Mine clearing system Aunt-Jemina.

Master by HenkofHolland

This kit was made on order from Fine Scale Factory, Germany.

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Aunt Jemina: the production pilot model of the Mine Exploder T1E3 was put into production. Some 75 vehicles were built. It was one of the most successfull roller devices produced and saw service in north west Europe and Italy. Sometimes a second tank had to be employed used to push "Aunt Jemina" along.

aunt/aunt01.jpg aunt/aunt02.jpg aunt/aunt05.jpg aunt/aunt06.jpg aunt/aunt08.jpg

Each roller unit had 10 wheels.

Here is an impression of the kit which was available from Fine Scale Factory, Germany.

aunt/aunt09.jpg aunt/aunt10.jpg aunt/aunt12.jpg aunt/aunt13.jpg

aunt/aunt14.jpg aunt/aunt15.jpg aunt/aunt19.jpg aunt/aunt22.jpg

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