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A manufacturer from Belarus, the kits contains plastic parts from PST and new resin parts

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Kit 72001 - CAY-19 / Sau-19 or KV U-19 Soviet SP Gun project 1943 - (with 203mm B-4 howitzer on the chassis of a KV-1 tank)

In this period there were several proposals to mount a heavy howitzer on a tank chassis to deal with heavy concrete defensive fortifications.
One of the proposals was to mount a 203mm B4 howitzer on the chassis of the KV-1 tank. The project didn't make it past drawing phase and was rejected for obvious reasons. - (The CAY-19/SAU or KV U-19 was a project of 1943 from "Lev Gorlitzky" who drew up this project. He received among others twice the “Order of Stalin”)

flyboy/72001/01.jpg flyboy/72001/02.jpg flyboy/72001/03.jpg flyboy/72001/04.jpg flyboy/72001/05.jpg flyboy/72001/06.jpg flyboy/72001/07.jpg flyboy/72001/08.jpg flyboy/72001/09.jpg flyboy/72001/10.jpg flyboy/72001/11.jpg flyboy/72001/12.jpg flyboy/72001/13.jpg

Model built by Axel Wech

flyboy/72001/1/01.jpg flyboy/72001/1/02.jpg flyboy/72001/1/03.jpg

Kit 72002 - KV-4, project 1941

Russian 1941 project with 107mm Zis 3 gun on the chassis of a KV-220
KV-4 project 1941 is the Duhov proposal - (several designers were asked to submit proposals regarding the KV 4)

flyboy/72002/01.jpg flyboy/72002/02.jpg flyboy/72002/03.jpg flyboy/72002/04.jpg flyboy/72002/05.jpg flyboy/72002/06.jpg flyboy/72002/07.jpg

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