Armory from Ukraine.

Review of 1/72 Armory, Ukraine.

Armory specializes in 1/72 Soviet AFV accesories and correction sets for the kits from manufacturers as Ace, MW, UM, PST and others.

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AFV accessories series.

Kit AR AC7201 GAZ-M engine with opened hood and radiator (resin) for GAZ-AA/AAA kits. Recommended kits - ACE, MW, UM.

armory/ac/7201.jpg armory/ac/7201-1.jpg armory/ac/7201-2.jpg

Kit AR AC7202 - GAZ-AA wheels (7 pieces) for MW, UM.


Kit AR AC7203 - GAZ-AAA / BA-3/6/9/10 wheels set (12 pieces) for ACE, MW, UM.


Kit AR AC7204A - GAZ-AA wheels for ZiS-2/3 guns (2 pieces) for ACE, UM.


Kit AR AC7204c - GAZ-AA wheels for AA guns (4 pieces) for PST kit.


Kit AR AC7224 - ZiL-157K/BTR-152 wheels (6 + 1 spare) - for ICM.


Kit AR AC7225 - T-34M casted turret mod.1942 (plant No183) - Dragon, UM.


For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit AC7225 - T-34M casted turret mod.1942 (plant No183), visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR AC7226 - M113 APC roadwheels for Italeri, Trumpeter kits.


Kit AR AC7227 - M48 Patton-II roadwheels with torque arms - for Italeri, Revell kits.


Kit AR AC7228 - M48 Patton-II for Italeri, Revell.


Kit AR AC7229 - T-34/85 for Dragon and UM.


Kit AR AC7230 - T-34 for Dragon and UM.


Kit AR AC7231 - KV-1 - KV-2 1940 for Trumpeter and PST.


Kit AR AC7232 - KV-1 1941 for Trumpeter and PST.


Kit AR AC7234 - KV-1 1942 for Trumpeter and PST.


Kit AR AC7235 - KV-1 1942 for Trumpeter and PST.

armory/ac/ac7235.jpg - "temporary not available - in reworking"

Kit AR AC7236 - KV-1 1942 for Trumpeter and PST.


Kit AR AC7237 - KV-1 1942 for Trumpeter and PST.


Kit AR AC7239 - 12.7mm DShk AA MG.

armory/ac/7239/01.jpg armory/ac/7239/02.jpg armory/ac/7239/03.jpg armory/ac/7239/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7241 - M134 "Minigun" 0.3 cal. 6-barreled machine gun - AFV version.

armory/ac/7241/01.jpg armory/ac/7241/02.jpg armory/ac/7241/03.jpg

Kit AR AC7242a - 700mm KV-1/2 tracks mod.1940 for PST, Trumpeter kits.


Kit AR AC7247 - Wheel paires for WWII 2-axled German railroad cars turned brass (2 pieces).


Kit AR AC7252a - Sd.Kfz.234 series armoured cars wheels set (8 + 1 spare).


For Doug Chaltry" review of kit 7252 - Sd.Kfz.234 series armoured cars wheels set, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit AR AC7253 - Crusader Mk.III roadwheels - for Revell Crusader.


Kit AR AC7254 - KrAZ-258 wheels correction set (2 front, 4 doubled rear, 2 spare wheels) for E-Class kit.

armory/ac/7254/01.jpg armory/ac/7254/02.jpg

Kit AR AC7255 - KrAZ-258 wheels for 2-axled semitrailer (4 double rear + 1 spare) for E-Class kit.


Kit AR AC7256 - KrAZ-255B wheels VI-3 Type, for E-Class kit.

armory/ac/7256/01.jpg armory/ac/7256/02.jpg armory/ac/7256/03.jpg armory/ac/7256/04.jpg armory/ac/7256/05.jpg armory/ac/7256/06.jpg

Kit AR AC7258 - Ural-4320 wheels with OI-25 type tires correction set for ICM kits.

armory/ac/7258/01.jpg armory/ac/7258/02.jpg armory/ac/7258/03.jpg armory/ac/7258/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7259A - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" tracks, early, universal

armory/ac/7259/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7259/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7259/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7259/a/04.jpg armory/ac/7259/a/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7259B - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" tracks, late, universal

armory/ac/7259/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7259/b/02.jpg armory/ac/7259/b/03.jpg armory/ac/7259/b/04.jpg armory/ac/7259/b/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7272 - BTR-80A wheels with tires mod. KI-126 for Trumpeter kit.


Kit AR AC7273 - BTR-80 Hull Bottom - correction set for Trumpeter kit.

armory/ac/7273/01.jpg armory/ac/7273/02.jpg armory/ac/7273/03.jpg armory/ac/7273/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7274 - M4 Sherman open-spoked roadwheels.

armory/ac/7274/01.jpg armory/ac/7274/02.jpg

For an Doug Chaltry" review of kit AC7274 M4 Sherman open-spoked roadwheels, visit:

logo "Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale" Website

Kit AR AC7276 - M4 Sherman Dish" roadwheels.

armory/ac/7276/01.jpg armory/ac/7276/02.jpg

For Doug Chaltry" review of kit AC7276 M4 Sherman Dish" roadwheels, visit:

logo "Modeling the Sherman Tank in 1/72nd Scale" Website

Kit AR AC7278 - Pz. VI Tiger commander cupola (early).

armory/ac/7278/01.jpg armory/ac/7278/02.jpg armory/ac/7278/03.jpg armory/ac/7278/04.jpg armory/ac/7278/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7280.

T34 rear hull plate mod 1940 (KhPZ plant).
T34 rear hull plate mod 1942 (plant 112).
T34 rear hull plate mod 1942 (plant 183).
T34 rear hull plate mod 1944 (plant 112).
T34 rear hull plate mod 1944 (plant 183).

armory/ac/7280/01.jpg armory/ac/7280/02.jpg armory/ac/7280/03.jpg armory/ac/7280/04.jpg armory/ac/7280/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7290 - MAZ-543 wheels w/ BI-203 tires (solid resin wheels version - for Armo / PST).

armory/ac/7290/01.jpg armory/ac/7290/02.jpg armory/ac/7290/03.jpg

Kit AR AC7297 - BRDM - 2 (solid resin wheels version - for Ace / sModel).

armory/ac/7297/01.jpg armory/ac/7297/02.jpg

Kit AR AC7305A - 1/72 Pz.III 40cm Kgs 61/400/120 tracks, 1942-45, for Pz.III Ausf.L-N, StuG III Ausf.F8-G

armory/ac/7305/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7305/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7305/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7305/a/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7305B - 1/72 Pz.IV 40cm Kgs 61/400/120 tracks, 1942-45, for Pz.IV Ausf.G-J

armory/ac/7305/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7305/b/02.jpg

Kit AR AC7309A - 1/72 Pz.III 56cm "Ostketten" tracks, for Pz.III, StuG III

armory/ac/7309/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7309/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7309/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7309/a/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7309B - 1/72 Pz.IV 56cm "Ostketten" tracks, Pz.IV, StuG IV, JgPz.IV

armory/ac/7309/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7309/b/02.jpg

Kit AR AC7310A - 1/72 Pz.III 56cm "Winterketten" tracks, for Pz.III, StuG III

armory/ac/7310/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7310/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7310/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7310/a/04.jpg

Kit AR AC7310B - 1/72 Pz.IV 56cm "Winterketten" tracks, for Pz.IV, StuG IV

armory/ac/7310/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7310/b/02.jpg

Kit AR AC7321A - 1/72 Ural-375/4320 weighted wheels w/ early hubs - new tooling!, for ICM, ZV-Models

armory/ac/7321/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7321/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7321/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7321/a/04.jpg armory/ac/7321/a/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7321B - 1/72 Ural-375/4320 weighted wheels w/ late hubs - new tooling!, for ICM, ZV-Models

armory/ac/7321/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7321/b/02.jpg armory/ac/7321/b/03.jpg armory/ac/7321/b/04.jpg armory/ac/7321/b/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7332 - 1/72 Pz.Kpfw.V Ausf.G Panther IR night vision sights, for Panther G of any manufacturer

armory/ac/7332/01.jpg armory/ac/7332/02.jpg armory/ac/7332/03.jpg armory/ac/7332/04.jpg armory/ac/7332/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7334A - 1/72 M1 Abrams series tracks, early, w/ drive wheels, universal

armory/ac/7334/a/01.jpg armory/ac/7334/a/02.jpg armory/ac/7334/a/03.jpg armory/ac/7334/a/04.jpg armory/ac/7334/a/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7334B - 1/72 M1 Abrams series tracks, mid (w/ solid teeth), w/ drive wheels, universal

armory/ac/7334/b/01.jpg armory/ac/7334/b/02.jpg armory/ac/7334/b/03.jpg armory/ac/7334/b/04.jpg armory/ac/7334/b/05.jpg

Kit AR AC7334C - /72 M1 Abrams series tracks, late (w/ hollow teeth), w/ drive wheels, universal

armory/ac/7334/c/01.jpg armory/ac/7334/c/02.jpg armory/ac/7334/c/03.jpg armory/ac/7334/c/04.jpg

Kit Code: AR ACA - weaponsets.

Kit AR ACA 7305 - M134 Miniguns 0.3cal. 6-barreled machine gun, Aircraft turret version (2 pieces).

armory/ar-aca/7305/01.jpg armory/ar-aca/7305/02.jpg armory/ar-aca/7305/03.jpg armory/ar-aca/7305/04.jpg armory/ar-aca/7305/05.jpg armory/ar-aca/7305/06.jpg

AFV All Included Series.

Kit AR ALL7201 - T-54/55/62 running gear complete correction set (roadwheels and idlers) for ACE, PST kits.


Kit AR ALL7202 - T-34 STZ Running Gear - for Dragon, UM kits.

armory/ar_all/7202/01.jpg armory/ar_all/7202/02.jpg

Kit AR ALL7203 - T-34 running gear - early 1943 - 4x half spider" roadwheels, 6x all-steel Stalingrad" roadwheels, all-steel idlers casted drive wheels w/o rollers for Dragon, UM kits.


Kit AR ALL7204 - T-34 running gear - late 1943 - 6x half spiders roadwheels, 4x all-steel Stalingrad" roadwheels, all-steel idlers - for Dragon, UM kits.

armory/ar_all/7204/01.jpg armory/ar_all/7204/02.jpg

Kit AR ALL7205 - T-34/85 running gear - 6x early stamped roadwheels, 4x full-spiders roadwheels - for Dragon, UM kits.

armory/ar_all/7205/02.jpg armory/ar_all/7205/01.jpg

Kit AR ALL7206 - T-34 wild running gear - 2x all-steel Stalingrad" roadwheels, 2x "half-spiders casted roadwheels, 4x early stamped roadwheels, 2x late stamped roadwheels, 4x full spiders casted roadwheels - for Dragon, UM kits.


Kit AR ALL7207 - T-54/55< - running gear complete correction set spiders roadwheels, idlers.


Kit Code: AR-MIN

Kit AR MIN7201 - Char B1bis driver" hatch correction set for Trompeter kit.


Kit AR MIN7202 - T-34 mod.1942-43 idlers.


Kit Code: AR F72XX - Figures sets.

Kit AR F7201 - Soviet officers with map - WWII.


Kit AR F7202 - Soviet/Russian tank crew (modern).


Kit AR F7203 - Soviet/Russian APC crew (modern).


Kit AR F7207 - ZU-23-2 crew - 3 figures.


Kit AR F7214 - Soviet/Russian modern airfield ground personnel (3 figures).


Kit AR F7215 - Soviet/Russian Airfield firefighters (modern) - 5 figures.


Kit AR F7219 - Libyan rebels - 3 figures.


Kit AR F7220 - T-34 crew evacuation - 4 figures.


Kit AR F7221 - Soviet soldiers at party - 5 figures.

armory/ar-f/7221/01.jpg armory/ar-f/7221/02.jpg

Kit Code: AR 722XX - "Complete Vehicles" - (Plastic Injection)

Kit AR72201 - Pz.VII Lowe - German WWII heavy prototype tank (full plastic kit).

armory/ar/72201/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/04.jpg armory/ar/72201/05.jpg armory/ar/72201/06.jpg armory/ar/72201/07.jpg armory/ar/72201/08.jpg armory/ar/72201/09.jpg armory/ar/72201/10.jpg armory/ar/72201/11.jpg armory/ar/72201/12.jpg armory/ar/72201/13.jpg armory/ar/72201/14.jpg armory/ar/72201/15.jpg armory/ar/72201/16.jpg armory/ar/72201/17.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72 Depot" review of kit AR72201 - Pz.VII Lowe - German WWII heavy prototype tank (full kit) visit:

logo "1/72 Depot" Website

Kit AR72203 - Panzer II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (early and late) (full plastic kit).

armory/ar/72203/01.jpg armory/ar/72203/02.jpg armory/ar/72203/03.jpg armory/ar/72203/04.jpg armory/ar/72203/05.jpg armory/ar/72203/06.jpg armory/ar/72203/07.jpg armory/ar/72203/08.jpg armory/ar/72203/09.jpg armory/ar/72203/10.jpg armory/ar/72203/11.jpg armory/ar/72203/12.jpg

Kit AR72401R - ZPRK 96K6 "Pantsir-C1" (SA-22 Greyhound), Russian AA weapon system

armory/ar/72401/01.jpg armory/ar/72401/02.jpg armory/ar/72401/03.jpg armory/ar/72401/04.jpg armory/ar/72401/05.jpg armory/ar/72401/06.jpg armory/ar/72401/07.jpg armory/ar/72401/08.jpg armory/ar/72401/09.jpg armory/ar/72401/10.jpg armory/ar/72401/11.jpg armory/ar/72401/12.jpg armory/ar/72401/13.jpg armory/ar/72401/14.jpg armory/ar/72401/15.jpg armory/ar/72401/16.jpg armory/ar/72401/17.jpg armory/ar/72401/18.jpg armory/ar/72401/19.jpg armory/ar/72401/20.jpg armory/ar/72401/21.jpg armory/ar/72401/22.jpg armory/ar/72401/23.jpg armory/ar/72401/24.jpg armory/ar/72401/25.jpg armory/ar/72401/26.jpg armory/ar/72401/27.jpg armory/ar/72401/28.jpg armory/ar/72401/29.jpg

Kit AR72406 - Russian Modern 4x4 Military Cargo Truck mod.4350, LIMITED EDITION

armory/ar/72406/01.jpg armory/ar/72406/02.jpg armory/ar/72406/03.jpg armory/ar/72406/04.jpg

armory/ar/72406/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/04.jpg

Kit Code: AR M721XX - "Support Vehicles"

Kit AR M72101 - AT-T Soviet heavy artillery prime-mover (full kit).

armory/ar-m/72101/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72101/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72101/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72101/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72101/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72101/06.jpg

Kit AR M72102 - AT-L light artillery prime-mover.

armory/ar-m/72102/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/05.jpg

For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72102 - AT-L light artillery prime-mover, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Conversion of (AT-L in SNAR = Stanzia Nazemnoj Artilerijskoj Razvetki, German: Station of the artillery-earth reconnaissance). These vehicles were part of the GDR's NVA in the 1960s
The conversion also includes the interior of the operator's cab as well as the electrical assembly in the rear of the cabin, , - by Udo Bauer

armory/ar-m/72102/1/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/1/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/1/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72102/1/04.jpg

Kit AR M72103 - KrAZ-255B Soviet off-road cargo truck.

armory/ar-m/72103/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/05.jpg

Model built by Yu Ke

armory/ar-m/72103/1/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/1/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/1/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/1/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/1/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/1/06.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer - KrAZ-255B (Armory 72103) mit KMT-5 (TRU 07283)

Diese Fahrzeuge (KrAZ 255 und 214) waren die Transportfahrzeuge für die Mininräumer KMT-5 und KMT-4. Sie waren in der Struktur der Pionierkompanien der Motschützen- und Panzerregimenter der NVA und wurden bei Bedarf den Panzerkompanien zugeführt. Die Fahrer der KrAZ mit KMT-5 unterstützten die Panzerbesatzungen beim An- und Abbau der Minenräumer vom T-54/55 - Udo Bauer

armory/ar-m/72103/2/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/08.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/09.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/10.jpg armory/ar-m/72103/2/11.jpg

Kit AR M72107 - KrAZ-258 saddle tracktor (full kit).

armory/ar-m/72107/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72107/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72107/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72107/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72107/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72107/06.jpg

Kit AR M72117 - TPK (LuAZ-967) - early version - Limited Edition.

armory/ar-m/72117/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/08.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/09.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/10.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/11.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

LuAZ-967 (Luhanskij AvtoZavod = Luhansk Auto Plant). The small, floatable all-terrain vehicle was used in the NVA in the medical battalions of the divisions and was intended for the rescue and transport of injured persons. The driver was able to steer the LuAZ lying down and had a winch with 100 m of rope to pull the wounded onto the vehicle and into cover.

armory/ar-m/72117/1/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/1/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/1/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/1/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72117/1/05.jpg

Kit Code: AR M722XX - "WWII Vehicles"

Kit AR M72201 - T-27 light tank.

armory/ar-m/72201/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72201/08.jpg

Kit AR M72202 - Pz. I Ausf. F

armory/ar-m/72202/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/05.jpg

armory/ar-m/72202/1/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/1/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/1/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/1/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72202/1/05.jpg

For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72202 - Pz. I Ausf. F, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72203 - Jagd Sturmtiger German heavy antitank SPG (conversion set for Dragon, Trumpeter kits).

armory/ar-m/72203/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72203/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72203/03.jpg

Kit AR M72204 - GAZ-AA autozaks Soviet militia prisoners transporter.


Kit AR M72210 - Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. Luchs.

armory/ar-m/72210/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72210/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72210/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72210/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72210/05.jpg

Kit AR M72211 - T-18 (MS-1) - Soviet 1st serial light tank.


Kit AR M72212 - T-18 (MS-1) - Model 1930 Early - Soviet 1st serial light tank.

armory/ar-m/72212/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72212/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72212/03.jpg

Kit AR M72214 - SU-18 - Soviet 1st serial light tank

armory/ar-m/72214/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72214/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72214/03.jpg

Kit AR M72216 - T-50 Soviet WWII light tank - full resin + PE kit.


Kit AR M72218 - 10,5cm leFH 18-3 auf Geschuetzwagen B2(f) conversion set for Trumpeter kit.

armory/ar-m/72218/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72218/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72218/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72218/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72218/05.jpg

Kit Code: AR M723XX - airfield vehicles.

Kit AR M72301a - TZ-22 heavy airfield bowzer full kit (incl. E-Class KrAZ-258)

armory/ar-m/72301a/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72301a/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72301a/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72301a/04.jpg

Kit AR M72301b - TZ-22 heavy airfield bowzer - conversion set for E-Class kit.

armory/ar-m/72301b/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72301b/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72301b/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72301b/04.jpg

Kit AR M72303a - TZ-8-255B airfield refueler on KrAZ-255B chassis.

armory/ar-m/72303a/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72303a/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72303a/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72303a/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72303a/05.jpg

Kit AR M72303b - TZ-8-255B Soviet airfield refueler - conversion set for E-Class kit.

armory/ar-m/72303b/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72303b/08.jpg

For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72303b - TZ-8-255B Soviet airfield refueler, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72304 - VZ-20-350 Soviet airfield refueler - with ICM parts.

armory/ar-m/72304/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72304/07.jpg

Kit AR M72304b - VZ-20-350 Soviet modern airfield air tanker, conversion set


For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72304 - VZ-20-350 Soviet airfield refueler, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72305 - AKZS-75M-131-P Soviet oxygen airfield refueler - with ICM parts.

armory/ar-m/72305/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/08.jpg armory/ar-m/72305/09.jpg

Kit AR M72305b - AKZS-75M-131-P soviet airfield oxygen tanker, conversion set


For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit ARM72305 - AKZS-75M-131-P Soviet oxygen airfield refueler, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72306 - TZ-22 heavy airfield refueler, early version.

armory/ar-m/72306/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72306/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72306/03.jpg

For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72306 - TZ-22 heavy airfield refueler early version, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72307 - AAPT-4 airfield fire fighting truck on TZ-22 old version chassis.

armory/ar-m/72307/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72307/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72307/03.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth


Kit Code: AR M724XX - Modern military vehicles.

Kit AR M72401 - BTR-80A - conversion set for Trumpeter kit.

armory/ar-m/72401/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72401/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72401/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72401/04.jpg

Kit AR M72402 - 2S23 Nona SVK - Russian modern wheeled SPG.

armory/ar-m/72402/00.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72402/07.jpg

For Internetmodeller/first look" review of kit 72402 - 2S23 Nona SVK, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

For Internetmodeller - review of kit 72402 - 2S23 Nona SVK, visit:

logo "internetmodeller" Website

Kit AR M72403 - RS-12M Topol, SS25 missile launcher.

armory/ar-m/72403/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/05.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/06.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/07.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/08.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/09.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/10.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/11.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/12.jpg armory/ar-m/72403/13.jpg

Kit AR M72414 - T-10M Soviet last serial heavy tank - limited edition.

armory/ar-m/72414/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72414/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72414/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72414/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72414/05.jpg

Kit AR M72418 - T-72B Soviet MBT - conversion set (REV).


Kit Code: AR M726XX - staff cars.

Kit AR M72601 - Zis-110 staff car limousine.

armory/ar-m/72601/01.jpg armory/ar-m/72601/02.jpg armory/ar-m/72601/03.jpg armory/ar-m/72601/04.jpg armory/ar-m/72601/05.jpg

Kit Code: AR-PE

Kit AR PE7201 - Pak 40 German AT gun detailing set - for Roden kit.


Kit AR PE7204 - 8.8cm Pak 43 German gun detailing set.

armory/ar-pe/7204/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/04.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/05.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/06.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/07.jpg armory/ar-pe/7204/08.jpg

Kit AR PE7205 - 105mm M101 US light howitzer detailing set for ACE kit.


Kit AR PE7206 - Gaz-MI Emka staff car - for Ace.


Kit AR PE7207 - GAZ-11-73 staff car detailing set for ACE kit.


Kit AR PE7208 - Ural 4320 cargo with armor plates - conversion for ICM kit.

armory/ar-pe/7208/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7208/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7208/03.jpg

Kit AR PE7210 - Ural-4320 gun truck with barbetts military formations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.

armory/ar-pe/7210/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7210/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7210/03.jpg

Kit AR PE7211 - FlaK 30 detailing set.


Kit AR PE7212a - Horch 901 Kfz.15 - PE detailing set.

armory/ar-pe/7212a/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212a/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212a/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212a/04.jpg

Kit AR PE7212b - Horch 901 Kfz.17 - PE detailing set.

armory/ar-pe/7212b/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212b/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212b/03.jpg

Kit AR PE7212c - Horch 901 Kfz.21 - PE detailing set.

armory/ar-pe/7212c/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212c/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7212c/03.jpg

Kit AR PE7213 - Kfz.69 Krupp Protze with 3.7cm PaK add-on armor - PE conversion set for ICM.

armory/ar-pe/7213/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7213/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7213/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7213/04.jpg armory/ar-pe/7213/05.jpg

Kit AR PE7217 - M24 Chaffee tracks - PE set.


For Marc Mercier" review of kit AR PE7217 - M24 Chaffee tracks - PE set, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit AR PE7218 - Somua S35 details - PE set.

armory/ar-pe/7218/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7218/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7218/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7218/04.jpg armory/ar-pe/7218/05.jpg

Kit AR PE7219 - Somua S35 tracks - PE set.


Kit AR PE7223 - T-34 details - PE set

armory/ar-pe/7223/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7223/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7223/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7223/04.jpg armory/ar-pe/7223/05.jpg

Kit AR PE7226A - Sd.Kfz.10 Demag D7.


Kit AR PE7226C - Sd.Kfz.10/4 Demag.


Kit AR PE7226E - 37mm PaK 35/36 auf Sd.Kfz 10.


Kit AR PE7238 - T-34 confiscated - universal PE set.

armory/ar-pe/7238/01.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/02.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/03.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/04.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/05.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/06.jpg armory/ar-pe/7238/07.jpg

Kit AR PE7249 - Soviet AFV periscope openings.


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