Walter Hendriksma - Part Four

Presentation of Diorama's built and painted by Walter Hendriksma from the Netherlands

With comments from Walter Hendriksma.

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Diorama 21 - "Sturmtiger"

This diorama is situated in Warsaw during the uprising of the Polish resistance against the German Army in August, 1944. It consists of a Dragon Sturmtiger with an Attack resin conversion set with Zimmerit. The figures are from CMK and made from resin. At this time in history the Germans had lost all consistency in the way their soldiers were dressed. Usually these mobile mortar crews were dressed in Artillery Grey. Not the Panzer Black of the tank divisions. In 1944 supplies had become so scarce that the crew of this Sturmtiger just took what they could get their hands on. Therefore the uniforms painted on these figures is a mix of everything and anything that was available. Aside from the Attack resin kit I scratch built the cables of the crane, added spare tracks, a towing cable and chains. A MiniArt metal hull machine-gun completes the picture. The diorama is a Verlinden kit that is now very rare. As for the succes of the Sturmtiger, that was short lived. This was an offensive weapon in a war where the Germans were on the defense. The Germans used it to destroy most of Warsaw, but by doing so they depleted their supplies on the East Front. Making it easy for the Red Army to march straight through to Berlin

hsma/dio13/01.jpg hsma/dio13/02.jpg hsma/dio13/03.jpg hsma/dio13/04.jpg hsma/dio13/05.jpg hsma/dio13/06.jpg hsma/dio13/07.jpg hsma/dio13/08.jpg hsma/dio13/09.jpg hsma/dio13/10.jpg

Diorama 22 - "SAS in Europe"

SAS Europe. After completing the SAS Africa diorama I was left with lots of bits and pieces. Among which a SAS figure set of Milicast figures for the North European theatre. My friend Joachim had the Dragon SAS Jeep for Europe, so I asked him if he wanted my figures to build a diorama of the SAS in Europe? He agreed and thus began a buddy build between the two of us. Joachim detailed the dragon Jeep with metal MiniArt Vickers Machine guns and lots of scratch building. He used a Black Dog resin bridge for the Diorama and added working city lights.

A video of our combined SAS project in Europe can be seen on You Tube:

logoYouTube movie by Jorama Modellbau and Walter Hendriksma(Andy Blunder)

hsma/dio14/01.jpg hsma/dio14/02.jpg hsma/dio14/03.jpg hsma/dio14/04.jpg hsma/dio14/05.jpg hsma/dio14/06.jpg hsma/dio14/07.jpg hsma/dio14/08.jpg hsma/dio14/09.jpg hsma/dio14/10.jpg hsma/dio14/11.jpg hsma/dio14/12.jpg hsma/dio14/13.jpg hsma/dio14/14.jpg hsma/dio14/15.jpg hsma/dio14/16.jpg

Diorama 23 - "SAS in Afrika"

The LRDP (Long Range Desert Patrol Group) was a ragtag gang of outlaws from all kinds of nationalities that were formed at the beginning of the war in North Africa. Their purpose was to conduct raids behind enemy lines that made life for the Africa Corps very difficult. Doing so they often went “native” and adopted the local dress of the inhabitants of the countries they fought in. Most famous was their raid on a German airfield in Tobrook (13 September 1942) where they destroyed the Luftwaffe on the ground with minimum loss of life on their side. Later during the war the LRDP became the British SAS as seen here on this diorama in Tunisia. They became the most decorated unit of the British Army and an example for the later Russian and American special forces. Their typical Jeeps and Chevrolet trucks I built from Airfix kits with Milicast resin parts and lots of scratch building. The Chevrolet truck is from Dragon with a Black Dog resin conversion set. With this Diorama I had lots of help from my friend Joachim from Jorama Modellbau on You Tube. He provided two resin Enfield rifles for the Chevrolet and a lewis Mark II gun from MiniArt for one of the Jeeps.

hsma/dio15/01.jpg hsma/dio15/02.jpg hsma/dio15/03.jpg hsma/dio15/04.jpg hsma/dio15/05.jpg hsma/dio15/06.jpg hsma/dio15/07.jpg hsma/dio15/08.jpg hsma/dio15/09.jpg hsma/dio15/10.jpg hsma/dio15/11.jpg hsma/dio15/12.jpg hsma/dio15/13.jpg hsma/dio15/14.jpg

"Making of" Pictures

hsma/dio15/1/01.jpg hsma/dio15/1/02.jpg hsma/dio15/1/03.jpg hsma/dio15/1/04.jpg hsma/dio15/1/05.jpg hsma/dio15/1/06.jpg hsma/dio15/1/07.jpg

Diorama 24 - Puma Armored Car - Sdkfz 234

The Puma was a German armored car powered by a Tatra V12 diesel engine. Here it is seen in the Czech Republic 1942. The diorama base is by Matchbox, with Preiser figures and an Italeri kit with metal barrel main gun and machine gun. It was painted wit an Infinity airbrush using Hataka lacquer paint and then finished with Talens Rembrandt oil paint. Weathering was done with AK pencils

hsma/dio16/01.jpg hsma/dio16/02.jpg hsma/dio16/03.jpg hsma/dio16/04.jpg hsma/dio16/05.jpg hsma/dio16/06.jpg hsma/dio16/07.jpg hsma/dio16/08.jpg hsma/dio16/09.jpg

Diorama 25 - The Panzer I ausf. F

The Panzer I aus.f F was a development of the Panzer I series where the vehicle got extra thick armor to act as an infantry support tank armed with two machine guns.
This is the excellent Flyhawk kit and diorama with figures by MIG added. It was given to me as a present by my friend Joachim and it was a great joy to make. Painting was done with an Infinity airbrush, Hataka lacquer paint and Talens Rembrandt oils. I used a Vallejo bottle of snow effects to weather the figures and the diorama.

hsma/dio17/01.jpg hsma/dio17/02.jpg hsma/dio17/03.jpg hsma/dio17/04.jpg hsma/dio17/05.jpg hsma/dio17/06.jpg hsma/dio17/07.jpg hsma/dio17/08.jpg hsma/dio17/09.jpg

Diorama 26 - The Sdkfz 231 6 rad (wheels) Radio Wagon

The 231 was a heavy reconnaissance armored car developed before the war. It was specifically designed for the Blitz Krieg. Though armed with a canon and machine gun these vehicles were not intended to fight. Their main task was to gather information on the enemy and then leave. Therefore some of these vehicles were equipped with a radio antenna. This is a Matchbox diorama and Italeri kit with a scratch built smoke pots installation on the nose. A lot of other tiny aftermarket parts were added to complete the vehicle among which a metal canon and machine gun.

hsma/dio18/01.jpg hsma/dio18/02.jpg hsma/dio18/03.jpg hsma/dio18/04.jpg hsma/dio18/05.jpg hsma/dio18/06.jpg hsma/dio18/07.jpg hsma/dio18/08.jpg hsma/dio18/09.jpg hsma/dio18/10.jpg

Diorama 27 - St. Remy, France, 1940.

This diorama consists out of a Dragon Sdkfz 222 and 323 - 8 rad. I've added a Black Dog resin kit to the vehicles, JK resin with indicators and metal barrels and MGs. The building is a rare Verlinden resin kit, now long out of production. The diorama base was made with AK building foam and Green Stuff World rolling pin. The gas pump is by Attack and the figures are from Milicast and Germania 3D printed figures. The dog is called "Vrolijk", but that is besides the point. The diorama depicts a scout unit during the Blitz Krieg in France.

hsma/dio19/01.jpg hsma/dio19/02.jpg hsma/dio19/03.jpg hsma/dio19/04.jpg hsma/dio19/05.jpg hsma/dio19/06.jpg hsma/dio19/07.jpg hsma/dio19/08.jpg hsma/dio19/09.jpg hsma/dio19/10.jpg hsma/dio19/11.jpg hsma/dio19/12.jpg hsma/dio19/13.jpg hsma/dio19/14.jpg hsma/dio19/15.jpg hsma/dio19/16.jpg

Diorama 28 - Ardennes Malmedy, Belgium winter 1944

hsma/dio20/01.jpg hsma/dio20/02.jpg hsma/dio20/03.jpg hsma/dio20/04.jpg hsma/dio20/05.jpg hsma/dio20/06.jpg hsma/dio20/07.jpg hsma/dio20/08.jpg hsma/dio20/09.jpg hsma/dio20/10.jpg hsma/dio20/11.jpg hsma/dio20/12.jpg hsma/dio20/13.jpg hsma/dio20/14.jpg hsma/dio20/15.jpg hsma/dio20/16.jpg hsma/dio20/17.jpg hsma/dio20/18.jpg hsma/dio20/19.jpg hsma/dio20/20.jpg hsma/dio20/21.jpg hsma/dio20/22.jpg hsma/dio20/23.jpg hsma/dio20/24.jpg hsma/dio20/25.jpg hsma/dio20/26.jpg hsma/dio20/27.jpg hsma/dio20/28.jpg hsma/dio20/29.jpg hsma/dio20/30.jpg hsma/dio20/31.jpg hsma/dio20/32.jpg

Diorama 29 - The Guilded Age - Dedicated to Lady H

hsma/dio21/01.jpg hsma/dio21/02.jpg hsma/dio21/03.jpg hsma/dio21/04.jpg hsma/dio21/05.jpg hsma/dio21/06.jpg hsma/dio21/07.jpg hsma/dio21/08.jpg hsma/dio21/09.jpg hsma/dio21/10.jpg hsma/dio21/11.jpg hsma/dio21/12.jpg hsma/dio21/13.jpg hsma/dio21/14.jpg

Diorama 30 - Humvee and Abrahams Irac

hsma/dio22/01.jpg hsma/dio22/02.jpg hsma/dio22/03.jpg hsma/dio22/04.jpg hsma/dio22/05.jpg hsma/dio22/06.jpg hsma/dio22/07.jpg hsma/dio22/08.jpg hsma/dio22/09.jpg hsma/dio22/10.jpg hsma/dio22/11.jpg hsma/dio22/12.jpg hsma/dio22/13.jpg hsma/dio22/14.jpg hsma/dio22/15.jpg

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