72329 - tools.

Attack/72329-1.jpg Attack/72329-dily.jpg

Kit atre72330 - 5cm Pak 38.

Attack/72330.jpg Attack/72330-1.jpg Attack/72330-2.jpg Attack/72330-3.jpg Attack/72330-dily.jpg

Kit atre72331 - Puma wheel set.


Kit atre72332 - Stahlhelmen set.


Kit atre72333 - ammunition set.


Kit atre72334 - Schwere Schienenpanzer 3cm Flak Kugelblitz.

Attack/72334.jpg Attack/72334-1.jpg

Kit atre72335 - 7.5 LeIG 18 horsedrawn & ammunition set - early version.

Attack/72335.jpg Attack/72335-1.jpg

Kit atre72336 - 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 on skies & ammunition set.

Attack/72336.jpg Attack/72336-1.jpg

Kit atre72337 - Le Schienenpanzer - artillery wagon.

Attack/72337.jpg Attack/72337-1.jpg

Kit atre72339 - Kogelblitz turret.


Kit atre72341 - ammunition set 5.


For Rob Haelterman's review of kit 72341 - ammunition set 5, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit atre72342 - Exterior parts set for T35 - 1940 France.

Attack/72342.jpg Attack/72342-1.jpg

Kit atre72343 - Exterior parts set for T35.

Attack/72343.jpg Attack/72343-1.jpg

Kit atre72344 - resin tracks for Pz. 35(t).


Kit atre72345 - 7.5 cm Pak 97/38 & ammunition set.


Kit atre72346 - 21cm Nebelwerfer 42 on skies & ammunition set.


Kit atre72347 - Mauser 3cm MK103.


Kit atre72348 - running wheels Hetzer 32 bolts.


Kit atre72349 - running wheels Hetzer 16 bolts.


Kit atre72350 - 3cm Flak-Vierling 103/358.


Kit atre72351 - drive wheels and idler wheels Hetzer no.1.


Kit atre72352 - drive wheels and idler wheels Hetzer no.2.


Kit atre72353 - drive wheels and idler wheels Hetzer no.3.


Kit atre72354 - drive wheels and idler wheels Hetzer no.4.


Kit atre72355 - drive wheels and idler wheels Hetzer no.5.


Kit atre72365 - Kugelpanzer - a scale model of the only remaining example in the Kubinka museum.

Attack/72365/01.jpg Attack/72365/02.jpg Attack/72365/03.jpg Attack/72365/04.jpg Attack/72365/05.jpg Attack/72365/06.jpg

Attack/72365/3/01.jpg Attack/72365/3/02.jpg Attack/72365/3/03.jpg

Models built by Jan Pavlik.

Attack/72365/1/01.jpg Attack/72365/1/02.jpg

Models built by Tony Ivey.

Attack/72365/2/01.jpg Attack/72365/2/02.jpg Attack/72365/2/03.jpg

For Tony Ivey's review of kit 72365 - Kugelpanzer, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For more information about the Kugelpanzer and other strange vehicles, visit:

logoWebsite "Strangevehicles.greyfalcon.us"

For more information and other kits visit:

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