Dear Friends,

Maintaining and keeping a website like mine up-to-date requires quite a bit of time. It is also subject to certain periodical costs, such as the annual subscription to have the website hosted on a professional server as well as occasional software upgrades needed to keep up with the rapid development of new versions of the Windows operating systems.

When support for "older" operating systems is terminated, it is practically unavoidable to upgrade to the latest version of the O.S. in order to maintain adequate functionality. We all know the cost of a new operating system.

Subsequently, the current application/program-software must therefore often be updated at best, or upgraded at considerable cost in a lesser favorable scenario. We all know, too, that new versions of program software in general do nót come at petty prices.

My time is absolutely free because this website is part of my hobby. However, as a pensioner, I cannot afford to pay for new software at the same rate as de facto required by the high frequency with which new software developments are imposed upon us.

Yet, the show must go on: this website means too much to far too many just to let it fade away and dissolve in an infinite emptiness. That is where I could really use some help from you, my hobby-friends from around the world.

You are cordially invited to make a donation, however small, to support me in allowing me to continue my quest to provide you with the most extensive collection of information on the Net regarding our hobby.

A donation is possible by Paypal or by bank with IBAN code

Contact me by email and I will reply with the appropriate information

All contributions will be greatly appriciated.

Henk Timmerman,

your HenkofHolland Webmaster

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