Vojislav JEREB

Presentation of models built by Vojislav Jereb, from Croatia

Vojislav will present us some of the models he has made in the 1/72 scale about improvised armored cars of the 1991 war in Yugoslavia.
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Comments Vojislav:
Here are some photos for one of the improvised armored vehicles of the 1991-1992 war for independece in Croatia I made in 1/72. It's name was 'STRASKO' (the TERRIBLE) and was based on a front-end-loader made by the Torpedo factory at Rijeka, Croatia. Making the model was not very difficult as all of the improvised vehicles of that period (more than 100 types, almost all of them unique) had straight armored plates which are not difficult to model. The only problem are the wheels and lack of accurate data as most of the vehicles were built as real improvisations and without blueprints. The model was all scratch-built except for the front wheels. Even the main wheels were made from scratch and then moulded in resin.
The 'STRASKO' is the only vehicle built im some quantities (about 15 vehicles) and the factory (Torpedo in Rijeka) is near the place where I live.

The original vehicle

strasko_1 - The original civilian vehicle


The original improvised armored vehicle

strasko_128 - Original war photo of the vehicle of the 128 Brigade HV (Croatian Army) in 1992
strasko_displ1 - vehicle displayed in Army barracks in Zagreb
strasko_displ2 - vehicle displayed at an open Museum in Turanj (near Karlovac) - which is very convinient as it can be visited at any time even more because itis near the main road Karlovac-Plitvice.
strasko_orig2 - The vehicle of the 17th Home Regiment - (is the camo scheme I have used on my model)
strasko_orig3 - Same vehicle from the front
strasko_orig4 - Vehicle before preservation photographed in the Torpedo factora in Rijeka
strasko_orig5 - Another vehicle before preservation photographed in the Torpedo factora in Rijeka
strasko_wfu3 - The vehicle preserved in running condition and used for display on several occasions (aniversaries) taken in Zagreb in 2001

jereb/strasko_128.jpg jereb/strasko_displ1.jpg jereb/strasko_displ2.jpg jereb/strasko_orig2.jpg jereb/strasko_orig3.jpg

jereb/strasko_orig4.jpg jereb/strasko_orig5.jpg jereb/strasko_wfu3.jpg

The model of the 'Strasko' ('the Terrible') in 1/72 scale

jereb/strasko 01.jpg jereb/strasko 02.jpg jereb/strasko 03.jpg jereb/strasko 04.jpg

jereb/strasko 05.jpg jereb/strasko 06.jpg jereb/strasko 07.jpg jereb/strasko 08.jpg

jereb/strasko 09.jpg jereb/strasko 10.jpg jereb/strasko 11.jpg jereb/strasko 12.jpg

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