Review of 1/72 Pegasus Hobbies, USA

Manufacturer from the USA

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1/72 Scale

Kit 7201 - "Maus" - German Heavy Tank - Porsche Type 205

The box contains:
-Two identical sprue's with the wheel- and suspensionparts
-One sprue with the other small parts for the hull and turret
-upperhull, lowerhull, turret, two rubber tracks, instructionsheet and decal sheet.
-instruction sheet.
-no photo etching parts

pegasus/7201/01.jpg pegasus/7201/02.jpg pegasus/7201/03.jpg

This is the first injection moulded plastic kit from the German "Maus". As you can see from the photo's, there is a very large number of parts. The parts on the sprue's are clean and without flash.
The main body is a single hollow upper piece, with a lower hull piece. It is pity that the driver hatch on the hull is molded closed. The turret is hollow also, and all hatches on the turret are open. The exterior parts, as headlights, towhooks and other details are included. The engine deck screens are open. The wheelunits, springs, wheels etc. are high detailled and all separate.
The rubber tracks are high detailled and very well done. The example I have received, is maybe a early test casting, in the box wasn't a instruction sheet and decals.
My opinion of this kits is:...Very nice kit from a high class, my compliments!!!
With thanks to "Pegasus Hobbies" for providing the review sample.

pegasus/7201/00.jpg pegasus/7201/04.jpg pegasus/7201/05.jpg pegasus/7201/06.jpg pegasus/7201/07.jpg pegasus/7201/08.jpg pegasus/7201/09.jpg pegasus/7201/10.jpg pegasus/7201/11.jpg pegasus/7201/12.jpg pegasus/7201/13.jpg

pegasus/7201/14.jpg pegasus/7201/15.jpg pegasus/7201/16.jpg pegasus/7201/17.jpg pegasus/7201/18.jpg pegasus/7201/19.jpg pegasus/7201/20.jpg pegasus/7201/21.jpg pegasus/7201/22.jpg pegasus/7201/23.jpg pegasus/7201/24.jpg pegasus/7201/25.jpg pegasus/7201/26.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han


Built model by Petr Hlavacek

pegasus/7201/1/01.jpg pegasus/7201/1/02.jpg pegasus/7201/1/03.jpg pegasus/7201/1/04.jpg

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Kit 7602 - "E-25" - German medium Tank - Porsche Type 205 Prototype - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7602/01.jpg pegasus/7602/02.jpg pegasus/7602/03.jpg pegasus/7602/04.jpg pegasus/7602/05.jpg pegasus/7602/06.jpg pegasus/7602/07.jpg pegasus/7602/08.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han


Built model by JyuHang Kau

pegasus/7602/1/01.jpg pegasus/7602/1/02.jpg pegasus/7602/1/03.jpg pegasus/7602/1/04.jpg pegasus/7602/1/05.jpg pegasus/7602/1/06.jpg pegasus/7602/1/07.jpg pegasus/7602/1/08.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry's" review of kit 7602 - "E-25" - German medium Tank - Porsche Type 205 Prototype visit:

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Kit 7605 - Schwere Kleine Panzer - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7605/01.jpg pegasus/7605/02.jpg pegasus/7605/03.jpg pegasus/7605/04.jpg pegasus/7605/05.jpg pegasus/7605/06.jpg pegasus/7605/07.jpg pegasus/7605/08.jpg pegasus/7605/09.jpg pegasus/7605/10.jpg pegasus/7605/11.jpg pegasus/7605/12.jpg

Models built by Zhenmin Han

pegasus/7605/13.jpg pegasus/7605/14.jpg

The kits 7602, 7605 and 7606 are more simple then the first kits from Pegasus. The wheelunits are casted in one piece. Look also to the differences in casting between the E-25 and the Schwere Kleine Panzer. The last one is much more rough.

Kit 7606 - WWII Experimental Jaguarundi Tank - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7606/01.jpg pegasus/7606/02.jpg pegasus/7606/03.jpg pegasus/7606/04.jpg pegasus/7606/05.jpg

Kit 7610 - German Army truck - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7610/01.jpg pegasus/7610/02.jpg pegasus/7610/03.jpg pegasus/7610/04.jpg pegasus/7610/05.jpg pegasus/7610/06.jpg pegasus/7610/07.jpg pegasus/7610/08.jpg

Built model by Mark Deliduka

pegasus/7610/09.jpg pegasus/7610/10.jpg

Model built by Lo Baars

pegasus/7610/1/01.jpg pegasus/7610/1/02.jpg

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Kit 7620 - 38T - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7620/01.jpg pegasus/7620/06.jpg pegasus/7620/07.jpg pegasus/7620/02.jpg pegasus/7620/03.jpg pegasus/7620/04.jpg pegasus/7620/05.jpg

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Kit 7627 - Tiger II Heavy Tank - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7627/01.jpg pegasus/7627/02.jpg pegasus/7627/03.jpg pegasus/7627/04.jpg pegasus/7627/05.jpg

Kit 7650 - LCVP Landingscraft

pegasus/7650/01.jpg pegasus/7650/02.jpg pegasus/7650/03.jpg pegasus/7650/04.jpg pegasus/7650/05.jpg

Kit 7651 - GMC Truck - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7651/01.jpg pegasus/7651/02.jpg pegasus/7651/03.jpg pegasus/7651/04.jpg pegasus/7651/05.jpg pegasus/7651/06.jpg pegasus/7651/07.jpg pegasus/7651/08.jpg

Kit 7661 - WWII Russian T-34/76 - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7661/01.jpg pegasus/7661/02.jpg pegasus/7661/03.jpg

Model built by Bernd Serr / "Qhorin"

pegasus/7661/1/01.jpg pegasus/7661/1/02.jpg pegasus/7661/1/03.jpg pegasus/7661/1/04.jpg pegasus/7661/1/05.jpg

Kit 7662 - T34/85 - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7662/01.jpg pegasus/7662/02.jpg pegasus/7662/03.jpg pegasus/7662/04.jpg pegasus/7662/05.jpg

Built model

pegasus/7662/1/01.jpg pegasus/7662/1/02.jpg

Model built by Eyton Parker - Milicast figures

pegasus/7662/2/01.jpg pegasus/7662/2/02.jpg

For an "Narod.ru's" preview of kit 7662 - T34/85 - (2 kits in the box) visit:

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Kit 7663 - WWII Russian Su-85M/100 Assault Gun - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7663/01.jpg pegasus/7663/02.jpg pegasus/7663/03.jpg

Kit 7664 - WWII Russian Su-122 Assault Gun - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7664/01.jpg pegasus/7664/02.jpg pegasus/7664/03.jpg

Kit 7665 - KV-1 M1940 and KV-2 Heavy Tank - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7665/01.jpg pegasus/7665/02.jpg pegasus/7665/03.jpg

For an "Milgeek's" construction review of kit 7665 - KV-I & KV-II variants visit:

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Kit 7666 - KV-I - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7666/00.jpg pegasus/7666/05.jpg pegasus/7666/06.jpg pegasus/7666/01.jpg pegasus/7666/02.jpg pegasus/7666/03.jpg pegasus/7666/04.jpg

Kit 7667 - KV-1s - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7667/01.jpg pegasus/7667/02.jpg pegasus/7667/03.jpg pegasus/7667/04.jpg pegasus/7667/05.jpg pegasus/7667/06.jpg pegasus/7667/07.jpg

Converting into KV-8s - (PEGASUS 7667+TRUMPETER 7234(turrit)+PST parts) , by Liu Hongjian

pegasus/7667/1/01.jpg pegasus/7667/1/02.jpg pegasus/7667/1/03.jpg pegasus/7667/1/04.jpg pegasus/7667/1/05.jpg pegasus/7667/1/06.jpg pegasus/7667/1/07.jpg

Kit 7668 - SU-152 - (2 kits in the box)

(the in PST range missed variant and never earlier released by another manufacturer in this scale)

pegasus/7668/01.jpg pegasus/7668/02.jpg pegasus/7668/03.jpg pegasus/7668/04.jpg pegasus/7668/05.jpg pegasus/7668/06.jpg pegasus/7668/07.jpg pegasus/7668/08.jpg pegasus/7668/09.jpg pegasus/7668/10.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

pegasus/7668/11.jpg pegasus/7668/12.jpg pegasus/7668/13.jpg

For "Jan Etal's / Armorama" review of kit 7668 - SU-152 visit:

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Kit 7669 - JS2 - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7669/01.jpg pegasus/7669/02.jpg pegasus/7669/03.jpg pegasus/7669/04.jpg pegasus/7669/05.jpg pegasus/7669/06.jpg pegasus/7669/07.jpg pegasus/7669/08.jpg

Kit 7670 - JSU-122 and JSU-152 - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7670/01.jpg pegasus/7670/02.jpg pegasus/7670/03.jpg pegasus/7670/04.jpg pegasus/7670/05.jpg pegasus/7670/06.jpg pegasus/7670/07.jpg pegasus/7670/08.jpg pegasus/7670/09.jpg pegasus/7670/10.jpg

Built model by Marcin Mizielinski

pegasus/7670/1/01.jpg pegasus/7670/1/02.jpg pegasus/7670/1/03.jpg pegasus/7670/1/04.jpg

Built model by Erhan Atalay

pegasus/7670/2/01.jpg pegasus/7670/2/02.jpg pegasus/7670/2/03.jpg

Kit 7671 - T-26 Light Tank - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7671/01.jpg pegasus/7671/02.jpg pegasus/7671/03.jpg pegasus/7671/04.jpg pegasus/7671/05.jpg pegasus/7671/06.jpg

Kit 7672 - BA-6 Armoured Car - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7672/01.jpg pegasus/7672/00.jpg pegasus/7672/02.jpg pegasus/7672/03.jpg pegasus/7672/04.jpg pegasus/7672/05.jpg pegasus/7672/06.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski

pegasus/7672/1/01.jpg pegasus/7672/1/02.jpg pegasus/7672/1/03.jpg pegasus/7672/1/04.jpg

For an "J.C.Carbonel's" review of kit 7672 - BA-6 Armoured Car Tank:

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Kit 7673 - BT-7 - (2 kits in the box)

pegasus/7673/01.jpg pegasus/7673/02.jpg pegasus/7673/03.jpg pegasus/7673/03.jpg pegasus/7673/04.jpg pegasus/7673/05.jpg

Built model by Zhenmin Han

pegasus/7673/1/01.jpg pegasus/7673/1/02.jpg pegasus/7673/1/03.jpg

Built models by Olaf Klein

pegasus/7673/2/01.jpg pegasus/7673/2/02.jpg pegasus/7673/2/03.jpg pegasus/7673/2/04.jpg pegasus/7673/2/05.jpg pegasus/7673/2/06.jpg

Kit 7505 - M-26 (T26E3) Pershing Heavy Tank

pegasus/7505/01.jpg pegasus/7505/02.jpg pegasus/7505/03.jpg pegasus/7505/04.jpg pegasus/7505/05.jpg pegasus/7505/06.jpg pegasus/7505/07.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

pegasus/7505/08.jpg pegasus/7505/09.jpg

Kit 7506 - M46 Patton Medium Tank

pegasus/7506/01.jpg pegasus/7506/02.jpg pegasus/7506/03.jpg pegasus/7506/04.jpg pegasus/7506/05.jpg

pegasus/7506/06.jpg pegasus/7506/07.jpg pegasus/7506/08.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka

pegasus/7506/09.jpg pegasus/7506/10.jpg pegasus/7506/11.jpg

Pegasus 1/72 figures with the label Military Museum

Note: The kits contains only the figures - the buildings showed on the boxes are not included!!

Kit 7199 - ?


Kit 7201 - German Waffen-SS 1943 L.A.H.Division

pegasus/fig/7201/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/05.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/06.jpg pegasus/fig/7201/07.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7201 - German Waffen-SS 1943 L.A.H.Division visit:

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Kit 7202 - German Waffen-SS Kursk L.A.H.

pegasus/fig/7202/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7202/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7202/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7202/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7202/05.jpg pegasus/fig/7202/06.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7202 - German Waffen-SS Kursk L.A.H. visit:

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Kit 7204 - German Mortar Teams

pegasus/fig/7204/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7204/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7204/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7204/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7204/05.jpg pegasus/fig/7204/06.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7204 - German Mortar Teams visit:

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Kit 7224 - WWII German Fallschirmjager

pegasus/fig/7224/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7224/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7224/03.jpg

Kit 7228 - Germans in Berlin 1945 - different box lay-out - Building not included!!!

pegasus/fig/7228/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7228/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7228/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7228/04.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7228 - Germans in Berlin 1945 visit:

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Kit 7267 - War Against Fasism

pegasus/fig/7267/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7267/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7267/03.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7267 - War Against Fasism visit:

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Kit 7268 - Russian Infantry - summer dressed - Painted figures from Cristian Florescu

pegasus/fig/7268/00.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/03.jpg

Built and painted set by Marcin Mizielinski

pegasus/fig/7268/1/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/1/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/1/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7268/1/04.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7268 - Russian Infantry - summer dressed visit:

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Kit 7269 - Russian Infantry - winter dressed - Painted figures from Christian Florescu

pegasus/fig/7269/00.jpg pegasus/fig/7269/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7269/04.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7269 - Russian Infantry - Winter dressed visit:

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Kit 7271 - WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats

pegasus/fig/7271/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7271/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7271/03.jpg

Kit 7272 - WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2

pegasus/fig/7272/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7272/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7272/03.jpg

Kit 7273 - WWII Russian Mortar Teams in Greatcoats

pegasus/fig/7273/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7273/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7273/03.jpg

Kit 7274 - WWII Russian Support Weapon Teams in Greatcoats

pegasus/fig/7274/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7274/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7274/03.jpg

Kit 7275 - Russian Mortar Set - Winter Dress


Kit 7278 - Russian Naval Infantry

pegasus/fig/7278/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7278/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7278/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7278/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7278/05.jpg

Kit 7306 - WWII French Infantry

pegasus/fig/7306/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/05.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/06.jpg pegasus/fig/7306/07.jpg

Kit 7351 - D-Day U.S. Rangers

pegasus/fig/7351/01.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/02.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/03.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/04.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/05.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/06.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/07.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/08.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/09.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/10.jpg pegasus/fig/7351/11.jpg

Kit 7401 - U.S.M.C. in Vietnam


Kit 7498 - Russian Infantry


Kit 7510 - German Infantry gun 75mm le IG18 with Crew

pegasus/7510/1/01.jpg pegasus/7510/1/02.jpg pegasus/7510/1/03.jpg pegasus/7510/1/04.jpg pegasus/7510/1/05.jpg pegasus/7510/1/06.jpg

Built and painted by Cristian Florescu

pegasus/7510/01.jpg pegasus/7510/02.jpg pegasus/7510/03.jpg pegasus/7510/04.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7510 - German Infantry gun 75mm le IG18 with Crew visit:

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For an "Al Magnus' / OTW" review of Kit 7510 - German Infantry gun 75mm le IG18 with Crew visit:

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1/72 Diorama sets (parts)

Kit 4921 - Techno Bridge


Kit 4923 - Gothic City Building


Kit 4930 - Gothic City Ruins 1

pegasus/dio/4930/01.jpg pegasus/dio/4930/02.jpg pegasus/dio/4930/03.jpg pegasus/dio/4930/04.jpg

Kit 7801 - Ukra´ne House - type 1 - (Resin - Ready made)

pegasus/7801/01.jpg pegasus/7801/02.jpg pegasus/7801/03.jpg

Kit 7802 - Ukra´ne House - type 2 - (Resin - Ready made)

pegasus/7802/01.jpg pegasus/7802/02.jpg

Kit 7803 - Ukra´ne House - type 3 - (Resin - Ready made)

pegasus/7803/01.jpg pegasus/7803/02.jpg

Kit 7702 - Russian Farm House

pegasus/dio/7702/01.jpg pegasus/dio/7702/02.jpg pegasus/dio/7702/03.jpg pegasus/dio/7702/04.jpg

Model built by Mark Deliduka


Kit 7703 - Russian Farm House


Kit 7704 - Russian Farm House - model built by Cristian Florescu

pegasus/dio/7704/01.jpg pegasus/dio/7704/02.jpg pegasus/dio/7704/03.jpg pegasus/dio/7704/04.jpg

pegasus/dio/7704/13.jpg pegasus/dio/7704/15.jpg pegasus/dio/7704/17.jpg

For an "Cristian Florescu's" review of kit 7704 - Russian Farm House visit:

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Kit 6501 - Palm Trees
Kit 6502 - Palm Trees
Kit 6507 - Cactus
Kit 6508 - Cactus
Kit 6520 - 29ft Barbed wire and posts

pegasus/dio/6501/01.jpg pegasus/dio/6502/01.jpg pegasus/dio/6507/01.jpg pegasus/dio/6508/01.jpg pegasus/dio/6520/01.jpg

For more information visit:

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