1/72 resin vehicle accessoires from Czech Republic

BlackDog made resin armor kit accessoires of good/high quality. The details are crisp, in acurate scale and easy to build.

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Kit 72001 - USMC LAV - 25 Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72001/01.jpg blackdog/72001/02.jpg blackdog/72001/03.jpg blackdog/72001/04.jpg blackdog/72001/05.jpg blackdog/72001/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72001 - USMC LAV - 25 Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72002 - M1126 STRYKER Iraq war accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72002/01.jpg blackdog/72002/02.jpg blackdog/72002/03.jpg blackdog/72002/04.jpg blackdog/72002/05.jpg blackdog/72002/06.jpg

Kit 72003 - M1A1 ABRAMS Iraq war accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72003/01.jpg blackdog/72003/02.jpg blackdog/72003/03.jpg blackdog/72003/04.jpg blackdog/72003/05.jpg blackdog/72003/06.jpg

Kit 72004 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72004/01.jpg blackdog/72004/02.jpg blackdog/72004/03.jpg blackdog/72004/04.jpg blackdog/72004/05.jpg blackdog/72004/06.jpg

Kit 72005 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS EAAK accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72005/01.jpg blackdog/72005/02.jpg blackdog/72005/03.jpg blackdog/72005/04.jpg blackdog/72005/05.jpg blackdog/72005/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72005 - AAVP7A1 RAM/RS EAAK accessory set (DRAGON), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72006 - M2 BRADLEY Iraq war accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72006/01.jpg blackdog/72006/02.jpg blackdog/72006/03.jpg blackdog/72006/04.jpg blackdog/72006/05.jpg blackdog/72006/06.jpg

Kit 72007 - T72 M1 CZ - conversion set (REVELL)

blackdog/72007/01.jpg blackdog/72007/02.jpg blackdog/72007/03.jpg blackdog/72007/04.jpg blackdog/72007/05.jpg blackdog/72007/06.jpg

blackdog/72007/07.jpg blackdog/72007/08.jpg

Kit 72008 - M4A3 sandbags accessory set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72008/01.jpg blackdog/72008/02.jpg blackdog/72008/03.jpg blackdog/72008/04.jpg blackdog/72008/05.jpg blackdog/72008/06.jpg

For Dave Showel's review of kit 72008 - M4A3 sandbags accessory set (DRAGON), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72009 - US modern equipment accessory set 1

blackdog/72009/01.jpg blackdog/72009/02.jpg

Kit 72010 - US modern equipment accessory set 2

blackdog/72010/01.jpg blackdog/72010/02.jpg

Kit 72011 - US modern equipment accessory set 3

blackdog/72011/01.jpg blackdog/72011/02.jpg

Kit 72012 - US tank crew and civilian

blackdog/72012/01.jpg blackdog/72012/02.jpg blackdog/72012/03.jpg

Kit 72013 - Panther G turret - conversion set (DRAGON 7233)

blackdog/72013/01.jpg blackdog/72013/02.jpg blackdog/72013/03.jpg

Kit 72014 - USMC LAV-R accessories set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72014/01.jpg blackdog/72014/02.jpg blackdog/72014/03.jpg blackdog/72014/04.jpg blackdog/72014/05.jpg blackdog/72014/06.jpg

Kit 72015 - US M113 A3 accessories set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72015/01.jpg blackdog/72015/02.jpg blackdog/72015/03.jpg blackdog/72015/04.jpg blackdog/72015/05.jpg blackdog/72015/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

blackdog/72015/1/01.jpg blackdog/72015/1/02.jpg blackdog/72015/1/03.jpg blackdog/72015/1/04.jpg blackdog/72015/1/05.jpg blackdog/72015/1/06.jpg blackdog/72015/1/07.jpg

Kit 72016 - M3 Half Track + amphibian vehicle (ACADEMY)

blackdog/72016/01.jpg blackdog/72016/02.jpg blackdog/72016/03.jpg

blackdog/72016/04.jpg blackdog/72016/05.jpg blackdog/72016/06.jpg blackdog/72016/07.jpg

blackdog/72016/08.jpg blackdog/72016/09.jpg blackdog/72016/10.jpg blackdog/72016/11.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72016 - M3 Half Track + amphibian vehicle (ACADEMY), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72017 - M60 A1 accessories set (REVELL)

blackdog/72017/01.jpg blackdog/72017/02.jpg blackdog/72017/03.jpg blackdog/72017/04.jpg blackdog/72017/05.jpg blackdog/72017/06.jpg

Kit 72018 - Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo accessories set (REVELL)

blackdog/72018/01.jpg blackdog/72018/02.jpg blackdog/72018/03.jpg blackdog/72018/04.jpg blackdog/72018/05.jpg blackdog/72018/06.jpg

For Christopher Benjamin's review of kit 72018 - Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo accessories set (REVELL), visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72019 - Canvas for Opel Blitz (ACADEMY)

blackdog/72019/01.jpg blackdog/72019/02.jpg

Kit 72020 - Sturmgeschutz III E accessory set (TRUMPETER)

blackdog/72020/01.jpg blackdog/72020/02.jpg blackdog/72020/03.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72020/1/01.jpg blackdog/72020/1/02.jpg blackdog/72020/1/03.jpg blackdog/72020/1/04.jpg blackdog/72020/1/05.jpg blackdog/72020/1/06.jpg

Kit 72021 - M4A3 Iwo Jima accessories set (DRAGON)

blackdog/72021/01.jpg blackdog/72021/02.jpg blackdog/72021/03.jpg

Kit 72022 - Turret for King Tiger (DRAGON)

blackdog/72022/01.jpg blackdog/72022/02.jpg blackdog/72022/03.jpg

Kit 72023 - T35/85 composite turret turret


Kit 72024 - Food supplies accessories set


Kit 72025 - Barrels accessories set


Kit 72026 - Ammo boxes accessories set


Kit 72027 - Egyptian SPG 122mm conversion set

blackdog/72027/01.jpg blackdog/72027/02.jpg blackdog/72027/03.jpg blackdog/72027/04.jpg blackdog/72027/05.jpg

Kit 72028 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 1

blackdog/72028/01.jpg blackdog/72028/02.jpg

Kit 72029 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 2

blackdog/72029/01.jpg blackdog/72029/02.jpg

Kit 72030 - Israeli equipment - accessories set 3

blackdog/72030/01.jpg blackdog/72030/02.jpg

Kit 72031 - IDF M 113 Fitter conversion set

blackdog/72031/01.jpg blackdog/72031/02.jpg blackdog/72031/03.jpg blackdog/72031/05.jpg blackdog/72031/06.jpg

Kit 72032 - IDF M 113 Command vehicle conversion set

blackdog/72032/01.jpg blackdog/72032/02.jpg blackdog/72032/03.jpg blackdog/72032/04.jpg blackdog/72032/05.jpg

Kit 72033 - German WW2 equipment accessories set

blackdog/72033/01.jpg blackdog/72033/02.jpg blackdog/72033/03.jpg blackdog/72033/04.jpg

Kit 72034 - US equipment (Vietnam war) accessories set

blackdog/72034/01.jpg blackdog/72034/02.jpg blackdog/72034/03.jpg blackdog/72034/04.jpg

For "Will Alcott's / OTW" review of Kit 72034 - US equipment (Vietnam war) accessories, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72035 - IDF M 113 Experimental complete kit

blackdog/72035/01.jpg blackdog/72035/02.jpg blackdog/72035/03.jpg blackdog/72035/04.jpg blackdog/72035/05.jpg

Kit 72036 - LVT A4 accessories set

blackdog/72036/01.jpg blackdog/72036/02.jpg blackdog/72036/03.jpg blackdog/72036/04.jpg blackdog/72036/05.jpg

Kit 72037 - German Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. N accessories set

blackdog/72037/01.jpg blackdog/72037/02.jpg blackdog/72037/03.jpg blackdog/72037/04.jpg blackdog/72037/05.jpg

Model by Aart Hoogendijk

blackdog/72037/1/01.jpg blackdog/72037/1/02.jpg blackdog/72037/1/03.jpg blackdog/72037/1/04.jpg blackdog/72037/1/05.jpg blackdog/72037/1/06.jpg blackdog/72037/1/07.jpg blackdog/72037/1/08.jpg blackdog/72037/1/09.jpg

Kit 72038 - US equipment (WW2) accessories set

blackdog/72038/01.jpg blackdog/72038/02.jpg blackdog/72038/03.jpg blackdog/72038/04.jpg blackdog/72038/05.jpg

Kit 72039 - British Chevrolet 30 cwt accessories set

blackdog/72039/01.jpg blackdog/72039/02.jpg blackdog/72039/03.jpg blackdog/72039/04.jpg blackdog/72039/05.jpg

Kit 72040 - M4A3E2 JUMBO conversion set

blackdog/72040/01.jpg blackdog/72040/02.jpg blackdog/72040/03.jpg blackdog/72040/04.jpg blackdog/72040/05.jpg

For "Doug Chaltry's / OTW / Modelling the Sherman" preview of kit 72040 - M4A3E2 JUMBO conversion set , visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72041 - British ARV Sherman complete kit

blackdog/72041/01.jpg blackdog/72041/02.jpg blackdog/72041/03.jpg blackdog/72041/04.jpg blackdog/72041/05.jpg

For Rob Haelterman's" preview of kit 72041 - British ARV Sherman, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72042 - Panther Ausf. D detail set

blackdog/72042/01.jpg blackdog/72042/02.jpg blackdog/72042/03.jpg blackdog/72042/04.jpg blackdog/72042/05.jpg

Kit 72043 - British Sherman hessian tape camo

blackdog/72043/01.jpg blackdog/72043/02.jpg blackdog/72043/03.jpg blackdog/72043/04.jpg blackdog/72043/05.jpg

Built model by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72043/1/01.jpg blackdog/72043/1/02.jpg blackdog/72043/1/03.jpg blackdog/72043/1/04.jpg blackdog/72043/1/05.jpg

Kit 72044 - IDF M113 Nagman conversion set

blackdog/72044/01.jpg blackdog/72044/02.jpg blackdog/72044/03.jpg blackdog/72044/04.jpg blackdog/72044/05.jpg

Kit 72045 - IDF M113 Kasman conversion set

blackdog/72045/01.jpg blackdog/72045/02.jpg blackdog/72045/03.jpg blackdog/72045/04.jpg blackdog/72045/05.jpg

Kit 72046 - M 109 A2 complete kit

blackdog/72046/01.jpg blackdog/72046/02.jpg blackdog/72046/03.jpg blackdog/72046/04.jpg blackdog/72046/05.jpg

Kit 72047 - T 55 Enigma conversion set

blackdog/72047/01.jpg blackdog/72047/02.jpg blackdog/72047/03.jpg blackdog/72047/04.jpg blackdog/72047/05.jpg

Kit 72048 - Sherman accessories set

blackdog/72048/01.jpg blackdog/72048/02.jpg blackdog/72048/03.jpg blackdog/72048/04.jpg blackdog/72048/05.jpg

Kit 72049 - Cromwell hesian tape camo net

The turret MG on the BlackDog pictures is mounted on the wrong right side of the gun. The correct mounting is on the left side of the gun, note by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72049/01.jpg blackdog/72049/02.jpg blackdog/72049/03.jpg blackdog/72049/04.jpg blackdog/72049/05.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72049/1/01.jpg blackdog/72049/1/02.jpg blackdog/72049/1/03.jpg blackdog/72049/1/04.jpg blackdog/72049/1/05.jpg blackdog/72049/1/06.jpg blackdog/72049/1/07.jpg blackdog/72049/1/08.jpg

Kit 72050 - M-24 Chaffe accessories set

blackdog/72050/01.jpg blackdog/72050/02.jpg blackdog/72050/03.jpg blackdog/72050/04.jpg blackdog/72050/05.jpg

Kit 72051 - US modern tank crew

blackdog/72051/01.jpg blackdog/72051/02.jpg blackdog/72051/03.jpg blackdog/72051/04.jpg

Kit 72052 - Israeli tank crew

blackdog/72052/01.jpg blackdog/72052/02.jpg blackdog/72052/03.jpg blackdog/72052/04.jpg

Kit 72053 - German modern tank crew

blackdog/72053/01.jpg blackdog/72053/02.jpg blackdog/72053/03.jpg blackdog/72053/04.jpg

Kit 72054 - DB L-4500 cargo accessories set

blackdog/72054/01.jpg blackdog/72054/02.jpg blackdog/72054/03.jpg blackdog/72054/04.jpg blackdog/72054/05.jpg

Kit 72055 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 1

blackdog/72055/01.jpg blackdog/72055/02.jpg blackdog/72055/03.jpg blackdog/72055/04.jpg blackdog/72055/05.jpg

Kit 72056 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 2

blackdog/72056/01.jpg blackdog/72056/02.jpg blackdog/72056/03.jpg blackdog/72056/04.jpg blackdog/72056/05.jpg

Kit 72057 - Tentage+bedrolls - accessories set 3

blackdog/72057/01.jpg blackdog/72057/02.jpg blackdog/72057/03.jpg blackdog/72057/04.jpg blackdog/72057/05.jpg

Kit 72058 - Sd. Kfz. 263 accessories set

blackdog/72058/01.jpg blackdog/72058/02.jpg blackdog/72058/03.jpg blackdog/72058/04.jpg

Kit 72059 - StuG. III accessories set

blackdog/72059/01.jpg blackdog/72059/02.jpg blackdog/72059/03.jpg blackdog/72059/04.jpg

Kit 72060 - T-54 A conversion set

blackdog/72060/01.jpg blackdog/72060/02.jpg blackdog/72060/03.jpg blackdog/72060/04.jpg

Kit 72061 - Centrurion Mk.III complete kit

blackdog/72061/01.jpg blackdog/72061/02.jpg blackdog/72061/03.jpg blackdog/72061/04.jpg

Kit 72062 - Tiran 4 conversion set

blackdog/72062/01.jpg blackdog/72062/02.jpg blackdog/72062/03.jpg blackdog/72062/04.jpg

Kit 72063 - British SAS Jeep North Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72063/05.jpg blackdog/72063/06.jpg blackdog/72063/07.jpg blackdog/72063/01.jpg blackdog/72063/02.jpg blackdog/72063/03.jpg blackdog/72063/04.jpg

Kit 72064 - British SAS Chevrolet N2 north Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72064/01.jpg blackdog/72064/02.jpg blackdog/72064/03.jpg blackdog/72064/04.jpg

Kit 72065 - British SAS Jeep & Chevrolet north Africa 1942 accessories set

blackdog/72065/01.jpg blackdog/72065/02.jpg blackdog/72065/03.jpg blackdog/72065/04.jpg

Kit 72066 - Magach 6B IDF conversion set

blackdog/72066/01.jpg blackdog/72066/02.jpg blackdog/72066/03.jpg blackdog/72066/04.jpg

For "Francesco Giovagnorio's / OTW" review of Kit 72066 - Magach 6B IDF conversion set, visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72067 - Pz. Kpfw. II ausf C accessories set

blackdog/72067/01.jpg blackdog/72067/02.jpg blackdog/72067/03.jpg blackdog/72067/04.jpg

Kit 72068 - Opel Blitz accessories set

blackdog/72068/01.jpg blackdog/72068/02.jpg blackdog/72068/03.jpg blackdog/72068/04.jpg

Kit 72069 - DUKW accessories set

blackdog/72069/01.jpg blackdog/72069/02.jpg blackdog/72069/03.jpg blackdog/72069/04.jpg

Kit 72070 - DUKW canvas accessories set

blackdog/72070/01.jpg blackdog/72070/02.jpg blackdog/72070/03.jpg blackdog/72070/04.jpg

Kit 72071 - Merkava Mk III accessories set

blackdog/72071/01.jpg blackdog/72071/02.jpg blackdog/72071/03.jpg blackdog/72071/04.jpg

Kit 72072 - IDF M113 with sandbags conversion set

blackdog/72072/01.jpg blackdog/72072/02.jpg blackdog/72072/03.jpg blackdog/72072/04.jpg

Kit 72073 - IDF M113 with loudspeaker conversion set

blackdog/72073/01.jpg blackdog/72073/02.jpg blackdog/72073/03.jpg blackdog/72073/04.jpg

Kit 72074 - M3 Scout car accessories set

blackdog/72074/01.jpg blackdog/72074/02.jpg blackdog/72074/03.jpg blackdog/72074/04.jpg

Built model by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72074/1/01.jpg blackdog/72074/1/02.jpg blackdog/72074/1/03.jpg blackdog/72074/1/04.jpg blackdog/72074/1/05.jpg blackdog/72074/1/06.jpg

Kit 72075 - Pz.Kpfw. IV F1 accessories set

blackdog/72075/01.jpg blackdog/72075/02.jpg blackdog/72075/03.jpg blackdog/72075/04.jpg

Kit 72076 - Churchill Mk IV accessories set

blackdog/72076/01.jpg blackdog/72076/02.jpg blackdog/72076/03.jpg blackdog/72076/04.jpg

Kit 72077 - Sd.Kfz. 251 accessories set

blackdog/72077/01.jpg blackdog/72077/02.jpg blackdog/72077/03.jpg blackdog/72077/04.jpg

Kit 72078 - Sd.Kfz 7 accessories set

blackdog/72078/01.jpg blackdog/72078/02.jpg blackdog/72078/03.jpg blackdog/72078/04.jpg

Built model by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72078/1/01.jpg blackdog/72078/1/02.jpg blackdog/72078/1/03.jpg blackdog/72078/1/04.jpg blackdog/72078/1/05.jpg

Kit 72079 - M 10 accessories set

blackdog/72079/01.jpg blackdog/72079/02.jpg blackdog/72079/03.jpg blackdog/72079/04.jpg

Built model by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72079/1/01.jpg blackdog/72079/1/02.jpg blackdog/72079/1/03.jpg blackdog/72079/1/04.jpg blackdog/72079/1/05.jpg

Kit 72080 - Sd.Kfz. 10 with Sd.Ah. 32 accessories set

blackdog/72080/01.jpg blackdog/72080/02.jpg blackdog/72080/03.jpg blackdog/72080/04.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

blackdog/72080/1/01.jpg blackdog/72080/1/02.jpg blackdog/72080/1/03.jpg blackdog/72080/1/04.jpg blackdog/72080/1/05.jpg blackdog/72080/1/06.jpg blackdog/72080/1/07.jpg

Kit 72081 - Landrover 110 Defender

blackdog/72081/01.jpg blackdog/72081/02.jpg blackdog/72081/03.jpg blackdog/72081/04.jpg blackdog/72081/05.jpg

Kit 72082 - US Jeep - accessoires set

blackdog/72082/01.jpg blackdog/72082/02.jpg blackdog/72082/03.jpg blackdog/72082/04.jpg

Kit 72083 - Beobachtungspanzer UE (f), selbstfahrlafette 3,7cm Pak 36 - (Conversion for sModel UE)

blackdog/72083/01.jpg blackdog/72083/02.jpg blackdog/72083/03.jpg blackdog/72083/04.jpg

Kit 72084 - GMC 353 accessories set
Kit 72085 - M4A1 accessories set
Kit 72086 - Sd.Ah. 32 and Sd.Ah. 24 complete kit
Kit 72087 - M3A3 Accessories set
Kit 72088 - Landrover 110 Defender - (Complete kit)
Kit 72089 - T938 Cargo accessoires set

blackdog/72084/01.jpg blackdog/72085/01.jpg blackdog/72086/01.jpg blackdog/72087/01.jpg blackdog/72088/01.jpg blackdog/72089/01.jpg

Kit 72090 - SdKfz. 222 accessoires set
Kit 72091 - British Equipment Accessoires set
Kit 72092 - Aircraft Crash handling and Salvage Crane (CVCC)
Kit 72093 - SdKfz.251 Ausf. D with Hotchkiss turret
Kit 72094 - IDF M151 accessories set
Kit 72095 - British AS-90 SPB accessories set

blackdog/72090/01.jpg blackdog/72091/01.jpg blackdog/72092/01.jpg blackdog/72093/01.jpg blackdog/72094/01.jpg blackdog/72095/01.jpg

Kit 72096 - Bedford QL accessories set
Kit 72097 - Chevrolet C15A accessories set
Kit 72098 - T34/85 factory 122 mode 1945 conversion set
Kit 72099 - US M 26 Pershing accessories set
Kit 72100 - British Warrior accessories set
Kit 72101 - M4A3 105MM HVSS accessories set

blackdog/72096/01.jpg blackdog/72097/01.jpg blackdog/72098/01.jpg blackdog/72099/01.jpg blackdog/72100/01.jpg blackdog/72101/01.jpg

Kit 72102 - Opel Blitz Omnibus accessories set
Kit 72103 - FWD Model B Lorry accessories set
Kit 72104 - Zil 157 Soviet army truck accessories set
Kit 72105 - Opel 3.6-47 Omnibus Stabwagen accessories set
Kit 72106 - Voman Omnibus 7 or 660 accessories set
Kit 72107 - M35 Gun Truck conversion set

blackdog/72102/01.jpg blackdog/72103/01.jpg blackdog/72104/01.jpg blackdog/72105/01.jpg blackdog/72106/01.jpg blackdog/72107/01.jpg

Kit 72108 - M 48 Vietnam war accessories set
Kit 72109 - Frame fascine for Churchill MK IV
Kit 72110 - M1A2 TUSK Accessories Set for Tiger Model
Kit 72111 - M 109 A6 Paladin Accessories Set for Riich Model

blackdog/72108/01.jpg blackdog/72109/01.jpg blackdog/72110/01.jpg blackdog/72111/01.jpg

Kit 72131 - Crusader accessories set (designed to be used with IBG Models kits)[Mk.I Mk.II Mk.III]

blackdog/72131/01.jpg blackdog/72131/02.jpg blackdog/72131/03.jpg blackdog/72131/04.jpg blackdog/72131/05.jpg blackdog/72131/06.jpg

Kit 72132 - Jagdpanther accessories set

blackdog/72132/01.jpg blackdog/72132/02.jpg blackdog/72132/03.jpg blackdog/72132/04.jpg blackdog/72132/05.jpg

Kit 72133 - SU-100 ammo boxes with 100mm ammunition

blackdog/72133/01.jpg blackdog/72133/02.jpg

Kit 72139 - Soviet ammo boxes with 45 mm ammunition

blackdog/72139/01.jpg blackdog/72139/02.jpg

Kit 72140 - T 34/76 accesories set

blackdog/72140/01.jpg blackdog/72140/02.jpg blackdog/72140/03.jpg blackdog/72140/04.jpg

Kit 72145 - Ferdinand Sd. Kfz. 184 accessories set

blackdog/72145/01.jpg blackdog/72145/02.jpg blackdog/72145/03.jpg blackdog/72145/04.jpg

Kit 72146 - Sd.Kfz 162 Jagdpanzer IV accessories set

blackdog/72146/01.jpg blackdog/72146/02.jpg blackdog/72146/03.jpg blackdog/72146/04.jpg blackdog/72146/05.jpg

Dioramasets / Vingettes

Kit D71001 - Cobblestone street
Kit D71002 - Factory entrance
Kit D71003 - Africa base
Kit D71004 - Destroyed T34 base
Kit D71005 - Iraq street base

blackdog/D72001/01.jpg blackdog/D72002/01.jpg blackdog/D72003/01.jpg blackdog/D72004/01.jpg blackdog/D72005/01.jpg

Kit D71006 - Rock base
Kit D71007 - Africa column base
Kit D71008 - Russian village house base
Kit D71009 - House ruin (Europe) base
Kit D71010 - Middle east street base

blackdog/D72006/01.jpg blackdog/D72007/01.jpg blackdog/D72008/01.jpg blackdog/D72009/01.jpg blackdog/D72010/01.jpg

Kit D71011 - Poster pillar
Kit D71012 - Destroyed bridge base
Kit D71013 - Africa road with sign base
Kit D71014 - Street with house ruin base
Kit D71015 - Kiosk - tobbaco/newspaper

blackdog/D72011/01.jpg blackdog/D72012/01.jpg blackdog/D72013/01.jpg blackdog/D72014/01.jpg blackdog/D72015/01.jpg

Kit D71016 - Cathedral ruin base
Kit D71017 - Middle East market
Kit D71018 - Ruined house with railway crossing
Kit D71019 - Destroyed Panther base
Kit D71020 - Skulls

blackdog/D72016/01.jpg blackdog/D72017/01.jpg blackdog/D72018/01.jpg blackdog/D72019/01.jpg blackdog/D72020/01.jpg

Kit D72021 - Destroyed Jagdpanzer base
Kit D72022 - Middle East street N2 base
Kit D72023 - Street with house ruin N2 base
Kit D72024 - Wall with gate base
Kit D72025 - Middle East highway base

blackdog/D72021/01.jpg blackdog/D72022/01.jpg blackdog/D72023/01.jpg blackdog/D72024/01.jpg blackdog/D72025/01.jpg

Kit D72026 - Roadblocks
Kit D72028 - Ruined factory with railroad base
Kit D72029 - Ruined house (Italy) base

blackdog/D72026/01.jpg blackdog/D72028/01.jpg blackdog/D72029/01.jpg

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