Scaled Resincrafts

A 1/72 scaled resin manufacturer from Germany. Owner Nico Sommer, Am Hennesee 1, 59872 Meschede, Duitsland.
Offering various 1:72 model kits of blueprint tanks and tanks which have not been built in large quantities.

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Scale 1/72

USA Tank Destroyer T110E3

Resincraft/T110E3/01.jpg Resincraft/T110E3/02.jpg Resincraft/T110E3/03.jpg Resincraft/T110E3/04.jpg Resincraft/T110E3/05.jpg

USA Tank Destroyer T110E4

Resincraft/T110E4/01.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/02.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/03.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/04.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/05.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/06.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/07.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/08.jpg Resincraft/T110E4/09.jpg

USA Tank Destroyer T110E5

Resincraft/T110E5/01.jpg Resincraft/T110E5/02.jpg Resincraft/T110E5/03.jpg Resincraft/T110E5/04.jpg Resincraft/T110E5/05.jpg Resincraft/T110E5/06.jpg

AMX 50 Foch/Foch 155/Foch B-Franse Tank Destroyer

Resincraft/AMX50-Foch/01.jpg Resincraft/AMX50-Foch/02.jpg Resincraft/AMX50-Foch/03.jpg Resincraft/AMX50-Foch/04.jpg Resincraft/AMX50-Foch/05.jpg

Bat.-Châtillon 25t - Franse Medium Tank

Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/01.jpg Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/02.jpg Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/03.jpg Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/04.jpg Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/05.jpg Resincraft/BatChattillon25T/06.jpg

ELC EVEN 90 - French Light / Scout Tank

Resincraft/ELCEven90/01.jpg Resincraft/ELCEven90/02.jpg Resincraft/ELCEven90/03.jpg Resincraft/ELCEven90/04.jpg

Object 705A - Russian Heavy Tank

Resincraft/Object705A/01.jpg Resincraft/Object705A/02.jpg Resincraft/Object705A/03.jpg Resincraft/Object705A/04.jpg Resincraft/Object705A/05.jpg Resincraft/Object705A/06.jpg

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