"Science Treasury" and/or "Popeye Corporation"

Science Treasury is a Chinese company that has copied some Hasegawa and 2 Fujimi models. Placement of parts on the sprue's are a slightly changed on sprue. The set does not come with transparent parts. Instead of a decal, something have self-adhesive and some not. The instruction manuals are different from the Hasegawa or Fujimi instructions
The kits from "Science Treasure" are poor copies of the Hasegawa kits. The parts have flash and sinkholes and the instructionsheet is in early releases very poor.

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Hasegawa under label from "Science Treasure" and/or "Popeye Corporation"

September 2011: Katsumi Otsuka, a modeller from Japan, informed of Science Treasury (Hasegawa copy) kits:

In early 1980's Korean toy and model maker "Popeye Corporation" made fifteen 1/72 scale kits (Hasegawa copies) and two 1/76 scale kits (Fujimi copies). They should be the origin of Science Treasury's kits. The packages of Popeye's kits are very similar to Science Treasury's ones, but there are Korean characters (Hangul) instead of Chinese/Japanese characters. And they may have different kit numbers.
As I said there are Japanese characters (kanji and kana) on Science Treasury package, but it isn't a Japanese company. It should be a Taiwan maker or Popeye's brand name in Taiwan.
Otsuka Katsumi

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Kitnumber History - (can be different!)

Model name Science Treasure number Popeye number Hasegawa number Fujimi number
Isuzu TX-400121MB-016-
M4A1 Halftrack0222MB-007-
Churchill MK-10323MB-027-
Willy Jeep0424MB-001-
T34-85 Volga0525-WA-16
Daimler MK-II0626MB-024-
88mm Flak0918MB-010-
Toyota GB Starter1020MB-017-
Humber MK-II1111MB-025-
Kubel & BMW1212MB-012-
GMC Fuel Truck1313MB-021-
M5 Tractor1414MB-023-
Stuart MK-I1515MB-003-
M3 Lee MK-I1616MB-004-
M3 Grant MK-I?19MB-005-

Kit 11 - Humber MK-II

Hasegawa/st/11/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/11/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/11/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/11/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - drawing type

Hasegawa/st/11/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/11/1/02.jpg

Kit 12 - Kubelwagen with BMW Sidecar

Hasegawa/st/12/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/03.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - drawing type

Hasegawa/st/12/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/06.jpg Hasegawa/st/12/07.jpg

Kit 13 - GMC Gasoline Fuel Tanker

Hasegawa/st/13/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/13/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/13/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/13/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - drawing type

Hasegawa/st/13/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/13/1/02.jpg

Kit 14 - M5 High Speed Tractor

Hasegawa/st/14/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/14/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/14/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/14/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Photograph type

Hasegawa/st/14/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/14/1/02.jpg

Kit 15 - Stuart MK-I

Hasegawa/st/15/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/15/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/15/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/15/04.jpg

Wrong Manual Science Treasure - Kitnumber 14, named Stuart Light Tank but shows construction of a T34/85

Hasegawa/st/15/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/15/1/02.jpg

Kit 16 - M3 "Lee"

Hasegawa/st/16/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/16/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/16/03.jpg

Manual Science Treasure

Hasegawa/st/16/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/16/05.jpg

Kit 17 - SdKfz. 7 - 8ton Halftrack

Hasegawa/st/17/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/03.jpg

Manual Popeye

Hasegawa/st/17/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/05.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Photograph type

Hasegawa/st/17/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/1/02.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Drawing type - With on backside instructions for US M4A1 Halftrack

Hasegawa/st/17/2/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/2/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/2/03.jpg

Kit 18 - 88mm Flak 18

Hasegawa/st/18/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/03.jpg

Manual Science Treasure

Hasegawa/st/18/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/06.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/07.jpg

Manual Popeye

Hasegawa/st/18/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/18/1/02.jpg

Kit 19 - M3 "Grant"

Hasegawa/st/19/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/19/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/19/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/19/04.jpg

Kit 20 - Toyota Starter Truck

Hasegawa/st/20/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/06.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/07.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/08.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - drawing type

Hasegawa/st/20/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/20/1/02.jpg

Kit 21 - Isuzu TX40 Fuel Truck

Hasegawa/st/21/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/21/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/21/03.jpg

Manual Science Treasure

Hasegawa/st/21/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/21/05.jpg

Kit 22 - M4A1 Halftrack

Hasegawa/st/22/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/22/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/22/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/22/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - drawing type

Hasegawa/st/22/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/17/2/02.jpg

Kit 23 - Churchill MK1

Hasegawa/st/23/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/23/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/23/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/23/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Photograph type

Hasegawa/st/23/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/23/1/02.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Drawing type

Hasegawa/st/23/2/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/23/2/02.jpg

Kit 24 - Willy's Jeep - (wrong vehicle name on instruction manual)

Hasegawa/st/24/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/24/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/24/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/24/04.jpg

Hasegawa/st/24/05.jpg Hasegawa/st/24/06.jpg

Kit 25 - T34/85 (Copy Fujimi)

Hasegawa/st/25/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/25/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/25/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/25/04.jpg

Kit 26 - Daimler MKII

Hasegawa/st/26/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/26/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/26/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/26/04.jpg

Manual Science Treasure - Drawing type

Hasegawa/st/26/1/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/26/1/02.jpg

Kit 27 - SU-85 (Copy Fujimi)

Hasegawa/st/27/01.jpg Hasegawa/st/27/02.jpg Hasegawa/st/27/03.jpg Hasegawa/st/25/04.jpg Hasegawa/st/25/05.jpg

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